Shopping in Bangkok. Review and practical information

Шоппинг в Бангкоке

They say that if we where to do shopping in Thailandis Bangkok. I guess it really is. They also say, for example, that can be found in the far Northern provinces of Thailand unusual handmade Souvenirs that cannot be found anywhere else but in Bangkok you can find everything, even their. And it seems that indeed Bangkok is the perfect place to practice shopping. In this regard, I recommend you to leave the visit to the capital at the end of the journey, otherwise you just won't be able to drag everything that is bought in the beginning of the journey with you to Thailand.

Which area of Bangkok to go shopping?

Аллея шоппинга над улицей Rama I в Бангкоке "Alley shopping" on the street
Rama I in Bangkok

About Bangkok here, and here Bangkok on the map.

If you decided firmly to do it shopping, for a start, give recommendations on choice of district to stay in Bangkok, the most suitable for these purposes. In my opinion, to experience best fit the districts of Pratunam and Siam. It is believed that good for shopping and even the Sukhumvit area, but the area is too large and sprawling, and, accordingly, shopping centers in its territory is also very much scattered.

There is still the Chatuchak district, famous for its weekend market of Chatuchak, but to settle there, I would not recommend. First, the Chatuchak weekend market is fully operational only on weekends, and on weekdays there though and there is something good, but still it is quite a sad sight compared to the rampage shopping at the weekend. And second of all, almost all traders from Chatuchak market are open on weekdays in their shops and markets in the Pratunam area, and at prices sometimes even below.

Придорожные торговые палатки вдоль улицы Ratchaprarop в Пратунаме Roadside stalls along
Ratchaprarop street in Pratunam

I prefer the areas of Siam and Pratunam. Moreover, the hotel is best to choose close to the border between them to have access on foot and there and there. Why on foot? Yes, because the outlets are very tight, and the roads of dense traffic, so walking here to move even faster than a taxi. Well, if you still face a choice between these two areas, I will do it in favor of a Department store somewhere in the area of Baiyoke sky tower (hotel Baiyoke sky).

The fact that Siam is known for its huge shopping malls (the largest in Southeast Asia Central World Mall is here), and the Pratunam area is crammed with mostly the market of wholesale-retail trade. Even shopping malls in Pratunam more like market trading with a small shop Department than the chic shopping district of Siam. Accordingly, prices in Pratunam really lower, and this is exactly what I like. Moreover, Pratunam market stalls you can find really cheap things of good quality that are in malls are more expensive.

Well, this is all my personal opinion and observation and you can challenge them in the comments at the end of the article.

На рынке Пратунам серьезные пробки The Pratunam market is a serious tube

One day of our stay in Bangkok I decided to study in detail the street markets of the districts of Pratunam and Siam. Knowing that some markets work by day, some night, or rather with the coming of darkness, decided to get acquainted with those and with others.

I walked, I was pleasantly surprised by the prices on the market Pratunam near Baiyoke sky. With great difficulty protiskivayas at the close of the market lanes, I fully enjoyed the shopping. Quality clothes and shoes, of course, inferior to the "brand stuff", but Busacca for 60-70 baht from chiffon or silk are quite decent looks. This market is very popular among the local population and probably merchants from other cities who come here to buy wholesale. Moreover, trade is conducted so rapidly that sometimes to cheap stalls to come. Another example: the pants narrowed towards the bottom – 139 baht, blouses and 70-100 baht, t-shirt – 60-100 baht, shorts – 90-100 baht, socks 5 pairs – 100 baht, backpack (small tourist) – 350 baht (the house I bought is very similar for 900 rubles). In short, it's worth a visit.

Interestingly, we tourists as customers for local merchants by and large represent little value, because go and try to discover one thing and even long all choose, don't wholesale take. But even though the salesmen treat us as if we were very important customers and very happy with the purchase. Probably in this lies the secret of Asia, which is rapidly developing economically.

However, there is one big drawback: all clothing is sold without trying, in the best case, the seller will measure your waist and offer a suitable size, and then you can decide to take or not.

Major shopping sites of Bangkok

Торговля на вечернем рынке в районе Пратунам Trade at the evening market
in the Pratunam area

So here's the list of stores, markets and shopping centers, which I know and which give preference to:

  • Street markets and rynecki untitled, shopping malls, opening with the coming of darkness at shopping malls in the Pratunam area and partly in Siam. You can find them just walking through the area in the evening or afternoon. A large concentration of them near the Baiyoke sky tower; on the streets Ratchadaprop, Ratchawithi, Ratchadamri, Phetbury; at the victory Monument (Victory Monument). In the evening many traders you receive near almost all shopping centers in these areas.
  • Shopping center Bayoke Sky. On the first floor in the tower, the Baiyoke sky is probably not shopping centre and the market area. Many small departments cubicles offer everything from toys to clothing. The prices are quite reasonable (but not cheap) and a fairly wide aisles, easy to navigate.
  • Mall, Indra Square. This Mall is located very close to the tower Baiyoke sky. Quite a good compromise solution for shopping in the narrow and stuffy aisles of street markets and large shopping centres. Many departments by type market offer a wide range of clothes, shoes, Souvenirs, toys. The aisles between departments are wide enough, have air conditioning. Prices, respectively, too, somewhere in the middle between markets and malls, but you can bargain and easy to down the price to the market.
  • Central World Plaza Central World Plaza
  • Pratunam Market (Pratunam Market). This street wholesale market, one of the largest and cheap. It is located in the alleys (Soi), starting from hotel Baiyoke sky 1 (not to be confused with Baiyoke sky tower, it's a different hotel, but they are close). The aisles are very narrow, often accumulate human traffic, and of course very hot. In General, a trip here is not for the faint of heart, and not only because of the narrow passages and heat: incredibly low prices just rip the roof off the faint-hearted shopaholics.
    For cheap clothes and shoes need to go here. Branded items it is hard to find, but then, that is, the prices are staggering. Especially the biggest discounts you can get, if you buy a few things at once. The prices are usually set very low, so to bargain in most cases makes no sense. Sometimes it is written on the price tags prices mean direct cost when buying multiple copies, and if you buy only one, the price will be slightly higher. But even with this in mind, everything here is incredibly cheap, because a lot of what they sell, sew right here. Most of the points only works in the daytime and around 17 many have already closed. But those who continue to work late sometimes offer very low prices, selling off the remaining stock.
  • Гипермаркет Big-C Big-C
  • Big-C. It is well-known retail chain of hypermarkets, where you can find anything. One of these is on the border of two districts: the Central world Plaza and Siam on the street Ratchadaprop. For clothing to go here not worth it, but if you want to buy something edible, including home buy a variety of products for cooking exotic dishes, sauces, seasonings, syrups, drinks, then you straight here. Something can be found cheaper on the street or in other stores, but here everything is in one place and in a great shopping environment. The packages for purchase, by the way, give absolutely free :-).
  • Chatuchak Weekend Market (Chatuchak Market). This market is fully operational only on weekends, but on weekdays there may be something to find at a very attractive price. It is believed that it is the largest market in Bangkok and throughout Southeast Asia. Haggling is the done thing, and if you do not know how to do it, it is better here not to go. If we decide to come here, you should not come here on weekdays too early, manufacturing begins only hours 11. Weekend is better to come early, the market runs from 9:00 to 18:00. You can get here on the ground or underground metro Bangkok station: MRT Chatuchak, Komphoeng MTR or BTS Mochit.

I have listed only the most interesting outlets. In addition to the Pratunam area, Siam and Sukhumvit at every step there are shopping centers, which, in my opinion, especially anything from each other do not differ and deserve only a brief mention about yourself, such as:

  • Central World Plaza (near Siam) - the biggest Mall in Southeast Asia. Really consists of several shopping malls with their names. Prices are not budget.
  • Central world Plaza (near Siam) center of electronics consisting of many different departments. The price is not to say that it is cheaper than in Russia.
  • Gaysorn (Siam) is the most fashionable branded stuff and the highest prices.
  • Ripoc Bangkok (Patpong Night Market, Silom) night market (from 19:00 to 24:00), but the prices are not the cheapest.
На рынке Чатучак At the Chatuchak market

We wandered somehow to the Chatuchak market. We were here on a weekday, Friday, it was many traders. Sell everything here: the finished silk products (scarves, blankets, bedding sets, etc.) and fabric on the segment; a variety of souvenir products; lamps; clothes and shoes; toys; daily necessities etc. the Only food I have not seen. The impression that there is "shopped" the local traders, and then sold at street markets in other parts of Bangkok. Here, I bought the "pockets" with elephants 3 pieces for 200 baht, although it was originally called price for 1 piece – 120 baht, t-shirts for 40-60 baht (the quality is not very good, but for one summer it will go), silk pillow case on your pillow for 100 baht (it is possible for the price to come down and 2 units). In principle, the prices here are very decent, but because of the size of the market is very difficult to find something specific at first. Then a little mastered, understood. It turns out that though the goods are mostly mixed, there is still a geographical division according to types of goods. To find out where what types of products are mono on the market map. Yeah, don't be surprised there's even a map of the market. If you do not find the paper, you can see the layout on the big stands at the entrance and around the perimeter of the market.

Prices in Bangkok

The prices of goods in Thailand and in Bangkok in particular is a relative thing. And very relative. It is necessary to bargain everywhere, but even from the market to the bottom in one place, the price may be higher than the other offer without haggling. Because I usually, before to buy something, be sure to walk around a few places. Fortunately, unique products that can be bought only in one place, almost never occurs. Here's an example:

  • Decided to buy a souvenir tuk tuk car. They occur in several different types, but I opted for one particular. So in the Pratunam area at a street market after bargaining to the lowest bar it did not want to give cheaper than 300 baht (currency of Thailand), and the Chatuchak weekend market exactly the same I bought for 190 baht negotiable.
  • Looked after clothes for their kids at the Chatuchak market, and has not been able to find anything suitable at the price. Looked after costumes for 100 baht. Then exactly the same bought without haggling at the street Department store, for 100 baht three pieces.

And quite separately, I want to mention about the shopping centers aimed specifically at tourists. One of such – Zen, located in the building of Central World Plaza. If you are not used to throw money to the wind, it is not recommended to visit this and other similar shopping centres. Despite the fact that at the entrance hangs a beckoning tourists and promises crazy discounts and a tax refund dalamnya signs, looking for shopping, there can be no question. Here's an example: I wanted to buy a child a machine and was choosing. And in Big-C looked after one for 290 baht (or rather, looked after her husband). Imagine my surprise when we found exactly the same (one to one, both made in China) in Zen, just a few hundred metres from Big C for 1300 baht! Especially for tourists! Superskids and a tax refund!

And finally, a little secret for shopping. We all use the free maps tourist destinations, including Bangkok. Moreover, little attention we usually pay to the advertising that is there (and in fact it is through her we get for free these cards). But, if you look at this advertisement closely, it is often possible to find cut-out discount coupons that can be a very useful addition to visiting shopping centers. So read the card carefully.

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admin 13 Nov, 2014
If Skycrane, to Mor Chit station or Saphan Khwai. If you leave the Park at Mor Chit, then when you come down from the platform, go South along the fence of the Park (if you look at the Park road, then left). ...
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My husband and I were in Bangkok only 2 days, we did not have enough time to understand what was happening.Shopping centres giant, it is initially important to set a goal that you want to buy. We only lost time. ...
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If you go shopping in Thailand to Bangkok. This is true, Bangkok is a great place for shopping. Here you can find various kinds of Souvenirs, amulets, bracelets. Possible still leave the shopping to the end of the journey, as you will not steal everything that was purchased. ...
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And we are in Siam Paragon for great sales hit. Children scored cool stuff for a penny at H&M. his Wife for her shoes genuine leather fancy-ass for 1.5 thousand rubles snatched and whatnot. ...
I July 11, 2016
Not only you ;) ...
admin 23 July, 2016
I wouldn't say that. It is rather a self-deception that there is much cheaper now. If something gets cheaper, not much and mainly in the markets of Bangkok. And electronic engineering and was previously more expensive than us, and now all... IMHO. ...
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Yes, the fall of the ruble almost ate the entire benefit, I have a friend rented an apartment in Moscow and lived in Patai, very profitable. ...
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What there generally the prices for the new year,expensive or not? ...
PaZan 28 December, 2016
Prices in Bangkok are very relative, you can always find cheaper or bargain. Street markets and all that, but I would advise to visit the shopping malls, where you can wander around all day, would be money. ...

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