Car rental/motorcycle in Indonesia in Bali and Lombok

Take a trip to Bali, Lombokor other places in Indonesia, it is very convenient to use for travel leased vehicles. Often it is the only way for reasonable money to see the sights, given the very weak development of public transport. The alternative to self-driving is car hire with a driver, but it will have to pay more money (but on pricing below). If you do decide to rent a transport, in General, any problems you will have, and the prices are very reasonable, but you should know some features and to observe certain rules:

Трафик на Бали Road conditions in Bali in Kuta

Movement in Indonesia drive on the left, not right as in Russia. Before you rent the transportation, I recommend to look at the traffic on the roads, to assess their strength, not to rush from behind the wheel, renting a car upon arrival at the airport. Feature movement in Indonesia, at least in Bali and Lombok, are very narrow roads. It's amazing how two cars could pass on such narrow streets. Another feature a lot of roads with one-way traffic in tourist areas and cities, exacerbated by the lack of reliable maps. A good map to find fairly difficult, but without it will be very hard. Recommended maps "Periplus", which can be found in bookstores. You can also rent a GPS Navigator with map in rentals in the same rental companies, where you are going to search the car.

Given these characteristics, you will have a very great chance to go though a small but an accident. So when you rent, especially cars, be sure to take care of the insurance. Different distributors offer different conditions: some have insurance, some honestly say that there is no insurance, and some slip a piece of paper where you sign that are responsible for everything themselves and say it's insurance. So please read and double check all documents. Cheating usually small private prakticheskie firm, serious offer fair full insurance, but the cost is higher. In any case, before you make the technique check the contract, all existing damage, including minor imperfections, and take pictures of them, then you did not show them when you return the car.

Many companies rent a car with a limited mileage on the rental period. I.e. for example you are renting a car for a day for $ 30 and this price includes 100 miles, and for all that you nezdice above 100 miles will have to pay. If you are not satisfied, look for rentals with unlimited mileage (unlimited mileage).

What are the rights for traffic management in Indonesia and Bali?

License to drive a motorcycle and car in Indonesia is necessary, but the landlord since you won't be asked, and will ask the inspector on the road. Practice shows that right from you will demand the international standard (International driving license in the form of books) that you can get in GAI at home (cost 1000rub. in 2012), but they need to have a national Russian law.

However, actually, since 2011, Indonesia has acceded to the Vienna Convention on road traffic, 1968, and now shall recognize domestic driving permit other uchastnikov of the Convention, including Russia. It means that now in Indonesia, you can drive a car or motorcycle on a plastic Russian law or the Russian paper (laminated) if they were issued before March 26, 2011. Why, you can read the article "the Whole truth about driver's license abroad".

Another option is to get the right local tourist "Tourist Driving License" is already in place based on your own national rights and passports. Are the rights one month, cost about $ 10 and done in five minutes. Sometimes the police are trying to "dissolve" in the money, even if you have an international law the established form and require a "Tourist Driving License". This is not lawful and if you don't want to sponsor the Indonesian police is not the case, such "wiring" do not give in.

Many travelers do not perplex yourself with obtaining any of the rights and just get off with a bribe to the inspector in $ 15 and listen to a preventive conversation about the dangers of driving on invalid rights. After such a "fine" issued a document in which you can ride on and you won't be fined.

How much is the cost of transport in Indonesia and Bali?

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Now as for the cost. Vehicle rental in Bali is very cheap, on Lombok the prices almost twice above. Of course, the demand from tourists and the prices in high season are rising. You can find a car from $ 15 per day!!!, if you take a few days. Of course this is the price from private owners and after bargaining. In large companies, the higher prices, but bargaining is welcome, too, especially if you take the car for a few days. Renting a bike will cost from $ 5 per day.

And a couple of tips:

  • On a motorcycle always wear a helmet, otherwise will be fined, and save your head in case.
  • Do not offer Indonesian cops the money first (sometimes you can get away for minor violations with a warning), and haggle. Even named the amount of the fine can knock down several times, especially if you can convince a COP that you have no more money.
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Assessing the scale of the disaster, and to be more precise, the size of the island, I realized that it is easier to live in different places for a few days, than each time to spend half a day on the road to dobirat where necessary. The solution was not quite correct because worn out to pack your bags every 4 days. But it was possible to identify the optimal place to stay.
All the same, the area Seminyak the most comfortable. But it is better he stays not in Seminyak, but a little above it, that is. There is chudestny village with very affordable housing and to Seminyak's doorstep, no more than 7 minutes on the bike. The biggest plus that this location allows partly to avoid the Balinese traffic jams during rush hour and saves a lot of time on the road, in whatever direction you are moving. And the place is calm, there are inexpensive, non-touristy, restaurants. Shops with nice local not tourist prices. And, of course, the district of Seminyak and Kuta are close enough that it was absolutely not boring neither day nor night. And Jimbaran is not something that would be right so far with location. 30-40 minutes maybe.
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