Rent bike and car in Thailand

авто в Тайланде

Thailand has long been considered a haven for independent travelers, and perhaps the best place where you can rent a motorbike or a car and get acquainted with the country as your heart desires. I think few would argue that the hire of transport in Thailand gives you incredible freedom of movement and opens opportunities in comparison with cultural tours or public transportation, and rental prices here are so low that renting often turns out to be even more profitable to travel by public transport. If you haven't joined the number of those who have mastered in Thailand, rented a two - or four-wheeled friends, we have prepared for you the following useful information, revealing most of the questions on this topic. Well, if after reading the threads you still have questions, you can ask them at the bottom of the page in the comments to this article or in the topic "rent a car/motorcycle in Thailand" on the forum.

What are the rights for the lease of transport in Thailand?

International driving permit in Thailand is required. Thailand is a party to the agreement, the Vienna Convention on road traffic, 1968, and therefore, agrees to recognize the national driving license of other States, including Russia. Ie you can safely drive a car or motorbike in Thailand if you have a Russian rights and the appropriate category. Even paper laminated right old model in Thailand are recognized if they are issued before 28 March 2011. Why to this date, you can read the article "the truth about the driver's identity abroad".

For a motorcycle, in theory, you need to keep it open "a" category, but in practice it is almost never checked. But if you'll check the police on the road (which happens very rarely), it is possible to solve the problem on the spot for around 500 baht (currency of Thailand) (although we in no way incited you to do, just stating).

In practice there are sometimes problems with the recognition of the rights of the Russian police, especially if you drive a car, but this is due to the lack of competence of the police or when attempting to take foreigners "on the bluff" and "spin" on a bribe. Stand your ground and refer to the Vienna Convention on road traffic.

Traffic and rules in Thailand

Движение на дороге Бангкока

Traffic in Thailand is left-hand drive, ie not like us. The roads are in good condition. Meet toll roads, which are usually duplicated free but worst in quality.

About intensity and traffic safety in Thailand everyone has an opinion and it depends on driving experience. Those who have never sat behind the wheel, and traveled to Thailand only as a passenger, I can say that the traffic here is very peaceful and accidents are very few. But folk wisdom says that "statistics is a stubborn thing", and she says that in Thailand every year are killed on the roads about 15 000 people (an average of 44 people per 100,000 residents), and a large proportion of them are tourists. This is the second in the world by the end of 2014, and first place Thailand second only to Namibia. In Russia, for comparison,18 per 100,000 residents. However it should be noted that the number of vehicles per 100 000 inhabitants, Thailand is superior to Russia at the expense of motorcycles, and this is one of the most dangerous types of transport, which even the most simple accident with the highest probability can result in death.

As soon as you sit behind the wheel, you will understand that only by the movement seems calm. The thing is that the style of riding in Asia, and in Thailand in particular, is very different from ours. For this reason, try not to overestimate their ability to drive, even if you are a real ACE of driving at home.

Here are some guidelines, perhaps subjective, but reflects my (author and website) point of view:

  • Drivers in Thailand is a first – class drivers (personal opinion). They have a very fast response, comparable with ours. Many of them sit on motorcycles and mopeds since childhood, and throughout life coaching skills, including in special landfills. Do not try to compete with them, and to behave on the road also deftly as they.
  • Tourists on the road the Thais are treated with special care and miss you even where it shouldn't, but it is only in the case they notice that you are a tourist.
  • Traffic on the roads of Thailand are very intense, but slow. They rarely drive fast, but very deftly maneuver and easily squeezed into any available space between vehicles. Do not try to repeat it for them.
  • Try to adjust to their slow, rhythmic movements, limit yourself to rush to operate on all cylinders, even on an empty road. You can always expect that someone will sharply go for you to the oncoming traffic to pass or turn onto the road from the curb to turn. The fact that the Thais are accustomed to that other drivers also move slowly and consider the distance to you safe. But if you move too fast, trouble is inevitable.
  • Never forget that a motorcycle is not a car, and control it much more difficult. Falling off the bike on a sharp turn will not be easy, you need to overdo it with the accelerator.
  • The Internet is a great tutorial rules of the road in Thailand sites or There is a switch to English. Can learn the rules, watch the video tutorial and pass an online exam. Strongly recommend to study at least briefly the rules. If there is no desire to review at least marks, since they are quite different from ours.

However, do not assume that all Thais – who art good angels on the road, and everywhere you will miss the helpful and say thank you, even if you are not right. The aggressiveness of drivers in a conflict situation often goes beyond the limits. Almost every day in the local media, you can see an article about another fight between the drivers, do not share the road, and ended with the shooting or massacre. Many drivers, especially taxi drivers carry with them firearms, knives, machetes, and can easily use it in a conflict situation. Aggressive behavior and the drivers of motorcycles. This is especially true in large cities and resorts, so be very careful not to spoil your vacation and not engage in conflicts. Rule "Give way to the fool" is important here as well as at home.

Do not believe in the aggressive Thai drivers watch this video:

Features of renting a motorcycle in Thailand

Иностранец на арендованом мотобайке в Тайланде

A motorcycle or moped in Thailand, called simply "the bike" - national form of transport. Them here on the roads and their use, including for tourist purposes foreigners, is more than justified. The rental cost is very low, the fuel consumption is very small and many more advantages. We can safely say that the motorbike – transport budget-conscious travelers. But, everything is in order:

How and where to rent a motorbike?

Мотоциклы на прокат в Тайланде

To rent a motorbike everywhere. The search can start from your hotel or Guesthouse in which you stay. If there are none, it will tell you where your nearest rental. Do not rush your choice, look for somewhere cheaper, can bargain. Better to give preference to large firms which a lot of motorbikes, because less likely to encounter a "divorce" for scratches and scuffs, imitation theft, etc. (see below). Along with the bike you will receive free helmets and in most cases even a chain or cable lock.

Usually companies require a Deposit from you passport (which under Thai law is illegal) or a photocopy of your passport plus money (few thousand baht) as collateral. The latter, of course, is for tourists more than the preferred option. You can offer to leave a Deposit of the national Russian passport, but will take it everywhere. If you rent a bike in hotel, home, sometimes you can do without a passport and collateral. Some of the major car hire companies can use your credit card, freezing on the amount of collateral rasplachivaetsya a few days after rent.

Try to avoid the transfer as a Deposit the passport. Can try dishonest, but effective trick: rent a bike, leaving a Deposit of my old invalid passport.

It should be borne in mind that in most cases (with very rare exceptions) motorbikes are rented without insurance. All that you been injured in a motorbike or motorcycle or scooter will pay for itself. So be very very careful.

If you rent a motorbike in less serious office, you will sign a contract that in most cases is good, because there will be provided for any breakages you are responsible, and for which the distributor. But, on the other hand, in this case, there is no space for bargaining. Besides, as a rule, under the agreement, the distributors take responsibility for the damage only to the engine, and everything else you will have to repair at his own expense, even if the burned out light bulb or a broken cable.

Where and how to fill a motorbike?

Заправка в Тайланде

Gas is cheaper at the pump. A full tank (usually 3 or 4 liters) is enough for 100 kilometers or more. If no stations can refuel with bottle filling stations along roads or services, but it will be one and a half times more expensive.

Gasoline in Thailand almost 2 times more expensive than in Russia. For 1 liter you will have to pay 38-45 baht. Refuel stories 95-m gasoline, sometimes 92. special good quality. At gas stations across many types of 92-octane and 95-octane different markings (Super, Nitro, etc.), so trust the employees of the filling stations and drove up to the column, where they indicate. To deal with the equipment at the pump is not necessary, there always are people who will do everything, you only need to give them access to the tank and tell how much liters you need or to a full tank. To pay them, too.

In some remote places, for example in mountainous areas of Northern Thailand, dressings and localities are extremely rare, and it is easy to be without fuel. Moreover, to see a passing transport in the evening or night sometimes it is impossible for hours. Not to get into such a situation, is highly recommended before travel to these places to fill the tank full at the first opportunity.

How much is to rent a motorbike?

Вот типичный ценник на мотобайк

Depending on the region and the cost of renting can vary, but on average the minimum price for the easiest bike starts from 150 baht per day. Day means that if you take a motorbike at 10 am, then have to return it within 10 a.m. of the following day (unless you didn't take it for a few days). If you want to take a motorbike just for a day, as a rule, discounts are not given, and we'll still have to pay for a full day. Be sure to check the time in which you can return the bike if you decide to return it early, because you have to wait all day, no one will.

The rent for a few days you can get a discount. Rent for a month starts from 3000 baht (some travellers boast that rented the bike for a month and for 1500 baht, true or not, I don't know). New motorbike with low mileage give up more. When renting in small offices or in the hotels you need to bargain and aim for the mentioned price.

Where to Park the motorbike?

If you take a motorbike to rent for a few days, there is a need to Park it at night. Highly not recommended to leave it unattended on the street, even wearing a cable or chain. In most of the hotels have free Parking places for motorbikes of customers, and sometimes motorcycles dake dragged right inside the premises of the hotel or Guesthouse where he will quietly spend the night. Will inquire with the reception of the hotel, and if possible, they will arrange everything. Sometimes you may want to leave at the reception the keys of the motorbike, so they dragged him into the room late at night before closing the doors.

If there is no possibility to Park a bike or are afraid to leave the keys at the reception, you can pay to Park in the city. A lot of them everywhere, and to stay the night MOTOBIKE will cost 10-20 baht.

Useful tips for renting a motorbike in Thailand:

Бывают и такие мотобайки
  • Before take a motorbike to the rental, be sure to carefully check the operation of the motorcycle (it is best to take a little trip on it), the presence of scratches and scuffs, please check all the defects in the contract. Even better additionally take a picture of the bike from all sides, especially defects, as Thais love to complain for all sorts of minor damages and demand compensation for them to repair. Oh, and don't forget to carefully read the contract that you sign.
  • As soon as I get a bike rental, record or take a photo of his room so as not to lose it when you subarcuate among hundreds of similar.
  • Always wear a helmet while driving. Riding without a helmet is punishable by a fine of 500 baht, but you can haggle, if it happens on the road, not at the police station. The price is actually down to 200 baht. Helmets can be obtained in the rental along with the bike for free, but you can buy new for a few hundred baht. It would be better if your helmet will have a clear "visor" visor to protect your mouth and eyes from insects: you better eat fried and with beer, sitting in the evening at a beach than raw and on the go :-)
  • The theft of motorbikes. Motorbikes in Thailand are very often stolen, and for this it can simply be immersed in the body of the car and leave the place. Try not to leave it unattended and to wear (although this is not a guarantee). Do not spare money for paid Parking. They abound everywhere, cost 10 baht. There are cases when dishonest companies themselves stealing rented they bikes and need to pay the cost (so there is the advice to buy on the spot lock with a chain or a rope and they tie the motorbike in the Parking lot). There's nothing you can do about it, because "against the scrap no reception": when you sign a contract, often agree to pay the cost in case of any damages, and insurance for MOTOBIKE almost never issued. If, Buddha forbid, you get into a situation, and your passport as collateral and we need anyway to get it back, even if you know the cost of a new bike worth up to 50,000 baht for used vehicle you have to haggle and drop the price down to 25 000 baht.
  • Мотоциклы на прокат в Тайланде Replacement tyres in the workshop will cost 100 baht
  • Evacuation of motorbikes. If you have come to the place where I had left the bike, but it is not, maybe it is not stolen and evacuated by the police. This happens very often if you leave the bike in the wrong Parking place. Such places are marked with road signs and a border with red stripes. The return bike takes place in the nearest police station after paying a fine of several hundred baht.
  • If you have damaged the bike. Theoretically, at the conclusion of most contracts have a paragraph that you should not attempt to repair the motorbike if it is damaged (this is the external damage as a result of accident or fall). Therefore, you are required to pay for the repair as it will assess the owner of the rental, or repair in his workshop. But here you have to haggle.
  • If the bike broke down. The owner of the bike responsible for the performance of the vehicle and you do not need to be repaired, unless the damage occurred was clearly not your fault or contract, your responsibility is not determined differently. Ie if the bike burned out light bulb in the headlamp does not work the clutch, engine starts, etc. – it's not your problem. If the failure has occurred is clearly your fault, for example, you drove into a hole and made an eight on the wheel, it is unlikely that distributors will repair it at their own expense. If you have a flat tire, the easiest way to get to the nearest workshop and repair at their own expense (the replacement camera will cost about 200 baht, but don't forget, as usual, to bargain).
    However, a motorbike with an automatic transmission is not designed for long journeys, and therefore for them may be limited to a guarantee of operation of the engine depending on the mileage or distance from the place of hire (these conditions are stated in the contract). So for example, if the bike impossible to start with you, when you will be at a distance of 50 kilometres from the place of rent, then any kind of repair you will have to do yourself. So pay attention to the presence of such a clause in the contract, or take it for longer trips a motorcycle with an automatic transmission.
  • When driving on a motorcycle/moped, without a passenger passenger footrest should be folded. For violation a fine of 200 baht.


All of the above for the average standard situation rent a motorbike. But don't be surprised if in practice you find that nobody will try to raise money for minor scratches are your fault; no one will demand a Deposit, passport, and even refuse payment for the rent in advance; no one's ever gonna check you right on the road, and the police get off with a warning and a preventive conversation for what you are without a helmet. This happens not infrequently. Thailand is a beautiful country, and with the bike it is even more beautiful.

Features rent a car in Thailand

If you have read the information above, then you probably won't have any questions for renting a car. Car rental can be found in all tourist areas, airports. Have the opportunity to book a rental car via the Internet.

There are two very popular distributors operating in almost all parts of Thailand is suddenly AVIS and BUDGET They have great cars and good conditions of insurance coverage, but will have to pay about one and a half times more than when booking in the small offices on the spot. But even these serious organizations are willing to bargain, especially if you rent for long term. Sometimes they also offer spezzini and hold shares, but lowered the prices, but it is better to start looking several months before you travel.

When renting a car you need to pay attention to technical condition, external damage (to note them in the contract and to take pictures), and very carefully check the contract and insurance details. Categorically don't recommend to rent a car without insurance, although, to be honest, and secondary insurance won't cover the damages from a serious accident. Insurance can cover damage only in the tens of thousands of baht, and above all that, you will have to pay out of pocket. Be sure to pay attention to these conditions. Also ask the seller and deduct the contract for the franchise. If the contract provides for the franchise, in the case of damage you will be required to pay for small repairs, for example up to 5,000 baht from his own pocket, and on top of all that extinguishes insurance.

When renting a car you can't get off with only a passport and a credit card. Distributors will ask you a valid driver's license of the corresponding category. If your Russian law they are not satisfied, go to the next Bank.

The cost of renting a car starts from 600 baht for the "dead" car. The cost more or less comfortable car with working air conditioning is committed to around 1000 baht.

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