How to get rid of aerophobia?

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The word "aerophobia" is Latin for "fear of flying on aircraft". Probably, if someone flies without all sorts of devices, this fear for him is not a problem... But for some travelers it was an annoying inconvenience ever since the first passenger transport carried out by air. This phobia completely destroys the pleasure of travel. Because for many the beauty of traveling begins with that moment when the door slams behind her house, and there are new, unknown way. And if part of that path happens in fear, then what kind of pleasure can be discussed.

Perhaps anyone who has ever sat in a plane, let at least the first time, but had to be nervous before the flight. And if this condition passed, it was simple nervousness. Well, if this is repeated again and again, is thoughtful. Aerophobia plunges into panic, this is serious.

How is it possible to get rid of this fear hindering you normally fly, or go around it?

First of all, calm yourself. According to statistics, one of the safest vehicles on the planet is a plane. Just think: according to estimates by the International civil aviation organization per million departures have one crash. This is much less than road, water and railway accidents. Accidents with massive loss of life, so vividly described in many disaster movie to happen in a miniscule fraction of a percent of the total number of flights and number of passengers carried daily running of passenger aircraft.

Yet there is a perception that if you happen to crash, it must all die. But the statistics, the thing is accurate and stubborn, and she says that in all accidents killed only 5% of the number of passengers caught in these incidents. The result was calculated the probability of dying in a plane crash. It is 1/8000000.

Fear of flying can greatly interfere with the plans already drawn up: nowadays this method the speed of movement in space, in some cases, there simply is no alternative. To get to Australia by sea or Vietnam by train will be very long time. And that in itself is another form of recreation called "cruise". With other rates. So, probably, even before flight it is worth considering – how to get away this fear?

There are a few General recommendations in this regard:

Before the flight, the imagination will almost certainly be hard to give you all new and new scenarios of disasters with the participation of your aircraft and always on the flight. The picture decaying in the air of aircraft that you have seen enough of the disaster movie, to drive away, need to ruthlessly. It is best to think of something positive, at least about the upcoming holidays. Or to do something – read a magazine or book, go with a small tour of the airport. Don't forget to take some pictures of airport and myself at the airport visit the duty-free shops. When you're busy with something, anxious thoughts will go away.

Another tense moment – waiting for takeoff. At this time many of the passengers begin particularly very nervous. The way out of this situation similar to the previous one - to do something enjoyable, you may be distracted by computer games – anything, but would not sit, clutching the arms of the chair. Can try to make it look like you are about to fall asleep – to close his eyes and count the jumping elephants. Many such anger management helps.

Can not worry about their health. Flight of the aircraft does not affect the state of health – if you do not have chronic diseases in an acute form, you can easily get on Board of the aircraft, without fear of consequences.

If the anxiety has not passed and after takeoff, you should try to relax. Think logically: the flight has already begun, and it is unlikely that the passenger has something capable of change. For the onset of relaxation, try deep breathing, the most convenient way for you to sit in a chair and close your eyes. Put the focus on something nice – positive thoughts will banish anxiety and may help you sleep.

If your fear of flying is so strong that defies such autocorrection, and the flights are an integral part of your life – think, perhaps, it makes sense to consult a doctor. Medical science aerophobia known for a long time, so at the moment it already has an extensive Arsenal of tools to combat this fear.

To relieve you from anxiety, can be able literature on the history of Aeronautics. Reading, as the aircraft has evolved and improved, becoming safer and more reliable, you can logically convince yourself that nothing bad will happen, and will take flight safely.

Well, if nothing helps, you can try the heavy artillery and visit before departure duty-free shops. Say someone alcohol helps, but I'm personally not a supporter of this method. The main thing - do not overdo it. Remember that in the alcohol condition you simply may not be allowed on Board. And to open and consume alcoholic beverages, even purchased in duty-free shops, on Board is prohibited.

If you have your own methods of dealing with aerophobia, can share them in our forum.

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admin 12 July, 2012
In General, tai tai, and the article, as promised, have prepared. The article as a whole is not mine, but I put a hand a bit: How to get rid of aerophobia?, and the image used is the same as you in the opening post. So you, nataly.pikalova, would also like a hand ;) ...
nataly.pikalova 14 July, 2012
Thank you! ...
Anonymous1 August 3, 2012
Nothing to deal with it, just love flying, planes and travel. And if you don't, why should you fly. Not worth to fight then ...
Talker August 5, 2012

+5 for the answer. I think so too. I find it hard to imagine that you can fear of flying. I know no one who would be afraid of flying and I think it's just fiction. ...
Alinera 22 September, 2012
200 gr. good cognac remove all fears problems !!! ...
Irina 26 September, 2012
I used to love to fly, but then, when I was flying a lot for our country, why come fear of flying. To overcome I tell myself that fate will not go away and when you register for the flight, then take seats in the last rows near the aisle. I heard that if the plane starts to fall apart in the air, then a chance of surviving those who sit behind. My husband had to endure my quirks.))) ...
May 19, 2013
I am terribly afraid to fly samoletah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What to do???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ...
(Dr. Fruitcake) 7 July, 2013
I always had a fear of heights, and now I'm afraid, BUT a strange metamorphosis happened to me. I watched the documentary series "air crash Investigation" and was not afraid to fly even more, but on the contrary, I wanted to the sky:). I don't know why...
By the way, last year he flew on a paraglider. Persuaded. When flying, I comforted myself with the thought that hard wearing). However instructors jokers rattled mysterious button, clicking on which you can fall). They didn't say where this button is) ...
Lbs February 6, 2014
"All about turbulence, or How to learn to fly without fear"
Master class under the title will carry a pilot and aviation psychologist, head of the Center "Flying without fear" Alex Hervas.
The center "Flying without fear" opened in Russia in 2008 and today is the only specialized structure on the territory of Russia and CIS countries for the study and treatment of aerophobia (fear of flying). During this time, more than 5,000 people got rid of fear of flying and discovered the tranquil sky.
"According to statistics, fear of flying is the most common fear on earth, they suffer 30% of the population. At the same time, like most fears, it is not associated with objective danger, and with a number of negative factors, such as errors in thinking, genetics of anxious parents, education, exposure to media, and many others.
Despite the fact that throughout the civilized world aerophobia studied and successfully eliminated for the past 30 years, in Russia the majority did not think that this problem can be overcome. Extreme man included avoidance, he refuses to fly, or flying in an altered state (alcohol, drugs). At best, the flying man position: "it is better not to think, what to be – there is no escaping". Although, for some reason before eating burgers such thoughts would never come! Despite the fact that flying today is safer than dinner at home" - says Alexey Gervas.
Master class "All about turbulence, or How to learn to fly without fear" will be devoted to myths about flying, turbulence, their impact on human psychology. Information of the master class, the opportunity to ask questions will be useful to anyone who flies, lady ...
35eg35 22 February, 2014
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No wonder narkomovskih 100 grams introduced in due time! Antistress! ...