Five natural phenomena, which you have to see in your life

In the pursuit of sights many travelers and tourists forget about striking natural phenomena, which are available without any entrance fees and obsessive guides. To see them is not always easy, and sometimes it is even more difficult than getting trodden trails to ancient ruins or ancient castles, where the crowds carry tourists. But the effort of the path is worth it. Here's a selection of the most striking natural phenomena, which you have to see in your life:

  1. Northern lights

    The enigmatic Aurora Borealis or the Aurora throughout the history of mankind has fascinated and frightened people. Only relatively recently, in the 18th century, the nature of the mysterious glow in the sky became clear to the people, and the first solved that mystery our great compatriot Mikhail Lomonosov.

    Северное сияние

    To see the glow not only at the North pole, but in the South. Besides a heavenly glow sometimes, and on other planets of the solar system. But since we live on earth, and even in the Northern hemisphere, it is easiest to see in the North, and do not have to get this right on the North pole.

    To see the Northern lights in Russia-even in the middle lane, but in these latitudes it occurs very rarely. More often it is observed in the Northern latitudes, for example in Arkhangelsk and Murmansk. Its occurrence depends on the solar activity, so it is better to monitor solar flares on special sites, and after this you will have from 2 to 5 days to get away to the North (just for a time to the earth fly charged particles from the sun, which create a glow). However in this case there is a chance that you miss because it will be in the daytime or you simply miss because it lasts from several seconds to tens of minutes, and there could be as lucky. And still can prevent to see the Northern lights by bad weather or the glow from the big cities, so it is best to get into the Outback. And yet, the most active season of lights is between September to March.

  2. The volcano

    Hunt for volcano as Northern lights, you will not have as active volcanoes are a long time. However, access to active volcanoes, to see the "fiery hell" is very difficult, because they do not carry tourists on buses. To get in most cases will either have off-road, and then to overcome a long ascent on foot, or even all the way on foot. And not to forget that it is dangerous, and without an experienced guide is not necessary. But to see once in your life bubbling lava firsthand and to fry eggs on the hot bowels of the earth the rocks is worth a dozen of tours to beach resorts.


    For the Russians the most accessible places to see the active volcano, are Kamchatka and the Kuril Islands. Now on the Kamchatka Peninsula has 29 active volcanoes, all of them there 300. Tours can be purchased directly from travel agencies, but the fun is not cheap. The bravest can reach volcanoes and independently, but this requires good preparation, courage and knowledge. All in all, on Our Planet there are more than 1,000 conditionally active volcanoes, i.e. those which retain activity b can erupt in the future and periodically erupt.

  3. Geyser

    The geyser is much safer volcanoes, and to see them easier. These water "mini-volcanoes" are inextricably linked to these volcanoes and often form next to them, so it would be ideal to see them during one expedition.


    Russia is one of the largest geyser fields in the world and the only in Eurasia – this is the Valley of Geysers in Kamchatka. This area is a nature reserve and closed to independent visit, but you can get there with a guided tour. Just do not think that it will be a walk on a comfortable minivan: you'll either have to fork out for a VIP tour in a helicopter flight or go on a long hike with a backpack. Prices for tours, of course, prohibitive. But there is an alternative: it is much cheaper to get to Iceland to see the geysers and beauty, than to visit a remote corner of our country.

  4. A hurricane or a tornado and firestorm

    Fortunately, to see the destructive power of the tornado had a few, and even fewer people have seen this rare natural phenomenon as firestorm. Because of their brutal strength which spares neither nature, no people, no buildings. And those who have seen real powerful tornado and did not suffer from it, can call themselves real lucky. And not only because lived, but because they were lucky enough to see this rare phenomenon, the nature of which is still not fully explained by science.


    The most "visited" place to have tornadoes is North America, particularly the Central States of the USA. But the most reliable place where you can see tornado, is Florida on the East coast, especially in the island chains of the Florida Keys (Florida Keys) where they originate over water almost every day. But the real devastating tornado occurs very rarely, and they really need to hunt.

    The period of life of a tornado varies from several minutes to tens of minutes, but the destructive can last for hours. So, Melunsky tornado in 1917 for 7 hours and 20 minutes of my life killed 110 people.

  5. Solar and lunar Eclipse

    This is perhaps the most secure, clear and predictable to date, the phenomenon presented, although its origins lie far beyond our planet. Scientists with an accuracy of seconds the learned to determine the time and place where you can watch Eclipse in the years ahead, and we just have to hope that this time we're not busy with their daily chores, and the weather not hide the action behind the clouds.

    Солнечное затмение

    Solar eclipses are not so rare, usually a year is from 2 to 5. This total solar Eclipse can be observed only in certain places on the planet, but unfortunately, most of these places have on the surface of the oceans. Therefore, to see a total solar Eclipse is possible not many, and if you also want this, you may have to go a long journey. Fortunately, the Internet can I find a schedule of eclipses, indicating the exact time and places where you can see it.

    Total lunar Eclipse to see much easier, because they are usually seen with almost half of the entire surface of the earth, but they occur less frequently, and it's not as spectacular as solar.

🕒 October 12, 2018

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