Visa regimes of different countries


The table provides General information about visa requirements for citizens of Russia and other CIS countries in various countries around the world. To view detailed information about visa requirements, go to the relevant page on the link in the name of the country.

The list of countries will grow. If you notice an inaccuracy or unreliability in the information, please inform us through the forum e-mail or other means.

Country Visa-free entry Visa on arrival A visa in advance
Vietnam Only for citizens of the Russian Federation for the period up to 15 days. On the island of Phu Quoc a visa-free regime for all citizens, including CIS. Only if you have visa support (invitation). For Russian citizens visa on arrival free of charge according to the intergovernmental agreement. It is possible to obtain long-term ivz in the Embassy of Vietnam in Moscow in the presence of visa support (invitation letter from a hotel or travel Agency). The fee for an ordinary single entry–exit visa is $25-35 depending on the urgency.
Egypt For citizens of Russia and the CIS is not provided. For tourists in South Sinai (including Sharm El Sheikh) provided the free visa for a period of 15 days. For citizens of Russia, the Baltic States, Ukraine, Belarus visa for a period of 1 month is issued on arrival at the airport. The cost is $15 The cost of obtaining a visa at the Embassy in Moscow for a period of 1 month is 350 rubles for Russian citizens, 860 rubles for citizens of other countries
Indonesia For citizens of Russia and the CIS is not provided Only for citizens of the Russian Federation for up to 30 days 25$ (including children). Technically, you must have a return ticket Citizens of the Russian Federation and Belarus apply to Consular division of the Embassy of Indonesia in Moscow. Citizens of other countries can apply for a visa in Moscow only in the presence of additional documents, V. T. registration in the Russian Federation.
India For citizens of Russia and the CIS is not provided Not provided. In special cases it is possible to obtain the so-called temporary residence permit (TLF/TLP) and group visa additional conditions The visa is authorized by the Embassy visovac centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg, the Embassy in Vladivostok. The consular fee for a visa is 1600 rubles.
Cambodia For citizens of Russia and the CIS is not provided For citizens of Russia and CIS countries the visa to Cambodia for a period of 30 days can be issued upon arrival at airports of Phnom Penh, Siam Ripa or on any land or water border crossing with neighbouring States (with the exception of the border with Laos, where visas are not issued at the entrance). The cost is $20. Require a picture. The cost of obtaining a visa at the Embassy in Moscow for up to 30 days - $20. There is a possibility of e-visa via the Internet $25.
Thailand Only for citizens of the Russian Federation for the period up to 30 days Citizens of Ukraine and Kazakhstan can obtain a visa on arrival (Visa on arrival) at the airports of Bangkok, u-Tapao (Pattaya), Phuket. The visa is issued for a period of 15 days costs 1000 baht (about$25). Citizens of other CIS countries visa are required to register in advance at the Consulate of Thailand. Citizens of Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan visas in Thailand in Ankara, and Armenia in Yerevan. Citizens of CIS countries, which are not named above, receive the visa in Moscow.
UAE For citizens of Russia and the CIS is not provided For citizens of Russia and the CIS are not provided The only decoration in the UAE through authorized companies
Malaysia For Trajan Russia and most of CIS countries for a period up to 1 month For citizens of Russia and the CIS are not provided Issued at the Consulate in Moscow for a period of 2 months. Consular fee in the amount of $10
Singapore For citizens of Russia and the CIS are not provided For citizens of Russia and the CIS are not provided Registration through the Internet through accredited partners Consulate of the Republic of Singapore in the Russian Federation. The cost of registration from 1300 rubles. The validity of visa is up to 5 weeks.
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