Recipe Thai soup Tom Yam

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Суп Том Ям Tom Yam Soup

Who was in Thailand, he must have tried the famous Thai soup Tom Yam. If you've been to Thailand and have not tried Tom Yam – it means you have not been there, and you have to go there again to taste the Tom Yam. This is the most spicy soup in the world! As some sources on the Internet, despite the sharpness, it is very useful and even has the ability to prevent cancer, and it is because of him Thais so rarely suffer from this disease. Like it or not, we don't know, but this soup is so popular in the world that it even has its own fan clubs.

Tom Yam soup is offered in every restaurant and cafe Thailand, as well as many cafes and restaurants in the other countries of South-East Asia. Each chef prepares it individually, adding one, then the other included ingredients, in greater or smaller numbers, adding coconut milk or without it. There are several varieties of this soup depending on the ingredients:

  • Tom Yam Kung or Tom Yam kung (tom yum goong or tom yum kung) - with shrimp
  • Team Ka Yam (tom yum kai) chicken
  • Tom Yam PLA (tom yum pla) - fish
  • Tail Tom Yam (tom yum thale or tom yum po taek) - seafood.

Despite all the exotic Tom Yam is quite easy to prepare and Russian cuisine, and as will be discussed below. However, it is necessary to say that if you have never tried Tom Yam in his homeland, i.e. the real Tom Yam how to cook it in Thailand, it will be very difficult to cook it yourself. Just try it at home you can successfully prepare yourself for what you will need in the cooking process to try different ingredients and their proportions to get its true taste.

The basis of the soup

Паста Том Ям в банке Tom yum paste in a jar

Most importantly, as in all Thai food – quality ingredients. The basis of soup is a spicy chili paste for Tom Yam soup, which you can do yourself as described below, or you can buy ready. In Russia a paste to get can also be bought via the Internet. Sometimes bags of pasta fall in the major supermarkets in the departments of spices and Oriental cuisine. In the countries of South-East Asia, the pasta is sold in almost every supermarket in bags or large pots. Banks usually clean the dishes, and packs something of a semi-finished product, which has already added additional aromatic ingredients – galangal, lemongrass, kafir. To store bought or your home-made pasta in the fridge for a very long time, up to several years, although at long storage loses its taste.

On packages, from the reverse side is written the method of preparation (sometimes with English translation), but it is different from the soup with the usual pasta. If on the package there is no translation, and all written in an incomprehensible Asian language, then just prepare the soup following the recipe, and is cooked pasta, add pasta from a package. Just be careful with the addition of soy or fish sauce, because the packages are already quite a lot of concentrated fish sauce, and you can just oversalt the soup.


Ингредиенты для супа Том Ям Ingredients for Tom Yam soup

The hardest part of the preparation of Tom Yam soup in the Russian cuisine to find all the ingredients, because most of them exotic. But today most of them can be bought in large supermarkets, to order something over the Internet. Some products can be replaced by a more familiar and common in our stores. So, here's what you need to prepare:

  • Tom yum paste – based soup. Where to get it or how to cook yourself, we've already written above.
  • Lemongrass (lemon grass, lemongrass) , stems (diameter about 1 cm) green or straw color with lemon odor. Sometimes be found in major supermarkets usually in the Department of vegetables and herbs Packed. If not found, it is possible to do without it, replacing it with lemon grass, lemon peel or lime, lemon leaves or Kaffir leaves. Of course, the lemongrass gives a special lemon fragrance, and is one of the main exotic ingredients, but without it the soup is also quite edible.
  • Galangal (galang, galangal, galangal) – a type of ginger, has a pungent taste, and a more rigid structure than the ginger. We have not found it, but it will replace the usual ginger. Can be used as fresh ginger and dried or milled from a bag. You can buy in supermarkets and at Asian markets dried galangal and bring home, in this form it can be stored for several years.
  • Kaffir (kaffir) – dark green leaves with lime wood, specially grown just for the leaves. Gives another shade of lemon soup. Also not to be found in Russia, but can be replaced with sheets of plain lemon or room to grow a tree from seeds of lime from the supermarket.
  • Cilantro (coriander) or eryngium or eryngium odorous. It's green, which is added to the finished soup and adds a pleasant aroma. Cilantro can be easily found in our shops, and even to grow in the country or the windowsill. But eryngium (eryngium odorous) is rare, so if you can't find anything to worry about. Moreover, even not every cook in Thailand uses it.
  • The fish sauce. Used to give a peculiar smell, and instead of salt. Has a very specific smell on its own, but in dishes its smell and taste wonderful. It is realistic to find in our major supermarkets in the exotic section in the kitchen. In a pinch, you can substitute soy sauce.
  • Straw mushrooms. Replaced mushrooms, oyster mushrooms or shiitake mushrooms (all sold in our supermarkets).
  • Coconut milk (or coconut cream). An optional ingredient is added to make one kind of soup with a milder taste, is more for the Europeans. If you want, it can replace regular cream or milk or do without this ingredient. If you still want to make a soup with coconut milk, you can buy coconut or coconut cream in the package in a large supermarket.
  • Chicken. By itself chicken is not a mandatory ingredient, but based on it prepares the broth. Usually replaced with chicken bouillon cubes, which are sold in every supermarket.
  • Shrimp and other seafood (squid, scallops, octopus, etc.). It is best to use prawns, or any other that bigger.
  • Lime juice. You can substitute lemon juice.

Additional ingredients that can be added to soup to improve the taste

  • The chili pepper. Hot pepper is added to taste and gives the soup a lively fresh taste. Add its not necessarily, because it is already in the pasta, but if you want to improve the taste of the soup, you can add. You can substitute any other hot pepper, but be careful not to overdo it. And be sure to clean it from the seeds before cooking.
  • Tomatoes. Improve the taste of soup, if to add them at the last moment of cooking. Want to peel the tomato from the skin.
  • Bow. Small onion, cut in half, can throw in the soup at the last moment before removing from heat.
  • Garlic. You can add a slice to taste at the beginning of cooking. Garlic cloves needs to be put on a Board and crush, but that it has not collapsed.
  • Green onions. Chopped stalks of green onions can be added to the soup along with the cilantro before serving.

As you can see, the ingredients are quite specific, but they can be replaced. Of course, the replacement will be in favor of improving taste of food, but it is the place to be. The original ingredients you can bring out of Thailand or neighboring countries in Southeast Asia, where they are sold in local markets or in supermarkets. Prices are there just a cheap (1 kg of lemongrass on the market, for example, costs $ 1-2).

Cooking pasta, Tom Yam

Ингредиенты для супа Том Ям Ingredients for Tom Yam soup

If you did not buy the original paste, you can make a paste yourself. For our taste, it is absolutely not inferior to the purchased in Asia, is that only sharpness.

Important! Take precautions when working with pepper and ready-made pasta: do not RUB your eyes and delicate skin, thoroughly wash the dishes.

For the pasta you need:

  • Chili or any other spicy pepper, which you'll find in our stores or on the market
  • Garlic
  • Shallots (without any differences can be easily replaced with regular onions)
  • Ginger (optional ingredient, as it will still be added to soup later)

Pour into the pan 3-4 tablespoons of vegetable oil (as cooking pasta, you can add more oil if you feel that the paste is too thick). When the oil heats up, throw 4-5 cloves thinly sliced garlic. Garlic needs to obzharitsya until Golden brown. If the oil is hot enough, then it will take literally a few seconds. Fish out the garlic from the oil and place it separately.

Then in the same oil toss 1 medium head onion, chopped shallot (or onion). It is also necessary to sustain until Golden brown, then catch and put together with garlic.

Again in the same oil add 4-5 pieces as small as you can chopped chili peppers (it is recommended to clean the peppers from seed, but for pasta Tom Yam pepper seeds are not cleaned and are present in the paste), a bit dry it in the oil (about 1 minute), and then add to the pan previously fried garlic and onion. You can also add grated ginger, but again, the ginger is not mandatory and will be added in the preparation of soup. Hold a little more mixture in the pan stirring constantly (don't forget to add a little oil if the mixture is too thick), the Deputy remove from heat, and grind everything finely in a blender or other way (keep in mind that the Cup of a blender will have to wash, then many times). The pasta is ready.

The paste should be thick, not to spread and not run off the spoon.

Cooked pasta does not deteriorate and has a long shelf life in the refrigerator.

The soup

Готовим суп Том Ям Prepare the Tom Yam soup

Cooking time 30 minutes

Start cooking the soup (two servings). When cooking you should constantly try dish as cooking and add ingredients as needed. Just so happens to achieve the perfect taste.

  1. Cook chicken or fish stock into two portions of approximately 0.5 liters. The easiest, of course, to make chicken. Can brew, and you can use a bouillon cube (full cube to 0.5 liters of water). Don't worry, many cooks in Thailand use beef broth cubes, and get a great result. For more richness, you can boil in the broth peeled and rinsed the shells and heads of shrimp. Do not salt the broth.

  2. In stock ready to drop seasonings: 1 stick of lemongrass (if you substitute lemon zest or lime, enough zest from one lime or half large lemon, but keep in mind that if you add a lot, you may see the bitterness); a piece of galangal thickness of 5-10mm. (if you replace the ginger - slice 1-2 cm thick); leaf Kaffir (2-4 leaf) or leaves of lemon. Boil for 3-5 minutes, so they gave each of their flavor and taste. Next they can catch. Stalk lemongrass leave: in the bowl he will publish a wonderful flavor.

  3. Готовим суп Том Ям Prepare the Tom Yam soup
  4. Without having to remove the broth from heat, add the pasta. The amount of paste depends on its severity, especially if you cook it yourself. We usually add one tablespoon for two servings. When you have added all the ingredients, soup can taste and add more pasta.

  5. Throw in the soup prepared and cleaned shrimp (whole, not cut); seafood and mushrooms (better cut into pieces no larger than 1 cm.). Boil the soup for 3-5 minutes.

  6. Add the fish or soy sauce (instead of salt); chili pepper (who like it with crushed Oreos, whole or finely chopped rings). Try and dobavlyaya more to taste if necessary. When the spice and salt will be enough, add lime juice. This is a mandatory ingredient that gives the soup its special sweet and sour taste, so do not regret it. You need to add the juice of half or whole lime. And be sure to try

  7. To make the soup a little softer, especially if overdone pasta, you can add coconut milk or cream (about 100 grams), but this is not necessarily a good choice. Cook for 2-3 minutes.

  8. A minute before removing from heat you can throw a small peeled onion, cut in half. Another ingredient that will diversify the taste of the tomato. Already when you remove the soup from heat, add stalks of green onions.

  9. Tom Yam soup is ready! It remains only to pour on plates, sprinkle with greens (preferably with cilantro and eryngium, but the green onions, parsley) and add at least one teaspoon of lime or lemon juice.

Готовим суп Том Ям Prepare the Tom Yam soup

Do not worry if you do not succeed the first time the same soup, what have you tried in Thailand, but try, experementiruite, change the ingredients, and then you will succeed.

And finally a little secret: cooked pasta can be used not only for soup but also for other spicy dishes, or even just to add in ready meals, for example in noodles, to give them a sharpness.

Now, if you learned, you can watch the video about how to cook Tom Yam from the original ingredients, and then go to the kitchen:

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I March 30, 2014

By the way, the soup is always made with pasta. Pasta is prefabricated for quick cooking of soup and long storage. I, for example, open large tin of pasta 1kg. bought in Tae is stored in the fridge for the second year, used only a third ;) . And saw cook pasta and add pepper and galangal directly in preparing the soup without pereyarki. ...
Shurmur 17 September, 2016
It would be complete nonsense-simulation, as all was replaced. And why the coconut? Is he really from another soup, Thai here is not added. Tomato is also laughter, their Tom Yam kung does not happen. Well, the full paragraph - recommendation to sprinkle at the end with parsley or something. Guys, it's not soup! Even if the soup with mushrooms (common in cafes around the world, for "farang"), this is not Tom Yam kung. And this soup must be burning, sharp, like hydrochloric acid. Use it should be done with the portion of Fig. ...
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Shurmur, very sorry that you prescription take it just like that to simply criticize. And indeed it seems that you have little understanding about "cooking" in General, do not know that even the soup is prepared in different hosts in different ways, as well as Tom Yam. Some add coconut milk, and some don't. Even in the cafes and restaurants there are different variants of this dish. If you are in Thailand, go over several places, all learn, and then teach others.
As for the replacement products, are not forced to replace all of the products and of them to do. But if I don't have lemograss, for example, I quite successfully replace a large number of leaves Kaffir that I have growing in a pot on the windowsill. And, for example, replacing the lime for lemon in General is not felt. And so on. ...
New Tour 21 October, 2017
Tried the Tom Yam soup in Phuket. It reminded me of the situation with the first test of the land. At first don't like, and then begin to understand the subtle taste. But there is a clarification - if the taste of sushi I'm used 3-4 times, then Tom Yam could not be friends. Its sweet taste seems to be approximate with each new boat. Wobbler to taste this exotic dish I could not get used to ...
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Recipe good, must try. The photo is similar to borscht with beets. But I think it's not for everybody, not everyone likes spicy. ...
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I'm in Thailand studiously avoided the local cuisine, not mine. But what was my surprise when I try the pasta Carbonara. Tastes better than in Italy ...
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I saw we have dry kits for this soup, I wonder how well they fit. ...
admin 10 July, 2018

Also saw these sets on sale, now they are often in supermarkets to see. But not bought, because I prefer to do my recipe of the original products brought from the "homeland". Nevertheless, in my opinion, the main thing is-Yam - hot and sour soup, and the composition added to the dish products are not so important. Therefore, if these sets have pasta cake mix or bouillon cube Tom yum, they have to conform. ...
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