Sex tourism in Thailand

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Секс-туризм в Таиланде

Thailand is an amazing, unique country and a real Paradise for sexually liberated people. Here you will find a large selection of sexual services and entertainment. Recently, the sex tourism in this wonderful country is becoming more and more popular among Russian tourists.

The only thing that should be mentioned before we delve into the description of "sexual pleasures" of sin city of Pattaya, is the fact that outside of this city and some other tourist centers of the country Thailand is mill very strict morals and traditions. Behavior similar to "Pattaya" as local residents and visitors to the country, in other regions of Thailand is unacceptable and illegal.

Recognized as a world center of sex tourism is the Thai city of Pattayawith its famous walking street - Walking Street. In the evening, the street is livened up, glowing with colored lights, filled with a large number of people who opened numerous cafes, bars, strip clubs, massage parlors, souvenir shops.

To seek sexual entertainment in all its forms, in Pattaya will not have long. It is enough just to be European to leave the hotel and walk along the Central streets, such as Beach street (Beach road) or at the Second street (Second Street). And regardless of whether you walk or with a friend, you will still be subject to harassment of traders love.

Main street love is traditionally considered the Walking Street (Pedestrian street, building) and its surroundings. Cost to get at it, and you automatically get the category of the most coveted clients for employment "boom-boom" (Yes, boom-boom, here called sex). Walking Street is just a riot of entertainment of all kinds: there are barkers bars and discos, street vendors with trinkets and sellers of paintings, magicians and artists, representatives of the oldest profession women and men.

Go-go Бар

Very popular with those wishing to have some fun tourists go-go bars, where most of the prostitutes. They rent a place at the bar, and get the opportunity to sit at the bar and lure customers. Furnished bars is pretty standard: a podium with a metal pole, tables and sofas, on which sit visitors. In order to demonstrate their charms girls dancing, gracefully moving down the runway. After the next dance they descend to the hall, sit next to visitors, please treat lady drinka - so is any drink that pays a "farang" (foreigner) for prostitutes. At this point you can explore and determine future plans. Girls have to attract your attention, and Pat and hug and kiss me. At these bars suites are available for sexual pleasures. The bar girl will cost you 1000 baht at a time. Rent a girl for night average cost 3000 baht. By the way, if you are planning to bring the girl back to your hotel at night, do not be surprised that the account will expose you to a little more than what was earlier announced. For a visitor or guest in the room here will have to pay.

Another place where you can pay for the pleasure - massage parlors. But of course not all salons, there are serious massage parlors, and never allow, but they work only in the afternoon and the evening closed. If BAA you came to the right salon, after erotic massage you can offer to continue "procedure" on the spot. In such a case is to account for the massage you will have to pay from 500 to 1000 baht, depending on the complexity of "procedures" :-)

Girls who "work" on the street, near the beach, more accessible and are cheaper. You can rent a girl for one time and for 300 baht. Many of these girls are often not native-born Thai. Among moths, many came to work khmeros (of Cambodian women), bermanec (from Myanmar), even across native Laos. Also, many of the girls come to work from distant provinces of Thailand, to feed themselves and their families. They often have no idea of a certain sexual hygiene, they often really don't know what a condom was, and only about speaking English you can forget. In addition to its price, they can't say a word.

In addition to the risk of catching venereal bouquet when communicating with a local girl or katoom (the ladyboys see below) you can get problems with the law. The fact is that in Thailand street prostitutes sometimes go from 10-12, and having sex with an underage minor and even by our standards, it is considered illegal here. Remember that not always you will be able to determine the age of underage prostitutes, since they look pretty Mature here, apparently the trick plays unfamiliar to us Asian appearance and cosmetics. Another danger is the risk of being robbed. Unfortunately, not so rare cases when prostitutes or ladyboys independently or working in group hocus customers, then making literally everything from the room; pull out the wallets and money and the like. If this happens, you can of course call the police, but stolen you will not return and you have only yourself to blame.

In order to avoid cases of theft from foreigners, the government of the country ordered all prostitutes to register so-called id-card information, which include ID number, name, surname (in Thai) and photos. This card show the security guard of the hotel, which in turn captures the data.

If the girl you like, you can engage in all the holidays. At the same time in one person you get a guide, a companion, who will introduce you to the culture, customs and traditions of the country, a maid, a masseuse and a passionate lover. Beauty girls on the fan, but their sexuality and submissiveness is not in doubt. What man doesn't love a submissive woman willing to fulfill all of his wildest sexual fantasies? Therefore, more and more men from Europe prefer to marry secretly. The secret is that the secret love in his own way, in accordance with the principle that pleasure should receive first of all a man. Therefore, mixed couples are becoming more.

In Central Pattaya there is also a drag Queen show and a strip show for homosexuals, which are located near Walking Street. The entrance to any bar free: enough to buy a drink and you can watch the show. On stage in a circle go the boys in white shorts, and from them you can choose someone. The complex also offers the young man an apartment to rent, located in the same building, of course it will cost a bit more.

Катои на работе

In Thailand found another interesting category of people who provide sexual services, the so-called ladyboys or lady-boys (middle floor). This category includes transgendered (male feels feminine and, if possible, to seek to change the sex) and transvestite (a man gets sexual pleasure from wearing women's clothing).

In the country plastic surgery sex-change are very common and are inexpensive (average around 120-150 thousand baht). Although the Thais themselves, this amount is quite large, so many ladyboys are limited only by the rate of hormones and some do silicone breast. In this regard, most of the ladyboys belong to male genitals. In order to pay for the surgery to complete the sex change, lady-boys go to work, as a rule, it is prostitution.

Thai surgeons can work wonders and sometimes after you complete such an operation is very difficult to recognize that before you former man. Therefore, tourists have to be extremely careful, going for a walk in the hot spots Pattaya in search of "adventure." Because instead of a companion for the night, you can select the satellite, but to understand it at the most inopportune moment. Even without surgery, some lady-boys are so similar to girls that distinguish them may not even experienced in those places.

To distinguish katoya possible on set of symptoms: bulging Adam's Apple; growth above 175 cm (women usually undersized); high cheekbones and long face (in women usually round); big hands, long and knotty fingers; the large size of the foot; a low, resonant voice; a little too feminine than straight women; the long nail on his right hand; the broad shoulders. But the surest way to recognize katoya - to see his id-card. Even completely redone in women men id-card does not change and it remain the old name, the photo might be female. However, in order to read this data you need to know the Thai language.

Despite everything said about the ladyboys or lady fights, they have quite a large circle of clients that use their services and I sincerely believe that lady fights are much better than their colleagues-women.

Pattaya ladyboys can also be found in street bars where they dance and sing. Those who are especially "lucky" with external data, participate in a very famous transvestite show "Alcazar" or "Tiffany". This is a very colorful and exciting costume show with songs and dances. Costs around 800 baht. After the show you can take pictures with show attendees (100 baht).

Great interest among tourists are the so-called sex show or ping pong show. Unfortunately we can't post photos with ping pong show, but to somehow close this gap, we have placed the contents of a typical sex play in English.

Barkers these shows are men-Thais, who grabbed the hands, strolling along the Walking Street tourists and show cards with their pictures, and with translation in English, Russian and Thai. Usually these performances take place on the second floors of strip bars, or in a small dark room with a Breakfast bar, a small podium and along the walls of the sofas.

The essence of these ideas is a demonstration of the extraordinary possibilities of the female reproductive organ that affects even the most heated imagination.

Alternating dance moves to music on stage girls with their genitals shoot paper arrows, Darts; open a bottle of "Coke" and "drink" this place, their contents, and then poured the liquid back in the bottle; "smoke" a cigarette; "juggle" a ball for ping-pong, show sexual intercourse in different positions. One of the shocking action – is when the penis is removed sharp razor blades strung on a thread. Make sure that are used in views items present you can offer yourself as a girl, and you can ask about it. Lasts such a representation is usually not long and worth differently. For example, in 2009, the authors of the site watch this show for two after Torgau for 600 baht (about 600 rubles). To watch or not to watch, to solve everyone, but you will not go!

According to rough estimates in the sex industry of Thailand employs more than 1 million people. In this connection, the country is one of the first places on the number of cases of AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases. In addition, in Thailand a high risk of Contracting hepatitis types A and B, malaria, and Japanese encephalitis. The existing problem is recognised and the local authorities, who are struggling with various methods, including the implementation of various programs, for example: require prostitutes working in brothels mandatory to use condoms. Unfortunately, more effective measures yet.

If you want to completely escape from problems and worries, to plunge into the atmosphere of sex and permissiveness, get a lot of positive emotions, and you are not afraid of difficulties, then you definitely need to visit Thailand.

And lastly, I want to remind you that prostitutes and ladyboys - men, with their women problemai and feelings. Many of them overlook the street is not a good life, but in order to feed himself and his family, because nothing else for them to do.

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espacoru 8 April, 2017

they are everywhere:) they are the same as everywhere else ...
admin 9 April, 2017

Yes, very much. Perhaps in no other country do such a number of them. And I think it's not the fact that it is very cheap plastic surgery and sex change surgery, as they often tell tourists. On the contrary the demand has spawned a lot of suggestions. Maybe this even contributes to the fact that Buddhism is a very tolerant religion and does not condemn a sex change. But it's just a guess to answer exactly why in Thailand so many of them need to live here or be born. ...
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