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Traditional Thai massage

Традиционный массаж

It is known that traditional Thai massage for about two and a half thousand years. The ancestor of Thai massage called doctor Zhivago Kumar Bhacca from the Northern part of India. It in those places is considered the father of all Thai medicine, he was also a contemporary, a peer, and a friend of Gautama Buddha.

The subtleties of massage has been set out in volume medical treatise of the 17th century. Unfortunately, all this valuable Book has not been preserved. War with the Burmese in 1767, ruined and ravaged the capital city of Thailand, left from the treatise only scattered pieces-fragments. Today they are carefully preserved, and during the reign of king Rama III was moved to the wall the cult of the temple of Wat Po in Bangkok. An excerpt of the text of the healing points and the methods of their excitation found on boulders in 1832 in the same Frame III. Gemstone chip reverently and solemnly inserted in the wall near the temple of Wat Po. To this day this temple is the center of education for traditional Thai massage and medicine. The art of Thai doctor Zhivago there are doctors from all over the world. But what elements of the practice were taken from Indian sources, and what brought later and gathered for centuries, the local flavor - now it is impossible to determine. Ancient teachings and practices were passed down within families from generation to generation orally. So it was decided.

Traditional Thai massage is primarily a medical procedure. As in many Eastern teachings, connected with the experience of traditional medicine (yoga, Chinese medicine), Ordinance touching true Thai massage is based on knowledge not erogenous zones, and invisible energy lines running through the human body. Lines of energy are the main guides of Thai massage - called short mysterious word Saint. All, according to the teachings of Dr. Zhivago, the human body is invisible pierces 72 thousand sen. In practice, they are used a total of ten, which is enough to have a beneficial effect on the entire body.

In certain places the energy lines there are acupressure points, the impact of which gives the desired effect. Acupressure is acupressure, rhythmic pressing by fingers, palms or elbows on the skin in the area of biologically active points or around them. The masseur applies stretching of the joints and ligaments, and does it gradually, and bring the stretch up to the physiological limit. This therapeutic massage is even included in Thailand within the official health system.

Real Thai masseuse before the session will perform a certain mantra, which, in summary, is to appeal to the spirit of the father doctor Zhivago Kumar Bhacca, with prayers and a request through the body massage to bring healing and happiness to the patient.

Another feature of Thai massage is a combination of soft rocking and passive movements. The main secret - along with relaxation is the activation of vitality. The masseur works rhythmically and as it enters the patient into a state of meditation.

Thai massage is performed on the floor. According to tradition, the floor was covered with a thin Mat or a soft blanket. Nothing uncomfortable in this "lower" position is not, on the contrary, it is now the massage therapist has the ability to use effectively their hands and, of course, all of her body. And it's used be sure that feature is.

The therapist will certainly dressed in a free, not constraining movements clothes. It is traditionally long pants and shirt, bare feet only. Similarly dressed and the patient.

In Thai massage four positions - front, back, side and sitting. The other times, the therapist works with the patient in the position of the front, the special attention he devotes to his feet. He seems to be internally and physically merges with the body massaged and knows where and how to help him. A lot of these masters comes from a sensitive gut. In fact, masters of Thai massage in the world there are dozens. But a good, professional massage much more and for 10-15 sessions, you can return the vitality to put in place the vertebrae, stretch the joints, soothe the muscles, improving digestion.

Don't believe the hype and promise the real Thai massage for half an hour. Thai massage therapists practicing long sessions. In this case it is considered that "One hour is good, two hours better yet, three hours later – wait for the best effect."

Thai foot massage

Тайский массаж стоп

One of the most popular Wellness treatments on offer everywhere in Thailand is the Thai massage. This technique of influence on biologically active points of the feet, borrowed from Chinese medicine, it has more than 3000 years.

Thais are very careful and attentive to the legs, hence the custom to remove your shoes and walk barefoot home and away, be sure to remove your shoes when entering a Buddhist temple, not to put a stop towards the interviewee, as well as in the direction of the Buddha. This national peculiarity is based on the culture of foot care using local herbs. Therefore, the Thai natural products for foot care are unmatched.

Technique of Thai massage consists of pressure on the foot with the fingers or a massager or a special wooden stick, stop clenching and stretching the fingers, the finger massage and calf muscles. With natural aroma oils with invigorating, relaxing or soothing effects. The massage takes about an hour. After one session you can feel lightness in the legs, relieve swelling, relaxation of the whole body, and after a series of sessions (usually 10-12) – you will notice a significant improvement in General condition: normalized blood pressure, retreating headaches, insomnia, tension, spasms and swelling of the legs.

Massage is recommended by virtually all people regardless of age and gender. Particular contraindications for him there, but in special cases (varicose veins, venous thrombosis, complications of pregnancy, infectious skin diseases, fungal infections of the feet, high blood pressure, cancer) allowed a more mild effect.

Also massage strengthens the body thanks to the elaboration of the reflex zones and mild effects on biologically active points; stimulates the internal organs, glands, musculoskeletal system, improves blood circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system; beneficial effect on the nervous system, reduces swelling of feet, ankles, calf muscles and knees; strengthens the immune system.

Massage is an essential complement to traditional medicine and can be used in complex treatment of patients.

The modern substitution of traditional Thai massage

Нетрадиционный тайский массаж

Acute curiosity for Eastern and extreme exoticism to visit Thailand gave rise to the enterprising Thais a wish and effortlessly earn. Intrigued by male travelers are attracted by the opportunity to enjoy the so-called "Thai massage". Today, we offer in droves Thai massage is nothing but a veiled form of prostitution.

In Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket has many massage parlors offering "famous" Thai massage or "body massage" (massage the body). About this looks like. Behind the glass sitting girl-secretly. Any girl invites client to go into a "massage parlour". Then lays it bare on the mattress, heavy "cajoles" and massaging his naked body. After rubbing certain parts of the female body, the client will certainly have sexual desire. Then he offered to spend time with a masseuse for a fee. After a course of therapy for the treatment of impotence in the next room a man is waiting for the girl to check the effectiveness of treatment.

It is not surprising that in a country such service Thailand seems a country of unbridled sex and prostitution on a national scale. But in fact Thailand outside the tourist areas the country is very strict traditions and rules.

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