Drinks Of Thailand

Напитки Таиланда

Have long wanted to try all soft drinks that are sold in the shops of Thailand. The first time he saw in Bangkok a range of "seven-Eleven", I was amazed at the diversity and variety of all kinds of bottles. A week ago, spent myself to the experiment by testing on your stomach 10 very different and unusual for Russian tourists drinks. Do these travelers. I hope my experience will help newcomers in Thailand to determine for themselves that here is to drink, and it's better to just take pictures.

I specifically limited myself to only shopping packages, because of all the drinks of Thailand , which usually are served everywhere, to Thai food, you can write a separate thesis.

Latte from OISHI: "Coffio"

Латте от OISHI: "Coffio"

A typical drink of Thailand – cold coffee, in this case a latte from the manufacturer of OISHI. Especially enjoyable for fans of coffee.

PACKING: small twisted hexagon plastic bottles (230 ml). Including whether to score small compartments of refrigerators, particularly common in Thailand.

The taste of the DRINK: a Nice cold coffee. If you have already adapted to this, typical Thai drink, you will buy it often.

The PRICE of a DRINK: 20 baht

Drink Singha: "B-Ing"

Напиток от Singha: "B-Ing"

I guess Thais like to call a Boing drink, but there is something missed. Left compact: "B-ing". The label States that the drink contains vitamins, is a serious statement.

PACKING: hexagonal plastic bottle with cheerful labels, 300 ml., there Are 4 more taste.

The taste of the DRINK: it laboratively, sweet drink. Strawberry taste liquid, juicy colors, not really refreshing. A fan of this drink definitely will not.

The PRICE of a DRINK: 20 baht

Drink soy milk: "To Go in Black"

Напиток из соевого молока: "To Go in Black"

Drink with untranslatable Thai name and English words. It is written: "To Go in Black", is to go somewhere in the blackness . It happens with black and white labels.

PACKAGING: Glass bottle, 300 ml, beer tube. Except for the name, not a word in English.

The taste of the DRINK: made on the basis of soy milk. Reminds enhanced the taste of the white "Soviet" bars. In General, sweet, not very tasty drink, also quite thick. For everybody.

PRICE of product: 15 baht, Thailand all made of soy – inexpensive.

Bottled Kirin Japanese tea "Tea Break"

Бутылочный японский чай Kirin "Tea Break"

Often found on the shelves of Thai shops, a 7-11 drink black tea for Tea Break.

PACKAGING: Plastic bottle 440 ml. Except for names or words in English.

The taste of the DRINK: imagine a strong black tea with sugar, which added condensed milk. Delicious tea, but quite sugary, often drinking will not work. In addition the beverage to get cold.

The PRICE of a DRINK: 20 baht

Japanese green tea OISHI

Японский зеленый чай OISHI

In my opinion this is the most classy drink in Thailand. Very common, very visible in stores.

PACKING: Big beautiful plastic bottles of 500 ml. There are options in the black and orange design, but that is another taste.

The DRINK TASTE: moderately sour-sweet green tea. Equally nice to drink in the usual and chilled. Good thirst quencher. You can drink a lot so as not boring.

The PRICE of a DRINK: 20 baht

Green tea milk Matcha

Зеленый чай с молоком Matcha

A very strange combination: green tea with milk. This looks like a gray-green drink is not cool.

PACKAGING: Designer plastic bottle, 230 ml. Nice pictures, a lot of characters.

The taste of the DRINK: Strong milky flavor and some bitterness of green tea. There is a suspicion that this is one of the options "strange" teas for weight loss.

The PRICE of a DRINK: 20 baht

Fruit and vegetable drink "For One Day"

Фруктово-овощной напиток "For One Day"

The most exotic drink of Thailand, rich GREEN color.

PACKAGING: plastic bottle, 300 ml. On the packaging is WHAT IS in this drink – a very difficult combination where there is a place for everything from apples to green spinach.

The taste of the DRINK: a Strange mixture of seemingly familiar tastes of fruits and vegetables. I do not advise to try this drink of Thailand beginners and people with a weak stomach.

The PRICE of a DRINK: 20 baht

Unidentified drink from CALPIS

Неопознанный напиток от CALPIS

Drink like as Lactobacillus.

PACKAGING: plastic bottle: 300 ml Design in blue polka dot – very romantic.

The BEVERAGE TASTE: Sour-sweet sparkling white liquid, resembling the dissolved drinkable yogurt.

The PRICE of a DRINK: 20 baht

Tea Greente from OISHI

Чай Greente от OISHI

Green tea with sprout brown rice (genmai flavour).

PACKING: funny painted Tetra 200 ml.

The taste of the DRINK: I would say the usual green tea with a hint of some bran or wheat.

PRICE of product: 15 baht

Jelly "Beautie Vitamins"

Желе "Beautie Vitamins"

Pleasant, jelly-like drink, according to the promises even with vitamins.

PACKAGING: handy plastic bag with tube 160 ml. of Such, you can crumple and throw from 10 meters in the refrigerator.

The taste of the DRINK: a nice drink, the jelly, in this embodiment, with a flavour of currants. Really looks like a transparent paste.

The PRICE of a DRINK: 19 bat

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