Psychological test: "wanderlust"

Take the short quiz "Passion for travel" to learn if you are a traveler. Select one answer 14 questions, and click "View results":

What do you do when you have to go to the path:

going on the road
ever dreamed of
experiencing some vague fear, uncertainty

What would you do if you had to go to Japan:

learned/found out if there are the danger of earthquakes
a month would eat traditional Japanese food
I would buy a PhraseBook and learned the words

Adelaide is:

female name
city in Australia
the name of a musical work

You arrived at the airport, and the flight was postponed until the next day. What will you do:

will remain in the airport building
back home
will try to "fly another flight

When you are traveling, what is your usual facial expression:

calm, even somewhat detached
majestic, solemn (as in Marco Polo)
innocent, naive and curious (as in red riding hood)

One your buddy says he was abroad and traveled with... a catamaran. You think:

it's a ship, and his name sounds so good
as much as I was happy if I was with him
he probably bought some kind of exotic bird

You prefer to travel:

by car
anything, just to get to the place

If you flew across the ocean and you've been warned about the difficulty of adapting to change time zones, then:

I would stay calm
more detail was asked, what are you talking about
I believe that all will be well, if only to get some sleep

Imagine that your spouse is caring for the carrier pigeons on the balcony:

also would take care of their feeding
I would buy books on the care of pigeons
would despair because they can not fly forever, and every time I come back

You are trapped in an unfamiliar city, you have stolen the bag. You are upset because:

left without money
do not remember the address of your hotel
along with a bag of lost city map

What is your record time to collect the suitcase:

20 minutes for long-distance travelling
3 hours to spend a month on the coast
a week are going to go away for the weekend

At the lottery you have won a Mediterranean cruise:

decide to use the journey to work
buy summer suits
will replace win money

Do you think that a trip on a kayak with friends:

will spoil and the best friendly relationship
only strengthen the friendship
this problem I have, I travel alone

If you decided to go to the Land of Fire, because:

it's cold
it's hot
would like to meet with the indigenous people

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