Psychological test: "wanderlust"

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Take the short quiz "Passion for travel" to learn if you are a traveler. Select one answer 14 questions, and click "View results":

What do you do when you have to go to the path:

going on the road
ever dreamed of
experiencing some vague fear, uncertainty

What would you do if you had to go to Japan:

learned/found out if there are the danger of earthquakes
a month would eat traditional Japanese food
I would buy a PhraseBook and learned the words

Adelaide is:

female name
city in Australia
the name of a musical work

You arrived at the airport, and the flight was postponed until the next day. What will you do:

will remain in the airport building
back home
will try to "fly another flight

When you are traveling, what is your usual facial expression:

calm, even somewhat detached
majestic, solemn (as in Marco Polo)
innocent, naive and curious (as in red riding hood)

One your buddy says he was abroad and traveled with... a catamaran. You think:

it's a ship, and his name sounds so good
as much as I was happy if I was with him
he probably bought some kind of exotic bird

You prefer to travel:

by car
anything, just to get to the place

If you flew across the ocean and you've been warned about the difficulty of adapting to change time zones, then:

I would stay calm
more detail was asked, what are you talking about
I believe that all will be well, if only to get some sleep

Imagine that your spouse is caring for the carrier pigeons on the balcony:

also would take care of their feeding
I would buy books on the care of pigeons
would despair because they can not fly forever, and every time I come back

You are trapped in an unfamiliar city, you have stolen the bag. You are upset because:

left without money
do not remember the address of your hotel
along with a bag of lost city map

What is your record time to collect the suitcase:

20 minutes for long-distance travelling
3 hours to spend a month on the coast
a week are going to go away for the weekend

At the lottery you have won a Mediterranean cruise:

decide to use the journey to work
buy summer suits
will replace win money

Do you think that a trip on a kayak with friends:

will spoil and the best friendly relationship
only strengthen the friendship
this problem I have, I travel alone

If you decided to go to the Land of Fire, because:

it's cold
it's hot
would like to meet with the indigenous people

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This winter me and my girlfriend went travelling around Sri Lanka and spent on this amazing island for three months. During this time we managed to overtake him in a circle, visiting both popular tourist attractions and locations where foreigners almost do not look.
We explored the ruins of ancient Sinhalese cities and fortresses of the colonial era, panegyris at numerous coastal resorts and for the first time plunged into the ocean. We enjoyed plenty of amazing mountain scenery and dotted among the peaks of the tea plantations. Met in the wild, whales, elephants, leopards and many other animals, as well as visited seven national parks and fell in love with the incredibly diverse nature of Sri Lanka. We talked to locals and expats living on the island for many years. And went to explore the North-East of the country where not so long ago there was a civil war.
We received a huge number of different experiences, discovered many features of the country and is now ready to share it with you.
A series of stories about our experience in Sri Lanka, we decided to start with a review of the coastal resorts. So how to choose a beach vacation person, unfamiliar with the country pretty hard, we try to create a kind of ultimate collection of reviews on numerous resorts of Sri Lanka. And to start we decided to Hikkaduwa.
Hikkaduwa is one of the most popular and developed resorts of Sri Lanka. And because of its popularity, I was pretty skeptical about her. But awesome sea nature coral reef is very impressive. In the Hikkaduwa should come at least for him. For the huge diversity of marine life that can be seen from the ber ...
Olenga 16 April, 2020
We published several videos about the trip to Florence. Movies published as available. Now for the convenience of users we have joined all the movies in one post.
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baby APR 16, 2020
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wylkas 19 April, 2020
Girls and women of all ages, who choose freedom and travel and not Slippers, washing machine and cooking culinary delights. Who are they, what they eat, whether they differ from the usual, in our understanding, women who devoted themselves to the coziness and the family hearth?
As I'm Hiking, I take people on hikes and excursions in the mountains of Crimea, I met different people, including the "weaker" sex. In this case, statistics - a thing which it is difficult to argue to me, in most cases, appeal girls, the difference is not very big, but it is. Pleasure girls are more active than halved, and want to see and learn about the world around us.
But there are also girls single, and I have to say that in large enough quantities. Crimea itself is not inaccessible to travel alone, and with good training and the development of the route is a great adventure for any age and gender. You can pick up the route on the forces for the campaign alone, group or with children. Therefore, in the Crimea comes a huge number of girls from all over Russia: someone's coming by to walk through the mountains, someone is logged in to the Hiking guides, which in the Crimea a lot. While many are traveling, in General, hitchhiking and travel thousands of miles. For them tourism is not the goal, but life itself.
Sometimes these people travel in pairs, sometimes separately. To see world full of beauty - is it not tempting, and isn't it wonderful to live without the imposition of human conventions: families, children, borscht, religion, duties which they impose on other people, not ...
nausla 20 April 2020
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Yes, you are a funny guy, Karl! :APP ...
Bulk 20 April 2020
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