Psychological test: "wanderlust"

Take the short quiz "Passion for travel" to learn if you are a traveler. Select one answer 14 questions, and click "View results":

What do you do when you have to go to the path:

going on the road
ever dreamed of
experiencing some vague fear, uncertainty

What would you do if you had to go to Japan:

learned/found out if there are the danger of earthquakes
a month would eat traditional Japanese food
I would buy a PhraseBook and learned the words

Adelaide is:

female name
city in Australia
the name of a musical work

You arrived at the airport, and the flight was postponed until the next day. What will you do:

will remain in the airport building
back home
will try to "fly another flight

Try to answer this somewhat humorous question:

calm, even somewhat detached
majestic, solemn (as in Marco Polo)
innocent, naive and curious (as in red riding hood)

One your buddy says he was abroad and traveled with... a catamaran. You think:

it's a ship, and his name sounds so good
as much as I was happy if I was with him
he probably bought some kind of exotic bird

You prefer to travel:

by car
anything, just to get to the place

If you flew across the ocean and you've been warned about the difficulty of adapting to change time zones, then:

I would stay calm
more detail was asked, what are you talking about
I believe that all will be well, if only to get some sleep

Imagine that your spouse is caring for the carrier pigeons on the balcony:

also would take care of their feeding
I would buy books on the care of pigeons
would despair because they can not fly forever, and every time I come back

You are trapped in an unfamiliar city, you have stolen the bag. You are upset because:

left without money
do not remember the address of your hotel
along with a bag of lost city map

What is your record time to collect the suitcase:

20 minutes for long-distance travelling
3 hours to spend a month on the coast
a week are going to go away for the weekend

At the lottery you have won a Mediterranean cruise:

decide to use the journey to work
buy summer suits
will replace win money

Do you think that a trip on a kayak with friends:

will spoil and the best friendly relationship
only strengthen the friendship
this problem I have, I travel alone

If you decided to go to the Land of Fire, because:

it's cold
it's hot
would like to meet with the indigenous people

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admin 26 Dec 2017, 18:11
Feel the difference, as they say ...
helga3682 26 Dec 2017, 19:47
Get directions to a good holiday? ...
admin 28 Dec 2017, 17:45
Remember, in your previous stories have noticed that a lot of photo colorful and different people. I wonder how you agreed with them, were they asking money? Just on Sri Lanka know there is one, take a picture, all asking for money. The peoples do it in India also? Or do you have your secret ? ...
admin 28 Dec 2017, 17:50
Hello! I the violation of the laws to knock out not going, but go, and nothing. I also did the route and to the white sand dunes and reclining Buddha, and on the highway. And Anandha in hue and went back, and it will be too far. And went to Hoi an, and Sapa motorcycle took, and in the area of Nha Trang riding. Anywhere, no problems, nothing to me was. Well, if you get in trouble with the police, can solve on the spot. In a pinch, if you're worried, go to the reclining Buddha along the coast, there is practically no transport, and police. To the white dunes is also a very desolate road, no transport, no police. ...
LIVEst 28 Dec 2017, 20:10

Would like to introduce to all interested the video is devoted to Estonia.
I shoot small videos about different cities and places of our beautiful country.
If the administration don't mind, could post videos in this thread.
Would also be happy to answer any questions concerning Estonia.
Below you can see my latest work.

A walk through old Tallinn rozhdestvenskay:

Winter pärnu:

A walk in Rakvere:

Happy New Year! ...
nausla 28 Dec 2017, 21:11
Cordoba and Seville agree. But from Granada, sorry, I left a very negative impression. ...
Oksana_Shak 29 Dec 2017, 09:01
Welcome forum users "nashaplaneta". I want to share with you information about the countries visited or want to visit

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Heroes of Russian literature and the most significant person in Russian literature and painting will reveal its secrets in the Kaluga, Yasnaya Polyana, Talie. You will plunge into the atmosphere, will see the same scenery and lifestyle, which has seen Thick and Obolensky, Tsvetaeva, Paustovsky and logs.

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Kreditka 29 Dec 2017, 19:01
Work in Mambarе, start booking hotels, so I often go on business trips to different countries. Visited in Japan. And there is a familiar hotelier, invited to the restaurant, where tourists do not go, only local. Come, sit down. All menus are in Japanese, even in English there is no translation. I ask that some of the traditional local cuisine. The waiter smiles and offers dish. See characters, no pictures. Then everyone begin to whisper, the rumble of the tables went, my guide-Japanese smiling mysteriously. And starts the action: first, bring the carcass of a raw chicken on the tray. Put on the middle of the table. Then, in the casket a fat larva, the size of a fist. Open the lid, the larva emerges and begins to systematically devour the chicken. 15 minutes she spent on it. By the end of the meal, the larva growing to the size of a small cabbage and cabbage lying on the tray, resting. Sight I tell you is not for the faint of heart. And then our waiter offers to eat the larva. I got a shock. A Japanese friend also refuses to enjoy the dish. Minus the appetite ... It would be interesting still to learn from the experts, what is this dish? ...