The issues of keeping money and documents while traveling

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Безопасность прежде всего

The surest way to keep your money, valuables and documents in General will not go, and even better not to leave the house. But if you are going to go somewhere, then one should be concerned about their safety. And the best assistant here – you and your organization.

Most experienced travelers already know that keeping money and documents while traveling it is better to follow the rule – don't keep all your eggs in one basket. In fact very few are pleasant to be during a long journey or even a short holiday without money. Even if you are in the safest place on the planet where you don't have to worry about what you will be robbed, there is a chance of becoming a victim of circumstances, an accident or just losing money drunk. Therefore, first and foremost, our recommendation is: try to take a vacation a few sources of money (cash, traveller's cheques, credit cards) and never store all your sources of money together.

Below we have collected a variety of tricks experienced travelers that do not guarantee a hundred percent safety of your funds, but will allow you to minimize the risk of being in unpleasant situations, and sometimes even to deceive the attacker.

  • It is generally recommended money, documents and valuables stored in the safe Deposit box at the front Desk (the reception) of the hotel or put them in a safe in the room if it's available (usually this service is free). This is indeed correct and is far safer than keeping money in your room or to carry. But this still does not guarantee 100% safety of your property. Unfortunately, there are missing from the safes, and not even in the cheapest hotels. Although most hotels are very concerned about their reputation, you can't protect yourself from dishonest staff, which is usually the culprit of the disappearances.

    In hotels that value their reputation, you can ask staff for a receipt with a detailed list and value of deposited items (two copies: one for you, one is left at the reception), and in this case, the hotel is responsible for the safety of your belongings. Don't lose the receipt, or accidentally give it to the staff.

    But what if such a service the hotel doesn't offer, and you should take my things at your own risk. There are several tricks that you can use:

      Деньги - на замок
    • Do not put passport and money in one envelope. Documents it is better to put in the safe box without an envelope and covers. Your passport, Bank card, traveller's cheques and tickets represent a smaller value and you don't like, if they lie by themselves. They represent little value to the attackers, who primarily hunt for cash and valuables. If you put money and documents in one envelope, it is unlikely that the thief would be careful to extract from the envelope your money, and take away the entire envelope.
    • Sometimes safe Deposit boxes have their own small padlock. If so, then you can instead hang a small padlock, and an old castle just to put inside the safe. So you can be sure that the key from the box will be only you.
    • You can use the same trick and attempt to deceive a potential attacker. Buy souvenir notes (such notes are sold by us in the departments of stationery or toys) and put them in the safe. Important all the values in the box of the safe to be positioned so that the attacker first drew attention to them and not rummaging further. For example, you can put them in a transparent envelope or a file, simply drag the rubber band and put without an envelope, or put in wallet. The state of inexperienced criminals during theft is such that they will act in a hurry, can not distinguish fake bills and grab the first thing that will catch the eye. Keep in mind that some countries prohibit the import of souvenir money. You can learn about customs regulations of the country concerned.
  • Do not rely only on your card. Your plastic card may not work in some countries or banks, even if you have stated in your Bank that it will work everywhere.
  • If you have a large amount, you can rent a safe Deposit box at the Bank, and to keep their savings there. Even more convenient way is to open a Bank account and have a credit card. The latter method is very convenient, but are not available in all countries.
  • Take a walk as much money as you plan to spend, not more.
  • When you go for a walk, bring as much money as you plan to spend, not more.
  • Carry a pack of "fake" (gift) of the notes. If you will steal, give fake bills. A criminal won't understand they're real or not, grab a pack and run. Keep in mind that some countries like the UAE ban the import of a gift of notes, so with a stack of "fake" money on customs, you can run into trouble.
  • If travelling alone, divide the money and valuables into several pieces and keep a small portion of each.
  • In no event and under no circumstances, not hand over money and documents in Luggage. Your Luggage can be "carefully" inspected, or just accidently lost.
  • Carry photocopies of passports just in case (passport in the safe).
  • Will post a scan of a passport and a Russian passport in their email, so that if necessary they can be printed. Copies you will need, if you have to restore the documents.
  • Try to have as little cash, but still enough to stretch to the end of the holiday. One of the ways to minimize the amount of necessary cash to book and buy in advance. In the Internet age is possible without leaving your computer to plan your entire trip: book and buy tickets, tickets for buses, trains, order and pay for a taxi or Shuttle, pay for hotel accommodation and so on. If you are traveling as tourists, you do not have any problems: all for you book and pay the tour operator. You can then go on the road, taking with him several hundreds of dollars on Souvenirs and entertainment.

And now one more problem - blocking of plastic cards.

100%-ая блокировка пластиковой карты

Of course, to travel without cash and use the plastic card safer - that's for sure. But unfortunately taking with him only a plastic card you can stay during your vacation without money, and nobody will neither Rob nor cheat. Well, maybe, just a little bit. And do it your Bank.

And it can happen due to the fact that the Bank is entitled to block your card at any time for reasons of your own "security". Banks often block cards when any suspicious transaction, which may be unexpected, the operation with your card in another part of the world. A high-risk country usually include the countries of Asia, Turkey, Egypt and Ukraine.

Unfortunately, such cases with the Russian tourists are not uncommon. The authors of the site themselves become a victim of "lock" when you use a VISA card issued by one provincial Bank, when I tried to use it in the capital of Vietnam - Hanoi.

So again we say - don't keep all your eggs in one basket. Try to take with you on vacation several sources of money (cash, traveller's cheques, credit cards) and never store all your sources of money together.

Well, in order to minimize the risk of unwarranted blocking of a plastic card, should adhere to the following rules:

  • Do not use in suspicious places, small restaurants, cafes, shops plastic card, and pay in cash.
  • Not to withdraw cash from an ATM, standing in the streets, small shops. Try to use ATMs in banks, financial institutions and large shopping centers.
  • To record and carry the phone numbers of the Bank, your voice password which you will be able to solve the questions unlock the card. Keep in mind that most of the banks to unlock require personal presence, so it is unlikely you will be able to solve the issue with unlocking the phone from another country. Will clarify this question in the Bank in advance.
  • Sign up for text message balance. Then you will be able to check how much money is took off your card when paying for purchases, hotels etc.
  • Find out in advance in the Bank, can I use the card in the country to which you travel. The fact that your card is international, does not mean that it will automatically work everywhere. Perhaps this service must be activated in the Bank additionally.
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admin 26 July, 2013

Without problems can buy cheques in almost any country and any foreign currency in banks. Russia is no exception: any citizen can buy checks. Just in case I will remind that now the savings Bank stopped selling the cheques they need to buy only from other banks. ...
9 September, 2013
from 1st August 2013. sale of traveller's cheques of American Express in Russia terminated....alas... ...
admin 9 September, 2013

I already know the problem :( :( :( :( . What kind of country we have, 19th century :roll:. The reason for the termination of sales is low demand. And how can he be high if they are just impossible to buy. Used to somehow the BEAC can be beneficial to buy, however I had to order them in advance, and large checks did not exist. And as the savings stopped sales of the like have no place at all was at a reasonable price to purchase. ...
Adaund 17 October, 2013

what does it mean? What are the implications of that are so "bad"? Explain, please, very interesting ...
admin October 17, 2013

As well, what is the consequence? Now they are not even in Russia to buy. ...
Kira777 30 August, 2017
Don'T know about others, but I have most of the money on the card. Beach valuables and money do not take. For all the negativity was not. ...
nausla 31 August, 2017

About the beach a little weird, not everywhere there are lockers.
I take Himachal from the smartphone on the neck where I put my money.
Also, try to leave at least one guard from the things. ...
kamneedoff 21 April, 2018
If going to the beach not one, not see a problem. If one, in the package (if you swim)...)) If just to sunbathe, then the problem of preservation, too, disappears... ...
Eric December 3, 2018
tell me please I have inherited travellers cheques American Express 200€ where I can change and what documents are needed if there is one signature ...
admin 3 December, 2018

Well, in Russia most likely anywhere else because we have more checks the entrance for many years. Therefore try to cash them abroad. If they can't, give to relatives/acquaintances who go, maybe they'll try it. Theoretically, nothing but a passport to exchange them is not necessary, but about the signature of course the question may arise that in the passport and on the receipt signatures are different. Try your best formal question to American Express to write There is also a contact form and email. ...