Medical safety during the journey, part 4. Heat stroke, sunburn

Heat stroke (hyperemia)

Do not neglect this danger, as the possibility of getting heat stroke, especially if you stay in us unusually warm areas with high humidity. Sometimes the occurrence of heat stroke just don't recognize oblivious to the existence of this malaise, and the resulting symptoms are considered a manifestation of yesterday's drinking, believing that all by itself will pass. However, if you do not take immediate treatment, you may experience permanent changes in brain structures and can even occur fatal.

To thermal shock can lead together or separately the following factors: hard work, hot and humid weather, poor ventilation, dark and tight clothing, dehydration or electrolyte imbalance in the body. A type of heat stroke is heatstroke, which is defined as a pathological syndrome manifested by Central nervous system damage with prolonged exposure to direct sunlight on the head. Under certain conditions these factors can deprive the body's ability to smokerdata, highlighting the sweat. Increasing the temperature of the body begins to destroy the activity of internal organs. If you do not take any measures, it may lead to irreversible consequences.

Most susceptible to heat strokes middle-aged men who abuse alcohol (which is very important during the holidays). It is not rare to thermal shock and have children, so they have to follow in hot weather, even if you do not feel any illness.

The symptoms of heat stroke: weakness, dizziness, and nausea. He could have seizures and headaches. Typically the person dry mouth and feels thirsty. Can stop sweating. The skin becomes hot, dry, red, and sometimes turn blue for lack of oxygen. Although by this time the body temperature exceeds 40° C, the affected individual may experience chills. The urine becomes dark, the pulse is accelerated, strong filling, increases respiratory rate. Degradation all become more pronounced disturbances of consciousness. If the temperature exceeds 41° C, you can have seizures, coma and the worst happens — death.


Obviously, it is better to prevent heatstroke than to eliminate its consequences. First and foremost prevention is to eliminate the factors that contribute to heat stroke. To reduce the likelihood of heat stroke also helps drinking enough fluids (try to drink in the heat as much liquid). It is recommended that a broader intake of carbohydrates, dairy products with the restriction of products containing acidic radicals (cereals, etc.). Helps limit the intake of protein and fatty foods. Whenever possible, stands to bathe, take a shower or at least wash with cool water.

Also important in the prevention of heat stroke has the advanced training, which can be used to improve adaptation to thermal factors.

Treatment of heat stroke

If symptoms of heat exhaustion still evident, the patient (or yourself) must be placed in the shade or in a cool room. Laid horizontally and lift the leg to increase blood flow to the head. Unfasten clothes, Trouser belt. Sprinkle cold water on the face. Cooling head, which can be used for cooling the thermo package available in the standard car kit. Wiping with a wet towel all over the body. A good effect is achieved by inhalation of ammonia. In the presence of consciousness to drink cold water.

If the symptoms are too far gone, the person loses consciousness, you should conduct a more intensive treatment of heat stroke with the use of medicines in a medical facility.


Не самый удачный загар

This is another trouble with which often confronted our are not accustomed to active solar rays and do not know the measures tourists. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun destroys skin cells and causes damage to small blood capillaries. The result is redness, tenderness, the affected area gradually swell. You receive a sunburn. The danger is that a sunburn does not appear immediately at sunburn. Painful symptoms can occur a few hours. That is why you should stick to the time recommendations in the sun, especially in people with fair skin as such skin is much more vulnerable and susceptible to the harmful effects of rays.

Despite the fact that sunburn will take place itself or is treatable, it can have negative results in the future. Burn is injury to the dermal layers, and with each subsequent time, transferred all the more harder. After multiple burns to wrinkles. In more severe cases it may be skin cancer.

Recommendations of physicians in fire:

  • The sun must gradually. First day under direct sunlight should be located no more than 10-15 min. If you have very white skin, then you can optionally use the umbrella (under the umbrella too you can sunbathe). If you want to spend longer in the sun on the first day, use a protective sunscreen. The next day you can increase stay on for 5-10 minutes. The maximum period in any case should not exceed half an hour.
  • The most auspicious time of the sun – first half of the day, even better the morning. In the southern zone is up to 10 hours in Central and Northern up to 12 hours. If you could not sunbathe in the morning, you can do it in the evening, but it is strongly not recommended to sunbathe during the period of greatest solar activity – usually 12 to 15 hours. To prevent possible heat stroke, cover over my head, drink while sunbathing water. It is better to wear sunglasses: under direct sunlight in the mucosa of the eyes, do not have the protective stratum corneum, there may be inflammation — conjunctivitis. You can not sunbathe immediately after a meal or on an empty stomach is extremely harmful to sleep in the sun.

Read detailed information "How to sunbathe?"

Treatment of sunburn:

There are so many "folk" and "pharmaceutical" methods for treatment of the effects of too much sun. We have selected several methods that can be applied by combining them together while relaxing on the resort.

  • Sour cream or sour milk products. One of the most popular and quite effective remedy is the application of the burn umetani or other fermented milk product. Better this procedure done several times. Keep in mind that in many countries (e.g. Thailand, Vietnam) dairy products do not eat at all, and to find them you can't.
  • Starch. Dissolve in cold water starch and apply the mixture to burn.
  • Tea. To burn recommended to apply a compress of strong brewed tea. Procedures are conducted 2 — 3 times a day lasting for 20 — 30 mins Compresses relieve the pain and burning sensation. Pulp after you use a tea beverage can be used as a compress. Pre-lubrication of the skin or other body parts strong brewed tea prevents the occurrence of sunburn.
  • Aloe. Very good lubrication helps burn juice of fresh leaves of aloe. In some countries juice or fresh aloe sold on beaches for these cases.
  • Watermelon. You can prepare the lotion of equal parts watermelon and cucumber juice and apply it on the burn several times a day.
  • Ice cooling. For mild burns, you can apply ice or cool in other ways, for example a bottle of beer from the fridge.
  • Emollients or moisturizers. Sunburn, very dry skin, so apply on the burned area emollient or moisturizer. This will reduce the dryness and flaking of the skin.
  • Painkillers. To relieve pain and inflammation, you can use conventional pain relievers, such as aspirin.

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Author: Sergei Mitrofanov

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