Medical safety during the journey, part 2. Jellyfish and sea urchins

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Should immediately say that the jellyfish stings and burns – is the same. It should also be said that not all jellyfish are dangerous and cause burns.

Burns can occur from the slightest contact with the body of a jellyfish (with tentacles). On the surface of the skin of the jellyfish are cells that secrete a poison, leading to burns. Damaged or even severed tentacles can inflict severe wounds. Burns certain types of jellyfish can cause not only burns, but also the poisoning of the body; damage to internal organs; death within a few minutes a healthy adult. According to the National institutes of Health (NIH) are affected each year from jellyfish stings 150 million people.

Of course, if you go to the black sea, Europe, Egypt , or native Turkey, shy away from every floating piece of gelatin in water is not necessary. Most of living there jellyfish threat to life is not present, and the chance to meet dangerous jellyfish is negligible. But if you travel to exotic countries closer to the equator, in Southeast Asia, Australia etc., need to keep your eyes open and try by all means to avoid encounters with jellyfish.

The real danger to humans are the following types of jellyfish:

  • Гигантская Цианея Of lanei (Cyanea) live in all waters from polar latitudes to the tropics. This is a very large jellyfish (bell up to 2.5 meters, tentacles up to 30 meters), so I recognize it easily.
  • Squad Comerota (Rhizostomeae). The rizostoma from the squad Comerota is found in our Black and Azov seas. Some kornerot can cause severe poisoning, but also damage the function of internal organs. Dictionarty (Indian. Pacific, Indian oceans) with a small umbrella has a large number of tentacles. Meeting with them is causing itching, burning, inflammatory response. Known cases when people cannot cope with stress caused by the unexpected burn and sink.
  • Смертельная красавица - Морская оса Squad jellyfish. The most dangerous among them sea wasp (Australia, Philippines). Adult man dies from burns in just a few minutes from paralysis of the heart muscle. In one jellyfish venom enough to kill 60 people! Against the venom of a sea wasp in Australia to produce a specific therapeutic serum, but it is not always possible to enter immediately after the defeat of poison.
  • Krestovski (Japan, Primorye, southern Sakhalin and the Kuril Islands). Off the coast of Primorye, Russia krestovski flock to the warm shallow waters (from mid-June to mid-September). They like to attach to underwater plants, and trying to do it in relation to the person. Cause severe external burns General poisoning of the body.
  • Fizaliya or "Portuguese ship" (the tropical waters of the Atlantic ocean, South of Japan, the Hawaiian Islands). These animals are easily kept in the water due to the gas-filled swim bladder. Their venom is not fatal for humans, but leads to a drop in blood pressure, often loss of consciousness. The poison is very resistant.

How to behave to minimize the risk of a "hot" meeting with Medusa:

Usually after a storm float in the water the fragments of the tentacles of jellyfish which, even by themselves, separate from the body, is no less dangerous. Therefore, you should follow the rule, you should not go into the water immediately after the storm, especially in the habitats of jellyfish.

Calm jellyfish hold their tentacles involved, but they can extend over very long distances (in some species almost to 40 meters). Therefore, if you are not sure that you safe the view (and we cannot be sure ever), avoiding the jellyfish party.

First aid for jellyfish:

The first thing to remove (scrape off) the remnants of the tentacles from the skin using any dense improvised object, towels or sand. Try not to touch with bare hands the rest of the tentacles, otherwise you will suffer even with the hands.

Once all the tentacles are removed, you need to rinse and neutralize the poison, which should wipe the sore area with salt water (in any case not fresh, it may push the remaining venom from adhering to the body of the tentacles). Better yet, instead of water, use vinegar, ammonia or alcohol (you can use any strong alcoholic drink, even liquor). You can also use the urine because it is rich in ammonia.

Then put on the burn a rag dampened with all the same vinegar, alcohol or ammonia. After half an hour you can spread the soothing ointment. You can use folk remedies: in Thailand, apply Aloe in Tunisia tomato.

If the burn is accompanied by headache, muscle cramps, cough, shortness of breath, nausea and vomiting, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Sea urchins

Один из морских ежей

Sea urchins pose a greater danger to swimmers and divers. When bathing it is also likely to step on a sea urchin.

They usually prefer stones, so pick bathing beaches with a minimum of stones. Needle sea urchins are a danger, they're all jagged and fragile. Needle length can reach 30 cm. Among ordinary needles, there are needle-like tweezers. Some of these tweezers play a protective role, because contain poisonous glands. Some species of tropical sea urchins are poisonous and are part of normal needles. Poison sea urchins directed to the nervous system, and in the most severe cases, people may even die. In less severe cases, the pain decreases after about 15-20 minutes, and after 3-4 days disappear and other symptoms of poisoning.

First aid in the defeat of the needles of sea urchins:

Best of all, of course, to go to the doctor. However, there is a popular recipe that can be resorted to only in extreme cases when not where to wait for help. First you need something solid to beat yourself on the place where he had got the needle. Thus, you break the needles into smaller pieces (this is a very painful procedure). Then this place is abundantly watered with lime or lemon juice. The acid in the juice should dissolve needle. You can apply a cloth soaked in juice. Dissolution takes much time, so ill place better to wrap the package and put it in the sun or put in hot water to make the reaction go faster. After 30 minutes of needle should dissolve and come out. After this the wound should be thoroughly disinfected, what you can use alcohol (possible alcoholic beverages).

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Author: Sergei Mitrofanov

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