Recipe of Tom Yam paste

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Приготовление пасты Том Ям Cooking pasta, Tom Yam

Tom yum paste is a spicy paste based on chilli, which is widely used in Thai cuisine. Most of all, she is known as the basis for the preparation of the most famous and popular Thai dishes – Tom Yam soup, although it can be used for cooking and other dishes.

Tom yum paste is sold in every supermarket in Thailand, while in Russian stores it can be seen everywhere. Mostly it is found in large chain supermarkets in the departments of exotic cuisine, but the prices "bite". However, it does not matter, and you can cook it yourself, and no exotic foods this is not required and the manufacturing process is not complicated. So, that's one of the recipes for Tom Yam paste:

Attention! Be careful when cooking pasta because its part of hot chili pepper: do not RUB your eyes and delicate skin, thoroughly wash dishes and hands.

What you'll need

For the pasta you need:

  • 4-5 pieces of chili peppers or other hot peppers, which you'll find in our stores or in the market, or unable to grow in the country or the windowsill.
  • 4-5 cloves of fresh garlic
  • 1 head of varnish shallots. Shallots can be replaced by normal onions, but it is advisable to choose one that is not very bitter
  • A piece of ginger with a length of 2-3 cm. Ginger paste can not add, but in this case, you will need to remember to add it to the Tom Yam soup when cooking
  • 3-4 tablespoons vegetable oil

Cooking pasta Tom Yam recipe

For the pasta you will need a pan and a blender. Prepare the ingredients: as small as you can chop the onion and garlic, peel and grate on a fine grater ginger. Pepper clear from the stalk and seed, cut into small pieces. After you begin to cook:

  1. Pour into the pan 3-4 tablespoons of vegetable oil (as cooking pasta, you can add more oil if you think it is too thick). When the oil is heated, throw in the pan the chopped garlic. Garlic needs to obzharitsya until Golden brown, which will take no more than a minute. Fish out the garlic from the oil and place it separately.
  2. In the same oil throw chopped onion in advance. It is also necessary to sustain until Golden brown, then catch and put together with garlic.
  3. Again in the same oil add the chopped pepper, fry it a little (about 1 minute) and then toss in the pan previously fried garlic and onion. You can also add grated ginger if you decide to cook pasta with him. Keep the mixture on heat for a few minutes, stirring constantly (don't forget to add a little oil if the mixture is too thick), the Deputy remove from heat.
  4. All that happened in a frying pan, grind in a blender or other way (keep in mind that the Cup of a blender will have to wash, then many times).
  5. The pasta is ready!

The paste should be thick, not to spread and not run off the spoon. If at first you don't succeed, try again, changing the proportions to your taste.

Cooked pasta does not spoil, can be stored in the refrigerator for several months, although over time its sharpness and "aroma" are reduced. For cooking Tom Yam soup can feel free to use our recipe pasta, adding a half-two tablespoons for two servings of Tom Yam. Well, about myself recipe Tom Yam soup here.

Comments / recent posts on the topic on the forum
I March 30, 2014

By the way, the soup is always made with pasta. Pasta is prefabricated for quick cooking of soup and long storage. I, for example, open large tin of pasta 1kg. bought in Tae is stored in the fridge for the second year, used only a third ;) . And saw cook pasta and add pepper and galangal directly in preparing the soup without pereyarki. ...
Shurmur 17 September, 2016
It would be complete nonsense-simulation, as all was replaced. And why the coconut? Is he really from another soup, Thai here is not added. Tomato is also laughter, their Tom Yam kung does not happen. Well, the full paragraph - recommendation to sprinkle at the end with parsley or something. Guys, it's not soup! Even if the soup with mushrooms (common in cafes around the world, for "farang"), this is not Tom Yam kung. And this soup must be burning, sharp, like hydrochloric acid. Use it should be done with the portion of Fig. ...
I 18 September, 2016
Shurmur, very sorry that you prescription take it just like that to simply criticize. And indeed it seems that you have little understanding about "cooking" in General, do not know that even the soup is prepared in different hosts in different ways, as well as Tom Yam. Some add coconut milk, and some don't. Even in the cafes and restaurants there are different variants of this dish. If you are in Thailand, go over several places, all learn, and then teach others.
As for the replacement products, are not forced to replace all of the products and of them to do. But if I don't have lemograss, for example, I quite successfully replace a large number of leaves Kaffir that I have growing in a pot on the windowsill. And, for example, replacing the lime for lemon in General is not felt. And so on. ...
New Tour 21 October, 2017
Tried the Tom Yam soup in Phuket. It reminded me of the situation with the first test of the land. At first don't like, and then begin to understand the subtle taste. But there is a clarification - if the taste of sushi I'm used 3-4 times, then Tom Yam could not be friends. Its sweet taste seems to be approximate with each new boat. Wobbler to taste this exotic dish I could not get used to ...
Panda_1 5 November, 2017
Recipe good, must try. The photo is similar to borscht with beets. But I think it's not for everybody, not everyone likes spicy. ...
DenckiK 24 June, 2018
I'm in Thailand studiously avoided the local cuisine, not mine. But what was my surprise when I try the pasta Carbonara. Tastes better than in Italy ...
Алина_Win 10 July, 2018
I saw we have dry kits for this soup, I wonder how well they fit. ...
admin 10 July, 2018

Also saw these sets on sale, now they are often in supermarkets to see. But not bought, because I prefer to do my recipe of the original products brought from the "homeland". Nevertheless, in my opinion, the main thing is-Yam - hot and sour soup, and the composition added to the dish products are not so important. Therefore, if these sets have pasta cake mix or bouillon cube Tom yum, they have to conform. ...
Tussy August 7, 2018

And conversely, I always try local is the maximum. Borscht-pies I'll eat at home, and here is when we still can!? ...
GalinaNas 26 August, 2018
Classic! Tom yum one of my favorite dishes! Hearty, delicious, I love soups and this principle the most, along with the onion soup ...