National Park Jim Corbett

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Национальный парк Джим-Корбетт

National Park Jim Corbett is the oldest national Park in India named after the hunter and later conservationist Jim Corbett who played a key role in the creation of the Park. The Park gained national status in 1936 under the name national Park Haley. It is located in the district of Nainital, in the state of Uttarakhand and is one of the protected areas, where the population of the Bengal tiger, which is under critical threat, the conservation of this species is the main purpose of the Indian environmental initiative, Project Tiger.

In the Park are quite diverse types of terrain, particularly hills, swampy lowlands, rivers, valleys and a large lake. Heights vary from 400 to 1200 m above sea level. Winter nights are cold but the days are always warm. Weather mostly Sunny except for the rainy season, which lasts from June to September.

The Park belongs to the ecological region Terai, stretching along the foot of the Himalayas. Dense humid tropical forests of the Park consist mainly of such species as Sal, galdina, sacred ficus and mango, they cover about 73% of the area of the Park. Another 10% of the area falls on the meadows. In the Park there are about 110 species of trees and 378 species of other plants, 50 mammal species, 580 bird species, 25 species of reptiles.

Jim Corbett has always attracted a large number of ecotourists and wildlife enthusiasts. But the presence of a large number of tourists makes a difficult problem of maintaining balance of its ecosystem. Currently, the tourism activity is allowed only on specific areas, giving visitors the opportunity to see the beauty of the Park, but minimally threatens the local flora and fauna. In recent years, the number of visitors continues to increase, estimated now it reaches 70 thousand people a year, from India and from other countries.

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