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Many picturesque atolls in the sparkling turquoise water – that sees a traveler flying up to the famous resort Islands of Malaysia – Langkawi and Penang. TravelOnline offers a small overview of tourist opportunities of this great country.


Langkawi is also the name of the archipelago and the main island in it. Islands are located off the Northwest coast of Malaysia, almost on the border with Thailand. From the capital of the "Asian tiger", high-tech Kuala Lumpur, you can fly here in just 45 minutes. And here – almost 100 small green Islands with clear waters and beaches of the color of sugar, only four of which are inhabited. If some giant huge paw threw a handful of stones, and they were left lying in the ocean with mangrove trees, surrounded by white rings of beaches and populated fussy monkeys.

From the Malaysian word "Langkawi" means "reddish brown eagle". On the island really live eagles wings brick color, and in the town of Kuah – the capital of the island - the bird even installed a huge monument. The inhabitants of Langkawi believe that these are the birds they owe their good fortune. They say that once the island was cursed for seven generations ahead of some of Princess Mahsuri. She was accused of treason and executed, but when the executioner took the knife from her breast gushed white blood proving her innocence. Dying, the Princess cursed the island for seven generations to come. And there really two hundred years happens disasters: the Siamese attack, but a poor harvest will force to starve the whole year. According to legend, the curse was to lose its force on 31 December 1986, and the next day, so whether by coincidence or intent of the government, the island was declared a free economic zone. From this day on, life here began to improve: on a sparsely populated island, there were expensive hotels in Langkawi and entertainment centers, an airport was built. For 10 years, here has invested $ 400 million, and Langkawi from agricultural area has become a tourist center of the country. Now Langkawi is a place for the rich, or at least not for the poor tourists. The main contingent of visitors, yachtsmen and divers, while the latter attracts not only an abundance of untrodden paths, but wild landscapes and washing the Isle of the clear waters with exceptional beauty with caves and lagoons.

This mausoleum of Mahsuri, by the way, is still a local landmark, and, oddly enough, despite brought her woes, her tomb is a place of worship. It is built of white marble, at the entrance to stone baths live beautiful exotic fish, and nearby there is an ancient well, believed to have dug itself a Princess. Believe it or not, but it did not dry up even in the driest months.

To all these charms of Langkawi is one big "duty free". It is declared a duty-free area, goods here are several times lower than in other Malaysian cities. So if you are thinking of buying Souvenirs or clothes, do it here. On the island are open private shops and salons, where you can find rare wonder, lost even since colonial times, products made of shells and stones, exclusive piece of batik. Oddly enough, another interesting place from the point of view of shopping – the largest in Southeast Asia Oceanarium "Underwater world Langkawi". Come here to watch 5 thousand species of fish and marine life, while visitors can enjoy them from a 15-metre tunnel being at the bottom of the aquarium. You will find many souvenir shops, stalls with sweets, "yuvelirka" and clothing. Of course, not the cheapest place, but visit it is definitely worth it.

Aquariums, farms and nature reserves – all "fad" resort Malaysia. Langkawi apart from the competition, for example, the marine Park "Pulau payar". It was created to preserve valuable coral reefs and their inhabitants. Park a little over two kilometers long and 250 meters wide, is a 3-hour boat ride from Langkawi. It is overgrown with impenetrable jungle, but deep into the island tourists don't drive. The island has a narrow white beach, but the sun or play volleyball on it: you will destroy the upper layer of sand where the crabs and the fishes-lampreys. The trip to the reserve from the island of Langkawi is $70, the price includes lunch in a restaurant on a floating platform. Moreover, octopus and lobster, which you submit, will be brought from the capital of a Malaysian restaurant as fishing in a radius of 40 kilometers around the island is prohibited.

In order to see the symbol of the island – eagles, also do not need to be a professional ornithologist. One of the most popular excursions on the island – a trip to the mangroves with feeding birds of prey chicken giblets. Sight and really fun: you are thrown into the water going, and every bird, seeing the goal, not worse "Messershmit" throws at her point-blank, before the water throwing the legs forward, grabs the food and shoots up dramatically.

From Langkawi, there is also a reputation as one of the most romantic places in Southeast Asia. First, it can be as fun to get married: Langkawi in Las Vegas, any willing couple can get married in one day. And secondly, almost all the hotels on Langkawi is conveniently located in scenic areas and are at a considerable distance from each other, so that a pleasant "honeymoon" week is also guaranteed.


If you're in Malaysia, you must visit the resort and the island of Penang. No wonder it is called "the pearl of Southeast Asia". On the area of 293 sq km (about a third of the city) you will find fun for all tastes. Batu Ferringhi, where most immigrants settled, is enveloped by white sand beaches. From the top of Penang hill, accessible by funicular, the panorama of the entire island and clearly visible mainland Malaysia. In the island's capital, Georgetown, old cannons of Fort Cornwallis looking towards the Straits of Malacca, where in 1786 sailed and landed on the island by the British. Near Fort full of colors, smells and sounds of the Chinese and Indian quarters. In the southern part of the island is popular snake temple, where, having made a modest donation, you can take a picture in a living snake boa. But there are still Burmese, Thai, Hindu temples, there is a 33 meter long reclining Buddha and a 20-meter standing. There is a vibrant nightlife and endless restaurants, various shops and night markets and a day will be enough to choose gifts for all those who stayed at home and still have not seen this amazing place in the country of Malaysia.

"Isle of the betel-nut nuts" Pulau Penang lies just off the North West coast of the Malay Peninsula. Its total area of 285 square kilometers, but over the years the picturesque and joyful Penang became one of the main resort areas of the country. From the mainland island connected by bridge with a length of 13.5 kilometers, which is officially recognized as the third longest bridge in the world. But no matter how impressive was not the Penang bridge, his glory completely overshadow exotic landscapes, sandy beaches and skillful chefs of the island.

Once Penang was owned by the Sultan of Kedah until 1786, and was uninhabited until the British East India company decided to found a trading station. Penang became the first British possession on the territory of Malaysia. In the same year, the Englishman Francis light founded the island's capital George town, naming it in honor of the English Emperor George III. The new owners of the island, saw the potential of the resort in this land, overgrown tropical jungle of palm trees, betel-nut, walnut, and after a few decades some of the Sarkisov brothers opened the first hotels.

Numerous nationalities who have lived in Penang since its colonization, left here a few absolutely unique monuments of culture. Perhaps the most famous of them is the Temple of the Serpent. In this sanctuary altars, and among bronze incense burners are tangles of dozens of poisonous snakes. You can take them in hand - they won't bite, as well fed and drugged incense. Moreover, it seems that they are quite willing to wrap around the neck and arms of many tourists seeking for $ 8 to capture the event in photos. An old legend says that this temple was once the home of a very religious man who gave shelter to poisonous snakes. After his death this place became a cult. Still nobody can give an explanation why on certain days of the Chinese calendar in the temple I'd say about a great many snakes, literally filling every corner.

Not less famous temple KEK Lok si, which is considered the most beautiful in Southeast Asia. The octagonal base of the temple resembles a Chinese pagoda, the middle part – a striking example of the original Thai art, and the upper like the Burmese sanctuary. In front of the temple is a wide area for prayers, and on the sides of the prayer halls and pagodas with images of Buddha. The seven-story pagoda of tourists affects a huge number of statues of Buddha brought from different countries of the world. Especially gives the impression of a huge statue of the goddess of mercy Kuan Yin, as well as a luxurious tortoiseshell decoration of the temple itself. According to Chinese belief, turtles are a symbol of longevity, and in the temple of KEK Lok si visitors can add a few years of life, feeding a live turtle living in the local pond. However, any man-made monuments in Penang are fully eclipsed by the masterpieces created by nature. Majestically rises above the island of Penang hill-hill, which shows all secret corners of Pulau Penang, with George town and its bridge, endless forests and ocean.

Those who like to "hang out" at Penang, will not be bored. Georgetown, the capital of the island, with pleasure will open for you the doors of its bars, clubs and discos. By the way, the atmosphere here is much more bustling and casual than Langkawi. Over all, this city is like the Chinatown of Kuala Lumpur: the same shops, benches, outdoor cafes, traditional outdoor ceremony. To feel like a spectator of this spectacular show, just for a walk at night through the streets of Georgetown. Surprisingly, even in the Muslim Holy fasting month of Ramadan until the morning of the pubs and the so-called "Wellness" salons, an essential attribute of the industry of sex tourism. But if you want to learn about the history and culture of the local people in detail, buy tickets to the show, which offers Cultural centre of Penang. Over 170 ringgit will feed you a great meal in a traditional Penang hut, and the indigenous peoples of the Islands will dance for you Malay dance "Ashok" and will run on broken glass with bare heels. Especially romantic nature can here even get married in a traditional Malay style.

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