April-may 2011. Savages of Malaysia. Part 3. Diving at Sipadan

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Route: SPB - Kuala Lumpur - Langkawi - Sipadan - Tioman - SPB

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Flew on to our plan:

From Langkawi to KL (1 hour) + docking 2 hours and then, from KL to Tawau (Borneo) – 3 hours. Sorry, no direct flights, only via KL.

From KL to Tawau and back 7 750 rubles for two (AirAsia).

Interesting picture I saw from the plane. I wonder what wanted to say the aliens :-))

Everything about Tawau, pre-arranged through the Internet. On the forum Vinsky, by the way, and found a review which mentioned this diveclub. Really, sent a request in 5 clubs, this was much cheaper than the others. Here – 3 days and 2 nights: 1st day - 1 dive on the island Mobul + 1 dive at Kapalai island + 1 night dive on Mabula and 2nd day - 3 dives at Sipadan island + airport pick up + overnight at the hotel in the town of Semporna + transfer Mabul + 2 nights on Mobile + transfer back to Semporna + airport transfer + all food, water and tea-coffee-shall we dance – 1050 RM per person, with no liens!!!! Other clubs have offered up to 1 thousand$ per person (about RM 2900) and Deposit through Bank :-(

Minus all this ugliness only in the fact that, apparently, is a club of Chinese....for all the time we have not met any Europeans (except a few instructors). On the other hand, and Nasr.... :-) To get to Sipadan, it seems, can only agree with the dive club in advance, as the number of people allowed per day for diving in the "Holy of holies" - is limited.....

Go to Mabul

Diving Kapalai - :-(..... After the red sea, sad... Visibility not very good, animals are not particularly diverse. Basically, all trying to find different insects For macro-diving is not particularly attractive...

Diving on Mobile we liked more, but still, visibility :-(.....

Stone fish
Crocodile fish
Fish without a name (for me:-))
Lionfish!!! Beauty, not the fish!!
Some spotted bass :-))
Again, the fish-stone

Underwater photos do not judge strictly, since a machine which is rented, bought just before departure, and check what and how it once. And as the machine film, but still with lots of manual settings, the pictures unfortunately turned out not all:-(

Night dive on Mobule liked. Met a huge turtle, somewhere 1.7 m in diameter, and of various crustacea, crab, all sorts of "stones", "crocodile", "shellfish", etc... (pictures do not work:-(

The Island Of Sipadan!!!!!!! That's where you need to go every diver!!!!!!!!!!!! And NOT for 1 day and for 5 days at least!!!!!! This is where you can watch-watch-and-watch ocean life! And no there is the Red sea could not outshine this place, although the visibility here is worse!!! Sharks, turtles, barracudas (1.5 meters each), a pack of Jack-fishes, beautiful corals, lots of living creatures from 0.5 cm to 2 m!!!!!!

Hike along the walls, where the bottom is not visible!!! The turtle cave, where visibility sucks, but breathtaking!!! The number, variety and quality you can't see which way to twist my head, and how to "build" a camera for capturing the whole "cycle of life"!!!!!!!!

In General, it's worth it!!! I don't even know how else to Express my admiration!!!

The coral-the jug :-)
Funny, and very large-bellied fish:-)

With them you can grab some alcohol, because after dives nice to grab a nightcap to keep warm, because the living conditions, so to speak, the island Mabul, leave much to be desired... light in the "room" only after 17-30, self – full, all sorts of "accessories" - only that will bring about hot water remember only on the "mainland" :-)...In General, places are NOT divers there are no such conditions can survive JUST for the sake of DIVING in SIPADAN!!!

Here it is! SIPADAN!!!
Before diving
Map of dive sites

By the way, to come here with a certificate less than AOWD makes no sense... And should be prepared for life in the "ghetto" without standard conditions :-)

Hotel on Mobile (very good, at least on the outside)
Another hotel
Our hotel (Chinese ghetto :-))
Our hotel is a local type of restaurant,: -))
The room :-(((
And here's the bathroom :-(((
As far as I understand, it is also a hotel.....

Although, you can pay much more and live in better conditions, but I can't judge, how much better, as it was not in them....

Life on the island
Life on the island
Sunset on Mobile
Sunset on Mobile

The next stop on our journey was the island of Toyman.

14-00 moved by boat from Borneo island + hours "on the ground" to the airport, and from there to KL, overnight. On the next day, Berjaya airlines (since no one else over there does not fly) - at Tioman island!!!!

Spent the night in KL at the hotel SUN INNS MENTARI (deuce) – 850 rubles per night per room without Breakfast. This hotel is located just beside Sunway Lagoon. We can experience it only as 1st night, and hard... In the rooms free Wi-Fi, but the impressions of the room it gives you. The hotel is chosen according to the principle "close to airport" since arrived in KL in the evening at one airport and had to fly the next morning from a different airport, which is a completely different side.

The road from the airport (LCCT) to hotel – 74 RM by taxi, however, if you buy a ticket for the taxi at the arrival hall of internal flights, the price tag is higher – 85 RM, and in the hall of international flights – 74 RM + possibility to pay by card.

Arrived at the hotel, we decided to go to eat. The choice was not great, or on the street at a local cafe, which does not cause the desire to eat in them, either in a nearby hotel Sunway Lagoon Resort (five). Chose the second option, for which he paid 32 RM for tea+coffee+2 sausage rolls....

From the hotel to the airport Sultan Abdul arrived again on the car for 25 RM.

Tickets for Tioman booked through the airline's website https://www.berjaya-air.com/ it Turned out that the book a separate "place" and a separate "back", cheaper than "there and back" immediately.....very strange....Tickets were 2 550 roubles for two "there" and 2 150 RUB. for two. In their conditions, per person can be free to carry 10 kg of Luggage + hand Luggage (the most important size not to attract attention), but the rest of the Luggage at 15 RM for every extra kg..... There we with your Luggage to fly could, but the back – had to pay another RM 150 for the extra 10 lbs. Does not want to miss us in our backpack :-(

As the hotels on the island "one-two-and-miscalculated", then the only thing we were able to book, this is the BERJAYA TIOMAN RESORT (four), RM 1275 for two WITHOUT Breakfast and taxes (10% + 6%), for 5 nights. Anyway, going tomorrow to see what this "Paradise on earth", how to speak about this island :-)

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There are several variants,but in any case the route you have to be on their own. Here in a nutshell information:
From Pattaya you need to get into Satun (city in the South of Thailand), and from there by ferry or drive to Kuala Kedah or Kuala Perlis in Malaysia already.
I would prefer the first option, Satun, as passed through twice, it was fine. To Satun from Pattaya can be reached with a stopover in Bangkok. Travel from Bangkok to the southern bus station and there change to the bus to Satun. Previously, these buses were a lot, now looked up the schedule, there are very few, maybe just schedule them there. But even then that is quite suitable, it is night, will arrive in Satun in the morning and in the afternoon we will depart on the ferry. Basically about Satun all we've got painted - https://nashaplaneta.net/asia/thai/satun#getin
The second option is via Kuala Kedah or Kuala Perlis. If by bus, you must first get from Bangkok to hat Yai (https://nashaplaneta.net/asia/thai/hat-yai), and from there to Kuala Kedah or Kuala Perlis as you prefer, and then onto the ferry. According to this embodiment can be on the train ride.
The schedule for crossings, see here:
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trains in Thailand - http://www.railway.co.th/home/default.aspx?ID=&lang=EN#
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admin February 25, 2018

Yes, prices Malaysia and Langkawi in particular never pleased, is that the only duty-free shops. ...
admin September 23, 2018

Better, at least for the day. It is possible to buy over the Internet in place. But the place is inconvenient, you have to spend on taxi to the pier and back, and time to spend. Via the Internet here can try: http://www.busonlineticket.com/booking/jetty-langkawi-to-penang-ferry-terminal-ferry-tickets?refererid=sergey or https://12go.asia/ru?z=5962 ...
zhanna 23 October, 2018

No. Since October the Islands are closed, no boats, no running hotels, possible storm. Was last year in late September, a couple of days the sea was very restless. ...
admin 28 January, 2019

Honestly, difficult to answer, after all this is a very controversial status without citizenship. It can at passport control not to pay attention to it, and the place of issuance of the passport to put the visa for 90 days as a citizen of Estonia, and can not supply a visa and even do not give, because there is in fact a list of countries that require a visa and persons without citizenship there is clearly no. Try to call the Embassy in Moscow, and even better to write them a letter at least e-mail to answer on paper just in case. And if not difficult, then let me know what happened. ...
admin 30 January, 2019

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No, it's not city buses. Maybe something has changed since my last visit, but unlikely. ...
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Missed this post, I hasten to refute. Neither Uber nor Langkawi in Malaysia is working. Here works Grab-taxi ...
6 March, 2019
AK "Malindo" is based in the airport KLIA, KLIA2 don't have to move. ...
admin 7 April, 2019
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