April-may 2011. Savages of Malaysia. Part 2. Langkawi

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Route: SPB - Kuala Lumpur - Langkawi - Sipadan - Tioman - SPB

Landing in Langkawi

Arrived at Langkawi in 22:15. The flight out cost for two 4 760 rubles (promo did not get :-(). By the way, the most convenient flight in the evening, in the first place, the whole day can relax; in the evening, when arriving at the hotel, no need to wait for hour "H" - settlement; came, went to sleep and in the morning is a free man!!! To MUTIARA BURAU BAY BEACH RESORT (three-pointer) went in a taxi, 24 RM.

Booked hotel in Langkawi via the hotel's website, week 3..... 4 nights. The cost of 1300 RM for a double for 5 nights with Breakfast. Closer to arrival, saw the prices - the price tag went up...

(Internet at the hotel - WiFi only in the lobby. In the rooms there is an Internet...) – so, maybe someone will need.

The hotel itself we liked from the evening. It is very green, surrounded by jungle.

A view of the pool from the restaurant

Almost all the rooms – detached houses.

These houses – to the devil, but the beaches at the hotel – 2.

The main beach
Main beach. A view of the hotel Berjaya
Wild beach

Furniture hotel old, but we are never scared.

In the room. The door opposite the beds, similar to the wardrobe is the door to the bathroom

In the rooms: kettle, tea, coffee, sugar, water (1 litre per day – free) + mini-bar charge. In General, a very decent hotel, with a large green area.

Next, of course, there is the Berjaya, which even outwardly not much better, but I did not like their beach and their price tag (second – especially in St. Petersburg:-)). Hotels Berjaya we will be able to judge from personal experience, as on one of the Islands on our route, stay in it...

In the 1st day and decided to relax on the beach. The weather has been. The tides are completely painless, as the shore is not flat (or rather, we just successfully got into the phase of the moon, as it was then understood to Tioman island), the people of the hotel not much. In General, a Paradise :-)

An hour 2 I realized that enough for the first day of the sun, and to eat you need to go out as the hotel has a price tag on everything – as in Peter, as if the – Malaysian :-(, went to a nearby café.

Dining we liked. The food is delicious, and does not take much... For 42 RM – overeat at all :-) Get the soup with shrimp – 10 RM; samosa (5 small triangles of dough stuffed with potato curry – I really liked how it turned out to be an Indian dish) – 5 RM; salad with crab sticks and pineapple – 7 RM; iced tea – 2,5 RM (all prices are per piece).

Next to the cafe – hire "big stools". Cost - 40 RM per day for a motorbike but if you take 3-4 days, it is possible for RM 30-35 to agree... (by the Way, on arrival at the airport you can take a car in rent for RM 200 for 4 days, but it was scary as movement at them "the wrong way"). And the bike is still somehow easier to get used to it :-)

Over time, it began to turn out, although occasionally on turns and strive to jump out into oncoming traffic :-)

Travel around the island

By the way, when making a rental, take with you only the cost of the rental, no more please, no mortgage, no passports....in General, in all confidence!!!

Langkawi island is not big, will go tomorrow to examine him... But the cable car is the main attraction of Langkawi, we were not lucky :-( She is from 17 to 30 April on the prevention...and we 30 need to have to fly further to the next island our Malaysian honeymoon...but more on that later :-)

So, the journey to Langkawi on "mad stool" was a success!

Map "main points" of the island

Went away in the surrounding areas – first, the Seven Wells waterfall. Up – up high... you Must take water and a swimsuit, as swimming in the waterfall – the water is super warm!


After the waterfall, we decided to climb even higher, to his (almost) source. The total height is about 550 m above sea level, but the ascent is quite steep, and the temperature is +35, and even higher ...

View through the jungle to the ocean

After that, went to the next waterfall, Temurun. Due to the fact that there was no rain, the waterfall is almost completely dried up, but the swim was also great, but still, opposite the entrance to the waterfall, stumbled on the cafe where the Bulgarian Krasimir. Perfectly speaks Russian! Finally we heard her native Russian language! :-)

Ate in the cafe FINE, for 19 RM for two!!! Of happiness, left 11 RM for the pleasure received, and for "present" from a café, in the form of extra dishes are very tasty fried fish!!!!!

After all this, the Council Krassimira, went out to meet the sunset on the beach of Tanjung Rhu, and did not regret it! This place is stunning!

Sunset at Langkawi

On the way we stopped at the awesome beautiful beach of Pantai Pasir Tengkorak, where the evening swimming monkeys :-)

He looked at the crocodile farm (worth 22 or 23 RM per person, + 1 for RM photography). Was just on the feeding of crocodiles at 17:20).

There are just no crocodiles..... Tailless....
....with a mouth open for ventilation.....
....and even here are snub-nosed :-)))
And finally the feeding

After this trip, I decided that the bike needed to take the next 2 days.

On the 2nd day we went around the ring, around the island: Beach of black sand (nothing special),

On the beach of black sand

hot springs (did not work:-(), another waterfall – Perangin Durian (the water is cold:-))

Waterfall with cold water (in the other it was warm)

seaport, eagle square,

Eagle square

found the Dytiki, and bought a 1 liter lemon-Roma – RM 49, 1 l Ballantinse 12 years – 69 RM and nuts in chocolate – 0.5 kg for 10 RM. In General, prices were extremely surprised!!! It is a Paradise for alcoholics :-)

This part of the island, of course – is a complete ass :-( Dirty and loud... (my Husband disagrees with me, says the ass, but NOT complete:-)). There's a bunch of hotels, but best to avoid.

After that she went to the hotel. In a cafe near the hotel bought half a chicken (22,5 RM) + serving Samosa (5 RM) + vegetable salad (RM 9,5), and went to the room, alcohol and a snack:-). Then we ran to go see what's out there every night for the songs happen in our hotel :-) Performed any ensemble. The girl sang quite not bad. The main part of drinking was a German......

The next day went to the side of the main hotels (local Sochi:-)). For those who need a get-together is here.

The road went on the map (37 RM per person),

The kart broke pouring rain

Was caught in a shower (it was about an hour),

Here such here the rain are in Langkawi

stopped at a local diner, hiding from the rain where we ate Ringgits 22 for two, went to MarinenLife 37 RM per person bathed on the beach of Pantai Cenang & Tengah (local Sochi),

The beach at low tide

And since this day it was raining, I decided once again to visit Temurun waterfall, and suddenly it was added :-). But the waterfall has not increased...

We again went to Krasimira, ate 19.5 RM for two, and went back home:-)

In General, summarizing, we can say that for those who want privacy – the Mutiara, for those who want to hang out in the other direction, towards the Frangipani.

Read on part 3 of the diving at Sipadan

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