Route: SPB - Kuala Lumpur - Langkawi - Sipadan - Tioman - SPB

This is our next journey, organized its forces. But, unlike the previous one, which was planned and organized for 3 months, this I organized quite spontaneously :-) the Main reason was, successfully purchased tickets from St. Petersburg to Kuala Lumpur.

And so, fly Uzbek airlines. Why "fly"? Because to write this review started at the airport of Tashkent on the way to Malaysia, then to write everything at once – difficult:-)

Tickets St. PETERSBURG – Tashkent - KL and back, for two cost 48 000 roubles. Ordered on the Internet, but strangely, through Greece, as the Uzbeks, e-tickets don't sell... If someone wants to book Uzbeks through the Internet, don't forget the next day, be sure to call back to their office, and check, and risk being left without tickets, as in our case, for example, have not been No. passports, and if I hadn't called back the next day, the reservation would have came off :-(

The flight to Tashkent was quite successful. The plane was half empty, and on TV they showed us "Gentlemen of fortune" :-)

The plane is very well fed, offered wine red and white, beer. Loved the wine "Golden Bukhara". But with the airport they have trouble, sitting there together with her husband + some other 2 people. An indoor stall next to Duty Free, and nothing else! Here has just announced that the flight to KL is delayed by 1.5 hours.....In General, disturbances have already begun to be felt.....Uzbekistan Airways, but....

Transit lounge at Tashkent airport
Fly from Tashkent to KL
Fly from Tashkent to KL


Well, here we are in Malaysia. Fly Uzbeks, of course, a full plate!!! :-( However, we landed, and now we need to pick up Luggage and straight to the hotel.....Long we have tried to understand where we follow the turned out, there need to go on the monorail..... The last time we did all the flights from AirAsia to her and flew all the time with the other terminal, and now got to the international terminal.... The airport in KL, of course, not as beautiful as in sing, but surpassed even his.....

(Ultimately, as we found in KL 3 airports: International (KLIA), International low-kostovski (LCCT), AirAsia flies out of here all and Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah.)....Went looking for how to get to the hotel....To philosophize especially as things were heavy, so took a cab.

Our hotel – on the outskirts of Chinatown. The car had 75 RM. I will continue to write their money. In order to understand how much it our way, you can just add 1 zero.

We drove to the hotel in Kuala Lumpur 50 minutes...... Hotel – modestly, for 2 nights for two with Breakfast, paid 2200 rubles(booked through + paid extra on the spot RM 45 for late check out as our flight is only at 20:15.....

The hotel called Citin Pudu Hotel. Despite the fact that this is a budget three-pointer, it's not bad for 2 nights and the location he and all super! Near 2 metro station, the TV tower, the colorful Chinatown, the former Sultan's Palace, parks, birds, butterflies and deer, a bus to BATU cave complex themselves Petronas!!!! In General, location – God forbid five-star! And since it is on the outskirts of China-city specific smells and noises not here...

As in KL we were already 1 day 1.5 years ago, the Petronas tower and the us was closely investigated (DEFINITELY need to devote a whole day if you are in KL. I must say, all strive to get to the observation bridge on the Petronas, we were not there, but the observation deck on the TV tower is much higher and much achieve more SYNOPTIC, so you choose), so this time I decided to watch something else. Went to examine the cave-temple complex Batu. Went there on the 11th bus from Bangkok Bank that the Masjid Jamek LRT station. To go 35 minutes worth RM 5 for two.

Caves, of course, liked it. A very beautiful place. It is a Hindu temple.

The entrance to the temple complex
Stairs to the caves
Permanent residents of these places
Permanent residents of these places
Permanent residents of these places
Ancestors and descendants :-)))
What care!!!!! :-)
Here's how to drink wanted, even a child quit!!!

After came down, ate an omelet with onions and iced coffee in the Indian cafe at the foot. Paid RM 10 for two :-) Then we went to the former Palace of the Sultan. Now this is a government building, in my opinion, the courthouse... On the same square stands the Parliament building, and some public buildings. But do not think that it is a modern building, it's all in the turrets, domes, twisted ladders, etc. the Area – amazing! Despite the fact that there us caught in the rain, we wandered there for about an hour. Photographed the area from all sides!

Rain in KL
The same area
Fooling around :-))
The gazebo on the square
The fountain in the square. While waited out the rain, he unfortunately stopped working :-(

Then went for a walk around Chinatown is a street of Jalan Petaling and Jalan Sultan, and all that is around. In the evening there overlaps the movement, and goes all sorts of traders, in particular, and different food.

Cafes in Chinatown

Ate Peking duck with rice 12 RM for two, drank beer for 14 RM per bottle 0,66 L.

Not everyone dares to eat here.....but we decided :-))

Tried the stinky fruit durian at RM 5 for 4 pieces (I did not like :-( ). You can try frogs – at RM 30 for 2 pieces, but did not climb : -) and went to the hotel. Tomorrow night, fly to Langkawi, and a day planned to try to get to the observation deck, then plan to visit deer Park, where deer the size of a cat, but we'll see whether there will be another something time.

There is also a water Park Sunway Lagoon, write that super-duper, but don't know where it is. Now look in the Internet, if possible (as free Wi-Fi at the hotel – just hard :-( relation, more than 3 minutes at a time does not hold :-() then maybe there is still a dud.

The morning brings about changes :-) I Decided, well, them, Petronas and parks with the smallest deer in the world, and torn-ka we in Sunway Lagoon! Let's go :-)

So, first on the metro Kuala Lumpur to KL Sentral (RM 2,6) two

Kualalumpura metro. The view from the front of the train.

There we changed to KTM (like our s-Bahn), and 7 stops of 2.6 for the same RM for two, to the station Setia Jaya. Rode a total of about an hour. Next – peshochkom on the arrows :-)

Lived...for the Russian people aqwa park – it is clear that it and the WTO "water Park" is not clear...:-( got there like fools, without the bathing suits :-( Fortunately, before entering the shop to buy them... I Bought a swimming suit, and went to the Park.

In General, you should go there for the whole day!!!!! We, unknowingly, arrived only at 13-30 (while looking for while traveling, while going :-( But at 16: 00 we had to leave, because the evening plane to Langkawi... )

It is a pleasure:

  • 80 RM – only water parks (pool wave + pool with sandy beach + water slides + children's pool + sluggish river still has some water rides, which we never managed to get) – a total of 3 parks;
  • RM 100 – all 5 parks (carrousels + Wildlife + cable car + still don't know what, since we were not there, and, of course, + water parks);


  • 5 or 15 RM cell for things (disposable or refillable, respectively);
  • RM 10 per person Deposit for the watch-pass;
  • RM 30 (15+15 cost + Deposit) – cheesecake for the whole day (not for slides, and swim in the river);
  • all food and drinks at your own expense. By the way, with their drinks in the Park is not allowed, forced to throw on the entrance.

A good Park. We liked it. Sorry, was not enough time.....

Waterfall in the Park
Pool with a sandy beach in the Park

Went back on the car. To Chinatown , he asked for 40 RM. Bargain as the rain started, and the plane to be late did not want...

On the way we deal with the same guy, he waited us at the hotel an hour and drove to the airport (AirAsia terminal), for 80 RM. To go further than to international, and even tubes at this time.... In General, after 1 hour and 15 minutes we arrived at the airport. Checked in at the kiosk, and went to wander around the airport. Then it dawned on us that we had not checked Luggage...we Paid when booking through the Internet only 20 kg (made a mistake :-() had 30 – to drag on itself... And this despite the fact that the room can take maximum of 7 kg hand baggage per person, and even limiting the size of hand Luggage..... And if you pay for the weight on the spot (not when booking), it turns out that the Luggage might be more expensive than a plane ticket. We had the advantage of 1st place on the 7 kg, so we were offered either to pay RM 45!!! Or remove unnecessary... We decided it is better to remove :-)

In the end, I did not understand as they see the cost advantage in place, because the next time we were offered for the advantage 2 kilos in the same price....

In summary, don't forget when booking tickets to pay for the Luggage at once!

Read on, part 2 Langkawi

Published with permission of the author Lenchik2012

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