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Nice little trip once a month to prolong the visa. (In order to extend the visa-free 30-day stay in Thailand usually go to one of the neighboring countries, e.g. Malaysia below at the entrance again to get a 30 days stamp. approx. administrator)

It's time to leave the country. I decided to go to Kuala Lumpur . The purpose of the trip is to extend the visa and to buy the necessary electronics, which, as it turned out, we are severely lacking.

Got into a tuk Tuk and went to the dock.

The boat is two-storied, on the ground floor no air conditioning, unpleasant. The second seat is cool. You can stretch the legs and get some sleep. But the VIP seats, in the stern of the boat, the feeling of the Titanic.

While waiting for the poisoning, watched the European who fished. He was with taechkoy.) Spoke fluent in the local language.

On the way to the pier Donsak, was a stop on the island of Samui. Closer, you can see its surroundings.

Fishing boats. Really want them by sea to be like, but until ever.

Mountain peaks, tropical jungles, white sandy beaches and crystal clear ocean. Picture for relaxation.

I sat on the deck, next to the British. All the time eat the sandwiches. And ran back and forth.

Another ship with farang

Approaching pier Samui, all moved. Tourists hurry to the exit. Can't wait to land.

The weather was perfect, after 2 hours we came to Donsig. Progresses in the sun, do not want to get up, but we had to wait for the bus.

The bus long was not. Everyone was tired and sat on the sidewalks. Someone was lying on the grass. And some began to go crazy. On the road accident, so the bus was delayed. We parked on the lawn and poured water. Passing Thai, I decided to pin. Pretended that the water struck him and cried: "Oh, Oh, Oh." How would jumped to the side. We first caught up, but when I saw the smile on his face and heard the naive laughter, everything fell into place. It was awkward, but the face of unpredictable maneuvers and friend remember to this day.

The road to hat Yai was hard, exhausting and unbearable. Five hours in the minibus, which is designed for urban transport of passengers. Not to move, not to stretch my legs. All numb.

Arrived in the city of Khot Yai, where there was another transplant. The driver dropped us off in the city centre. Immediately found a cab and went to the bus station.

The city seemed eerie and dangerous. Unlike the tourist places. While crawling on our favorite taxi, managed to visually get acquainted with the local cool kids. Long drive for us on a gorgeous car. Because of the loud music, which was published out of the car, did not understand what they were shouting. Only waved his hands and greeted sociable guys.

Did not understand, very sleepy. Quickly paid for a room at the station, we found Thai, and passed out.

Once again convinced of the hospitality and kindness of the Thai nation. When you are traveling savage, you see a pattern. No matter where I go, what station, pier or airport is not visited, you must come out and tell you what to do. Of course - make money on it. But this is sincere. See farang with frightened round eyes . Why do you think they fit? To breed? And here and there. They want to help. Well, they are people)

Monday, but the station is not crowded

The buses in Malaysia is gorgeous. Comfortable, soft chairs that fold out to a lying position. A good distance between the front stationary chair. The road to Kuala Lumpur had to be nice.

In the morning the city didn't seem so terrible, even a very beautiful, rich and industrial. Life goes on as usual.

All somewhere to go ride. Many restaurants with Chinese and Thai food.

Our favorite taxi

On the border has put a stamp and we in Malaysia. The customs officer looked at my passport and with a smile on his face asked how to read my name. I replied in Russian name. Waved his head, smiled, and said something that is sooo difficult.)

Customs post.

Eight hours passed quickly. The road is perfect. Two lanes in one direction and two lanes in the other throughout the track. Traffic lane markings, road signs, trees clipped to form different Asian animals.

When traveling on the roads of Russia, in the boonies, hanging signs are "beware of Moose".

In Malaysia, signs "beware of wild monkeys". This is no joke, they do blatantly and boldly walking on the highway (see how to behave with monkeys, precautions). Buses and cars go very slowly. Because of such a stupid macaques may happen a serious accident. Serpentine road, mountain.

The climate was different. The heat is unbearable. Didn't want to leave the bus. More than 10 minutes to stand in the sun impossible.

Passed the Panasonic factory, the tunnel that goes through the rock, palm forest.

All heavily planted with exotic and wild trees. Around drains. A pleasure to watch. Very pleased with the attitude towards nature. Preserve and cherish it. In places where they cut down the forests, planting trees. Surround them with iron wire. However, we did not understand why they do it. Likely that wild animals do not run on the road or for a complex penetration on someone's land if someone decides.

Kuala Lumpur was the evening. A suburb-like area in Marino

Kuala Lumpur is located in the southwestern part of the Peninsula of Malacca . A picturesque valley surrounded by mountains. This ultra-modern metropolis. The center of economic and political life of the new Asian tiger.

Now it is home to almost half a million people, and drive three million cars. Kuala Lumpur flights.

In search of bed, walked around the city. Drank watermelon juice in one public place. We were stuck Pakistani, which sold the original vase for fruit. As he said, it is made from Megadrive. Fruits retain their freshness. Wanted for this creation 1000. A bargain at 300 rubles.

Met a tired city dweller decided to take a NAP.

And it's some kind of ancient, but working nofelet.


Chinese district. In the evening a lot of tourists and traders. Not overcrowded. Here we learned what the cork from the Chinese Say that the night can pick. The street is very dirty, a lot of rats and assorted creepy-crawlies.

Today I have been out of town, so had to hurry.

Went looking for the street where as we knew, there was a huge shopping centre with electronics.

Local Bank, I don't know how many floors, but really high building.

A little lost, the police found out where to go. Saw a farang and all joined in the conversation. Police motopark

The miracle tree. Like a giant fan.

Among these skyscrapers feel like an ant that can crush stone servants.

Mall found quickly enough. The face shop-Jackie Chan. With a smile advertises virus))

Bought everything needed and went to see the tower.

Many mobile shops with different drinks. Tried some Malaysian tea. The taste was odd, tasted of just friend only honey.

The streets are deserted, I do not know what it involves. Maybe day, maybe some bans.

Where to go didn't just go to the tower, which is visible from all sides.

When they reached the towers, wanted to climb to the observation deck, but saw a long line and disappeared desire)

Actually I was expecting something different from the twins. They gave me a shocking delight. Crowds of tourists who photographed in the same place. Arrogant taxi drivers. We sat for about 15 minutes near the fountain and went to subway. Along the way...

Missed four days. Three of which spent on the road. Watched a small part of the city, very tired, exhausted. On arrival home slept 16 hours. There is no time for long trips, the work does not allow. Plan NG to go to Hong Kong.

How nice after the stuffy city again to feel the sea breeze

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