How to save money when traveling abroad

Как сэкономить на связи в путешествии

Stay in touch with family and friends, I want always and everywhere, including in travel. But staying connected is important not only because you will want one day to share with family emotions during the trip, but also for security purposes. After all, to be in an unpleasant situation in a foreign country without a connection akin to disaster. Not to ruin themselves and their families, we have prepared an overview of the most effective ways to save money when traveling abroad.

  1. Use Viber or other similar programs

    This way to save money on phone calls abroad and in trips to Russia, we put in the first place. Because this method allows you to not only save money, but to talk for free. About Viber (Viber, but sometimes users mistakenly pronounced weeber) is now little who do not know, but if you are one of them, that's what can make this application:

    • To call from Viber on Viber for free
    • To send a message to other Viber subscribers for free
    • To call to any landline and mobile worldwide at very low rates, in whatever part of the world you are. For example, to call home to Russia on a landline number you can for 4.9 per cent (about 3 rubles) per minute, no matter where you are. Viber rates for all countries can learn here

    To use Viber, you need to download and install on your phone, tied to your mobile number via SMS (after that, all calls with Viber subscribers will see calls from your room). The app will scan your contacts and determine who of your friends have Viber installed and will offer to call them for free.

    But another important condition for the program to work – the availability of the Internet. And if you don't have to be every minute, you can just use for calls free Wi-Fi in hotels, cafes and restaurants etc.

    PS works Similar to Viber and much more well-known Skype, but on mobile devices it has not received such a large spread, and therefore the use Viber more than justified.

  2. Use the travel SIM card

    The use of a special tourist SIM-cards are sometimes less profitable, than buying local SIM cards (third place in our ranking), but took second place in our rating, as the travel SIM card is more versatile and convenient to use, especially if you often travel around the world, not one country. Purchased and replenished these SIM-cards through the Internet, they also have a well-developed network of distributors in all cities of Russia. Rates are very flexible, but most importantly, they are much cheaper international roaming offered by the usual operators.

    There are several sellers of tourist SIM-cards in Russia, here are the most popular, but you can find a dozen more:

    They all offer about the same condition, constantly competing among themselves, offering promotions and special offers, so depending on your interests and needs, the choice is yours, and all the information I can find on their sites.

    We would only recommend to use a promo code nashaplaneta when purchasing and replenishment of SIM-card Goodline, for that you get a favorable discount of 10% on all services. Read more here.

    Oh and not to mention very best options Goodline, launched this year (2016). All subscribers Goodline around the world can now make free calls in Russia for the subscribers with the software installed Viber (read more here).

  3. Use local SIM cards of the host country

    Use local SIM cards in the country are very profitable, but it takes third position in our ranking because this way to save not very versatile and has some disadvantages:

    • need to know the language of the country to buy and top up a SIM card;
    • have to understand the "tricks" of the foreign operator and recharging cards;
    • in some countries, need to register a card with the presentation of a passport;
    • the very SIM card in most cases you will need to buy;
    • you will have a new number that is unlikely to want to call someone from your relatives or friends, because it is costing a pretty penny
    • finally, if you are traveling to several countries, such as making a tour of Europe, using local SIM cards are just not justified, because every country will have to buy a new

    One of the advantages of using local SIM cards, of course, cheapness, because the calls are charged as normal outgoing international calls, moreover you can connect the Internet, though, nl. And yet some operators, mainly in Asia, offer General special international calls through IP networks that are even cheaper. So if you are willing and able to understand the subtleties of communication with sellers when buying cards in a foreign language and also travel around one country, then you can buy a local SIM card.

  4. Use of services the native operator only with special options and special care

    This method occupies the last place in our ranking, because it is the most expensive. To prove and nothing to explain here, because I'm sure many of you have heard stories about how tourists were returning from a vacation from abroad with debts in the tens and hundreds of thousands of rubles for communication services. Therefore, to use the roaming in the journey, be extremely careful, especially the Internet. If you're not going to use the Internet, turn off mobile data in the device (phone, smartphone, tablet), or he may, without your knowledge "nasasyvat" updates on a few thousand rubles. Oh and don't forget before you travel to activate your international roaming (to check its activation, please call customer service at your operator), which may have to personally visit the branch office to the service provider with a passport.

    Be sure to read carefully all the terms of the tariff plan or special options, which you connect to then "get". I think it would be all right. Take for example simple the option "Internet around Russia" from the Megaphone, for which the advertising material stated that it operates across the country. But if you read what is written in small letters, we see that the option is not available in the Taimyr municipal district, Norilsk, Magadan region, Kamchatka territory, Chukotka Autonomous district, Sakhalin region, Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol. This means that if you would go to rest in Crimea, you have the Internet will work, but will be charged at 9.9 rubles for 1 MB of traffic, and this is decent.

Good luck to you rest and not go broke on connection.

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Hello.. I want to share good news , maybe not quite that what All interested in, but decided that the question of how to save on travel and my news to be relevant..
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Walker 19 may 2017, 16:35
As time in our time-it is possible. Only not in the way that it used to. There are even special sites where people agree with each other when ihde someone who is willing to accept.
That's the only caveat: in Russia it is almost not developed. ...
admin 12 Sep 2017, 10:27
Some dumb website, I'd be careful.
The domain is registered half a year ago, and written - 9 years. Accordingly, lie. The website itself with a dumb design for a commercial project, as if the knee did. Further, in the index of search engines the page no, the server is in Ireland, and supposedly the firm is registered in London, while the site itself is in Russian, switch the language there.
In short, I would not even come to a website near, what is there about the money to say. Be careful!!!
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lonik 23 may 2017, 14:56
A journey always take cash and cards, you never know what can happen. ...
14 Dec 2017, 08:24
In 2016 after booked "in the words" turned hat. In the end, dangled tired at Yalta and paid on the spot for what the apartment because the prices were already horse perfectly. So only in advance and only with some documents on hand.. It now can be reminded of fun, but then in August - at least turn around and drive back on the ferry. ...