How to sunbathe? Safe holiday

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Beach holidays in warmer climes is always linked with the sun. A nice tan is a measure of a successful vacation.

But under active, a rich ultraviolet rays of the southern sun you should be able to get a tan so as not to hurt himself. Even in this seemingly simple lesson of how fire lie its dangers. It has long been known and proven that excessive lying in the sun can lead not only to sunburn and skin aging, but can cause more serious skin disease.

How to sunbathe correctly, so as not to harm their skin and have fun? Here are a few rules are recommended to follow:

  • As soon as you came to rest, do not immediately run to the beach or to the pool and get a sun lounger, under the scorching sun for several hours. Do not rush to quickly get a tan in the first days. Tanning time should be increased gradually, especially if you come as white as chalk, or your skin is naturally very delicate and pale. The first step is to sunbathe for about 5-10 minutes, and take breaks from the sun in the shade. The next day, the duration can be increased. That way you get a smoother and more durable tan.
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  • For protection, use sunscreen with the highest content of components of SPF and/or UVA. These components, in theory, should block the effects of ultraviolet radiation on the skin. If that was indeed the case, remains on conscience of the manufacturer, but better to be safe than not to trust.
  • Don't spread it on before tanning the skin creams based on petrolatum, glycerin and other mineral fats, essential oils.
  • To your skin is not peeled off after a few taken of sunbathing, do not sunbathe during the maximum of solar activity (most often it is from 11 to 14 hours). Try to sunbathe in the morning before 11am or after 15.
  • There is an opinion that the wet body tan stick faster is a fallacy. Just the water droplets focus the sun on small areas of the skin more intensively, and this can lead to microscopic burns.
  • Don't forget in fire about overheating. Heat stroke is very serious. Why are you such a trouble for the rest. Protect your head from overheating a hat, take breaks in the shade or jump in the water. Drink enough fluids, but it is better to refrain from consuming drinks with ice.
  • Intense light and ultraviolet rays are bad for the eyes, so protect eyes with glasses and do not read in fire.
  • It is not recommended to sunbathe on an empty stomach or immediately after eating. One should not take alcoholic drinks.

Good luck and enjoy you stay!

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Oksi_87 28 March, 2019

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AntonyS 19 April, 2019
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Dmitry Argunov May 31, 2019

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