The truth about Bali (another look)

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Пейзаж на Бали

Caught here on the Internet this article: "the truth about Bali". I even added in the title of the article addition - "another look at Bali". And in fact, could even add "a sober look at Bali". Reading inspirational vivid descriptions of the island on the sites of travel agencies, of satisfied tourists or living there, our compatriots somehow forget, I do not believe that is not all there in Paradise. There are shortcomings in the rest of life in Bali. Reading this report and I caught myself thinking: "But that's about it... But then so too was pinned there, the little things...". Just has long been, erased all the bad things a long time ago and was left with only the good memories, and back to Bali. Of course, the following report does not claim 100% objectivity, but fiction it won't be called.

The truth about Bali

How many beautiful words we say, when encouraging you to buy a ticket. Unfortunately, on arrival everything is not always as tell.

About the beauty of Indonesia, particularly Bali, we had heard a lot and in 2010 finally decided to go see for yourself. The more turned free time and got cheap tickets on the flight from Singapore.

So, the most common myths about Bali:

Going to the beach!

"Interesting things to do in Bali for beach lovers.." Many tourists come to Bali to swim in the ocean. Before the trip I imagine how will be to bask in the sun and splash in the water. So, in Bali, swimming mainly in the pool. The sea is too large waves.

Bali is a place for surfers and divers, but not for beachgoers who love to swim. In the refined village of Nusa Dua, of course, you can find more relaxed. But even here the ocean some hostile. But if you're a surfer or want to learn, Bali is all for it. But to go to swim it is better to Turkey or Phuket.

In Bali everything is cheap

The first time we heard about Bali in Thailand. Talkative German were painted as everything in Bali is beautiful and cheap. What he would not say. always ended "... and it's cheaper than Thailand". Then we read the reviews online and they confirmed that all cheap.

Was really inexpensive, but... local. For white people the prices here are very biting. We never managed to eat here for less than$ 10 for two, and that's what I consider an indicator of cheapness. For example, the food in Thailand is cheaper. 6-10$ for a dinner for two – a common occurrence. Even in expensive Singapore is not a problem to find such places. Moreover, the food in Bali is tasteless, too simple.

In Ubud we decided to try the "incredibly delicious" Babi Guling dish is rice with different pieces of pork and different cooked. I didn't like very fatty meat. By the way the majority of Balinese are not Muslim, and Hinduism.

Perhaps, of edible just like the juice from a fresh mango when it is served undiluted and with no ice. In Bali to find this was not possible, but on Lombok were on the Senggigi beach.

Expensive products, about housing at a separate issue. Of course, we heard that Indonesia should always bargain. But more than 3 times the bargain never happened and still eventually left expensive compared to Thailand.

Bali is a Paradise?

I was not able to see heaven and I don't know what he looks like. But if heaven is a huge cesspool it is, of course, Bali.

When traveling to Bali we read reviews, and not for the first time in Asia, so I was ready to see the garbage, but many...

The most famous beaches, Kuta and Legian, known for mountains of garbage. We have the impression that Bali is no such service as garbage. "Not allowed" and that's it. This is probably why it is incredibly a lot of flies. So much that dinner is not very comfortable.

Only a place like the resort is Nusa Dua. Clean and nice here, hotels are 90% filled by Russians. But the prices there... the Place is absolutely boring and kind of unnatural. Better for the money five times in Turkey or Egypt to go.

Hotels, guest houses

A few reviewers wrote that the housing in Bali more comfortable and cheaper than in Thailand. Lend better upon arrival... We have decided to settle on the Kut - inexpensive and popular beach in Bali.

Have bypassed, probably, all the guest houses in Kuta and Legian for a few, we went to everyone already for the sake of sport, but cheaper than 45$ (after bargaining) have not found anything more or less clean. And something comfortable with an Internet starts from$ 80 (after bargaining).

Decent hotels are best booked through Agoda (Agoda), from the counter, not traded. Legian generally cheaper than Kuta. Hotels and guest houses are mostly old fixtures that reminded us of Soviet times. Indonesian style we fell in love: the dark decor of the rooms and very little light. The water in the pools in Bali to clean, apparently, is not accepted. Evenings throw a few handfuls of chlorine and enough.

Cleaned rooms men and poorly cleaned. We lived in different places from 45 to 120 dollars for the room, but the price and a tip for the cleaning had no effect. Cheap Hastie (400t.RS) the cleaner never went to the bathroom for 6 days, no change of towels. In an expensive hotel, the towels were changed, but they were grey and tattered in places that it kind of hurt.

In General, the cleanliness and the comfort in Bali's better to forget even picky or too to remove hotels from$ 200 per room.

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For the first time in Asia, we met a lot of malodorous people. We've learned that in Thailand people watching the purity of the body and rarely meet him on the street person in dirty clothes with the smell of sweat.

From the Balinese, we at first shied away. The clothes they wash often... However, everything can be used.

Hardworking Balinese difficult to call. Most live in poverty, love to talk, love the holidays, and dream some magical way to get rich. Happy to blame the government, the weather, the Chinese and anything in my failed life, but not ready to get out at least around your own home. But, of course, not all are. Mainly those who work with tourists.

The Beauty Of Bali. What to see

Nature is really beautiful. The most wonderful attraction – the sunset. Watch the sunsets arrive early, and take place on the beaches and viewpoint. If not piles of garbage everywhere and local merchants, it would be possible to enjoy the views, lying on the sand.

To see volumetric clouds and stunning sunsets can be infinite.

Unfortunately relax does not fail due to traders. They are persecuted everywhere, even on deserted beaches, mountains or just a non-touristy places. They don't understand the word "no" and won't stop until you leave. Will tag along and compel. Moreover, if to feel sorry for them and buy something, then we will resort whole village, excitedly poking you in the face shit... the Egyptian merchants in comparison with the Indonesian pristavali just lovely and nice people.

Surprised when arrived on a deserted beach, where no tourists and no infrastructure. Only a dozen children played in the water. When they saw us, it is unclear where did you get your baubles... We've been running from them

All the tourists go to look at mountains, volcanoes, waterfalls, temples, etc. We did not understand what was interesting. Many traders, the people of the darkness, nothing special to watch. Maybe mountains can be an interesting city dweller, never not seen at least the Altai. Maybe we didn't get to enjoy the view due to the multitude of traders and adheres to the cloudy weather.

In General, Balinese sights left some confusion: "And what it was." In any case, should go once to form your own opinion, or at least to look at first all it on the Internet. Many people write like that, and I hope that not only the employees of travel agencies pore over "reviews".

By the way, winter in Bali rains. Prolonged rains may pour all day with a break for Breakfast and lunch, even for weeks, as it was in our case.

What is really like in Bali?

- A view of the volcano, which flew on the way to Bali. Don't know what it was for the volcano. Flew on a plane, the whole sky was covered with clouds, and saw the tip of a volcano sticking above the clouds.

Ubud - a unique place with its own flavor: If you decide to visit again in Bali, only in Ubud.

- Liked the flight on the helical plane from Bali to Lombok.

Useful tips

In laundries on the street is better not to take good things. Blur is bad and can pet a dirty iron. After such washing, high quality stuff left to throw away. But for cheap jerseys you can not be afraid.

Taxi. For short distances, catch a taxi meter Blue Bird. Within the Kuta-Legian so no more than 50 rupees

A taxi driver, which take on trips, pay with only at the end of the trip, otherwise you risk to stay somewhere in the mountains without transport.

If You need to go either early in the morning, go out in advance. We ordered Blue Bird taxi from the hotel at 4 am to the airport. Taxi just arrived at the reception and at that time nobody was there. We had through the pouring rain to go to catch the car. At 4 am it was not so easy. Well, got up in advance.

ATMs unfavorable rate. We've got about 8200 for $ 1, in exchange for the same 9100-9300, you can find and 10000.

So it's best to take cash dollars. Bills are appreciated-new, 2004

At the check-out is required to pay an airport tax of 150 t per person and 60t. per Luggage (now included in the ticket price).

Fill up with petrol cheaper at the pump, and not from a bottle.

We left Bali with a light heart, but I still wonder what did those who wrote rave reviews. Or it was long ago, and now it has become dirtier and more expensive? Or are we something still missing?

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On the island of Bali not so much exotic fruits, especially during their off-season ripening, and the prices are quite high. How do local justify such a high price: the island is small and there is almost nothing growing and all imported, so expensive. But I am inclined to them a little do not trust and think that high prices probably because of the desire to earn more money. If you search well away from the tourist places on the stalls and markets, you can find cheaper, but still prices are higher than in Thailand. For example, in may, I failed to find in Bali mango cheaper than 40000 rupees per kilogram, which is about 175 rubles, in Turkestan take even more expensive. And in Bangkok, at the same time in the supermarket and on the street local mango is from 25 baht per kilogram, which is 50 rubles. ...
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Everyone knows that Bali is a Paradise. But few people know that in this Paradise there is another small Paradise. Or rather three small Paradise in Paradise. This is the Gili Islands. But in this story we will talk about only one of them is Gili air.
The majority of tourists vacationing in Bali, do not even suspect that there are some very interesting small Islands with no cars, go carts and horses and power outages. We subtracted the island before the trip and included it in your itinerary. It was two wonderful days of our Bali holiday.
Transfer to Gili can be purchased at any local travel Agency. Prices vary from RS 350 000 to infinity. The average asking 500,000 rupees per person. As we traveled to Gili air from Ubud, we, of course, needed for the transfer. Boats to the Gili Islands depart from the pier of Padang Bay and runs a huge number of them from various travel agencies. We went to a couple of such travel agencies and, of course, chose the cheapest option. But if we knew what lies ahead for the economy. Looking ahead, say: "do Not take transfer of the company Hangari!". On the appointed day and time, we, with all the suitcases and enthusiasm, waiting for your Shuttle and here it is! Chic minivent, appearance survived a nuclear explosion, which in addition to the four of us were only a couple from Korea and all. Gone with the wind, but got stuck in traffic and the driver decided to go round a roundabout way. Jungles, villages, roads and then the door of the trunk open and suitcases Korean couples fall on the road, and we continue to go. Of course after a few meters, the driver stopped and loaded them back, but the situation repeated itself two more times and it was fun. Upon arrival at the port we were greeted by local ...
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Decided to tell you about the most hilarious taxi driver in Bali, but still with a good price for transportation. I highly recommend to all. He just charged us for the entire vacation. If you need a Shuttle service, would recommend. An-Chung - +62 819 1673 1213
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Hi all. When I was going to go to Bali a lot, watched and read and wondered about the food. You can eat food for local or not? In the end I went to the local market and together with the residents ate. Was very tasty and not expensive. With stomachs too, all was well.
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nausla May 9, 2019
Apparently I'm not that adventurous. :)
Or squeamish.))) ...

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