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Continue the theme of immigration on the tropical Paradise island of Bali. To delve into the sentimental details that first, it would not hurt to decide how you want this life: another culture, another language environment, and even at the resort, I will not. Here all the arguments are powerless. If a person wants to live in a place like Bali, it is difficult to somehow affect the world of his dreams, until he comes personally, and don't know what it's like from my own experience. I'm going to tell you about the peculiarities of local life through your own glasses.


English. English. And again English. I have always said and I will repeat how important it is to know him. Spoken, if not all, believe me, most of those people with whom you want to communicate. Without knowing the language you are condemning yourself to communicate only with a narrow circle of Russian supporters. I see people come here "no English", but I see that they stick. Im just getting bored. No matter how they tried to convince yourself otherwise, and the circle of friends and activities they will be limited.

But there is good news, English to learn, and learn in the process. Language is a living organism, if you plunge into its environment and, instead of hesitation, it will begin to teach, to ask, to chat, let your fingers, then very quickly come to the first communication skills, followed by everything else.

I was lucky. I studied English first at the Lyceum and then in College and am a translator by education. Think it's the most valuable investment of time and money as a student (unlike, faculty of management, where I studied after, and where teachers understand the meaning of the word "marketing" only from books, having no experience).

Advice to those who want to live in different countries and who have big plans, but currently no such opportunities – learn the language. He opens the door. Tested on himself.

With all this, having lived in Bali for over a year, I started to learn the local language. Want to...


In Bali there are no sidewalks, virtually no public transportation (city buses do not travel only between cities), traffic congestion and dashing motorcyclists, drivers of scooters (of mokikov). Without your own transport are here to do nothing. In the truest sense of the word. Of course, there are taxis, and you can rely on them, but this option is unlikely to be convenient.

I went to Bali without the experience and skill driving (I still don't know how to drive), but with a firm decision to get behind the wheel of a motorbike. And sat still. The month I was in a quiet area, and then "went to town". What can I say? I was even difficult to imagine yourself behind the wheel of a car – it's slow jams, and you can go with the wind.

Rent a bike about 60 dollars a month.

Rent a car somewhere 250-350 dollars a month for a new Toyota.

Friends. Relationship. Love.

Any resort is known for its ease and insouciance in matters of relationships, new acquaintances and novels, but to live in such an environment is not always easy.

Friends move away, relationships end (in two weeks), love fast. It is a resort. I know many girls who have lived here for several years, but still in the search. I don't want to scare you or to dissuade you, but this side of the issue exists, it is visible, it discuss. Here appreciated the "easy relationship" — a casual relationship. At least two of my friends left Bali because of the "nothing to catch" sorry for the slang. So if you "catch" — think. for my love story, in fact quite the contrary, I found love here, on Bali.

Searches in Russia, travel, life in Nepal and Thailand, has led me on a mysterious island, where, quite unexpectedly and, even surprisingly, I met David. I never thought about the nationality of your young person, on the contrary said:

I am looking for personality, not for nationality

But still, having lived in Bali for more than six months (by the time we met), and having only one local (and 550 colleagues), I couldn't imagine what my choice will be baliet....we seemed too different. But it turned out very similar. But it is not a nationality, as you know, it's all about personality...

Now I'm happy, even I want to write: "I recommend to All! Tested on itself", but I'm afraid I don't understand.

Making new friends on the island too, a kind of story. A lot of surface relationships, many "fast food", but if you so much as I do, feel comfortable with a small circle of friends and you don't need to endlessly integrate into the fellowship and parties, you will be comfortable. I could care less about the Russian community in Bali, surf parties and more. Someone I know, someone not. Someone maintain communication with someone there, and most of all appreciate people who don't need it "support". Yes, I approve. I don't need to hold onto someone's sleeve just has a friend away from home, prefer to communicate only with like-minded people who do not need daily proof "of our relationship."

Moving is always a difficult thing. I can guarantee that you have "more time and relax" on arrival. But if you are quite self-sufficient, and moving is not an escape and not a "pink Mirage", it will be easier. And not even very good in the end.

Soft landing on the island of the Gods!

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