To move to live in Bali. Features tropical immigration (from Alishha)

How to move to Bali? The most frequently asked question, which sounds mouth compatriots in different persons. How to find housing? How to make visa? How to find a job? How, how, how?

I rarely, almost never advise on these issues. Just know that the more answers you will find yourself a break far from any one source, the faster and more comfortable "acclimatization" to a new life. One informant (even I) can't see the picture objectively, from all sides, and this is the first stage is a must. Therefore, the main secret to a successful move to a tropical country is the possession of information (obtained independently). I'm willing to show in what direction to "dig".


If you are coming to Bali to live, you'll like social or business visa. As for business visas, it gives more space than social, but still does not give the right to work in the country (even in their own factory, if you will open). Residence permit (Kitas), which makes you a full member of society is expensive and difficult to open. A great start to your long and fruitful relationship with Indonesia is social visa. It can be access through a specialized Agency.

Social visa allows you to live in the country up to 6 months (and then have to leave and get a new visa). Visas are issued outside of Indonesia, for example, in the embassies of Singapore, Skypark Lumpur or Bangkok, first for two months, and then monthly extended 4 times. A total of 6 Balinese months of your life There are two ways:

to come to Bali on a tourist visa (which is extended once), and after two months to fly to Singapore for social or business visa


immediately to fly, for example, in Singapore, to issue a social visa and land in Bali already with the "social" in the passport.

When I first flew to Bali, I had originally requested the documents in the Agency Bali Mood, took them 30 dollars and opened a social visa in Kuala Lumpur ($50), which is then successfully extended using the same agencies ($65 monthly).


All experienca life in Bali is concentrated in the South. The most popular areas for foreigners living considered as Kuta, Seminyak, Bukit, Nusa Dua, Canggu, and apart from them is the town of Ubud, as it has close access to the sea, but invites people from all over the world the charm of the rice terraces, and probably magic. Ubud is Bali's capital of yoga, meditation and knowledge.

To advise a particular area is difficult, each has its own characteristics. Lovers of night life of Seminyak is unlikely to seduce the beauties of Bukit permanent residence. It all depends on what you like. I recommend reading on the web about each of the regions (from different authors), and then, arriving at the island, take a ride yourself and make a conclusion.

Try to find housing for long-term living remotely, even from Russia, in my opinion is not very reasonable, especially when in Bali, never been there. It is much better to choose on the spot and compare options.

Universal recipe how to find a good home, again, does not exist. We need to look. First, it makes sense to talk with the local realtors and see what they have in stock. Already in the Russian social networks offers enough search homes and villas on Bali. Another issue is that the realtor is not profitable to work with low-cost real estate, so the proposal would be appropriate. The next step boards. You can find them in different coffee shops (e.g., Moko cafe in Seminyak), there are some good suggestions. Well, the most common way is to drive and to drive around different areas. To read signs, communicate with people. The more people will know that you are looking for accommodation – the faster you will find it.

The price of a small house with two bedrooms starts from $ 300 per month and up to infinity for a luxury Villa. The best deals are renting for at least a year, or even two. But you can find great value and quality. Selection of properties in Bali is very large, but the search doesn't get easier. On arrival it is better to stay in the guest-house or hotel, at least for a week, and to devote all forces to search their own homes.


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admin May 30, 2018
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admin Jun 11, 2018
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admin 19 July, 2018
On the island of Bali not so much exotic fruits, especially during their off-season ripening, and the prices are quite high. How do local justify such a high price: the island is small and there is almost nothing growing and all imported, so expensive. But I am inclined to them a little do not trust and think that high prices probably because of the desire to earn more money. If you search well away from the tourist places on the stalls and markets, you can find cheaper, but still prices are higher than in Thailand. For example, in may, I failed to find in Bali mango cheaper than 40000 rupees per kilogram, which is about 175 rubles, in Turkestan take even more expensive. And in Bangkok, at the same time in the supermarket and on the street local mango is from 25 baht per kilogram, which is 50 rubles. ...
admin 19 August, 2018
And what to argue, I really wrote it the same resorts? Just the opposite. As far as your opinion about Seminyak, it is the place to be, it's your opinion. Don't be so bad and categorical about it, because hundreds of thousands of tourists every year "vote" for traditional resorts and not "reservation" that keep going back there. And that this is real life Islands now as in Seminyak and in other places, what do you think that in Bali there are some places as it was before? Such places are almost there. ...

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