International standard symbols types of food, types of accommodation, classification of hotels

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Almost always when booking hotels via the Internet or when choosing a hotel in case of purchase of travel vouchers, we are faced with generally accepted international designation of types of food (HB, BB..), types of rooms (standard, Junior...), types of room, hotel classification star. In order not to get lost in these symbols and not to be mistaken with a choice, use the following information. To search use Ctrl+F or other, appropriate to your browser.

And when you will understand all the tricks of the legend hotels, you can try to find and book a hotel online on the websites or Agoda.comor using the search system hotels Agoda. Russian interface and Russian-speaking customer support, easy filtering hotels by amenities and price is:

Types of food

Завтрак в отеле S, NA (only bed, not absent), RO (room only) - no power.
CB (Continental Breakfast, continental Breakfast) - coffee or tea, juice, bread, butter, jam.
English breakfast, English Breakfast coffee or tea, juice, scrambled eggs, toast, butter, jam.
ABF (American breakfast, American Breakfast) - the same as continental plus bacon and eggs.
BB (bed & breakfast) – Breakfast (buffet).
HB (half board) – half Board includes Breakfast and dinner (buffet).
HB+ - extended half-Board includes in addition to the standard HB local beverages during meals.
FB (full board) - full Board includes Breakfast, lunch and dinner (buffet).
FB+ - full Board enhanced, in addition to the standard FB including local beverages during meals.
Mini all inclusive – a kind of FB, in addition to the standard includes locally produced drinks throughout the day in limited quantities.
ALL, Al (all inclusive) all inclusive. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, late dinner (buffet). Local beverages throughout the day. As well as additional meals during the day at beaches, pools, etc.
SA - super all offers one paid option for free in various times it may be: ice cream, juices, drinks, etc.
UAL, UAI (ultra aIl inclusive) - ultra all inclusive. Same as ALL, plus the drinks are imported, in many hotels the food and drinks around the clock.
HCAL (hign class all inclusive) – the same as UAL, plus all services are free, with the exception of a doctor, a hairdresser, shops, telephone and water sports.

Classification of accommodation

Номер в отеле SGL (Single) - single occupancy (sometimes one person is placed in a double room).
DBL (Double) - double (one big bed).
TWN (Twin) - double occupancy (twin beds).
TRPL (Triple) - triple room (for three adults is a 3 – bed room for two adults and a child can be double room with possibility of extra bed).
QDPL (Quadriple) - quadruple occupancy (mainly with children).
ExB (Extra Bed) - extra bed (for child up to 12 years).
Chld (Child) – the child; (CH - a child 12-15 years old; ch - child under 6 years of inf - child 0-2 years).
SC (SGL+Chld) – one adult and child.
DC (DBL+Chld) - two adults and a child.
SGL+2Chld - one adult and two children.
DBL+2Chld - two adults and two children.

Classification of the rooms

Номер в отеле STD (standard) - standard room.
BDR, BDRM (bedroom) - room with a bedroom.
Superior – superior room (larger than standard)
studio - Studio (room with kitchen).
family room - family room (larger than standard).
family studio – family room consists of two rooms.
extra bed (or king size) room features a large double bed.
suite room consisting of living room and bedroom.
mini suite (junior) – superior room.
de luxe - double room big size with a more expensive setting for a minimum of two rooms.
business - a large square room with a computer and Fax machine designed for the job.
honeymoon room - room for the newlyweds.
connected rooms – adjoining rooms with a door between.
duplex - two-story great room.
apartment – apartments, analogue of apartments consisting of several rooms and a kitchen.
president - the most luxurious rooms consisting of several bedrooms, living room, office, several bathrooms and toilets.

Classification according to location of rooms

Бунгало MB (Main Building) - main building of the hotel.
BGL, BG (Bungalow) Bungalow; house, separate detached from the main building. Most often one or two storey.
Chale - annexe to the main house or a detached house
Cabana - beach hut (near the pool), Bungalow type.
Cottage - cottage.
Villa - Villa
Executive Floor - single or multiple floors in the hotel with a high level of service

Classification of rooms and the view from the window

Вид из окна отеля City view - a view of the city;
Beach view - beach view;
Pool view - pool view;
Garden view - garden view;
Ocean view - ocean view;
Land view - land view;
Dune view - a view of the dunes, Sands;
Mountain view - mountain view;
Park view - Park view;
SV Sea view - sea view;
SSV, Side Sea view - side sea view;
Inside view - a view of the atrium or the interior of the hotel;
Valley view - valley view.
ROH (run of the house) without specified type of room and view from the window

Classification of hotels (star category)

Звездность отеля

To characterize the quality and service level of hotels according to the international classification (more precisely, it is the European classification system) the accommodation is assigned a level from 1 to 5 stars. The higher the number (number of stars), the higher the quality. Anything over five stars - it's just marketing moves of the hotels, not having a valid classification relationship. The evaluation system is quite complicated, but for ordinary people it can be described with the following options:

  • One star. As a rule it is hotels located on the outskirts of cities or resorts in a bad spot. In most cases these are very small hotels with number of rooms to 10, sometimes family hotel. The food here is not offered (the kitchen is fully absent), the working time of the staff during the day (at night no one was found in a night-time curfew). In the room besides the bed and bedside tables nothing. Shower in the room also can not be (shared on the floor or the entire hotel). To stay in these hotels for the rest, it is rather a place along the route in order to sleep.
  • Two stars. A room in such hotels already implies the existence of a soul, TV and air-conditioning (sometimes extra). Such hotels can offer a Breakfast. Restrictions on entrance at night not. Typically, these hotels are only used for the night along the route.
  • Three stars. This is the most common type hotels. In the rooms of these hotels have all the amenities for a long stay, but no frills. The room is sure to be a shower or bathroom, TV, telephone, can be a fridge or mini-bar. You receive the variety in the types of rooms in size and capacity, the level of the situation. On-site three-star hotels may be your pool.
  • Four stars. These hotels differ from the star obligatory availability of Parking, great location (on the beach or in the city center), high level of service. Many additional services the hotel offers free buses to the shopping malls and beaches, transfers to and from airport and gyms, swimming pools, aquaparks, own beach loungers on the public beach, etc.
  • Five stars. Hotels in this category offer on their site all reviews. Theoretically, guests need not even step outside the hotel if they so wish, and all the entertainment they find in a hotel. Shops, night clubs, massage parlors, bars, restaurants etc are all necessary for a stay of infrastructure: Laundry, dry cleaning, meeting rooms, and business centers. The rooms are of a great variety, from simple single room with a good furnished to luxury VIP-rooms.

Classification of hotels in Greece is in Latin letters. In some countries there is no official system of classification of hotels and the star rating assigned on the basis of the views of the guests, competitors, travel agencies or determined subjectively by the owners of the hotel.

There are additional categories of classification of hotels (the hotels):

  • HV1 hotel club system the first category, consisting of villas or cottages. Matches 4-5* hotels.
  • HV2 - club hotel lower 2nd category. This corresponds to 3* hotel.

Classification of hotels (hotels) in Greece :

  • De Luxe corresponds to the hotel 4-5*
  • A - hotel 3-4*
  • In the hotel 2-3*
  • With hotel 1-2*
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