Tourists and yoga at the same time

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Tourists are ready to pay any money for the trip to distant lands in search of unknown feelings, much less than who is buying tours to Egypt or Turkey, but because travel agencies annually swell the list of their services, referring to the range of interests that is able to attract new interested customer.

Especially for those who are difficult to surprise, there are so-called esoteric tourism, which today is booming and is in high demand. According to tour operators, the popularity of esoteric tours increases each year by approximately 25-30%.

The concept of "esoteric tourism", according to the experts, was formed relatively recently — about 12-14 years ago, at the intersection of ecology, tourism and yoga. "Esoteric tourism is a culture travel, the art of pilgrimage by sacred places of our planet,— says Anna Shokina, tour operator Centre of esoteric tourism.— Over the recent years there is an extraordinary rise in demand for this kind of tourism, and this is because people engaged in their spiritual growth." In these tours combine recreation and leisure, journey and adventure, and a variety of health practices help a person become more strong and healthy.

According to Valentina Kurochkina, head of the esoteric sports club "Unexplored world", "the main objective of esoteric tourism is the attempt to reveal the goals and values of human existence, the desire to teach him to be happy, not yesterday or tomorrow but here and now."

As such, the classification of esoteric tours does not exist, however, experts identify several species, including familiarization, mystical, Wellness. The main difference between these tours from the usual is that the main goal is obtaining spiritual knowledge (the theory in this direction is of great importance, in particular, seminars and workshops in nature) and practical skills as well as increasing the spiritual level of a person.

"Esoteric tours different from the usual that, in addition to the historical cutoff, we are interested in the energy area, which is sent, in particular, its history and mythology," says Anna Shokina.

Esoteric tours are carried out both within Ukraine and abroad. The most popular destination for such tours within the country is Crimea. According to tour operators, most of the Peninsula impregnated with positive energy and therefore, problems with the choice of location does not occur: "According to legend, the Crimea was the dwelling place of the Amazons, the Peninsula is saturated with the feminine energy and has a positive impact on the spiritual development of man." Places of power are uneven, but most of them are near Sevastopol, in the Bakhchsarai area and on the southern coast of the Crimea. In addition, these places are known as a health resort. So, it is very popular treatment in Yevpatoria , a seaside resort town.

Depending on the desires and preferences of the client, the tour operator offers walking, driving and car and walking tour options, accommodation in hotels or tents, the presence of chefs, sporting events (particularly diving), and other services.

For those who want to know themselves in the atmosphere of Eastern culture, there are esoteric tours to Egypt, Tibet, Jerusalem, India, China, Burma, Bhutan, Thailand, Nepal, Mexico or Peru. Also popular Russia: Altai, Baikal, Karelia, the Valdai, the Kola Peninsula, Siberia, the Urals and the Volga river.

The cost of such tours depends on the conditions of stay, location and duration (typically 3-14 days) — price varies from $100 to $3 thousand, in the case of individual ordering this figure increases by about two times.

Author: Tamila ABLAEVA

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