What are you hiding from tourists in Egypt (the secrets of economical vacation)

Пирамиды в Гизе, Египет

Many of the millions of Russians who every year visit Egypt, think they know absolutely everything about this country. Meanwhile, you know, a lot of important, interesting you kept. Where it is possible to save money, a place to find new and interesting sights, or just a delicious and inexpensive lunch.


As soon as do not cheat our tourists with visas! Some firms do not shy to offer assistance with visas, full visa support (if that sticker authorizing entry, can be purchased for $ 15 at the airport of arrival). Those who are flying to Sinai, the visa is not needed. If you are going to not more than 15 days silently to spend on the beach in Sharm El Sheikh and to get out is that on the mountain Moses and St. Catherine's monastery, but do not plan to leave the Peninsula, you don't have to pay. Your passport has put the so-called "Sinai stamp", exactly the same as if you arrived to Egypt on a tour of Israel. And sometimes the guards, wanting to get tourists more money, they say that all citizens of Russia to buy a visa necessarily. Do not believe! One only has to ask them to speak to a supervisor, as the situation is resolved. But keep in mind that by choosing this option, you are depriving yourself of the opportunity to go on a trip to Cairo, Giza, Luxor or Alexandria. Between Sinai and the mainland real border, traditional Egyptian visas to cross it you will not succeed.


For some reason, many think that Egypt can be reached only by Charter some firms, having bought her as a complete package. But from Moscow to Cairo fly regularly, for example, "Aeroflot", and the Egyptian airline Egypt Air, and from Moscow to Sharm El-Sheikh - "Transaero". All these carriers from time to time arrange sales, so to reach the African coast can be very low.


Отель в Египте

If you have bought a ticket, and a hotel to choose without prompting. Of course, sometimes the travel company will take a lot of rooms in bulk, and then selling the remains on the cheap. But when you buy a tour for a penny, there is always a chance that you will stay in this hole. If you look in Egypt you can find good and cheap hotels. Just need to decide where you want to settle down and choose the appropriate deals. Those who are not in principle rest on the sea, it makes sense to think about a very cheap and good hotels in remote oases. You will be surprised to know that in a small town in the desert offers spacious, comfortable rooms, delicious food, swimming pools with thermal water. Another definite plus - a small number of fellow tourists. In this place you have a chance to relax and completely disconnect from everyday life. In the afternoon you can see the surroundings, you can explore the dunes and in the evening to smoke hookah. And all the pleasure will cost per day to 20-30 euros for a room!


Every tourist travelling to Egypt, of course, you need to look at the great pyramid at Giza. However, once at their base, some will be disappointed. Multilingual noisy crowd of visitors and traders who would trample you with horses and camels (the Arabs sincerely believe that it is unbecoming for a white man to go a few hundred meters and, most importantly, without paying them baksheesh) - it seems that it is a real tower of Babel. And in a quarter of an hour drive from Giza to Memphis there are other pyramids, more modest, but producing a strong impression. The guides usually call them "unimportant", but you already know that guides should not be trusted!

Mummies and tombs

You have probably seen the mummy in the Pushkin Museum in Moscow or the Louvre in Paris. You might want to look at them in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. But we encourage you to go to the Western Libyan desert in a little-known oasis Bahariya where tourists practically do not carry. Be sure to visit the local Museum for the "Golden mummies", covered with a layer of gold and amazing paintings! They were found just 10 years ago. Unlike any Museum in the world, here you can find the most authentic ancient Egyptian tomb (located a few hundred meters from the Museum), to go down into it by a steep staircase and to consider the burial and pseudo-burial chamber with painted walls.


Most of the tourists on our own experience what to eat in Egypt is problematic. A choice of either faceless food from all-inclusive or recommended by the guide respectable full of tourists a restaurant with expensive and often poor quality food. While nearby may not be the perfect, but focused solely on the local institution. When you walk into this place, the natives look at you with amazement because they think that their modest food may not be of interest to the foreign visitor. Its because you need to potevate exclusively europeanjapanese dishes in an all-inclusive!

But, if you really interested to get acquainted with the country, try to eat like a local. Savour delicious and nourishing Egyptian dish koshary. A huge bowl with a fragrant blend of lentils, onions, rice, pasta and spices will cost you a little more than half a Euro. If this seems a little, just pennies to purchase another favorite Egyptian fast food- falafel, vegetable fried cutlets, which are often embedded in the pellet.


Tourists in Egypt once warned that we should not drink water from the tap, no need to rinse teeth. Water should be boiled, and bottled is better. Some tourists after this introduction cease to use water, preferring exclusively beer and soda from the bars all-inclusive.

But in Egypt, there are far more interesting and refreshing drinks, which for some unknown reason, keep from tourists in secret. For example, the popular hibiscus tea or very unfamiliar to us freshly squeezed juice from sugar cane. On the streets of any Egyptian city you'll find a diner, where there is like a huge refrigerator unit, in which thrust long green stick. It should be fresh for about 20 cents!


Серфинг в Египте

We're talking surfing - mean Dahab. The best places to ride in strong winds or to learn in a protected lagoon, not to find, do you think? Anything else you a travel Agency and does not offer. But if you are little interested in noisy parties, it is best to choose a little of El-Tur. It is a small village located hundred kilometers from Sharm El-Sheikh and favorably aspiring to the glamour of Dahab simplicity and authenticity. A large lagoon allows you to practice on calm water, without the risk of being blown to sea, and a Russian surf-station removes any problems with language barrier.

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In Egypt not so expensive, it is possible for the sea to relax, and to travel. You can eat in the hotel, the Swiss table, the choice is too big. ...
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If you have several people can you rent a car, convenient. ...
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There were many times in Sharm. And still would go, but that's scary. The most memorable journeys oddly enough received there, though visited many places. This night climbing Moses mountain and St. Catherine monastery, Safari, tours of quarries, the Bay Calladine and more. Some of their roads are worth. It is very colorful. Well, fish of course))) ...
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By the way, if to drive off from Hurghada a little bit, you will find yourself in Makadi Bay, where the local population does not live - it is purely a tourist place, there are concentrated only hotels. We liked it. ...
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dangerous even to the bakery for bread to go .if you afraid of everything .you have to stay at home. ...
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Oh well, there is a lot of fun. ...
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Relax here for a few weeks, Yes. But to live - definitely not. A completely different mentality. ...

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