Crazy Egyptian taxi drivers

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Такси Египта

Sometimes I think they're crazy. I mean the Egyptian taxi drivers. Absolutely crazy guys, the purpose of life is to bring to the grave more tourists. To ride the defenseless foreigner with a breeze on busy transport roads, scare to death, to bring to a heart attack, and then, with your ten pounds, to dart away into the unknown in search of the next victim... If you think I'm joking, you are mistaken. I complain.

Taxi drivers are the greatest nuisance resort Egypt. Or this: sharks and taxi drivers. But with the sharks can somehow fight, for example not to go into the sea, confining the pool. Well, that bleach. But not a single predator (not counting the bartender, that the "all inclusive" blatantly not top up the glasses). With taxi drivers it is impossible to fight. They are invincible.

Here is the story of one taxi ride at a half-empty Hurghada, which happened to us last year. It was in March 2010. A modest "three" in the center of the new city (Regina, if anyone needed more precise information). Four Russian tourists we are. And a strange desire to move from one point to another by taxi. For ten pounds. At all.

We were completely sober. We did not pursue fits of temporary insanity or sick fantasies. And we have voluntarily decided to ride on the Egyptian taxi. Madmen! Reckless adventurers!

Египетский таксист

The taxi driver we caught relatively quickly. More precisely, he's caught us, recognizing the desire to explore the face: We're not sure we want it or not. And he already knew. And threw his unit of the brand "Chevrolet" diagonal road, separating in busy traffic, scattering vehicles, the deafening horn signals.

We got a little bit scared. Drove out of the car and rushed us, shouting inaudible words. One of us, the most courageous, in the past, the sailor-whaler mortally turned pale and almost ran away. But from the Egyptian taxi driver will not run...

We announced the route. The face of the driver is illuminated with a happy smile. He said that the road is long and we will have to pay a hundred pounds. We offered five. And began a heated discussion.

Price managed to shoot down exactly ten times - we agreed on ten pounds. Drove almost cried, portraying a wild regret. In English he spoke. In Russian - even more so. We would not know a word of Arabic. Nevertheless, perfectly understand each other.

Then we got in the car. A big plus was the air conditioning. But we also found some negative - the air conditioning was not working. But worked fine for radio. Kerf at full volume to music and happily saying that it is the latest hit local star AMR Diab, the taxi driver has given on gases. The car jumped into traffic, pushing the sides of other cars as sport boat in the crowded courts of the river.

Acceleration and the squeal of brakes. We turned white and clutched at the backs of the front seats. Sitting next to the driver former sailor hurt hit his head on the front panel. "Victor, you're alive" - we asked. Carrier devilishly laughed and again gave on gases.

Then there was a left turn, another turn. At breakneck speed we jumped onto the sidewalk, scattering the strolling tourists. "Chorale" khodka was in traffic a sort of accountant, then Hughes, then getting up on its hind legs. Anyway, we were sure that the car does not concern the road the front wheels, because we don't see it someone else was controlling.

Ahead he saw a policeman on a motorcycle. We cheered. Carrier gave the signal, welcoming the police. He replied him a long smile, and the same brutal, agony hearing the signal. The taxi driver added gas. The speedometer ran into the Rev limiter. In my opinion, the device showed three hundred kilometers per hour. Or even three hundred fifty.

We pulled out on a country road... and landed in traffic. Ahead was some kind of accident. Carrier began to explain something to us in Arabic. And we realized it is crashed, someone from the taxi drivers. And the whole road was strewn with corpses of tourists (it was later revealed that some of the truck tire burst and the car did not have time to pull to the curb).

На дорогах Египта

What would a taxi driver landed in such a situation? Would have stood quietly in traffic, waiting for the canoe will resolve. What did the Egyptian carrier? He drove onto oncoming traffic, with a crash after having passed the dividing border.

And here began the most terrible. This Schumacher squeezed out of the unfortunate "Chevrolet" all that the car was capable of. Some three hundred kilometers per hour? All five hundred! For the opposite! Maneuvering between the deafening beeping buses, and the same taxi... do You think oncoming drivers have expressed outrage? They welcomed this killer! They are the signals conveyed to him warm greetings, waving hands and smiling!

The sailor put her hands over her face. I began to remember a prayer, but nothing but "and let me suffer the severe punishment of the Soviet people" had not occurred. Our women hugged and sobbed. Their youth haircut acquired an unusual appearance - the hair was standing on end, hair to hair.

Deftly unscrewing the nose of a hefty two-storey intercity bus, our driver jumped again into his already free lane and... added gas. We believed that add was nothing, but I was wrong. The car lunged forward.

And there loomed the hotel in which we traveled. I think it was "Titanic". Oh, My God.

The taxi driver famously, with the u-turn, slowed down. We fell on its side. The cabin smelled of burnt rubber. The car was enveloped in a cloud of dust. We instantly fell out.

"Everything okay?" gestures asked drove. We gave him the money. With a flash of a smile, the taxi driver pulled the car from the scene, showering us tight jets road dust.

It was not the hotel that we needed. Had to come back. This time on the bus, whose driver was foster brother of the taxi driver. To the place he took us to predinfarktnom as only five pounds...

The remainder of the holiday ten days we went to Hurghada on foot.

If you think I'm in his story, something glossed over, then frankly, Yes, embellished. The speedometer was three hundred kilometers per hour, but only two hundred ninety-nine. The rest - the truth.

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