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The view from the room

26.12.2008-07.01.2009, From the airport to the hotel (we were dropped off first) on the bus with a capacity of 25 people, we drove 2 hours 160 km. Everything was decorous and noble. After watching the news about the accident 2 at this track, to be honest, were ready to go to the hotel on foot, BUT!!! This entire trip has never experienced any frightening situation. The drivers were all quite adequate (we went nights on the tour 3 times and 1 time a day, I went to the local taxi driver in Dahab).

About the placement:
arrived at the hotel around 16 hours and 1 couple from our plane. I don't even have time to understand that all the formalities with the location settled, as we were led into the room. We had a room in the Central part of the 3rd corps on the 3rd floor. First wanted at first (the room is bigger and the room), but when I saw that the door Windows facing the track - crossed, not letting the 1st floor (I'm not a fish to live in the aquarium for all to see):)

About the room:
in the room everything is clean, everything works, except the safe, which for 15 minutes was replaced by another, working. Clean the rooms adequately, regularly give out all the "fertilizer" for body and hair care (2 shampoo, 2 body wash, 2 conditioners, 2 body lotion!!! sometimes given soap, seldom, only 2-3 times), plastic bags give 1 every 2 days, but toilet paper - 2 roll every day, BUT there were problems with polotenechko for hands 20*20cm (on arrival we gave them). Polotenechko have always had to knock out a fight, but the victory was rarely on our side. Do not say much, not much to show (1 time even complained the Russian-speaking representative of the Hilton) - Ni-Fi-ka!!! Bring anything and all you want, but not what you need!!!
Hair dryer in the room - just a beast!!! Water in room - 2*1.5 l clean water and 2*,05l (or Sprite, or coke, or Fanta) - regularly, without any problems.

Sunset on the beach

Infrastructure of the hotel and more:
The cost of a call from the hotel to anywhere in the world - 5$!!! Talked 2 times with Israel, paid$30:(
Taxi "MAX" order in the hotel (near the reception), but you have to bargain necessarily, can bring down the price by 25-30%.
All the shops in the hotel - only for inhabitants of rublevki. PRICES!!! (In the village everything is cheaper, some items 10 times!!!)

About restaurants:
The main restaurant - the service is good, it is clear that the boys try and load them creepy! The food is quite tasty and varied. Freshly squeezed juices for Breakfast every day - orange, 2-3 days added carrot. In addition to vile "Zuko" boys bring packaged juices are of good quality.
Tea, coffee pudding spill.
Fruit - the sea.
Baking (sweet) a lot, but we have SUCH ("not alive") is not love, although some have nothing. Bread all delicious, live. A DELICIOUS jelly!
Every night cooked on the outside grill of all (theme nights).
So MANY hard, soft and wet cheeses!!! That's where FANTASTIC!!!
PS Eat at the restaurant the boy-waiter - a miracle!!! (serving the left part of the restaurant) With all that he's worse than Quasimodo, small, fat, with feet wheel, with crooked teeth, runs like a monkey, BUT!!! It is so nice, courteous, responsible, helpful, friendly, that after 5 minutes you forget about the looks! He is the BEST waiter!!! Recommend!
The second restaurant, the pizza is delicious, but how much we did not go there, always left one feeling: so-Fi-ka we even doing in Egypt!? Something uncomfortable, it's dismissive, with some humiliation, that is...
In the paid restaurant was - just forgot about it:(

About site:

Night flight lionfish
Big, green, well-groomed. The gardeners work every day: something cut, thrown, dug, fed!
Public toilets are clean, without a hint of "a-La-sovdepii toilet". In the vases on the sinks are fresh flowers!

On the beach:
Net sand and pebble beach, but the sand is very large and of a hard and thorny (I'm used to Vietnamese sand like powdered sugar - I was not comfortable, but is the cost of education:))
Ashtrays each umbrella.
There are many beds, screens are not enough, especially when the strong wind.
On arrival we were not given cards for towels, but it did not affect our stay - we just each time recorded in the log.
Again, the costs of education - I'm not used the whole day to do one with a towel - it's disgusting to lie to rot on wet, wet to dry.
On the beach there is a long pontoon - that's where Paradise DAY for snorkeling for dummies (first tried on this trip), and in the NIGHT for observing the fish!

Fly in the ointment:

Beach, bar
When buying a round I was told that dinner in NY you can not refuse and it costs 100$. Paid 100*2 for 2... 4 days, booked a table. At this time, the us announced that if you want champagne you need to still pay 100 bucks a bottle (we give the local Egyptian wine!!!) For$ 100 you can buy 4 bottles of Asti Mondoro! When booking we were told it started at 20.00 - cornered.. the Tables are set closer to 21.00 started to worry - at home, NC!!! To drink is that (local vodka, gin and escho something), but the snacks only from 21.00 - just like in the zoo: feeding hourly. All this hour the music just SCREAMED so that her head was bad...
At 21.00 all called to the food: there was a line (not enough plates, people loaded available plates for 10-15 mins) - some stood in line for 30-40 min. the Food ran out.
I had already started to climb t (repurchased, and sat in the car under the air conditioner). My husband and I for their of$ 200 were able to snatch only 3 pieces of chicken shish kebab, drank 2 drink of vodka and went to the room...
Those who remained, said to 23.57 went to dance, and when he returned - in 00.01 - the tables were clean!!! Well, what they shook us down for$ 100??? Here is the circus and zoo in one bottle:)

In Sharm some were still cool - even local vodkas and gins were not given, were forced to buy, food took 23 hours, and 23 hours room service restaurant dancing where d/b and dance guests. BUT! Guests of the place was not...:(

About the excursions: Even from this darkness cockroaches offered 10 pieces of the city (Cairo, Monastery of Saint. Catherine, Colored canyon, Israel, Jordan, "fishing", etc.). We chose (price per person):
- Petra, Jordan - 190$
- Israel, 2 days - 330$
- "fishing" - 50$
That's where it is worth noting the work of Pegasus - all is well organized, good buses, a lot of information.
In Jordan - a GREAT, WONDERFUL guide - Natalia, the driver was lovely, great lunch at the restaurant in Movenpick.
What I can say about the guide in Israel - Dina - narcissistic ..., accommodation overnight in a hotel at the hospital!!!:(the feeding - in eatery, where water for drinking in jugs poured directly from the tap - brrr:(, on the Dead sea brought us to the MOST expensive shop of cosmetics of the Dead sea, where there are no prices below$ 50 and the soap costs$ 10... After no bus, nothing bought at the Diamond factory (tour 2.5 hours there, she organized on their own initiative to mention the fact that there we were quickly and well fed. Garbage - 30 min. we were waiting for their turn for Nigerians:(:(:() she gave us a real tantrum, one of the women even yelled, refused to answer questions. Special thanks to the Israeli driver is a miracle! 2 days driving all the decorum and noble! Well done!

Author: Olga X

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sunMYLOVE Jan 12, 2016
In Egypt not so expensive, it is possible for the sea to relax, and to travel. You can eat in the hotel, the Swiss table, the choice is too big. ...
sunMYLOVE March 21, 2016
If you have several people can you rent a car, convenient. ...
olgaolgina16 18 October, 2016
There is also a large hotel where you can relax without animation. ...
MiLoVa 12 May, 2018
By the way, if to drive off from Hurghada a little bit, you will find yourself in Makadi Bay, where the local population does not live - it is purely a tourist place, there are concentrated only hotels. We liked it. ...
rainbow 18 July, 2018
dangerous even to the bakery for bread to go .if you afraid of everything .you have to stay at home. ...
Anafiel 9 July, 2019
No, the sandstorms, the city without greenery, the hot the cold, the huge mosquitoes... brrr. And debris. Mountains of debris. And people are quite different. ...
nausla August 31, 2019
In vain. I was not, for example.
I was only interested in the sea. ...
Burenina Nataliya 29 September, 2019
Useless Souvenirs and magnets have long trips don't drive. Prefer that you can drink or eat, in one word something practical. I brought tea, coffee (not great, but it's OK), I cite every time the teas from different roots and herbs, they are delicious and fresh there. Brought spices. Bought myself a cotton dress and cotton summer blouses. All good quality and our money is very cheap. A friend brought the wine Omar Khayyam, there are white and pink. She already knew this wine, I tried - I did not like. But I do not drink alcohol, he told me the whole don't like. It is still possible to buy natural soap, oil and perfume. My friend's husband is Egyptian, he lives in Egypt and she's here in Moscow. She enjoys and loves balms like our stars, hair oil, natural soap. ...
nausla 29 September, 2019
The main direction of course of the Red sea, there will not argue.
And this is understandable, such a diversity of underwater life anywhere close will not see.
In fact, those who understand, go not into Egypt namely the sea. :D
And go for a short time.
But there is also a "Radialka" in Cairo, desert, Abu Simbel, etc.:) ...
Robert December 5, 2019
Hi! In Egypt, I was 2 times: with friends, with my wife (then fiancee). Teammates took the hotel Logaina Sharm Resorts. What do You say? The guy who greeted us at reception, in English, of course, speaking with great difficulty. With him and sign language you can learn. The apartment was dirty – probably the tenants had just moved and all have not yet. We all understand, of course, but what do we do? On the floor was kind of sticky puddle that was removed for some reason in the last turn. Immediately not advise staying in it! Took 2 bedroom apartment and of course expect the best, like all normal people.
Wife and I took a room at the Old Vic Resort Sharm. Here was completely different. Took a standard double room with one bed. It is small, but for two people very spacious. Unlike Logaina Sharm Resorts – clean. Just say that the wife in open spaces – the sea, the oceans are afraid to swim, she has this phobia since childhood. So she attacked storm the pool. And again it's "different"! Unlike pool Logaina Sharm Resorts, it is clear that it is clean. Because the passing hair and leftovers – not the most pleasant thing I can tell you. Staff is friendly and language barriers they have.
Egypt, of course, incredible. There are pyramids, temples, pharaohs. This antiquity leaves no one indifferent and invites you to plunge into the depth of centuries. Due to the fact that there are always hot – you can arrive at any time. If I'm not mistaken, even in winter the water temperature is 20+. A lot of attractions. The temple of Luxor, the Palace and Park of Montazah, St. Catherine's Monastery, coloured canyon, the great Sphinx, the pyramid of Cheops...and so on. Internet in POM ...