How to save money on vacation: practical advice, part 2

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How you can save on accommodation:

Ну, наверное, очень недорогой отель
  1. To rent a house

    You can rent cheap accommodation in the vacation spot: an apartment, a room. Sometimes you can find a home at Russian resorts, and even abroad through a friend who was there on vacation, or through travel agencies.

    It is a viable option, to book a hotel for a day or two, and find housing already in place.

    Cook is likely to have, but it can also save. In addition, you can eat what cooking does not require: vegetables, fruits, etc.

  2. Hotels and their stars

    If most of the time you'll spend outside of the room, and to come to the hotel only at night, why would you hotels 4-5 stars. Be modest. In addition, the level of service in hotels with fewer stars are sometimes just as good.

  3. Hotels, hostels (hostels, guesthouses)

    The hotel is nice, but why not consider the possibility of living in cheap hotels and hostels (hostels). Cheap and cheerful.

    Sometimes the line between hotel and hostel is almost indistinguishable, except by price. In the same guesthouses, if you are travelling in a group, you can rent an individual room for the whole group for a pittance. To worry about sanitation: the level of sanitation and cleaning in guesthouses are often even higher than in hotels.

  4. Early booking

    In the same way as travel companies that get discounts for early booking and wholesale, you can get a discount when booking hotel via online much in advance before travel. Discounts for early booking can be up to 30%.

  5. Travel in the off-season

    Traveling in the off-season, you can get a serious discount on accommodation at the hotel. In the off-season influx of tourists greatly reduced, and hotels willing to offer rooms at cost, but only if they are not empty. In the low-cost and private hotels it is appropriate also to bargain to bring the price down.

    You should be prepared for the fact that in the off-season most hotels are trying to reduce their costs, reduce the quality of his servants (dismiss part of the staff, simplify meals, eliminate some free services), and some are closed.

  6. Booking hotel via online booking

    Strange as it sounds, but sometimes booking a hotel through Internet booking may be cheaper than booking directly on the hotel website. So before you pay for the room on the hotel's website, ask how much the same number in multiple systems, for example here.

How to save on food

  1. A hearty Breakfast

    Отличный завтрак

    There are countries (e.g. Asian countries) where the vast majority of hotels offers food exclusively in the form of Breakfast. And you will be very lucky if Breakfast will consist not of a sandwich and a Cup of tea and will be presented in the form of a buffet. Hence the advice for the budget – lean for Breakfast to permanently get rid of the appetite. Eat not one, but two sandwiches, drink two cups of tea or coffee. And in any case do not skip Breakfast because of the reluctance to get up early in the morning.

    Not to be confused when choosing a hotel type of food such as "Continental breakfast" and "Bed and breakfast" - a huge difference. Information about the types offered by hotels power supply, see "classification of hotels"

  2. Eat where the local eat

    Everywhere there are small cafes and eateries where you prefer to go to local residents. Price in places, which eats the bulk of the local population, much less than in the tourist-oriented restaurants. For example, in Thailand, where it is not accepted to cook at home, eat at all the local small cafes on the street, consisting of several tables and chairs set right on the sidewalk. So the price of them is 2-3 times lower!, than café oriented on foreigners.

    But be careful when eating local food: it is always possible to catch food poisoning, and just not accustomed to the "delights" of some national cuisines of Russian stomachs can fail.

  3. Lean on vitamins

    As a rule, in the South watermelons, melons, peaches, cherries and other vitamin of joy are cheap, sold everywhere, and most importantly, they do not need to prepare and cannot be poisoned. Fruit you can buy with them in the room to eat at night.

  4. Eat what is on the rest cheap, and housing is expensive.

    Look carefully at prices. Maybe on vacation you will have plenty of opportunity to eat what you have at home is worth a lot of money. For example, this applies to seafood. Also in warm countries exotic fruits are much cheaper and familiar to us - more expensive.

  5. Prepare yourself

    В крайнем случае питайтесь как Беар Гриллс

    For those who rent an apartment or room with kitchen, one in the boarding house or private sector, there is a small kitchenette, power problem can be solved self-cooking. Cooking is really possible to save a lot.

    But there are exceptions: in countries where it is not accepted to cook at home in General, and where the local population eats outside in restaurants and cafes (and there are so many countries, not just rich countries), many with own cooking you are vyhodite, as to eat out in such countries very cheap.

  6. Buy groceries at the supermarket

    Even if the kitchen in your room no, the fridge or the kettle really is for sure. So, instead of going to restaurants - go to the nearest supermarket. In the supermarket you can buy already prepared foods, which are warming up (which, incidentally, can do for you in the supermarket, or you can use the shared microwave at the hotel) you will be able to eat. Also can be good to eat cereal with milk or juice, yogurt, make sandwiches, make soup quick cooking, and just buy beer and chips. Very good idea to take with you on the journey of a small immersion heater (to boil water with it, you can even cropped in a plastic bottle) to make soups.

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