How to save money on vacation: practical advice, part 1

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Prior training

First, decide when and where you want to go, what to see. Read information about the country, attractions, climate, currency and so Appreciate your willingness and abilities. Because carefully planned activities is the key to a successful vacation.

Now let's move on to the advice...

How you can save on the services of tour operator:

Экономный отдых
  1. To go on your own

    One of the ways to economically relax is to refuse the services of travel agencies and go to rest "savage." That was the way of vacations - independent travel - first and foremost dedicated to our website. To find the necessary information on the organization of leisure, you can on numerous Internet forums (including our forum), and to clarify any details you can always have other people already on the spot, even expressing in sign language and drawing on paper. In the Internet age your whole self a rest from taxi from home to airport to sightseeing at your destination, you can schedule, book and pay without leaving home. So if you are confident and you are not afraid of "the unknown", forward.

    However, as elsewhere, there are some "but". Mass destinations such as Turkey, Egypt, Thailand and others, while self-journey for a short time does not always give you big rewards and sometimes will be more expensive. This is discounts on air tickets and hotels get tour operators for bulk booking. Therefore, when planning this, be sure to consider and compare the cost of the scheduled trip with the cost of travel vouchers.

    When traveling independently you should also consider that some countries for issuance of visas require tourist confirmed booking of accommodation, visa support, invitation. The availability of travel vouchers is sometimes much easier to get a visa and for visa support or invitation yourself, you may have to spend additional funds.

  2. To go on a budget trip

    In case you have no time to search the Internet for information about the country can trust the travel Agency in the selection of vacation spots. But you must clearly understand that any Agency interested in selling you a more expensive tour. Immediately ask him to talk about the budget holiday options. Speaking of which, you can also read on Internet forums. In the end, you can take a tour for a week instead of 2; choose a hotel with level of service 2* or 3* instead of 4* , but then you won't be sorry that will not be able to go. Select and buy cheap you can self-tour using tour search our site.

  3. To go on the invitation

    Also, it is possible to do if you have overseas relatives, friends or acquaintances. Ask them to send an invitation, you need only to to leave. And to live you, once again, can where wish, without burdening their presence overseas benefactors.

  4. To go in a group or alone

    To go with a group or two cheaper than one. First savings is felt at a hotel. The cost of accommodation in a double room for each can be up to 30%. In some hotels, especially without the included power, cost generally takes up room, without regard to the number of residents. In this case, you generally will pay less than half.

    In addition to saving on the hotel room if you buy a tour, you will save on the fee of travel agencies and transport costs.

    Our website presents the service of travelers, which you can use to find a companion for an upcoming trip, or even to gather a group.

  5. Take advantage of the discount card and the online order form

    To attract clients, many tourism companies use loyalty programs. Saying "in Russian", they simulate discount cards and distribute them to your customers. Even if such a card you have, it will surely find any of your friends. Discounts on tours or flights can be up to 10%. In addition, a number of travel companies provide a discount (5%) for booking the tour via the Internet. Total the total amount of discounts may reach up to 15%.


How to save money on transportation:

Ну очень экономный транспорт
  1. To take the bus

    This option is not suitable for all routes. But many of those for whom the bus is a great mode of transport, though, to go several days in a bus is not easy. On the other hand, the tour operators offering this kind of vacation, always take care to ensure that tourists on the road had something to do. It is not only movies on your DVD player. Currently, the routes of bus tours almost always include trips to the capitals or major cities of transit countries. Thus, you have the opportunity to visit more cities and thus get more impressions.

    Tour operators usually are not plagued by tourists night crossings, so you can be sure (but just in case, still check!), every evening you will arrive at a decent hotel where you can take a shower, dine in the restaurant and relax.

  2. To go by your own car

    Another way to save is to travel by own transport or car of their friends or take friends in my car, in that case there is the chance to save half the amount for gasoline. Definitely take advantage of Hiking trails, with all the main attractions that you find on the Internet. Thus, you will be able to make your journey interesting and exciting.

    You must also consider that traveling abroad motorists must acquire "Green card", otherwise they will not pass in the other state. It operates solely in the case of accident and is used to cover the costs of the person who has suffered material, physical and moral damage. You can buy it in the insurance company in major cities or at the border. The minimum validity of 15 days. The cost of the card depends on the type of vehicle, card expiry date and card type.

  3. To purchase last minute tours

    Tours – option is not for everyone. Come on holiday for 2-3 days prior to departure will not everyone: a vacation planned in advance, then get to a starting point, one day, someone does not have time to settle the formalities before the trip. But if you think about the cheapness of hot tours, this is the place to be. Only in advance prepare a list of sites where you'll be tracking tours.

  4. To order tickets in advance

    Many airlines offer discounts like time with prior booking. This allows you to save less, but, to the trip you will prepare more carefully.

    Read also the article "How to save money during your vacation on the tickets?"

  5. To move with transfers

    Cheaper are, oddly enough, the tickets with transfers and not direct flights. Of course, it will take some time to sit at the airport, which is quite tiring but for the sake of saving, you can use this idea.

  6. Fly on weekdays

    In order not to miss a single day of the holiday, most vacationers go to "the South" at the weekend following the last working day. In the end, the flight weekends are crowded, but on weekdays, the planes are empty. To encourage its customers to fly on weekdays, a number of airlines make discounts on flights on weekdays. Find out "what is what" and take advantage of this opportunity.

  7. Take into account the weight and number of pieces of Luggage before the flight to avoid overpayment

    This is especially true when you go back home. Always remember that in case of exceeding established norms of baggage, which you should learn in advance from the carrier, you will have to pay for the advantage a lot of money. To avoid such unpleasant surprises, calculate the weight of your Luggage, or just weigh when possible. Sometimes left as a souvenir and Packed in Luggage a bottle of beer could be a more appropriate drinking when collecting Luggage than paid at fantastic prices.

    Some airlines have gone further and limited the number of pieces of Luggage. For example, many airline discounters, you might be free carry only hand baggage, and all baggage is charged extra. Another example, solid airlines Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines since 1 June 2011 limit for economy class passengers the amount of Luggage to one suitcase (earlier the limit was only on weight), and the second case will be charged additionally.

  8. Use of public transport

    If you don't have huge suitcases, should go to the minibus, public transport or at least a little to depart from the station and take a taxi or catch a private person. As a variant – to wait, while leaving the rest of the vacationers and bargain. This works almost all over the world.

How to save money on vacation: practical advice, part 2

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