The other side of the planet

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Другая сторона планеты

And not like you for once in your life to know, and what is on the other side of the Planet from your home? Where do you go if you pass through the center of the earth, and get to the other side. If you end up on the mainland, or desert island, or just get into an endless ocean. On this page you can easily find out.

How to use:

On the map below, click any place on the map or drag the marker to the starting position. And if you allow, the computer itself will try to find out where you are by your IP address*, you only click on the button "Find me on the map". When you set the marker, click "Go", and the computer will calculate and build the route on the other side of Our Planet. Then again move the marker to a new location and build another one... well, have fun as you want:

Ожидайте, карта загружается

* - Privacy information: We do not in any way collect or store information about your location. Everything that happens on this page is only on your computer. So you can not worry about that someone knows where you are.
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Bulk January 21, 2020
I have never in the last 10 years at entry into the Schengen area are not interested in anything other than the purpose and duration of the trip. ...
Olenga January 21, 2020
We continue to publish videos about the visit to Florence in October 2019. This film is dedicated to the historical square of the city - Piazza della Signoria.
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nausla 22 January, 2020
So you write: "...of course not to overpay in Sochi and in the winter to go..."
And in may need to fly to the South, on the sea.
In Russia in may, the swimming is not comfortable anywhere. ...
nausla 22 January, 2020
And the problems there are not more than the control in Europe.
Just write the reviews of the negative and when no problem then and not write anything.
And so, the security theater is the same everywhere. ...
Obi-WAN Kenobi 22 January, 2020
Plan in late February, early March to Paris...from there to Barcelona...I hope that everything will turn out and accomplish your goal on this trip,...
enjourney 22 January, 2020
Ready the video with the overview of the route! The first was the beautiful island of Moorea! Bought with stingrays and sharks, sunbathed watching the two scorticati and one gentleman! ))))))))))
d_TWofTIT5U ...
Bulk 22 January, 2020

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Wardon 23 January, 2020
Do you have children? You pleased when your children are outsiders allow themselves to talk in a raised voice? Maybe You can afford to do such, so I write it off? Then I do not envy Your children. I have two grown daughters and one 7, I want only the best, so doing it on your mustache, when this happens and turn a blind eye not going. My job was to Express the fact that I've seen.
My last message had a typo in the line that starts with “I'm not talking about that...”. Wanted to leave the following message: what I mean is that swearing is unacceptable at such events, if you are among those who provide services on its organization.
The conclusions one makes for himself. If You are satisfied with, for You it is noma - please. I nor forced to do anything. ...
Bulk 23 January, 2020
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