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Салон самолета

One of the most expensive parts to any trip is transport. The most expensive of them is by plane. But there are ways by adopting which you can sometimes save a very large sum and to buy tickets much cheaper than your neighbor sitting next to you in a future flight. These methods are simple enough and known to many:

Read more about each method, read below:

  • Early purchase/booking of the tickets. When purchasing tickets for any airline and in any direction there is one General principle: the earlier you buy tickets, the cheaper you can buy them. If you buy the tickets directly before departure, the price may be significantly higher than you would have paid if I had purchased tickets to, say, 3 months before the flight.

    For a long time already nobody is surprised by the fact that you can fly any flight tickets at the same price, and with you in the chair will fly neighbor with tickets purchased at a different price, sometimes significantly different from prices of your tickets. It's all in the tariffs. Airlines sell tickets on the same flight at different rates. It would seem, what a difference. Because you are departing from the same place, arrive at the same place. Feed and serve you exactly the same. But the fact that the tickets cheaper tariffs may be restricted in their exchange, refund, change of ownership and so on. There is another obvious reason for the difference in price: the one who urgently need to fly, ready to pay a higher price for the ticket.

  • Purchase tickets without intermediaries. Try to purchase tickets directly from the carrier, without intermediaries and agencies. Agencies take a very large Commission for the purchase of tickets, but the fact that they will always offer you the best rate or pick up a budget airline, because it is not interested in buying your inexpensive tickets.

    For example, in 2010. the authors of the website were in search of tickets 4 months before the upcoming trip in Vietnam. In one of the travel agencies were invited to buy tickets on the route Moscow-Ho Chi Minh city-Moscow for two for 80, 000 and not a cent less. Wisely avoiding such a "tempting offer", the authors bought tickets for a complex route Moscow-Hanoi-Danang-Ho Chi Minh city-Moscow for 54 thousand rubles for two. The difference in price – on the face.

    To this paragraph there is an exception: a much more flexible selection of tickets suitable for the Internet agent, i.e. booking sites and airfare search. On such sites you can pick up a very good flight with transfers or special offers.

  • Buy your tickets at once in both directions – i.e. there and back from one airline.

    If the time of travel and duration of stay you have planned in advance and will not change, it is best to purchase tickets from one airline directly to the destination and back. Savings with this method of purchase could reach 30%.

  • Buy tickets during seasonal sales and discounts, special promotions. Some airlines arrange seasonal sales of tickets for individual or all directions.

    For example, at the time of writing (winter) airline Aeroflot offered the unpopular Vietnam flights on the route Moscow-Hanoi-Moscow 18 000, while the more popular Moscow-Ho Chi Minh-Moscow was sold for 24 000 rubles.

    There are also short-term advertising sales, not tied to any particular season. For example Qatar Airways in connection with the opening 100, the direction of flights in April 2011, arranged the sale of two tickets for the price of one on all directions, but sold such tickets for just two days and only on the airline's website.

  • Purchase tickets from another city. Try to find out how much are the tickets to the desired destination from a neighboring town. You can look for tickets and not from a nearby town, if you are comfortable with to get there. Often much cheaper to choose an airport in the neighbouring town and you can reach it by road. For example, a very inexpensive tickets are available from the airports of Moscow. It is often even cheaper not only take the bus or train, but to fly from your city to Moscow and from there fly off to warmer climes. This route, though it will be harder and longer hours, might be cheaper.

  • To spend at the destination a night from Saturday to Sunday.

    Calculate the purchase of tickets to spend at the destination at least one night from Saturday to Sunday. These tickets will cost you cheaper than, for example, a ticket with stay at destination, Monday through Friday. Of course, this approach can only be applied if you are planning to buy the return ticket at once and from one airline. The reason for this pricing is unknown to us.

  • Use special WEB fares. Almost all airlines now allow you to purchase tickets on the airlines website a special WEB rates. Number of tickets at these fares is limited and quickly sold out, so buying them is better to think in advance.

    Many companies have restrictions on this rate card can be redeemed only if one of the passengers will be the owner of the credit card which I pay for tickets purchased on the website, and the card must be presented at check-in. That is, you will not be able to use a credit card to their friends or relatives to pay for the purchase of such tickets. Prices on the WEB rates can be up to 50% cheaper than ordinary fares, but their number is always limited. So what about buying such tickets should be taken care of in advance.

  • To get to places is not a direct flight. Do not try to get to the destination direct non-stop flight. Many airlines or alliances offer to get to the place with transfers at a lower price than a direct flight.


    A great help in finding such tickets is online search and booking of tickets. They automatically look for options of flights, including transfers, for the given conditions. You will only choose the most convenient option and book your ticket online. One such search of tickets available on the website "Our planet" in the section "Tickets".

    For example, at the time of this writing, the airline Egypt air offered a flight to Bangkok on the route Moscow-Cairo-Bangkok-Cairo-Moscow cost a little more than 17 0000 rubles, while direct flights to other airlines is more than 22 000.

    If you are afraid of long connecting time, be aware that some carriers offer free hotel accommodation and even sightseeing programme for the period of flight connections.

  • Use preferential tariffs. Discounts that is constant and does not depend on the season, availability etc. E.g. discount on prices for children or infants discounts on bonus cards, discounts for group travellers. In Russia under the national project part of the cost of the ticket is for residents of the Far East is paid from the budget.

  • Use bonus programs. Each airline has in its Arsenal the bonus mileage programs. Many companies go further, and allow customers to earn miles for purchased goods in stores partner for open a Bank account in the partner, etc. Sometimes, but only by signing up for free at the company's website, you become a participant of the bonus program and receive their first bonus miles even without making a single flight.

  • Take the advantage of the airlines low-cost airlines or Aviacenter (low coster's low - cost).

    There are airline companies, the main principle of which – savings. Moreover, all airline tickets sold at lower prices than the competition. Saving is due to lower costs, and that, as a rule, refusal of food, refusal of carriage of baggage, the seal seat, the irrevocability of tickets. Savings generated by cheaper inconvenient departure time.

    When purchasing these tickets, please note all the terms of service, otherwise you will suddenly have to pay, for example, for baggage, and the cost will be equal to the cost of flights normal airline. If you take care of ordering all the services you need in advance and order them on the website when buying the ticket and not to pay in the airport or plane, in most case it is possible again to save.

    Unfortunately, in Russia there are only two low-cost companies operating domestic flights: Avianova (approx. in 2011 because of financial problems stopped work) and sky Express. Several foreign low-cost offer low-cost flights abroad to popular tourist destinations with transfers at the airport booking.

  • Take the advantage of unpopular airlines.

    The most frequently advanced travellers look for and acquire tickets on their own through online search and booking of tickets. One such system is presented on our website and you can look for best flights and book tickets at the best price.

    But there are a number of small and unpopular of airlines to buy tickets for that through the online booking system is almost impossible. These airlines may rather be classified as charters, although in fact they are regular flights, and are on schedule. Find tickets for these airlines only on their websites, (not always though: some airlines even do not have websites or they are just the title page), in sales offices or purchased through the travel Agency.

    A very clear example of a low – Turkmen airlines. For the past several years, the airline offers flights Moscow-Bangkok-Moscow with a stopover in Ashgabat at a price of 662у.e. (at the time of writing) in the form of "mini-pack savage." This is one of the best proposals for flights in Bangkok, but you can buy it only through the website of one of the tour operators.

  • The use of Charter flights. Charter flights - the flights which are carried out by the airline on a particular route for the customer. That is, for example, the operator orders a flight on any route in high season, the airline pays the cost of all the flights and tickets (vouchers) scores independently. Given that flights are planned for high season for destinations, prices are not always profitable, but sometimes you can catch really cheap options.

    Tickets for Charter flights are usually not sold on the websites of the airlines or in the airline ticket offices. To purchase these tickets on the websites of tour operators or on special sites. Example sales of tickets for Charter flights you can see on the website

    For tourists and travelers features a Charter flight are the following rules:

    • a ticket on a Charter flight you can buy from a tour operator, consolidator or travel agencies with this tour operator the relevant agreement;
    • most of these tickets are sold with the standard package tour (transport, hotel, meals, transportation, etc.);
    • tickets on Charter flight is theoretically possible to buy separately without a tour package, but in each case the operator decides how it is more profitable to do;
    • in fact, the tickets for Charter flights can be arranged for a day or two before the trip, that is, the tourist pays for it in advance, and in the hands gets immediately prior to departure.

    Tourists using Charter flights, it should be borne in mind:

    • for various reasons, on a Charter flight possible overbooking (i.e. more tickets sold than seats). In this case, tourists who came to the registration of the latter will not be able to fly the planned flight and be forced to adapt further the tour operator and the airline to meet its obligations to the client;
    • the exact time of departure of the Charter is usually known for a few days and even hours before departure. Tourists travelling in organized groups, issued warnings about the exact time of departure from their guides. In turn, tourists who bought a ticket on a Charter flight individually, it should be about a day before departure to contact a consolidator of the flight to confirm the exact dates and time;
    • at the same time the same operator on the same travel direction may cooperate with several airlines and other tour operators. Thus, choosing a flight and direction, the passenger practically guarantees that the selected airline – in fact the flight may be performed on the aircraft and crew of another company.
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Andrey.Grigorev, 7 June, 2016
the middleman's cheaper can not be a priori! ...
terco 5 July, 2016
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frog 24 July, 2016

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this is due to the fact that in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday change the IATA exchange rate .
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