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Where what to buy in Kuta

The main street of Legian

As I said before, fruit, and indeed all the other products we bought at the supermarket, "Matahari". Rather it is a shopping center on the ground floor which was a good supermarket. The prices are more than reasonable. Where you can buy spices (even Tom Yam bags), coffee, drinks. In General, as we do, only other products. On the upper floors there are clothes, dishes, cosmetics or whatever.

On the ground floor "Matahari" there are also several souvenir with incredibly inexpensive prices. After the ordeal at street stalls all the Souvenirs we bought there. For example: I wanted to buy a figurine of a Dolphin with a Board for surfers. In "Matahari" such a small cost 12,000 rupees (the currency of Indonesia, Bali), and I knew about it. Just a hundred metres from Matahari is a small market of Souvenirs and we decided to go there. The exact same Dolphin there did not give me even 14000, despite the fact that I persistently explained to the elderly baliyki on a Dolphin "Matahari" for 12,000. In General, I turned around and went for the Dolphin in "Matahari". The simplest flip-flops, we agreed to pay in the shop for 40,000, and in the supermarket we found these less than 10000.

Also on the ground floor "Matahari" was just rubble and t-shirts with the local "logos" from 29000 rupees ($100). Cheaper we nowhere to be found.

To find the "Matahari" by yourself, on the beach of Kuta , turn right to McDonald's and ask a local where "Matahari". It is practically two steps away from McDonald's. Don't try to find it yourself on the map. We tried – it is useless. He was almost at the other end of the district.

There are center of discovery. The chic shopping center, but we did not find a grocery supermarket, perhaps because it is not there. There, on the second floor, on the floor, offering good views of the sunset.

Souvenir stalls in the shopping center discovery

One can find still several interesting places for shopping or just for eyeing on local products. If you walk on the Street in Legian side of Seminyak, then gradually go to Seminyak Street. You can safely continue to move until, until you hit a T-intersection where the street ends. Along the way you will find many shops, large supermarkets, and local markets. The "local" market, you will find T-junction. If you see the sign "Bintang" in the supermarket, be sure to go there: the mass of local goods at very cheap prices. One of these supermarkets located on the main street of Legian (Jl Legian). For example, my girlfriend bought a shampoo for 40 rubles for our money, and tried to convince me that we have the same costs 80 rubles.


Massage in Kuta at every step. Calmly strolling through the streets of Kuta vain, we are constantly fending off touts for massages. Clingy in Bali everything, but especially these. If we took all the leaflets price lists about massage, we literally popped in the hands, we would have provided a stiff toilet paper in the years ahead.

About the quality massage not undertake to judge, as we took advantage of the massage only once on the beach. Rates, judging by the price, starting from 50 thousand rupees (128 rubles) for one hour. A bit expensive in the hotel, from 70 thousand. And also will not undertake to judge whether these prices are real. And the thing that finally before leaving, we decided to experience this miracle – Indonesian massage. On the beach "massage parlors" also abound. Older women on the beach are characterised by pristavali than in the city. To get rid of them very difficult, and unless you have a strong desire to use their services, better don't even ask how much, just say: "Nou, Nou, senku". In General, when we've got the answer to "How much?", then my hair stirred on my head. 250 thousand rupiah for 1 hour. Well, when I began to bargain, and simply said, "the city is 50 thousand, I'll give you 25 thousand." She would not listen. Began to convince me that the city bad the massage, so cheap, and she is doing good. I decided not to give a penny, and a few minutes of persuasion she was gone, also not losing a penny from its 250 thousand. I was smitten and intrigued by her miracle massage, so when she came back and offered to pay 30 thousand to do 15 minutes, I finally agreed. And very sorry. These strokes could not be called a massage. Later, I calculated how much these masseuses can earn in one day on the beach, despite the fact that they do it on a rented you the chairs, and thought, don't quit me job and do massage on the beach of Kuta. The more that I do massage better. So to do the massage on the beach, strongly recommended.


On the beach of Kuta-Legian so almost always

If you go to Kuta to swim in the Indian ocean, you got the wrong address. Waves, waves and again waves. As I understand it, the waves not only in Kuta, and all the beaches. Swimming is only with a surfboard. Place they watch over the rescuers are marked with yellow flags, but this is usually very narrow corridors. The sunbeds on the beach we took 10000 rupees after hard bargaining. The next day, the same beds but from another seller some how managed to get over 10,000 for a couple of hours. Not the Russian tourists quite peacefully located directly on the sand or on the towels, and we did also.

On the beach of Kuta (and Legian and Seminyak) fully molested. Starting from the masseuse (see above) to the merchants "branded" watches. They will not rebound even if you go to ten hours and five glasses: will still offer. Do not mess with them. They apparently believe that if you speak with a tourist, you will be able to sell him anything. For example, glasses and watches they offer for $ 1. I asked again and said it was simply impossible. But he assured me that this is so. When we chose the watch and I gave him a dollar, he instead handed some souvenir coin. To my surprised question he assured that he didn't say anything about one dollar, and started to sell selected us watch crazy grandmother. In General, we do not lit, but I have many times seen similar situations with other tourists and saw how they bought. Say, on the beach of Nusa Dua, molested no.

Sightseeing tours, attractions

Here he was, probably, surf Paradise

When we moved from Ubud to Kuta, our guide suggested us to visit on the road are some interesting places under the pretext that the room in Kuta is not yet ready and we have a couple of extra hours. As I expected, knowing this from other reports, it was a kind of divorce. He took us to a factory of wood carving (really just a Studio) in Wt, the same jewelry factory and a batik factory. It is obvious that relatives and friends who tried to breed yet inexperienced tourists on the crazy grandmother. The prices of small wooden figurines at the factory of wood carving was 30 times higher than in stores, so I didn't have any desire to bargain. So keep your eyes open. But in General it was interesting and informative. Do not try to refuse this offer.

By the way, if you live in Ubud, visit the monkey forest. It can be easily found on the map; it is at end of street Monkey Forest street. Entrance there is, if I'm not mistaken, 15000 head (about 40 rubles). At the entrance we were offered a bunch of bananas for 30,000 (80R!!!), and well, we screwed up and bought. Do not give so much. Give 10 thousand. Meeting with monkeys, it's something. So tell me, then, that we are not descended from them. It was one of the most memorable places. Most importantly, do not be afraid of them. Just stay calm. They climbed me like a tree, and sat quietly on my shoulder, waiting for a banana. Remember: hide your chains, glasses, and everything else that they can steal; they can get you in a pocket or in a bag and steal something from there; don't show them the whole bunch of bananas, they take away. Read on this subject - how to behave with the monkeys.

While we were in Ubud, we decided to see a traditional Barong dance. Fortunately, tickets are offered on the streets of an evening in Ubud almost as often and as actively as in Pattaya to sex show. Is pleasure 50000 rupees (128R.). After we bought tickets and walked in the direction indicated by the seller in a doorway, I thought we'll get at best a strip bar, and at worst will receive something on the head. However, in a dark narrow alley, at the entrance to a dark house, we caught probably saw in our hands the tickets and invited to enter. Inside the spacious room stood rows of chairs that already were tourists, and located the scene. After about ten minutes of waiting the show started. At the beginning of the presentation, almost all the chairs (probably about forty) were occupied by tourists.

Beautiful costumes, pretty girls. I was wondering the first five minutes. Then a loud incoherent music and repetitive movements of the actors are tired. By the way, when we had dinner in the restaurant of Jimbaran, on a small stage showed almost the same thing, only with fewer participants and completely free.

From other travelers we heard very unflattering reviews about the trip to Ulu watu (Ulu Watu) and the kecak dance, and so decided not to go there. We also learned from them that offer tours from itself does not represent, and is much cheaper to rent a car with driver and guided tours. But in this case you're left without a guide.

We did just that. Drivers offer their services at every step. Literally outside the hotel gates, we were immediately attacked by local drivers who, spinning in the air an imaginary steering wheel, was invited to ride.

Going on an excursion with driver

As I wrote earlier, each of our output areas was accompanied by numerous attacks by local drivers. And one day gathered the courage, we decided to hire a driver to go inland.

Conspired to $ 50 per trip on the route to the volcano and lake Batur. The driver took out a map and drew one of the variants of the route that us quite arranged. The car is great: air-conditioned van with a capacity of 8 people, so if we took some fellow travelers, the trip in General would cost less than$ 10 per person, although I guess for$ 50 it would be eight people with no luck.

The driver, a great local guy named Putu. Easy speaks English, and he said, is going to teach Russian, because Russian tourists on the island very much. On the way told us all sorts of interesting stories about life on Bali, about his family.

Here is the Lychee tree

On the way to Batur, he brought us to some interesting places, which are naturally worn and a commercial interest for him. Earlier we had already imported in such places (when we moved from Ubud to Kuta). It was a village of woodcarvers of Mas, where we visited the shop. Of course, we were trying to promote the purchase of wooden statues and various figures, but the prices there were 30 times higher than in the souvenir shops on the streets of Kuta. Even the desire to bargain was not. Also on the way we stopped and photographed the beautiful rice terraces. Then drove to the village Cheluk (Celuk), the famed workshops of silverware. Of course, we also brought to the workshop, where her friend still managed to sell a pair of silver earrings (as she says, very inexpensive). Then there was another workshop, a batik factory (textile patterns). There we also did not impressed for the price and we left with empty hands.

The most interesting thing in the whole trip – a visit to the farm. On the farm (in the garden, I don't know how to call it) might finally be able to see firsthand how grow pineapples, lychee, coffee, cocoa, tea and many any difference. It was offered to taste local tea and coffee, and of course offered to buy it. We decided not to buy, because prices did not know and afraid to overpay.

Views of the volcano and lake

The highlight of the trip was the arrival at the restaurant overlooking the volcano and lake Batur. In the restaurant we were offered lunch, which we did. And for good reason. Prices were not on the menu, and when we began to ask question about cost, as if no one understood. Our driver is still on the way told us that will take us to "very bad", so we did not go into details. We ate quite a bit, since there are no like. But when we are presented with a bill, our eyes widened. We were needs 400 000 rupees (about 1300 rubles) each. If we ate the same thing at a cafe in town, I would spend no more than 40 000 rupees each. As it turned out, the restaurant was a system of payment for "all inclusive". Ie we could to gain as much as anyone, and the account we set up is still the same. Of course it is a pity that we are so fooled. The driver apparently over-delivered clients received 50 dollars in addition to the fact that we paid him. So learn from our mistakes and not repeat them.

On the way back we stopped at a waterfall, but apparently due to a bad dinner mood, he has not made any impression.

As we are trying to breed for timeshare

One day walking along the beach, we still succumb to molestation of one of the molested, to see what they still need. First this guy said he was just conducting a survey-questionnaire, and invited us to fill in the questionnaire. In fact, it was just distracting-soothing maneuver. We have at the moment realized that it was a Scam, but as to charge us is simply nothing, decided to go to the end.

After filling in the questionnaires he gave us some lottery tickets, we had to open it. Amazingly, it turned out that we won a free visit to the presentation of the new hotel and two free t-shirts (by the way, Mikey, we still got it, but later). And a chance to win a super prize. However, even in the presentation we will take for free. We agreed that he'll fetch us the next day at a certain time in the hotel. And he really stopped.

By taxi we went to Jimbaran. Of course, no hotel was not in sight. We were brought to the office, where at first we again prepared with the help of questionnaires. Then we were handed over to the Russian guy who treated us more than an hour stale psychological tricks. Of course, we were offered amazing discounts, today only, you can Deposit only $ 500, and the rest of the house, etc. etc. But we remained adamant, and us, in the end, he let go with two of the promised t-shirts.


What is the result? On Bali we liked. But not like in Thailand or Vietnam, for example. Very tired of the spring and summer at every step. The spring and summer in Bali – just kind of attack. Not all liked the traditional cuisine. Lacked fruit. Very upset how we were going to lunch in a restaurant overlooking lake Batur.

Like Ubud, like the hotels, in which we live (liked the design, the cleanliness, but did not like the Breakfast). I liked visiting the farm with various plants during a trip to the volcano.

Go there still? Maybe we'll go if there will be extra money for the tickets. But to save money on your next trip to Bali definitely will not.

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