About Bali practical (economical tourists are recommended)

So, the trip from the "****" (thanks "****", like never disappoint) to Bali 2 nights in Ubud+12 nights Legian, may. Arrived at Domodedovo more than 5 hours before departure. On the counter of the tour operator, as expected, still no one. Decided to check back in about ten minutes, and the coveted bags on the hands. The package does not see the so-called invitations of the receiving side to obtain the visa, about which so much had read in other reports in the Internet. My question is, "Where visa support, where the invitation to" a sweet old uncle repeats vaguely, apparently not understanding my question, here's all you need, there you will meet with such a sign. Realizing that nothing from him will not achieve, take the packages and hope that everything will be fine. And as it turns out in the future, for visa on arrival just had to pay $ 25 per person, present your passport and completed immigration card. Even the tour-voucher is not asked.

The flight a little more than 12 hours flight "Transaero". About "Transaero" will only say one thing – cheap but cheerful. Want to fly in comfort, choose other companies or business class. Want cheap and fast – "Transaero".

So, the airport in Denpasar, capital of Bali. Meet happy smiling Asians speaking difficult to understand Russian.

Looking ahead to say that tribute should be paid to the entire population of Bali. Almost all Express themselves in English, even grandmothers at the beach which I go and sell the bracelets. Many people are trying to somehow speak Russian. Even a cab driver once asked me to teach him a lesson and proudly said she had learned English, Japanese, and as soon as he has enough money to go to school to learn Russian. Repeatedly we heard from the locals that tourists are most important to them and they will try to do everything to the tourists was good. And do do.

After the meeting, all passes like a dream. Meet the smiling girl and we hang on the neck necklace of flowers. A guide leads to the car. Honestly I was expecting a bus or minibus. But suddenly only two of us put in a cool Suzuki jeep, and we along with chatty and never stops smiling guide go to Ubud. In the road about two hours...

Everyone... Stop... I Promised practical. But about all under the order.

It all started with a choice between going for the third time in beloved Thailand or somewhere else. The girl at the travel Agency convinced us to go to Bali, describing what a Paradise island and how we should be like. While sharing his impressions from a recent trip there. Before you finally decide on a choice of carefully studying other people's trip reports on travel sites. Frankly speaking, I strained a small amount of information about Bali. Remembering Thailand will say that it was much more. But remembering the rave reviews of the girls from the travel Agency decided on Bali, although the soul still lay to Thailand.

Here was your first mistake. I had to go where my heart says. Feelings after the trip were the most controversial. While I was in Bali, cursing all along the way, remembering the girl from the travel Agency, and dreaming of Thailand. The hotel met the Russian, who arrived a week before us. Heard from them is also one of dissatisfaction and regret that I didn't go again to Thailand. Overheard several conversations in the boarding area at the airport upon departure, and realized that many were not happy Bali when comparing it with Thailand. However, those who first came to Asia in Bali, was delighted. So I think here the formula is simple: in Thailand, go to Thailand; tired of Thailand, go to Bali.

However, when it came time to leave, did not want to. Well, when I was in Domodedovo, already wanted to cry from the longing for Bali. In General, everything is relative. It is a fact. But one thing remains indisputable – the second time in Bali I will not go.


The hotel grounds are Perwiti Resort&Spa

Stay in hotels Bali rated 5. We stayed in two hotels: Perwiti Resort&Spa in Ubud, All Seasons Resort Legian in Legian. Descriptions of these hotels or reviews on the Internet are not found, so if someone is faced with a choice, I recommend. Very cheap hotels, and very good. I recommend when choosing a hotel to pay attention to the location. The closer to the center the better.

If you're going to live in Ubud, the location is a big difference not playing anyway, Ubud is nothing to do but to wander the streets or go to the shops and cafes. Tourists and locals on the streets is almost there. Ubud is a village. So what of the village from it is to be expected. But at the same time, there reigns a creative atmosphere that in fact despite the fact that have nothing to do here, still nice, interesting and beautiful. In General, I would still go back.

Best in Kuta (active rest), worse Legian (still sitting on the beach every evening walked), and Seminyak, I would not recommend it. There are other resorts, but read about them in other reports. One driver told me that in the North of the island also has resort areas. With his words, there is much warmer, cheaper and quieter. If you don't have a chance.


After reading other reports about how in 20 minutes the people are under the blazing Balinese sun burn blisters, first time in my life bought sunscreen. Not useful... it was Necessary for sun to buy. Let me remind you, we were there in may. Maybe in other seasons there and is hotter. The first four days it was raining and the whole sky was overcast. The sun was out for a while, but the impression was spoiled. And the sun failed. Then the weather improved, but overcast skies were the norm. Lay on the beach for several hours without cream and umbrellas. Endless clouds appeared in the sky right before our eyes, only for a moment releasing the sun. Get a dose of solar radiation fell lucky 10-20 seconds. The wind did not stop never. And so it was almost all the time. When compared with the same Thailand (was there in June and October), there we were much hotter. In Bali in may, the climate I would call moderate or comfortable. No superduty. In the evenings sometimes so I wanted to wear something warmer. My girlfriend like this weather very much to their liking. And I, frankly, too.

But it's only with regards to tanning wasn't good. Since the heat was not so strong, blew the constant breeze, we felt quite comfortable and without fear for hours, walking without fear to burn the shoulders. This, incidentally, is a big plus.


This trip dramatically changed my opinion about Russian tourists. Now I know we're not the worst. There are more Americans. And Chinese (or Japanese, who knows).

And it manifested itself as time for Breakfast at the hotel. Had not seen Russian tourists in large groups come for Breakfast and greed gained the huge pile of food. After half an hour or more acquisitions of this pile of food they had left half of it uneaten and left. The Americans did not leave. Eat everything and then go to recruit the mountain even more. Such fat tourists I have not seen even in Russian.

Now about the breakfasts. Breakfast variety in the other two hotels we had the pleasure to receive them, was tasteless. Fruit little. Meat was absent. It seems that the choice was decent and clean everything, nice, neat. But somehow not tasty and monotonous.

In the afternoon we used to dial any bystrorastvorimami food in supermarkets and brewed in the room (kettle, tea bags, free coffee and tea was present in the room).

The evening went on the hunt for Tom Yam (who knows, it's the famous Thai soup). After trying a couple of times the local Nasi goreng (rice with vegetables) and some local specialities, decided not to repeat. Well, not tasty, we had nothing to do with it. Emil was caught, then salted, it is peppered. The seasonings in most of the cases on the table is not exposed, and had to eat as is. So Indonesian cuisine, we were not surprised. Then he realized that it is better to take meals without rice, and rice has to be ordered separately, without anything. For example, if you order fish and rice, fish you will be served with vegetables, seasonings, sauce and all this will be the result of eating with a big appetite than the rice-fish dish.

Left over dinner for two (with a girl) from 80 to 120 thousand rupees (the Currency of Bali, Indonesia). It is in our rubles from 200 to 300 rubles. Not bad, huh? Although maybe we are bad eaters...

Prices in local restaurants-cafes are quite different, as in quality. Although a high price is no guarantee of delicious food. Having tried the aforementioned Tom Yam dozen eateries we decided that the best he got to where was the cheapest. The price is ranged from 15 to 40 thousand rupees per plate. And the impression was created that the cheaper, the more the plate.

Oh, and how many more restaurants there remained untested...

But in fact do not lead immediately to the invitation touts cafe, which align in rows along the streets. Smile, view menu (it is always on the counter in front of the entrance), and saying "Sankyu" can move on and choose. And the local restaurants have so-called HAPPY HOURS (happy hours) when beer is sold at supermarket prices or even cheaper. Highly recommend. Way of beer. Here local beer only 3 species I must admit good: Bintang Draft Beer, Bali Hai. There is another Tiger in Thailand. By the way, the beer here is not cheap. Cheaper just to buy it, like all other products however, in large supermarkets. A small, it is sometimes more expensive than at restaurants.

Be sure to try the Arak, and better in several places. It is always different. It's a local brew from coconut trees or something like that. Of it cocktails (or rather a mixture of sprite, Cola, honey). But it is better to try clean; there is an interesting coconut aftertaste. Nice piece. A portion of these costs from 10 thousand rupees, i.e. 25 rubles. Can buy it in the supermarket and even bring your own, is worth mere pennies. One local told me that not drinking beer – it's expensive, but the Arak – cheap.

By the way, a small digression. I read that Indonesia is a very poor country, just misery. However, our greeters Indonesian tour guide complained that his salary is only $ 300. And as I understand it, ignoring the fact that he still has mugs with tourists. And the prices lomyat massage on the beach just shock, but more about this below. So I was under the impression that their poverty is a myth. My impression was strengthened when I noticed on their mobile phones.

But back to the food. Jimbaran is a separate issue. If someone does not know, Jimbaran – a resort town in the South of the island, very close to the airport, and almost as close to Kuta. But most importantly, is famous Jimbaran is a chain of seafood restaurants. Restaurants are located along the coast, offering beautiful views of the sunset, a swarm of fishing boats and the runway of the Airport and then sinks to her aircraft. I think every visitor simply must dine at one of numerous restaurants of Jimbaran. Better to go there only for an hour or two before sunset. This time, just enough to get there, walk along the beach, choose a restaurant and good table in the restaurant (the tables are located right on the sand of the beach, and sit better in the middle to water a number).

A modest dinner on the shores of Jimbaran

To get there, just catch in the street a taxi and say, "Jimbaran restaurant". Our trip from Legian and back (the taxi driver was waiting for us with the included counters in the standby mode for 3 hours) cost a little less than 90 thousand rupees (300 RUB.)

Of course the taxi driver will bring you to the best restaurant with "the lowest prices, especially for you." If you are a budget traveller, it is better to politely decline and say you want to walk on the beach. We did and have not regretted. A wonderful deserted beach with a sharply across the beach by the waves. To swim I think it is not worth it.

Recommendations for choosing a restaurant in Jimbaran: go, explore menu, bargain. The prices are too high at times. In fact, we got interested. The fact that the prices are too high at times, we knew from other reports. However, when we looked at the menu in a restaurant, the prices seemed not so high. Or rather, it wasn't even a menu, but just one greasy laminated sheet with the prices for seafood. However, bearing in mind the inflated prices, I took a hard bargain after we selected the crab and the fish weighed. The bargaining lasted a long time with smiles and jokes. Nice in General, and funny. In the end, we, with great difficulty, brought down the price from 140+25% government tax to 125 thousand rupees. When I pointed out that in other places the tax is 10%, he immediately agreed to take 10%, and in the end we agreed on just 125 thousand. Fifteen minutes after we occupied the table well located (in the moment other customers in the restaurant were not), pushed other customers, and in an hour there was not a single empty table. Until that moment I experienced a real surprise: when we settled down at a table, brought us menus, already present, beautiful, – to order a drink. For interest I decided to view all the menus and saw we ordered the fish and crab at prices 5 times higher than what we saw in the greasy menu. So.

The songs local VIA

Free in addition to ordered, we received two welcome cocktails, two soups, two salads, rice, a bunch of spices and fruits on the end. For all together with additionally ordered a beer we gave about 150 thousand rupees . Where you have that kind of money to eat crab?

We were very disappointed with the lack of fruit in Bali. Rather they are, but somehow very small and very hard to find. We were looking forward to see here the same abundance of exotic fruits, as in Thailand, to taste the Lychee, the Rambutan. But -- but found only imported from Thailand Litchi in plastic containers in the supermarket "Matahari", the rambutan. After further enhanced searching, we eventually found a local market, but the Lychee was not there. Only had the Rambutan and the Mangosteen. And on the beach we were trying to sell coconuts for 50 TUS. rupees (in Thailand we bought them less than 20 rubles). Why is so expensive, I was told that coconut from Thailand. Torg failed. In General, the abundance of fruit do not count...

Continued here...

Author: Serega

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Assessing the scale of the disaster, and to be more precise, the size of the island, I realized that it is easier to live in different places for a few days, than each time to spend half a day on the road to dobirat where necessary. The solution was not quite correct because worn out to pack your bags every 4 days. But it was possible to identify the optimal place to stay.
All the same, the area Seminyak the most comfortable. But it is better he stays not in Seminyak, but a little above it, that is. There is chudestny village with very affordable housing and to Seminyak's doorstep, no more than 7 minutes on the bike. The biggest plus that this location allows partly to avoid the Balinese traffic jams during rush hour and saves a lot of time on the road, in whatever direction you are moving. And the place is calm, there are inexpensive, non-touristy, restaurants. Shops with nice local not tourist prices. And, of course, the district of Seminyak and Kuta are close enough that it was absolutely not boring neither day nor night. And Jimbaran is not something that would be right so far with location. 30-40 minutes maybe.
The truth is this location is suitable only for those who have already settled in Asia and is not afraid to ride a bike.

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