Airline discount: myth or reality?

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Российский лоукост Авианова

In our earlier article "How to buy cheap ticket?", we have already mentioned that one of the surest ways to purchase a cheap ticket for your travel is the use of airline discounters. Now we will understand in more detail what kind of airline are, and whether they can be so cheap to fly.

Airline discounters, they are also low-cost airlines (Low-cost), they're a budget airline is an airline that transports passengers at very low prices for eliminating most traditional passenger services (such as baggage, meals, insurance, the irrevocability of tickets, etc.) and minimize its own costs. Discount airlines offer flights at prices significantly lower than traditional airlines. Sometimes the prices of budget airlines may differ from the usual down at times.

Many still inexperienced tourists and travelers doubters, but for himself and intended in this article (and the rest who believe in discount stores, you can stop reading here), often do not believe in the existence of such airlines. They believe that this is just a publicity stunt, when the initial price is so low it is stated excluding all fees and taxes and the final price is comparable to regular airlines flights.

With all responsibility I declare: "Airline discount exist! I even flew on them! And not one time." Just need to know how to use the opportunities they provide, and then you can fly really cheap.

Of course that say the skeptics, there really is truth to it. Claimed avialesoohrana prices in advertising is really unrealistic. Fly from St. Petersburg to Moscow for 29 rubles (as it offers one of the Russian low-cost airlines) is really impossible. 29 that stated the fare excluding taxes and fees, and the final price will be 10 times more. But if you look at the promotional offers are not budget airlines, you can see a similar picture. We offer flights for$ 200 from Moscow to Bangkok and back, but when booking, it turns out that the ticket including all fees and taxes is $700. Or when you purchase a flight Moscow-Ho Chi Minh city-Moscow a gift offered a free ticket Ho Chi Minh city-Bangkok, but will have to pay another $115 in taxes and fees, while with all the same budget AirAsia flights with all taxes will cost $85. So to accuse the budget airline of fraud is not necessary. This sin of all airlines. What can you do, marketing :-(

At the same time it is a tribute and some non-budget airlines. Sometimes you can "grab" tickets stock, deals and special web fares of conventional airlines is quite cheap, at prices comparable to the prices of low-cost. However the sale of these short-term and are purely promotional in nature.

Currently in Russia there are only two "state employees" - Avianova and Sky Express. They are successfully operating and carrying passengers on popular routes between cities and towns in Russia. Outside the country you can fly the German Air Berlin and Germanwings, Spanish Vueling Airlines, Norwegian Norwegian, Austrian, Niki, Italian Wind Jet, Pegasus Turkish Airlines, as well as a newcomer in Russia, Flydubai from the United Arab Emirates. In Europe and Asia budget airlines was much more widespread and popular. Presumably, the more civilized market economy.

Addition! Airline Avianova due to financial problems stopped the carriage of passengers. Airline Sky Express ceased operations in the fall of 2011, becoming bankrupt.

There are many approaches of airlines to reduce their costs and offer customers cheaper tickets. In this the airlines are constantly competing and improving, using various approaches and their combinations. Many of these approaches are not felt by passengers and the passengers can not for these factors to influence. But in General all of these problems of budget airlines, we now do not care.

Now we will try to understand how you can buy tickets for budget airlines on the example of ticket purchase budget AirAsia on the route Kuala LumpurLangkawi – Kuala Lumpur. Tickets purchased on the official website of the airline.

Популярная бюджетная AirAsia

First, consider how much cost a flight the day after back in ten days. By setting the parameters in the search you will get a list of flights throughout the day and fares. The day is done 8 flights and fares for different flights range from $49,93 to $102,98 dollars depending on the time of departure. Now is the first opportunity to save is to buy a ticket to an unpopular time, but at a lower price. A return ticket is much cheaper – from $32,25 to $43,34. Choosing the cheapest rates we get 82,18 USD only for fares without fees. Looking ahead to say that it is only the tariffs, but the final price will be higher and a half times. In General a considerable price. Not low-cost.

Here should work the first and most important rule of acquisition: book and buy tickets in advance. Shift our flights two months in advance and immediately receive shipping rates from $21,84 to $32,25 that in the opposite direction. Now, by the cheap fares, we get $43,68. The difference is double! But we need to go further and to buy tickets. When we chose the departure time and fares, now we propose to choose or refuse additional services. So, for baggage, you can pay from $8 to $17 and the maximum weight, and it is possible to opt out. For meals offered to pay $3-$4, but you can unsubscribe. It is also proposed surcharge for carrying sporting equipment, for the use of the "kit of comfort", the insurance, the choice of seat in advance. Abandoning everything and agreeing only to transport 15 kilograms of Luggage (because we need to carry alcohol with "dutyfree" Langkawi :-)), we get the total 64.49 USD.

Of course, the resulting amount of $ 64 differs from stated rates to $ 43, but not so much. And agree, $ 64 for a round trip duration of 1 hour each is just a "freebie". Excuse me, but the other more succinct words are just not picked up.

So, hopefully, in this example, I proved to all the doubters and opponents that airlines discounters, albeit with all its shortcomings and disadvantages, exist. Just need to be able to use them.

Cheap flight and happy travels!

Addition from 17.09.11 G.: AirAsia has introduced additional fee for airport check-in $5. Interestingly, if you check through the website or self registration desks at the airport, while it will not cost you anything.

Comments / recent posts on the topic on the forum
Irina 26 September, 2012
I flew Sky Express and Air Berlin. If you plan a vacation in advance, sometimes you can buy really cheap tickets. I was able to fly to Kaliningrad for 2000 rubles, to Vienna for 4000 rubles and in Paris, too, for 4000 rubles. I am saying the prices are with all taxes. I really want to visit Germany and will definitely go on their own and the tickets will be booked through Air Berlin. ...
Vyacheslav May 14, 2013
I think in the end it is necessary to correct "nedoroscik" on the cheap. ...
Trip Designer 3 April, 2014
The cheapest tickets, who were caught by the AirAsia - $ 18 :D Cheaper does not work :mrgreen:
On what you can save: AirAsia is not very closely following the baggage allowance in hand Luggage, and often in your hand Luggage you can take 2 units and with a lot more weight than stated. This applies to flights within Malaysia, Indonesia. (by the way, the Luggage when I flew, stood about $ 15 - almost as much as the ticket itself)
But in Singapore and Hong Kong may not be allowed - you need to know where to indulge and where not.
With Ryanair and EasyJet in Europe, this does not pass ...
admin April 4, 2014

And you'll see: Penang - Kuala Lumpur in may and June on separate dates 12.5$, for example, is. This is only the fee for payment by credit card, something like 2 or 3 dollars, that's all. ...
Trip Designer 4 April, 2014
Do not argue, do not argue, I just meant that it was the cheapest, which I personally had to buy and fly, and not prsoto to see on the website :SUPER
And under the action of them is possible and cheaper to find :D ...
admin April 4, 2014

And FireFly is still cheaper than flying the same route. The buses have a rest ;) ...
aumrake 20 April, 2014
I had to fly several times a year with the help of discounter airlines. This Wizzard, Ryanair -flights to England, not in the tourist business, and to visit children who live and work there.
What can I say? Assume cheap tickets and cheap service. Let's start with the fact that the place is not fixed - who first went on the plane, and took the best places. Secondly, it is necessary to fly with a full stomach: sky-high prices for hot dogs and Cola are spiking. But overall, flights are on time. complaints no special. So it doesn't MITF, and it is a normal airline. ...
NataAvgust 20 April, 2014
A Russian low-cost airlines have? I know may will fly to Dobrolet from Moscow to cities. And never heard... For us, the Siberians, the most important thing - to get to Moscow. And in Europe prices are already available, and a lot of options. And to get from Novosibirsk or Barnaul to the capital, you need to put 12-18 thousand. If very much will carry - 10 - from Novosibirsk. At the moment, from Barnaul economy class to Moscow more than to tel Aviv (we are in March 16 fly to Israel). ...
admin 20 April, 2014

Was at least two, but about four years ago closed. Not compete or attack of the conventional carriers. As I recall, they are "asking" not even the airport level, refused to let their flights. The conspiracy, as usual in our country. One hope for the "Dobrolet", but I personally have doubts that this is really low-cost. For some reason I expect that soon the price of regular flights will rise, and this "low-cost" will fly at normal prices. I hope they're wrong, wait and see. ...
NataAvgust 21 April, 2014
I too think that Dobrolet will fly at normal prices. And the frustrating part is that in the list of routes I have not found any Siberian directions. ...