• How not to lose Luggage during the flight

    Как не потерять багаж во время авиаперелета

    According to international statistics, in 2017, lost no more than 6 units of 1000, which is less than 1 percent, and every year this percentage decreases as introducing new systems of accounting and control, eliminating the human factor. But there are several reasons that increase the likelihood that your Luggage may get lost...Read more...

  • Important changes on the import of Russian goods to tourists in 2019

    На таможне России, фото с сайта customs.ru

    From 1 January 2019 to the customs legislation of the Russian Federation amendments, which will apply to all tourists travelling not by air. It does not matter what you drove or flew out of Russia, but if we drive back by car, train, bus, or arrive by ferry, you will be subject to the new rules of importation. Also be aware that these changes relate to both the Russians returning home, and foreign tourists...Read more...

  • Features of the road in Vietnam

    Дорожное движение во Вьетнаме

    Vietnam – the country for tourists in terms of traffic. In our experience (the authors) explore the countries of South-East Asia, traffic in Vietnam the worst, a real "trash". However, should not prematurely be afraid, because if you don't pay attention to all the chaos on the roads, and look objectively, according to the world health organization (data for 2013), mortality rates on the roads of Vietnam is located at 42nd place, Thailand 2, and Russia 72...Read more...

  • All you need to know on currency

    Все что нужно знать туристам о валюте

    If you are going abroad on holiday or travelling, you will need the local money, because they do not always accept dollars or Euro and especially the ruble. Unfortunately it is not always possible in Russia or other CIS countries to buy the currency you need, and it is necessary to use an intermediate global, i.e. at first to buy a home dollars or euros, then already in the destination country to change them. And by the way, even if you find the home currency of the country that you need, this does not mean that you will get a good rate, but rather the opposite...Read more...

  • How to behave with monkeys, precautions

    Как вести себя с обезьянами

    Many tourists who travel to exotic countries, it is naive to believe that the monkey is a fun fun animals that do not pose any danger. But in fact, even the most ordinary macaques, so widespread in areas of human habitation and the most common tourists in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, India, etc. are dangerous animals. Of funny and cute animals, they can quickly become angry and aggressive...Read more...

  • Is it possible to return the money if the debt was forbidden to travel abroad

    Запрет на выезд

    Unfortunately, in this situation, all your tickets and vouchers are non-refundable, all the money you spent on them, just burned. Try to challenge the ban through the courts and to seek compensation (the cost of tickets or vouchers) is useless – you certainly lose. Not valid in such cases and special travel insurance or trip cancellation. However, to save at least part of the money...read more...

  • What insurance is needed for a Schengen visa

    Страховка на Шенген

    When traveling abroad need to worry about reliable insurance, and this applies especially to EU countries that joined the Schengen area. To get a visa to these countries without insurance that meet certain requirements, it is impossible. Its presence is checked at the border directly upon arrival. How and where to buy it...read more...

  • That never checks custom

    Что никогда не проверяет таможня

    Contrary to popular misconception, which, incidentally, can be found even on a reputable travel site and blogs "professional" travellers, customs officers such questions are not engaged. They are generally not interested in people crossing the border because customs is only concerned with the control of cross-border movement of goods, commodities, things, transport, and other inanimate objects...read more...

  • Is it possible to go to Abkhazia with debt

    Можно ли выехать в Абхазию с долгами

    Control of travel outside of the Russian Federation is carried out at all border posts (CPT) regardless of the country of departure. No matter you're traveling by plane or traveling by car, the availability of debt (or rather the restriction, established by the bailiffs) is checked at the border as at airports and land crossings. No exception and the border with Abkhazia...read more...

  • How quickly to lift the ban on travel abroad

    If you are going on vacation or on a business trip abroad, and there is a suspicion that you made the list of restricted to travel abroad because of debt, remember to repay the debts in place at the airport and to lift the ban, you can not. Even according to the law the court bailiffs after the removal of all barriers to exit, cancel the allotted 14 days. But if done right, to lift the ban is possible and much faster. Here's how to do it...Read more...

  • Is it possible not to go abroad because of the foreign debt

    If you think that you are only responsible for their debts, and others you will never have problems – you are mistaken. There are at least three reasons when you can get a ban on travel from Russia, not even knowing about it. What it is and what to do in such a case, read on...Read more...

  • Travel insurance for traveling child

    Insurance for the child when traveling in a trip abroad is not mandatory for most countries, although for some States the presence of tourists insurance policy is required. However, better buy a travel insurance policy even if it is not mandatory, still stands. If a young traveler gets sick, the trip can become a challenge for his parents. It will be difficult to find a good pediatrician, difficulties will add the language barrier, and also for medical services will have to pay, since free of foreign citizens, even little children, will not serve...Read more...

  • Is it possible to take out insurance while abroad

    Как оформить страховку находясь за границей

    If you have forgotten or not had time to arrange travel insurance during the preparation for the journey, but arriving in another country understand what you should insure, then it can be done. Most insurance companies (but not all) allow you to purchase insurance online even during your stay abroad, though there are certain limitations...Read more...

  • Can not release abroad because of unpaid taxes

    Запрет на выезд за границу из-за налогов

    Unpaid taxes can become a reason for not release you to go abroad. If you have accumulated a considerable amount of tax debt, then no amount of persuasion and promises on the spot to repay them will not help you, if the fact of the restriction due to non-payment of taxes will show up at the border. However, one should not unnecessarily be afraid and to believe that if you forgot to pay vehicle tax in several thousand, for example, it has automatically won't be able to leave Russia abroad. To find out, be sure to read this article until the end...Read more...

  • How not to spoil your holiday when booking the hotel through the booking system

    Проблема после бронирования отеля

    Situation when tourists run into trouble at check-in already booked through Booking or other system of search and booking of hotel is not so rare. Can happen everything from the number mismatch the photos and description on the website, and ending with a lack of accommodation at the specified address. Despite the availability on the Internet of angry reviews on such cases, actually checked the reservation system does not leave its users and the responsibility off. Any such problem can be resolved in your favor, it is important to know how to act...Read more...

  • May prohibit travel abroad because of the fine traffic police

    Запрет на выезд за границу из-за штрафов ГИБДД

    If you have unpaid traffic fines, you may prohibit travel abroad. But don't panic over a couple of unpaid fines by a small amount, as there is a minimum total amount of debt below which the restriction on travel abroad you install no not the right. In addition, the installation of the limitations of the relevant authorities takes much time. To all to understand and understand how to prevent a ban on travel because of traffic fines, please read this article until the end...Read more...

  • Is it possible to repay debts on the border, to lift the ban on travel

    Проверка долгов на границе

    Unfortunately, today to lift the ban on travel abroad, if he suddenly show up at the airport or land border crossing, on the spot will not work. The installation mechanism and the lifting of the ban it was too complex and bureaucratic, so even despite the presence in the airports special terminals for repayment of debts, and the ability to pay fines online via the portal of state Services, to lift the ban on the site will not work...Read more...

  • Hop on a plane with a baby in questions and answers

    Ребенок в аэропорту перед полетом

    Usually children without any health problems quietly tolerate the flight, but feeling uncomfortable and stuffy ears. But adults should prepare children for this, especially if it is first flight, and they are afraid. I should explain that the plane is safe and very interesting, and in no circumstances by not feeding and a hint of fear and panic, otherwise they will feel it and will also be afraid. Subsequently, to overcome the fear of flying will be much more difficult...Read more...

  • Where and how to find out whether you can go abroad

    Suddenly discover before boarding the flight at the airport that you cannot go abroad due to debts or other reasons – a very unpleasant surprise, to put it mildly. And worst of all, you will not even be able to solve the issue, because the procedure of lifting the ban on travel takes some time (see, why can not release abroad)...Read more...

  • The amount of debt for a ban on travel abroad

    Запрет на выезд

    The most common reason why you can not release abroad from Russia for a vacation, a trip or a business trip is the presence of outstanding debts (about other reasons see the article "Why can not release abroad"). It can be debts for unpaid fines, debts on loans, child support, taxes, and so much more...Read more...

  • What is the insurance "Green Card"

    Образец Зеленой карты

    "Green card" (Green Card, green card) is an international Treaty (policy) of liability insurance of vehicle owners for damage to other road users. In other words, it is the equivalent of our CTP (compulsory insurance of car owners), but it acts abroad. This form of insurance allows you to repair the damage caused by you in an accident, if your fault. But if there is an accident which was not your fault, this policy, you will receive payment to repair your car or medical treatment from the insurance company, not the perpetrator...Read more...

  • What is the cancellation insurance coverage

    Оформление сраховки

    Sometimes you can hear that the insurance is issued in order to ensure that you will be out of the country. In fact, this is absolutely wrong. Insurance of tourists on his own recognizance (also, policy for possible cancellation of the trip) is acquired to ensure that you could get compensation for the money spent if a trip abroad for any reason fail...Read more...

  • Three reasons why a ban on travel abroad from Russia

    Паспортный контроль

    The availability of debt is the first and most frequent cause of failure at checkout. A lot of tourists and travelers were "stunned" by the unexpected travel ban because of unpaid fines, arrears on utility bills, loans, alimony, etc. However, it is important not the mere presence of debt, and the decision of the bailiff on the establishment of restrictions on travel...Read more...

  • Connecting flights at airports in the questions and answers

    Пересадки в аэропорту

    While traveling one can often face a situation when you need to transplant from one flight to another at the airport or even the city. Indeed, in some countries it is impossible to get a non-stop flight, many flights with one or even two stopovers are cheaper than direct. However, connecting flights at airports, especially if they are made in other countries can lead to certain problems, up to the visa of the country through which you transit. Not to get in trouble, you will find useful tips on how to buy tickets and how to behave at the docks at the airport...Read more...

  • ATMs, credit cards, and banks in the Crimea


    Problems with banks and Bank cards in the Crimea appeared in connection with the imposition of sanctions after the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation in 2014. At first, you couldn't pay by card or withdraw money from ATMs, and tourists were forced to travel only with cash. But now the situation has improved significantly, have the opportunity to pay by card in shops and even withdraw them from ATMs. But not to get into a situation where the withdrawal or transaction will remove an unexpected Commission, or your card will refuse to work, read the following information...Read more...

  • What you can and cannot carry in hand Luggage and Luggage of the plane

    Что нельзя провозить в ручной клади и багаже самолета

    There are very strict rules under which you can't bring certain things into the cabin (as cabin baggage), or even to carry them in the Luggage. They are all aimed at the safety of passengers, and must be implemented by all passengers without question. It is useless to argue or to persuade employees of the security control at the airport, if they found something forbidden in your baggage or carry-on baggage. You just have to remove the prohibited item and throw it away in a special container, which are installed in every airport, and this is the best. For the carriage of prohibited items like contraband, you can still get in trouble with the law, but that's another story. So, what are prohibited in Luggage or hand Luggage...Read more...

  • New baggage rules and carry-on baggage in the aircraft in 2017

    Салон самолета

    From November 5, 2017 in Russia came into force new rules of baggage allowance and hand Luggage, which will slightly complicate the life of those who prefer to save money while traveling and travel, although as stated by the authors, it is aimed at the lower prices. First of all, decreased the rate of weight hand Luggage, ie, things you can take into the cabin in addition to checked Luggage. Also, the list of items you can put in your hand Luggage over the established norm. But that's just the cheapest non-refundable rate. Allowance for ordinary tariffs not changed. So, what has changed...Read more...

  • Ban electronic cigarettes in Thailand

    Электронные сигареты в Таиланде запрещены

    One of the troubles which may face the tourists and travelers in Thailand – ban on electronic cigarettes. Since 2014 banned the sale and use of e-cigarettes. Moreover, violation is not only selling or using, but also trafficking. This means that if the police or customs officers at the border find an e-cigarette or its parts, you can "ring out" in prison. The punishment is quite hard...read more...

  • Changes in the law on the prohibition on travel abroad in 2017

    October 1, 2017 amendments to the law which regulates restrictions on travel abroad, including tourists, imposed for the availability of debt. This limitation is governed by article 67 of the Federal law "On enforcement proceedings" of 02.10.2007 N 229-FZ, it then changes. So, if a tourist on the border could "deploy" for the existence of the debt of 10 000 rubles, now it will be impossible to go abroad if you have debts in excess of 30 000 rubles in total. However, one should not fall into euphoria from the news, because in reality these changes are more on paper than in practice...Read more...

  • How not to do a selfie

    Опасное селфи

    Photography and travel are inseparable. It is difficult to imagine the traveler and the tourist without a camera, because every mobile device has at least a simple camera. And with mobile devices and started a new craze – selfie. No exception to this fascination for the tourists who want to capture themselves against the backdrop memorial for himself places and famous sights, exciting event and beautiful views. But the selfie is not always as safe as it seems. A series of several self-stories with a tragic end and thundered for the whole world...Read more...

  • Is it possible to go abroad, if you have a loan?

    Северное сияние

    At the moment consumer loans are in high demand. Our countrymen go into debt, sometimes significantly overestimating their financial capabilities, and a few people think about the future consequences. And the consequences can be very serious, particularly if the borrower is connected with constant business trips abroad. Imagine the situation: the tickets on hand, you are in a hurry to the airport, and then you stop and veto your departure. Let's try to understand whether it is possible to cross the border, if the hands do not repay the loan?...read more...

  • How to travel with a child

    Путешествие с детьми

    First trip with kids, for parents and for children themselves – is a pleasant and at the same time, exciting. After all, when traveling, we can't always anticipate how to behave in our child in a given situation, in an unfamiliar place, with unfamiliar people. We begin to worry in advance how the tour goes, what to take, as the child will take the road than to take, and, when sick, where to go and stuff like that. And no wonder...read more...

  • Rip current and how to deal with it

    Sea and ocean is a source of joy, pleasure, but also high risk. Every year the sad statistics updated with latest data about the drowned tourists. People are dying for various reasons, however, one of the hidden dangers which sometimes can not cope even experienced swimmers, is the rip current. Rip current, also called reverse wave, breaking wave, "Tyagun", Rip Curent insidiously that carry man further and further from the shore...read more...

  • How to behave when meeting with wild elephants

    Wild elephants in the territory of Thailand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and other Southeast countries are not so rare. Moreover, they can be found not only in the national parks, but on the very populated areas. When meeting with people, these animals behave quite differently, as in circuses or cartoons. As soon as they feel any risk, they could attack a human and even a vehicle, whether a motorbike or a car. Therefore, the following tips from an expert from one of the parks Thailand may well be useful to you, especially if you are traveling to remote and sparsely populated areas of South-East Asia for transport...read more...

  • What is the vaccination, going on a trip

    The journey is always a thrill, a joy, a flurry of emotions from acquaintance with a new culture, with mysterious places. Often it can be complicated by poorly tolerated by acclimatization or intolerance to local cuisine. But you should always remember about one more serious aspect, especially when visiting exotic countries, the possibility of Contracting a deadly disease. In a potentially dangerous region, the traveler can avoid health problems in advance of making a vaccine. Before vaccination or use of any drug, be sure to consult with an expert...read more...

  • How to detect fraud when buying tickets

    With the development of the Internet, electronic payments, the emergence of e-tickets the travel opportunities have increased significantly. But, along with the growth of opportunities for honest buyers and sellers, the Internet is growing and the fraudsters who under the guise of fake e-tickets will simply try to take control of our money with you. And, although the proportion of cheaters among all the sellers of tickets on the Internet is low, still on their deals is a lot of wishing, which then turn into victims. Meanwhile, to identify sites or sellers in social networks, which as the cheapest tickets sell air, very easy...read more...

  • What to do if late for a plane?

    If you have a flight, always keep in mind about punctuality, because check-in ends, usually for 30 to 40 minutes before departure and for international flights check-in can be completed in one hour before departure. However, if the unexpected happened — you overslept, got sick, got stuck in traffic, simply miscalculated and spent too much time on the charges — and eventually missed the plane? From such circumstances, no one is immune, and it is important to know how to act in such a case...read more...

  • Fraud Thailand

    But do not worry because what you will read below. Fraud, though found in Thailand (as well as in any other country, including at our house), but not at every step and no more than in any other tourist country. In Thailand you can travel the years and have never run into serious stains, simply observe caution and basic safety measures. Then your holiday will not be spoiled and you bring back only good memories...read more...

  • The most dangerous tours in the world for the bravest tourists

    Love to travel each year is growing steadily. Most of us tend to visit a variety of popular resorts, exotic tours, interesting tours, famous sites, especially because such places on our planet very, very much. But among these places and attractions are, which, despite its appeal, remain inaccessible and very dangerous. Unfortunately, armed conflict, war, the threat of terrorism and crime has made many countries not available, and the ongoing fighting in them destroy the last remnants Museum and...read more...

  • How to get rid of aerophobia?

    The word "aerophobia" is Latin for "fear of flying on aircraft". Probably, if someone flies without all sorts of devices, this fear for him is not a problem... But for some travelers it was an annoying inconvenience ever since the first passenger transport carried out by air. This phobia completely destroys the pleasure of travel. Because for many the beauty of traveling begins with that moment when the door slams behind her house, and there are new, unknown way...read more...

  • The whole truth about driver's license abroad

    Going on vacation, many advanced tourists and travelers have long used to navigate a foreign state leased vehicles. It is really convenient, not very expensive (sometimes even cheaper excursions) and allows you to be fully independent. In this case, the question always arises: is it possible to manage in one country or another car or motorcycle, according to Russian rights, or is it necessary to have an international driving permit? This question has long been overgrown with a tangle of myths and misconceptions. In order to untangle we have tried to understand this problem and offer you the following information...read more...

  • "Divorce" bangkock

    Ювелир в Бангкоке

    Bangkok is a wonderful city. This is my favorite city. And for all its size and the number of residents is quite a safe city, you can safely walk down the evening streets and nothing to fear. Dangers for tourists here, not many but they are there. Mostly tourists are victims of violent crime are not scams. Crooks, ready to heat hand on naive tourists abound everywhere and Bangkok is no exception...read more...

  • Travellers cheques and how to use them

    Дорожные чеки

    Someone now, just reading the title of this article say: "traveller's cheques are so last century! Why do they now need if all you can pay by credit card." There is some truth to that, but I'm willing to argue. I (author and website) are a supporter of using checks during the journey, at least where possible. And you also suggest. Why I think so, and about what travelers cheques and how to use them, read on...read more...

  • Your flight is delayed, what to do?

    The bags are Packed in anticipation of an early departure, you suddenly report that the flight is delayed or postponed. Time is running out, vacation almost spoiled the mood at zero. What can you do? From you a little that depends in these situations. But do not despair... In this regard, it should be noted that regular flights are operated in accordance with the scheduled aircraft, and Charter flights in accordance with the plan (schedule) Charter flights...read more...

  • What to do if lost/stolen passport abroad?

    Among the many major troubles that may happen to a tourist or a traveler abroad, the case of loss of passport. Why is this a big problem, it will be clear later. Will try to make out what to do in this case:...read more...

  • Safety: Tourists against scammers

    How many tourists, so many are scammers, preying on the gullibility of naive tourists. And yet, do not have to be naive and gullible to be deceived by clever schemes of swindlers which is constantly being improved and are calculated even for the most experienced and prepared travelers...read more...

  • How to sunbathe? Safe holiday

    Beach holidays in warmer climes is always linked with the sun. A nice tan is a measure of a successful vacation.
    But under active, a rich ultraviolet rays of the southern sun you should be able to get a tan so as not to hurt himself. Even in this seemingly simple lesson of how fire lie its dangers...read more...

  • Medical safety during the journey, part 4. Heat stroke, sunburn

    Do not neglect this danger, as the possibility of getting heat stroke, especially if you stay in us unusually warm areas with high humidity. Sometimes the occurrence of heat stroke just don't recognize oblivious to the existence of this malaise, and the resulting symptoms are considered a manifestation of yesterday's drinking, believing that all by itself will...read more...

  • Medical safety during the journey, part 3. Snakes, Scorpions, mosquitoes and other reptiles

    According to official figures in the world there are more than 2,500 species, of which about 700 are poisonous. Every year from poisonous snake bites dies at 100 thousand people. Of course most of the victims – those who daily live and work in areas where poisonous snakes are part of the local fauna, but also of careless tourists frequent sad cases...read more...

  • Medical safety during the journey, part 2. Jellyfish and sea urchins

    Jellyfish. Should immediately say that the jellyfish stings and burns – is the same. It should also be said that not all jellyfish are dangerous and cause burns. Burns can occur from the slightest contact with the body of a jellyfish (with tentacles). On the surface of the skin of the jellyfish are cells that secrete a poison, leading to burns...read more...

  • Medical safety during the journey, part 1. First aid kit tourist and vaccinations

    First aid kit travel is a mandatory thing. And no excuses are accepted. The fact that you are absolutely healthy, and the fact that you have covers all risks insurance is also not accepted. Little pharmacy set during the journey...read more...

  • Crazy Egyptian taxi drivers

    Сумасшедшие египетские таксисты

    Sometimes I think they're crazy. I mean the Egyptian taxi drivers. Absolutely crazy guys, the purpose of life is to bring to the grave more tourists. To ride the defenseless foreigner with a breeze on busy transport roads, scare to death, to bring to a heart attack, and then, with your ten pounds, to dart away into the unknown in search of the next victim... If you think I'm joking, you are mistaken. I complain...read more...

  • The security of money and documents

    Безопасность прежде всего

    The surest way to keep your money, valuables and documents in General will not go, and even better not to leave the house. But if you are going to go somewhere, then one should be concerned about their safety. And the best assistant here – you and your organization.

    Most experienced travelers already know that keeping money and documents while traveling it is better to follow the rule – don't keep all your eggs in one basket...read more...

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