• Or Dombay, Arkhyz, where better to go

    Домбай или Архыз

    Dombai and Arkhyz are very similar resorts, but the conditions of stay in them is very much different. To advise one or the other, to highlight the best, we will not, as a matter of purely individual. But you do not wrong choice the first time you travel to these places, we have made possible an objective comparison of these resorts...Read more...

  • Customs rules Russia for tourists

    Таможенный контроль в аэропорту

    Going on holiday or travelling abroad would be useful to know not only the customs rules of the country where you travel, but also his own. And it's not only that you may have problems with the fact that the border can not be transported some of the obviously illegal substances or objects, but also on the import of imported goods that can be taxed. Not to get into unpleasant situation or an unexpected expenses, read the following information in simple and understandable form about customs regulations Russia...Read more...

  • How to book hotels in Crimea Booking.com

    Бронирование отелей в Крыму

    In 2014, after annexation of the Crimea Peninsula in the Russian Federation in respect of citizens and businesses are constantly being introduced by various sanctions. I touched it and tourism, including independent. So, the Peninsula was excluded from the search popular worldwide reservation system of accommodation for short term AirBnB and developing HomeAway (fortunately there were domestic alternative - Turum.ru). And now popular worldwide hotel reservation system Booking.com introduced "conditional" sanctions for search and booking hotels on the Peninsula of Crimea, excluding them from your search results. But fortunately, Booking sanctions over Crimea if you want easy to get around...Read more...

  • Review of resorts of the Crimea and what better place to choose to stay

    Отдых в Крыму

    Resorts on the Crimean Peninsula very much and they are very diverse. Here you can find a large developed city Yalta, Feodosia, Sudak, Evpatoria, Sevastopol, entertainment and attractions and just a tiny tourist towns with a beach, several hotels and a village atmosphere. To choose a suitable place to stay in all this diversity, and not to make mistakes, not so easy. Not to spoil your vacation, we have prepared an overview of the resorts of the Crimea and the manual selection of the most suitable for you...Read more...

  • How and where to book accommodation and hotels in Crimea

    Отель с пляжем

    If you were already planning a trip to vacation in the Crimea, you probably have encountered such a problem that in popular global search engines and accommodation booking AirBnB and HomeAway booking options of housing on the Peninsula do not exist. With a strong desire they can find rare variants of housing in cities of Crimea, which according to the map and coordinates are disguised as the resorts of the Krasnodar territory, but it's not the most practical option to prepare for the holiday...Read more...

  • Where to go in Crimea, on the Black or Azov sea

    Городской пляж в Щелкино

    For most tourists who are going on vacation in the Crimea, a question is usually not even necessary, since all programs automatically choose the resorts on the Black sea. Indeed, all the most developed and popular destinations located on the southern coast of Crimea (SCC) in the West and the East of the Peninsula, but the Northern shore, washed by the waters of the sea of Azov, far less popular. It is just a few resorts, about which few tourists have heard all...Read more...

  • Three reasons why a ban on travel abroad from Russia

    Паспортный контроль

    The availability of debt is the first and most frequent cause of failure at checkout. A lot of tourists and travelers were "stunned" by the unexpected travel ban because of unpaid fines, arrears on utility bills, loans, alimony, etc. However, it is important not the mere presence of debt, and the decision of the bailiff on the establishment of restrictions on travel...Read more...

  • How to get to the Crimea by car via ferry

    Сравнение, что дешевле: тур или самостоятельно

    What city of Russia you go (except Sochi), your path will pass on the M4. It's a great track, well-equipped, with some paid sites. Yet you need to pay for the move from Moscow to Voronezh region and the Rostov and Krasnodar territory the free movement. However, even for the paid sites have free alternatives. Everything you need to know about paid travel, can be found on the website...Read more...

  • The ferry to the Crimea in the questions and answers

    Сравнение, что дешевле: тур или самостоятельно

    Ferry "Caucasus Port" - "Port Kerch" on the Crimean Peninsula is well organized, it is possible to cross both passengers and cars and trucks. The ferries ferried railroad cars. But still there are some nuances, which the travellers should know in advance before you travel in order not to lose through ignorance the time, or not at all to be denied the crossing. To do this, we collected information on the ferry crossing to the Crimea in the questions and answers...Read more...

  • ATMs, credit cards, and banks in the Crimea


    Problems with banks and Bank cards in the Crimea appeared in connection with the imposition of sanctions after the annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation in 2014. At first, you couldn't pay by card or withdraw money from ATMs, and tourists were forced to travel only with cash. But now the situation has improved significantly, have the opportunity to pay by card in shops and even withdraw them from ATMs. But not to get into a situation where the withdrawal or transaction will remove an unexpected Commission, or your card will refuse to work, read the following information...Read more...

  • The World Cup FIFA-2018


    One of the most anticipated events in Russia in 2018 will be the world Cup FIFA-2018. Even such an important political event as election of the President of the Russian Federation in 2018, lies in the shadow of the world Cup preparations. The cities where will take place games, are working hard in organizing this international event: finishes construction of stadiums, new hotels are opening, being completed a road junction. For example, in Samara even built a new airport terminal specifically for the tournament. It is now known to all the participants and the schedule in 11 cities of the Russian Federation...Read more...

  • Where better to go to rest in the pike perch or the New world

    Царский пляж, Новый Свет

    On the black sea coast of Crimea not far from each other are two wonderful resort town of Sudak and Noviy Svet. Both are popular places for a beach holiday, and tourists often ask where is better to go to Court or the New world. Of course, it's impossible to say which of these two resorts is better because it all depends specific your preferences and expectations. However, below we will try to give a comparison of these two places, that you already own could have adopted the right decision and choose the right place to stay without spending many hours of time searching and studying information on the Internet and guide books...read more...

  • Much better to go with the child to Crimea

    Отдых в Крыму с детьми

    In Crimea, a lot of resorts and beaches, but not all of them suitable for comfortable rest with children. Unfortunately, objectively, we should admit that the infrastructure for the rest of the Peninsula is very weak, and especially this sensitive children. It is possible to be on a beautiful beach with a warm sea, but in the absence of children's entertainment this holiday will be a real torture for the children and will be spoiled for parents. Let's see, where do you go on vacation in the Crimea with the children, and where a child should not go...read more...

  • Curative mud of the Crimea

    Лечебные грязи Крыма

    No matter how far stepped medicine, in the treatment of many diseases remain the most effective means known to mankind since ancient times. Mud therapy – one of the most ancient ways of healing. Millennia ago, Egyptian doctors treated their colds and skin diseases, advise patients as a means to strengthen the bones, gives strength and increases immunity. And beauty of ancient times used the dirt to rejuvenate...Read more...

  • The trip by car to the Crimea: practical information

    Автопутешествие в Крым

    From the moment when the Crimea returned to Russia in 2014, the popularity of the Peninsula to travel there by car from Russian regions has grown rapidly. And today, a trip by car to the Crimea almost no different from car trips to other regions of Russia, and, of course, has its advantages compared to the usual tour by plane or train. If you among those who are going to go to the Peninsula on your car, the following practical information will help you in planning your trip...read more...

  • Poisonous plants of the Crimea

    Ядовитый Безвременник

    While traveling through the wild places of Crimea is not superfluous to know what plants can be dangerous. After all, beautiful and harmless at first glance, the flowers or the berries may actually represent a mortal danger. Especially carefully it is necessary to monitor small children who can easily pull in the mouth poisonous berries, or to disrupt the beautiful bright flowers, the touch of which you can get serious burns. Here are the most poisonous plants of the Crimea and advice on how to deal with the consequences of poisoning...read more...

  • Danger in the Crimea: what is to be feared and how to avoid trouble during the trip around the Peninsula

    Going on vacation in the Crimea, especially if your trip involves trekking in the mountains and steppes of the Peninsula and living in tents, no harm will be acquainted with the dangers that may await you there:

    Karakurt – a subspecies of the Black Widow – one of the most dangerous spiders. For human bites black widow deadly if not treated on time. Deaths in Crimea was yet was not...read more...

  • What is the "boathouses"

    During his travels in the Crimea, you can often find suggestions for accommodation in the sheds. But not even all experienced travelers know what it is. Boathouses is a structure for the construction, repair or storage of vessels on shore. But don't worry, no one invites you to live among the repaired boats. In fact, the boathouses in the Crimea for tourists is a comfortable home on the very first line of the sea. And therefore, this accommodation is very appreciated among experienced hikers as the place where you can not only go to the beach or the promenade, but also get a wonderful view of the sea...read more...

  • Jellyfish in the Crimea, whether they should be wary

    In the two seas surrounding the Peninsula of the Crimea, sometimes there are large concentrations of jellyfish. Fortunately, much you mustn't fear them as deadly poisonous species here not found. From a meeting with Medusa in Black or Azov sea may burn comparable to a burn of the nettles, and more...read more...

  • Mites in the Crimea, whether they should be wary


    In Crimea there are ticks, but contrary to popular belief that in the southern regions it is much more likely to be bitten by a tick in the Crimea is no higher than in other regions of Russia and much less in comparison with Siberia and the Urals. To indulge in the journey on the Sunny Peninsula for fear of ticks completely unjustified, however, preventive measures to take should...read more...

  • Snakes of Crimea, whether they should be wary

    Полоз желтобрюхий

    The nature and climate of the Crimea differs from most of Russia, and therefore here you can find plants and animals that cannot be seen in the natural environment in other regions. In this regard, travelers and tourists, a reasonable question arises: "are There any snakes in the Crimea, and the threat they? Are there poisonous snakes?"...read more...

  • Fruits of the Crimea, seasons of maturation

    Фрукты на рынке в Крыму

    Any tourist gets the opportunity to go to the Crimea, must try the berries and fruits of this unique area. After all, here Matures huge variety of delicious fruits, some of which are considered exotic to the rest of Russia.

    But be aware that, as in any other area of the planet, in the Crimea too, in the market you can find fruits brought from other countries. In order to get enough real of the Crimean fruits and berries, you need to know the seasons, months, when and how fruits ripen. If you see that the fruit is not sold in the season of ripening, as if you are not assured retailers, do not believe that this is a local product...read more...

  • Mobile communications and the Internet in Crimea

    Mobile communications in the Crimea is billed as domestic roaming (not international), so no need to buy SIM card from local operators on arrival. In addition, while in the Crimea are sold SIM cards the only Russian operator MTS. To save, it is best to have your cellular provider to enable options to reduce the cost of roaming in Russia like "Everywhere as houses" from MTS.

    Unfortunately, the special options are not all operators operate on the territory of Crimea...read more...

  • How to navigate in the Crimea on the bus quickly, inexpensively and without problems

    In the Crimea is well developed intercity and commuter bus service. To get directly or with transfers from and to anywhere, and major cities and resorts are connected by frequent direct flights. Prices on travel compared to travel similar distances in other regions of Russia is very low. For example, a two-hour transfer from Simferopol in Evpatoria at a distance of about 100 kilometres on local bus costs just 80 rubles (price of June 2015)...read more...

  • Where to live during your vacation in the Crimea: tips on booking hotels and accommodation

    Unfortunately, the hotel infrastructure of the Crimea is still woefully underdeveloped for independent budget travel. Very few hotels, especially budget, and in high season (second half June to September) they are all booked months in advance. Fans of traveling in Southeast Asia, used to travel from city to city and hotel reservations in the next day or just on the spot, may be unpleasantly surprised by the lack of capacity in the Crimea...read more...

  • The Ghosts Of St. Petersburg

    Призраки Санкт-Петербурга

    St. Petersburg is truly can be called a city of palaces and Russian emperors. They, being in their rooms, deciding the policies of our country. But sometimes happened in the family of the Romanovs hitches and tragic events. Where the rulers were killed by their colleagues, poisoned or tortured to death. In other cases, completed his age suddenly. Many souls of various nobles and themselves the ruling persons till now concerned about living within their walls people. Now some of them are worth to talk...read more...

  • Surfing in Russia

    There is a stereotype that in Russia the surfing is impossible, since there is no normal quality and stability of waves. So surfers prefer to train in exotic countries, where there are waves of different levels. However, experienced surfers claim that the sport can grow at home...read more...

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