• Want to have a rest abroad – to pay the tourist tax at check-out

    Хочешь отдохнуть за границей – заплати туристический налог на выезд

    Often in positions of Patriotic bloggers "vsepropalschikov" on political and social issues can be found lamenting the next taxes and levies on the population that so love to enter our government. But do not be fooled considering that only in our country are constantly inventing new ways to "optimize" to replenish the Treasury. In fact, some States have long surpassed our homeland on the part of idiotic taxes. How would you look at that you had to pay a tax to go abroad with business or pleasure...Read more...

  • Meals in hotels, the legend

    Виды питания в отелях, условные обозначения

    Coding options (reducing) very much, but not all of them are necessary, if you simply pick up a package. To this end, we prepared a simple sample in order as indicated by the types of meals in hotels when looking for tours online in the online shops tours and travel...Read more...

  • Can I take alcohol from dyutifri on Board domestic flights

    Алкоголь из дютифри на внутренних рейсах

    If you fly with a connection with international airlines in the domestic, then it may be a question of what to do with alcohol or other liquids bought in duty free shops dyutifri. In theory, all air travelers know what fluid to carry in your hand Luggage in the cabin, and Packed in baggage fragile glass containers is not always safe, because it may simply not reach the destination in one piece. Besides, if you follow up with a connecting flight from international flight to domestic on a ticket issued on one form, usually the baggage to your final destination, and you'll get it at the connecting airport to Repack, just do not get...Read more...

  • What is Farmstay


    Farmstay (Farmstay, Farm Stay, Farmstay) is a type of tourist accommodation on the farm, when tourists instead of a hotel or Guesthouse stay to stay on a working farm. Farmstay gained popularity with the development of agrotourism and ecotourism.

    Farmstay has spread not only abroad, but in Russia. According to their plan, city residents can on a weekend or a longer holidays to come and reside on the farm where they will not only live, but also can get acquainted with agriculture, to participate in the work in the fields, production and processing of products, animal care...Read more...

  • What is Homestay


    Homestay (Homestay) is a type of tourist accommodation, the analogue of a Guesthouse (guest house). But unlike the Guesthouse, homestay is positioned to be closer to real-live locals placement. Usually the owners of homstead live in the same house, where tourists, or in the next house or the annexe. Hostei you can book exactly the same as hotels or guesthouses, or through a system of search and booking of hotels, or find a place...Read more...

  • 10 inspirational films about travel

    Вдохновляющий фильм про путешествия

    While you are still just planning your next trip, or just going on vacation in a distant land, you can gain a little emotion and get ideas while watching inspirational movies about travelling and travelers. Here is a small selection of the most interesting and dramatic movies about the traveling...Read more...

  • Tourist nodes

    Knitting tourist nodes is one of the basic skills that are needed in the campaign. This is due to the fact that on any trip you'll need some rope, and in some cases it just will not do...read more...

  • Selection of funny pictures about hotels

    It's time to relax and take a break from reading serious articles about travel on Our Planet. And the best way to do this is to laugh a little. On the Internet we have collected some funny photos of signs and names of hotels and other hospitality jokes:...read more...

  • Collect the bag of the photographer on a journey

    Going on a serious trip you wish to capture in all colors, then to not be ashamed to post pictures on social networks, blog, traveler, to print or to store in the album, should be taken with a serious camera. At least, it should be a compact mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses and a large sensor, and ideally it should be a DSLR camera with a full matrix. But even if you cannot afford or do not wish to purchase an expensive camera and plan to travel with an advanced "point and shoot" or "superzoom", it is not superfluous to collect the appropriate swimwear that will enhance and preserve your pictures. This is our selection of what should be collected in the bag of the photographer for travel:...read more...

  • The list of visa-free countries for Russians in 2017

    In 2017, the list of visa-free countries available for tourists from Russia, added. Now the Russians without a visa can travel to 74 countries, in addition to the fact that there are still many countries that you can visit without a visa in advance, but simply getting it on arrival. So here's a new list of visa-free countries for Russians in 2017...read more...

  • The other side of the planet: what's on the other side of the planet from your home

    Другая сторона планеты

    And not like you for once in your life to know, and what is on the other side of Our planet from your home? Where do you go if you pass through the center of the earth, and get to the other side. If you end up on the mainland, or desert island, or just get into an endless ocean. On this page you will be able to easily find out...Read more...

  • How to book a hotel independently

    Personally, I prefer to always book through search engines hotels - Agoda, Hotellook, Booking and many others. Their advantage is that you get information about all hotels, you can compare prices, conditions, etc. besides, search engines often offer even more profitable conditions than in the sites of hotels. Booking on the sites of the search engines occurs immediately, the confirmation comes in a few minutes or even instantly...read more...

  • 5 natural phenomena, which you have to see in your life

    Северное сияние

    In the pursuit of sights many travelers and tourists forget about striking natural phenomena, which are available without any entrance fees and obsessive guides. To see them is not always easy, and sometimes it is even more difficult than getting trodden trails to ancient ruins or ancient castles, where the crowds carry tourists. But the effort of the path is worth it. Here's a selection of the most striking natural phenomena, which you have to see in my life:...read more...

  • How to travel with a child

    Путешествие с детьми

    First trip with kids, for parents and for children themselves – is a pleasant and at the same time, exciting. After all, when traveling, we can't always anticipate how to behave in our child in a given situation, in an unfamiliar place, with unfamiliar people. We begin to worry in advance how the tour goes, what to take, as the child will take the road than to take, and, when sick, where to go and stuff like that. And no wonder...read more...

  • How to behave in the hostel: some obvious rules of conduct for joint hostel

    Accommodation in hostels Russian-speaking tourists and travelers unfamiliar. Many of our countrymen don't even know what is a hostel, and if you know what hostels are very squeamish, apparently mindful of the Soviet communal apartments and dormitories. In fact, modern foreign hostels in most cases have few similarities with the Soviet hostels and even modern Russian hotels with a room share. Modern hostels are very closely monitoring the cleanliness, hygiene and order, so they often can even give odds to much more expensive hotels with single occupancy. Besides, this is a great opportunity to make new friends or to chat in a foreign language...read more...

  • Beach ridiculous laws

    There are absurd and ridiculous laws, which have long constituted the remnants of the past and not applicable to modern life. Such laws often can be detected in the United States. Some of them were long ago abolished, but continued in the people to act. The Slavic peoples have always made fun of such rules, because the Soviet Constitution did not contain anything funny.

    But not only in America there are some funny old laws: there are beach laws who look, to put it mildly, strange. In different parts of the world have their quirks...read more...

  • A modern fairy tale of the Balkans - Serbia

    Serbia is bordered by Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Macedonia. In this country, covering an area of 88 361 sq km, harmoniously intertwined mountains and plains, rivers and cliffs, snowy peaks and sultry valley. You need to add to this ancient rock monasteries, old towns with amazing architecture, friendly locals, moreover, most Russian-speaking, and gorgeous natural landscapes...read more...

  • How celebrate New year in Asia

    Agree that New year is one of the favorite holidays of the majority. To him are beginning to prepare for almost a month. On the new year night, as if in unison hostess cut products for traditional salad "Olivier", decorate the Christmas tree, think the outfit in accordance with recommendations of what is necessary to meet this amazing, magical and sparkling holiday. And if our European tradition quite similar, in Asia, for example, the New year is celebrated quite differently...read more...

  • How to travel independently

    Today, more and more travel companies in Russia goes into the shadow, "throwing" the tourists in a place without hotels, without a return plane ticket, or tourists just learn, upon arriving at the airport in anticipation of the start of the tour, that they are not in the list of passengers due to the fact that travel companies who sold them the tour no longer exists. In such circumstances becomes more urgent the organization of your holiday or travel independently. If you are among those who finally decided to learn to travel independently, we on our website and forum will help you with this...read more...

  • First time flying in an airplane: practical information for those who have never been on a plane and going to your first flight

    Almost all airports and all carriers in order of carriage of passengers organised in a similar way, and, in General, this scheme can be described by the following steps: ticket purchase ► check-in and check-pre-flight control ► waiting to Board ► Board ► flight ► go through security on arrival ► baggage ► customs control
    At some airports, this scheme can be simplified or slightly change, but the General principle always such...read more...

  • The idea for gift of travel: a postcard home

    No matter how many times you visited the same place when all the possible Souvenirs from there purchased and brought home, given to friends and family, anyway, during another trip while walking past the souvenir collapse it's tempting to buy another trinket. If you choose to do nothing more, you can give yourself or your loved-ones a special souvenir to send home a postcard from the place your vacation. It will be very nice and interesting when I returned home to find in your mailbox (real, not electronic), a colorful postcard of a distant country and wishes from himself. And imagine the faces of your friends, who will receive a postcard from another end of the world to your wishes...read more...

  • Where to go in the winter?

    The summer is just about over, and many popular resorts of the Russians, too, will soon close its doors for tourists. On the beaches of Turkey, Tunisia, Russian resorts will be too cold for a beach holiday in most European countries winter comes with snow and frost. This, of course, does not mean that it is impossible to find a warm place to stay Europe or a cozy hotel with all inclusive in Turkey, but as a mass, these areas no longer be offered in the winter season, tour operators, and the time comes to look at other areas...read more...

  • Crimea. Leisure and tourism: Partenit, sandy, work area

    Your vacation always want to spend it in a place that remembered and pulled again to yourself. It is possible that such a place can be for you is that this is a very beautiful place at the foot of Ayu – Dag mountain on the southern shore of the Crimea. At the foot of Bear mountain are a variety of beaches from secluded and romantic places to family, with the smallest pebbles. And paid sanatorium beaches and you will appreciate its cleanliness, coziness and organized leisure activities...read more...

  • Yeysk travel

    In the center of the city is almost completely preserved building of the late 19th and early 20th century, which gives it the unique look of the old merchant city. House similar to one another, each marked by some unique architectural element: sculpture on the facade, a monogram of owner with date of construction. Yeysk favorably with many southern cities in the strict urban simplicity. It has no main street. The center of the city, like in medieval European towns - market square. This obviously affected the European tastes of its founder, Prince M. S. Vorontsov...read more...

  • How to pay and get an electronic ticket?

    The most convenient and fastest way to pay for tickets using credit cards Visa, MasterCard. In some cases you can also use American Express and some other credit cards. Confirmation of booking when paying by credit card takes place instantly. As soon as you enter personal data, credit card number and security code CVC/CVV and you will see on the screen that your payment is confirmed, you will become the owner of the electronic ticket. Even if your card immediately will not be charged for the ticket, don't worry. Sometimes the amount is just blocked on your account and can be withdrawn only after a few days, and even in parts...read more...

  • What is e-ticket?

    Electronic ticket or e-ticket is an electronic document that certifies the contract of carriage between the passenger and the airline. Unlike a paper ticket, e-ticket is a digital record in the airline's database (Wikipedia). Electronic ticket (e-ticket) to date, the most widespread and convenient form of shipping documents. Purchase an e-ticket guarantees the same rights and opportunities for the passenger that it has the usual ticket on the letterhead of the...read more...

  • How to choose the right resort?

    It's safe to say that the selection of routes in winter is greatly expanded, because in the winter it demands cheaper and more accessible Egypt and Turkey. Of course there is still tour Europe, which is nice and fun to visit any time of year, but now not about it. For us, tired from a long winter of cold nights and short days, missed the sunlight and the sun caressing the skin, the ultraviolet rays are much more interesting to go to the warmth and sun of the region...read more...

  • What to bring on tour/journey (collect a traveler's backpack)

    To begin this article I decided to prank the likes of which love to say heroes or the villains of American fighters: "People are divided into two types: those who, going on the road, take everything you need, plus evening wear, formal suit, a bunch of clothes set makeup for all occasions and an electric razor, and those who take only the Essentials"...read more...

  • Psychological test: "wanderlust"

    Take the short quiz "Passion for travel" to learn if you are a traveler. Select one answer 14 questions, and click "View results":

    What do you do when you have to go to the path:

    - going on the road
    - dream of the journey...
  • Thailand: a Tour of 7/11

    Wow, more than a month we went to the supermarket and buying only familiar foods. To strangers, we just didn't dare. The fact that Thai manufacturers not all products write the names and composition of English. Well, Thai we do not know...read more...

  • Visa regimes of different countries

    The table provides General information about visa requirements for citizens of Russia and other CIS countries in various countries around the world. To view detailed information about visa requirements, go to the relevant page on the link in the name of the country...read more...

  • Legend hotel services


    Almost always when booking hotels via the Internet or when choosing a hotel in case of purchase of travel vouchers, we are faced with generally accepted international designation of types of food (HB, BB..), types of rooms (standard, Junior...), types of room, hotel classification star. In order not to get lost in these symbols and not to be mistaken with a choice, use the following information...read more...

  • Exotic fruits


    First came in a distant warm country, many tourists and travelers are faced with an abundance of exotic fruits, even the names they've never heard of. To help you understand what kind of "fruit" such, we have prepared a brief overview of the most common exotic fruits, so you can decide what to buy and try, and what to do with them, if you have already bought.

    If you've tried these fruits, you can vote for your favorite...read more...

  • What foreigners think about the Russian?

    If you smile at strangers Russian on the street, it is likely that you do not smile in response. Smile in Russia are mostly meant for friends: the smile of a stranger they perceive as though you make fun of them and something wrong with their clothes or hairdo, or are you just "stupid." Moreover, the spontaneous, the Western smile is perceived as insincere like, "You don't mean"...read more...

  • Sanya (China)

    Sanya is the southernmost city on Hainan island and the southernmost city of China. Year round good weather and you can swim, there are coconuts and many, many different things that you can read in every guidebook. In Sanya, a lot of Russian. Near the "Russian beach" for all stores only Russian labels and hang Russian flags, and also has a Russian karaoke bar. On the beach, as usual, go sellers of shells, fruit, film, diligently mpariwa, all is good. Especially aliens who decided to buy a tour to China from Moscow...read more...

  • How to choose a bus tour

    When it comes to travel, most tourists for their future trips to choose the most comfortable way to travel. It's a plane or in an extreme case, a train. But there is another way to travel that is becoming increasingly popular among travelers. We are talking about bus tours. To buy a tour from Perm bus today on many areas, and it has its pros and cons. Among the advantages of bus tours you can call them a lower cost compared to traveling by plane or rail. In addition, during the trip you can admire the views, which deprived those who chose air transportation...read more...

  • Travel to Germany

    Travel abroad allows you to see and learn a lot. Moreover, it is quite a pleasant pastime. For example, while vacationing in Germany, you will be able to get acquainted with this amazing country. Your vacation will be filled with only positive emotions. Choosing a trip to Germany you will most likely fall on a holiday, a beer festival, a carnival that happens here quite often. These events and the ability to make the guests attracted to the country tourists from around the world...read more...

Comments / recent posts on the topic on the forum
ElephantSerg 4 July, 2020
15.10.2019. Moving to lake Thun.
The next hotel was Park on lake Thun -, near Interlaken. Interlaken, as the name implies, is located between the lakes (Thun and Brienz). Only one thing remains unclear, why the name English Switzerland English is not the official? Was the name is from Latin.
But our road to the lake Dunscomb passed through two points of interest - Gamersky lift to the lake and Reyhenbahskogo waterfall.
About Gamersky lift I already told and posted a video.
Now Reyhenbahskogo waterfall.
Despite the fact that the name is very difficult to read AI pronunciation Russian man, has long been almost all of our people should be familiar with this waterfall. Few who have not read at the time of Arthur Conan Doyle, the adventures of Sherloka Holmes and Dr. Watson. And it is mortal combat of Holmes and Professor Moriarty have even more to remember. In Soviet film, she shows very well. Although filmed this scene in Abkhazia, Conan Doyle put it to one of the platforms it Reyhenbahskogo waterfall. Conan Doyle loved to travel to Switzerland and the falls made such an impression that the scene "death" of Sherlock Holmes he decided to put here.
Tourism marketing is actively developing in Switzerland, so the fact of the interest of Arthur Conan Doyle to Reyhenbahskogo the waterfall definitely was used. This mark places where there was a fight, and the Sherlock Holmes Museum in Meiringen (near the city), this commemorative plaque.
To the waterfall from Meiringen reap up on a special lift (Reichenbachfallbahn). Two old cabins go up and down on the rails and diverge in the middle of the route. Rise up from the height of 600 met ...
Yarkostudio 5 July, 2020
This is a Short film about the journey to the mountain Belukha.
This is a story about incarnation, a small dream of childhood - to get to the mountains)
A little talk about what it took in the campaign, how to drive and pass their own experience, and of course many shots of the beautiful nature.
The film is divided into 4 parts:
1. The prologue and a sample of the power in Arshan
2. Gather the basic things (9:00)
3. Journey to the Akkem (15:00)
4. Trek to Belukha (29:00)
If you have any questions - write them in the comments)
Now I really want to get into the sea or ocean travel, and if suddenly you get to help with that, I'll be happy and mutually to make a video about it)

The link to the video:
D2PzwnKTUL8 ...
nausla 7 July, 2020

But then there is not very correct for the media, but people also so comfortable, a number of issues:
1. What was the Maritime experience and training and make travel in people who are on these boats made these trips?
2. What was the support group? For example, the well-known singles players Konyukhova, in his travels, accompanied by almost a company with reinforcements.
3.What was the actual budget? After all, you modestly don't mention the points of replenishment and the cost of these activities.
4.How much and to whom, is a very important question because in Dupuy have to climb absolutely not planning this to people, the cost of rescue operations? And for saving such craftsmen often have to pay not only money but also health and life of rescuers. And yet, in modern tolerant society, then to clean up lawsuits, as the carcass is pulled and the property is not! Well compensate me for the loss!(Unfortunately, the situation is quite real) ...
admin July 9, 2020

Here on the map https://yandex.ru/maps/?l=sat%2Cskl&ll=40.183949%2C44.276237&z=19 before the bridge you go. Well or here are the coordinates from Google maps 44.2762987,40.1833539, but don't know how accurate they are, is determined by the map, and with the Navigator. But do not worry on this account, will find, you need only bridge across the river Masako to find. ...
nekryl 9 July, 2020
All tours Sochi, Abkhazia and Adler in one place. Company SOCHI TOUR-the most attractive prices, friendly agents, certified tour guides, comfortable transport.
Our contacts:
+7 938 472-71-44 ...
Bulk 9 July, 2020
Discounts for booking from Airbnb
Airbnb is a great service for booking of apartments/rooms/houses, and other homes around the world, including in Russia.
  • 2100 RUB. discount for the first booking when you register on the website at this link

  • Discount $ 3,750 on your first booking any accommodation when you register on the website at this link

  • 37 euros discount on first booking when you register on the website at this link

  • Discount of $ 41 on first booking when you register on the website at this link

  • The last two references, the registration is in the Ukrainian language. After registration, the language can be changed to Russian. The exact discount exchange links depends on exchange rates and may differ slightly from those stated when you click on the link.
    Book discounted villas, rooms, accommodation
    Let envy the neighbors that they so failed!
    Airbnb is the best way to rent unique accommodation for every budget!
    https://c.radikal.ru/c29/2002/bf/2318c7a2733f.png ...
    Bulk 9 July, 2020
    Discounts on the purchase of tickets bus/train/airplane across the world
    The German company OMIO (former GoEuro service) offers a discount of 10 euros if you buy tickets on the bus/train/flight to Europe cost from 39 euros. Discount applies when purchasing tickets in Russia.
    To receive the discount you must register about promostyle or redeem romanb4n4w3i after registration.
    The cost of your purchase when you use promo code must be greater than 40 euros, not including taxes and fees.
    To receive a bonus of 10 Euro, you must assign the phone number to the account. If for any reason you do not receive SMS with a verification code - write to the support help@omio.com with your email and phone number that you want to bind
    https://c.radikal.ru/c15/2004/ae/343ef5abe20d.jpg ...
    admin July 10, 2020
    Will I be refunded for cancelled airline Charter is also a voucher?
    The answer
    No, the Charter flights this ruling does not apply. This means that for the canceled Charter flight you are obliged to return the money in full to the card or other payment method how you paid for your ticket, and nobody has the right to force VAZ to accept any vouchers. ...
    Cremberry July 11, 2020
    If you need to go in for a few days or a few weeks, and don't have to take your pet, consider leaving it on departure at the hotel "YULNA". Here arrange the transportation of pet zoo hotels will provide full care – walking, feeding and playing. Each animal is kept separately and you will have the option of video surveillance 24/7 for your pet from your smartphone. To book a place for Your pet, please visit the Keeping of dogs in Domodedovo https://yulna.ru/perederzhka-sobak-v-domodedovo/. All owners once faced with the need somewhere to keep the dog. Better your pet to trust the professionals! ...
    admin July 11, 2020
    Another of the group about the Scam:
    The website https://aerowill.pw/. On the website all the signs of a fraudulent site, beware ...