• Trains in Indonesia

    Train travel in Indonesia is best developed on the island of Java. To reach by train from the capital Jakarta it is possible to all the most popular tourist cities, but where the trains do not go, can always be reached by rail to the nearest station and take the bus. Theoretically, you can even get to the island of Bali via the ferry and then the bus, but from Jakarta first have to get on the same train to Surabaya, and then catch another train to Banyuwangi (Banyuwangi)...read more...

  • Other beach resorts Indonesia

    Planning a vacation in some exotic Asian country and considering as an option Indonesia, many people automatically opt for such well-known resort, Bali. Bali has long been, as they say the most hyped and popular tourist destination for travelers. Here vacationers find themselves stunning sea, luxury hotels, interesting excursions. Bali really all made for tourism and recreation here is carefree and comfortable in nature. However, Indonesia is a huge country, and it is not limited to only one in Bali...read more...

  • Things to do in Bali: Spas in Bali

    Heading to Bali, just being on the plane, many tourists are looking forward not so much the warm sea and exotic holiday, and many from unforgettable experiences in the SPA-salons. Asian service and recipes for preserving youth is famous throughout the world. And in Bali, you can experience the bliss from the care of body and face. Who-who, and cheerful Balinese people know how to use SPA to relax the body and bring harmony to the soul and thoughts...read more...

  • The Gili Islands (Lombok): which island to choose to stay?

    Gili (Gili) in Indonesia means "little island". The Gili Islands near the island of Lombok in Indonesia are among the most popular places among tourists on the island. Around Lombok there are a lot of Islands, but which, as they say and dream of tourists, only three: Gili Trawangan (Gili Trawangan), Lombok (Gili Meno) and Lombok (Gili Air). All three island are next to each other and quite close to the shore of Lombok...read more...

  • Car rental/motorcycle in Indonesia in Bali and Lombok

    Take a trip to Bali, Lombok or other places in Indonesia, is very convenient to use for travel leased vehicles. Often it is the only way for reasonable money to see the sights, given the very weak development of public transport. The alternative to self-driving is car hire with a driver, but it will have to pay more money (but more on that below)...read more...

  • Report from Lenchik: "Big Asian tour" (Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia)

    .....This was our first trip "savage"..... Now we're home, behind a 20 days of rest, 31500 km, 9 flights and 6 countries (including transit Holland and France). Write a review overall as you travel, and place it to the 4-eating countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia and Indonesia - in that order), so that each country will be allocated separately in the General text. I also want to say that this review is largely about organized trip than on each country individually...read more...

  • About Bali practical (economical tourists are recommended). Continued

    As I said before, fruit, and indeed all the other products we bought at the supermarket, "Matahari". Rather it is a shopping center on the ground floor which was a good supermarket. The prices are more than reasonable...read more...

  • About Bali practical (economical tourists are recommended)

    So, the trip from the "****" (thanks "****", like never disappoint) to Bali 2 nights in Ubud+12 nights Legian, may. Arrived at Domodedovo more than 5 hours before departure. On the counter of the tour operator, as expected, still no one. Decided to check back in about ten minutes, and the precious packages on hand...read more...

  • The truth about Bali (another look)

    How many beautiful words we say in the travel agents when tout to buy a ticket. Unfortunately, on arrival everything is not always as tell. About the beauty of Indonesia, particularly Bali, we had heard a lot and in 2010 finally decided to go see yourself...read more...

  • To move to live in Bali. Features tropical immigration (continued)

    Continue the theme of immigration on the tropical Paradise island of Bali. To delve into the sentimental details that first, it would not hurt to decide how you want this life: another culture, another language environment, and even at the resort, I will not. Here all the arguments are powerless...read more...

  • To move to live in Bali. Features tropical immigration

    How to move to live in Bali? The most frequently asked question, which sounds mouth compatriots in different persons. How to find housing? How to make visa? How to find a job? How, how, how? I rarely, almost never advise on these issues. Just know that the more answers you will find yourself a break far from any one source, the faster and more comfortable "acclimatization" to a new life...read more...

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admin July 9, 2019

Independently ...
admin July 9, 2019

A typical misconception and a superficial view, because you are just not in the subject, at least because:
1. tours are often sold even cheaper than the cost of tickets bought in advance.
2. usually, popular destinations airfare + insurance + hotel + transfer purchased separately cost more than in a batch round.
3. prices on tickets are NOT ALWAYS CHEAPER when buying a lot in advance, everything is more difficult. ...
admin 10 July, 2019

I answer for the FSSP for the presence of your limits are, the more even that the bailiff didn't reply to you. ...
enjourney 11 July, 2019
Good day, ladies and gentlemen! :) I just discovered this forum and decided to register. Introduce myself - my name is Alex. Quite travel a lot. Now behind shoulders 74 countries. :)
've been doing video reports that try to take on trips.
Some time is very straight hooked on cruises! And here I want to share with you.
So, let's start!
Younger children have long asked me to take them with you, but those ships which my wife preferred for children unsuitable... so we had to try the Duo! )))
Briefly, then, suddenly, we ship liked!
Understand that the format on the forum is not the most popular, but photos I almost did... ((( Just hands is not enough all at the same time... )))))
In the first clip on this cruise only the first part of our journey. In the next series will be video of all ports and places where we visited: ITALY - Genoa - Naples - Pompeii - Sorrento - Messina - mount Etna - Taormina - MALTA - Valletta - Mdina - SPAIN - Barcelona - FRANCE - Marseille - Provence.
Qe8fumAUZT0 ...
admin 11 July, 2019

Yes, of course. Use the Attachments tab at the bottom of the newly created post, everything is easy to sort out without assistance. ...
Bulk 11 July, 2019
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    12 July, 2019
    A few months in Sukhum already. On work matters. Delving into the atmosphere everyday. All and all want each other to fuck. The price of food is just mind-blowing. Thought will fall in the sub-tropical fruit Paradise, and were in sovkovski road Commission stall. That only is "local" potatoes or peaches, too "local". They were even too lazy to peel the stickers "egipt" with "local" products. Well, many "joys", like the water turned on - readoct of a kind! Electricity included - uraaaaa! On a trolley for 5 rubles to go(though once during the movement of the trolley up). Still disconnected.
    But in General, quiet, calm. Say, steal. And where it is not stealing? You have to live on something. Not a lot of tourists. In stores Hamish indefinitely. A crumpled or torn bill will give but not take, even in Bank. At the transition of the pedestrian miss only Russian cars. Children often miss everywhere. Any communication goes to the Creek(the national tradition), but without fights and brawls(don't know why). Yes, a lot of interesting. ...
    Panasonic 12 July, 2019
    https://youtube.com/watch?v=TRuYQ6aInqI ...
    enjourney 12 July, 2019
    Well, ladies and gentlemen. Shall we? :)
    That's about this Royal clipper "Royal Clipper" fastest and biggest in the world pyatimetrovy sailboat and will be discussed in the report!
    The rhythm of life on Board remained the same as a hundred years ago: the carrying of the watches, sail handling and so on. The crew manually removes and places the triangular stakely and two lower rectangular sail, and the rest, not to send the masts sailors on a sailing ship use hydraulic system that is operated by one person. On the masts, the sails collapsed on a special aloft - a novelty in sailing technology. On each ray there is a small hydraulic motor, it is attached to the beam that passes through the yard. This system allows without human hands to roll and deploy the sails. It is very convenient when changing weather conditions and does not take much time. On the mast the sailors go when you need to unwind the sail or carry out preventive work. Sails on the vessel so that they can cover the 13 basketball courts.
    q4cwC-poHaY ...

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