• National Park Jim Corbett

    National Park Jim Corbett is the oldest national Park in India named after the hunter and later conservationist Jim Corbett who played a key role in the creation of the Park. The Park gained national status in 1936 under the name national Park Haley. It is located in the district of Nainital, in the state of Uttarakhand and is one of the protected areas, where the population of the Bengal tiger, which is under critical threat, the conservation of this species is the main purpose of the Indian environmental initiative of the Project Tiger...read more...

  • Psychedelic India - a practical guide part 2

    Кандолим Бич

    First trip to Goa left me with the feeling of heaven on earth. The second trip was supposed to be a little different. In December in Goa the season starts, and thousands of tourists come to this region. This time I traveled not alone but with a friend from Slovenia. My companion Vladimir or better known in the homeland under the name Jackson wears dreadlocks and comes to India every four years for the third time...read more...

  • Psychedelic India - a practical guide part 1

    Кандолим Бич

    Mass tourism in India is a clear seasonal pattern. This is due to the drastic climate changes throughout the year. Those places where in the winter months of seething life, music was played and enjoyed life carefree international brotherhood of Hedonists, in the summer and autumn months of the monsoon turns into a hot and wet dreary wasteland with littered beaches and coastal restaurants are boarded up. In the Himalayas all the way around - in winter there are snow-covered Kingdom of silence and peace...read more...

  • Esoteric tourism

    Tourists and yoga at the same time. Tourists are ready to pay any money for the trip to distant lands in search of unknown feelings, much less than who is buying tours to Egypt or Turkey, but because travel agencies annually swell the list of their services, referring to the range of interests that is able to attract new interested client...read more...

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What do you mean? ...
MatrenaAlekseefa 24 August, 2019
thanks for the info, also wanted to go in September and see for a week Petersburg) ...
nausla 24 August, 2019
Upon arrival at Kanasar, settled at the Lodge. The three Windows of our room, opened wonderful views on three sides of the world.
We, after lunch, wanted to arrange a quiet hour. But there it was! The Lodge has stopped the Indians - young, cheerful and emotional people who all sang, danced and played active games in the fresh air. Nature is also not allowed to relax. The wind was blowing so that it seemed that our birdhouse's going to blow. Glass rattled in the frames, and the room walked a draught. However, even if we don't sleep, just rested and kept warm in sleeping bags.
Surprisingly, despite the economic backwardness and the presence, at times, truly wild prejudices, Nepal is totally provided with mobile communication. Moreover, it is available to every Nepali citizen. We have the impression that literally everyone, including the last beggar, have smartphones. The Subhas, for example, did not get out of the Internet all the way and constantly post pictures on FB.
https://lh3.googleusercontent.com ...
nasamomdele 24 August, 2019
Ever been to Naples? Here we visited the city for the first time. Heard a lot, a lot of looking and reading. Someone says that this is a horrible place, full of crime, dirt and chaos, someone that if you were in Naples, that you were in Italy. That's all we decided not only to see with your own eyes, but also to show you! The footage turned out so much that one video would not fit and we shared the trip to Naples on two rollers. In this release, a lot of contrast! Real shocking street of Naples, an interesting art object with a sinking horses, the oldest shopping arcade and even a coffee from McDonald's! And of course the famous Neapolitan pizza and delicious Rum Baba which really can be something to stick together!
Oksanak 26 August, 2019
Great article to help the newbie) Everything is clear and understandable) ...
Rigonia 27 August, 2019

I can tell you, as a person superposable and supernoise a bunch of backpacks :)) your description and requests just suits tourist backpack. And in urban areas you will always like to look like a "white crow" :) especially the new large backpack will only attract attention on city vacant lots. ...
nausla 27 August, 2019

Well, we again do not know the living conditions. Maybe there is a restaurant in two steps.
The garbage bag is right, it is not necessary to litter in any case.
By the way, the bags are usually sealed, so that food waste can be put in place to deliver. ...
nausla 27 August, 2019
It is hoped that. ...
Bulk 27 August, 2019
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