• National Park Jim Corbett

    National Park Jim Corbett is the oldest national Park in India named after the hunter and later conservationist Jim Corbett who played a key role in the creation of the Park. The Park gained national status in 1936 under the name national Park Haley. It is located in the district of Nainital, in the state of Uttarakhand and is one of the protected areas, where the population of the Bengal tiger, which is under critical threat, the conservation of this species is the main purpose of the Indian environmental initiative of the Project Tiger...read more...

  • Psychedelic India - a practical guide part 2

    Кандолим Бич

    First trip to Goa left me with the feeling of heaven on earth. The second trip was supposed to be a little different. In December in Goa the season starts, and thousands of tourists come to this region. This time I traveled not alone but with a friend from Slovenia. My companion Vladimir or better known in the homeland under the name Jackson wears dreadlocks and comes to India every four years for the third time...read more...

  • Psychedelic India - a practical guide part 1

    Кандолим Бич

    Mass tourism in India is a clear seasonal pattern. This is due to the drastic climate changes throughout the year. Those places where in the winter months of seething life, music was played and enjoyed life carefree international brotherhood of Hedonists, in the summer and autumn months of the monsoon turns into a hot and wet dreary wasteland with littered beaches and coastal restaurants are boarded up. In the Himalayas all the way around - in winter there are snow-covered Kingdom of silence and peace...read more...

  • Esoteric tourism

    Tourists and yoga at the same time. Tourists are ready to pay any money for the trip to distant lands in search of unknown feelings, much less than who is buying tours to Egypt or Turkey, but because travel agencies annually swell the list of their services, referring to the range of interests that is able to attract new interested client...read more...

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ElephantSerg August 2, 2020
17.10.2019 Radial trip to Gruyeres (the castle and cheese factory) and the city of Bern.
The castle and the cheese factory gruyères is located in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, in the Canton of Fribourg.
At the time (middle ages) the inhabitants of gruyères periodically fought with varying degrees of success and bernama and priborami. But eventually the castle was sold to the Canton of Fribourg. About this story, read more in Wikipedia.
For modern people the name of Gruyere is associated primarily with the eponymous cheese. Cheese is really a wonderful, truly delicious, unlike the plastic and rubber of our cheeses.
First we visited the Gruyere cheese factory. As far as I know, there is a separate plant, which produces Gruyere cheese, but in addition built a small demonstration plant, where the cheese is produced in small amounts by the same technology and from the same material, but access for visitors. Turned into a tourist attraction.
The demonstration cheese factory is very easy to find, we at Pathfinder were exhibited just the village of gruyère, and we quickly oriented on the signs.
Next to the cheese factory there is a large Parking lot. The input is organized in sessions, each session allowed a limited number of tourists. Interesting to visit when in technology, there are some processes. We were lucky, we saw the preparation and bottling of the cheese mass from the tanks on special forms for moulding cheese.
In the hall there is a man in boots. They constantly wash themselves from hoses, wash equipment, water is not spared. Visitors watch what is happening in the hall down through the window. Each visitor is given an audio guide (there is Russian). The audio guide tells everything in detail. In addition to the room, where there is cheese there are many ek ...
ElephantSerg August 2, 2020
Video on the trip to Leukerbad.
irxny7kOMlE ...
admin August 3, 2020

Yeah, no problem let ...
Лена41 August 4, 2020
Also a lot of useful information on Hiking routes and hotels can be read here. A very useful guide. And the city is very beautiful. ...
, Pavlik 5 August, 2020
It was here vacationing last year. Wonderful place. Really fabulously rested. This exotic country has never seen. Rested with the whole family, especially admired the beauty of nature and the sea. Kids every day playing on the boat https://galeonyachtsforsale.com/ru/ we have purchased very cheap . In General, the impressions are unforgettable. Recommended to all. ...
baby August 5, 2020
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    nausla August 6, 2020

    What is it about?
    On the policy of the authorities, so it's not here.
    About the rules of travel? So flights yet, the border is closed, respectively, and there are no rules, only guesswork. ...
    urri-zp 6 August 2020
    Komrad!Those in the know advise please.Going to go to Ukraine.The validity of the passport of the Russian Federation at the time of departure is less than 90 days.
    Question.Release me from Russia?
    Thank you all in advance! ...