• Opinion: new year holidays in Egypt

    And here again the new year holidays. Again to wrestle with than their "fill". Apparently I was very relaxed, gave himself to be persuaded to travel to Egypt with "the ticket." Of course I knew that I was there, but "...the heart believes in miracles". My wife is practicing the "dilution" of our trips with a beach holiday in Egypt or Turkey, if you have time and opportunity. To me it is not even offering, knowing my answer and reaction. But what happened this time? And... I agreed...read more...

  • Sultry holidays to Egypt gives You summer all year round!

    Where you prefer to spend your vacation? Many of us love to visit exotic countries, others prefer to spend my free time at home or in the neighbouring countries. For some vacationers an integral part of summer vacation is sea, sun, beautiful nature, others prefer a few days before the holiday at least a little to improve health, others to get acquainted with the culture of the host country, meet other people, learn a lot of interesting...read more...

  • Review of the Egypt (from Julia)

    Last year a small company was vacationing in Egypt. Very rich turned holiday for a very reasonable price. Great weather, warm sea, great hotel with a very diverse and high-quality cuisine, interesting excursions. The hotel facilities include several pools, a paddling pool, several dining rooms, restaurant. In the evening you can stroll by the singing fountains, or walk through the shops. Many different entertainment for children on site...read more...

  • Property in Hurghada (Egypt)

    недвижимость в Хургаде

    Apartment in Hurghada has always been an example of affordable housing. From the beginning of development of this segment of the market on the red sea coast, as an investment housing for foreigners about 10 years ago, the price per sq. m. was 150-200$. The growth of housing prices in Hurghada are always present and the prices steadily rose. Today, many construction project in Hurghada observed a sharp jump in the cost per square meter with prospects of an even greater increase in the period to autumn 2012. Noteworthy is the fact that the revolutionary events in Egypt are not "crashed the market" in spite of all the predictions of skeptics...read more...

  • Review: Story. Egypt, Nuweiba, Hilton and not only

    26.12.2008-07.01.2009, From the airport to the hotel (we were dropped off first) on the bus with a capacity of 25 people, we drove 2 hours 160 km. Everything was decorous and noble. After watching the news about the accident 2 at this track, to be honest, were ready to go to the hotel on foot, BUT!!!...read more...

  • What are you hiding from tourists in Egypt (the secrets of economical vacation)

    Что скрывают от туристов в Египте

    Many of the millions of Russians who every year visit Egypt, think they know absolutely everything about this country. Meanwhile, you know, a lot of important, interesting you kept. Where it is possible to save money, a place to find new and interesting sights, or just a delicious and inexpensive lunch...read more...

  • Crazy Egyptian taxi drivers

    Сумаcшедшие египетские таксисты

    Sometimes I think they're crazy. I mean the Egyptian taxi drivers. Absolutely crazy guys, the purpose of life is to bring to the grave more tourists. To ride the defenseless foreigner with a breeze on busy transport roads, scare to death, to bring to a heart attack, and then, with your ten pounds, to dart away into the unknown in search of the next victim... If you think I'm joking, you are mistaken. I complain...read more...

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Liliya1234 20 Dec 2017, 20:57
Can't argue with that, it is what it is, and mancusi - it is not important, it is not ideal. ...
Guest 21 Dec 2017, 10:46
Do protected areas, and pristine nature. I believe that people will live a boring life if she doesn't know such beauty of their homeland. ...
mav16 21 Dec 2017, 10:53
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admin 22 Dec 2017, 10:07
Need to clarify whether you have to change terminal from international to budget, because there is also fly international flights. If there is a change, that's right, you get the Luggage, but then do not return to satellite and go to KLIA2 on aerotrain - https://nashaplaneta.net/asia/malaysia/ ... kliatolcct.
If you are not changing terminals, you will have to do as you described. But just in case, verify at check-in and Luggage delivery, can make out from to the end point. This, of course, is unlikely, so it is not accepted, sometimes they are combined flights, when the plane of one airline and tickets from different airlines. ...
admin 22 Dec 2017, 10:28
There are several variants,but in any case the route you have to be on their own. Here in a nutshell information:
From Pattaya you need to get into Satun (city in the South of Thailand), and from there by ferry or drive to Kuala Kedah or Kuala Perlis in Malaysia already.
I would prefer the first option, Satun, as passed through twice, it was fine. To Satun from Pattaya can be reached with a stopover in Bangkok. Travel from Bangkok to the southern bus station and there change to the bus to Satun. Previously, these buses were a lot, now looked up the schedule, there are very few, maybe just schedule them there. But even then that is quite suitable, it is night, will arrive in Satun in the morning and in the afternoon we will depart on the ferry. Basically about Satun all we've got painted - https://nashaplaneta.net/asia/thai/satun#getin
The second option is via Kuala Kedah or Kuala Perlis. If by bus, you must first get from Bangkok to hat Yai (https://nashaplaneta.net/asia/thai/hat-yai), and from there to Kuala Kedah or Kuala Perlis as you prefer, and then onto the ferry. According to this embodiment can be on the train ride.
The schedule for crossings, see here:
here all types of transport - https://12go.asia/?z=5962
trains in Thailand - http://www.railway.co.th/home/default.aspx?ID=&lang=EN#
trains in Malaysia http://www.ktmb.com.my/ktmb_ui/ ...
Putin2017 22 Dec 2017, 13:34
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admin 25 Dec 2017 11:35 am
Problems with the highest probability, I would say 99.999% of will not arise, if your passport is not full of Thai stamps. You have, as I understand it, is not full, so you can not suspect illegal work in Thailand. With regard to the actions of visa stamp, then don't worry about it. When you leave from Thailand to a neighboring country or any other, you put a stamp on exit and entry stamp will be cancelled automatically. But years back, you will put back on 30 days. ...
gregormichael 26 Dec 2017, 11:05

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gregormichael 26 Dec 2017, 11:08

Ninth a trifle
Mitfahrgelegenheit - companions

First the Germans are Thrifty people.
50 percent of advertising is constructed on calls
Sparen - to sekonomit
Secondly transport is quite expensive - probably including so clean, fast and punctual.
There is a whole system of discounts for travel, subscription, "train map" - BahnCard - entitling them to discounts when buying railway tickets, different events, selling tickets through a network of supermarkts etc.
In parallel with this popular travel companion - Mitfahrt.


There are several vsegermanskogo web pages where riding (mostly) on your vehicle offer down.
I repeatedly used. It's rather cheap and convenient, and the driver in turn reduces their costs.
For example, from Dusseldorf to Berlin it's worth 25 euros from the nose (better - with priests)
The train is more expensive.
Here on the same topic two:

From the same Opera Car Sharing, when the car keys have a few people.

The laws of Germany prohibited the establishment of bus routes where they had no apparent temporary advantage over trains, and the advantage in Germany is almost impossible due to the great development of the railway network.

The law was changed only in 2013 and since then Germany began the rapid growth of the ...