• What you need to know about the Win before you fly

    The main Russian loukoster Victory does not scold only the lazy. This is sometimes the case, but often the hype is rising due to the fact that the passengers themselves are not ready to fly on budget airlines. And objectively speaking, Victory in their restrictions and rules, some passengers seemingly inadequate or unfair, actually behaves exactly like any other budget carrier in the world. Not to be disappointed by flights of Victory and not get the costs for each passenger should know some important things about this airline...Read more...

  • What you need to know about the passengers Luggage, to avoid unforeseen expenditures

    Transportation of baggage by passengers on the plane – not so simple procedure as it seems at first glance. In the last ten years with the advent of low-cost airlines and traditional airlines desire to save money and provide passengers with flexible tariffs restrictions on Luggage became so hard that inexperienced tourists often get themselves into trouble. Not to get on incidentals at check-in and Luggage delivery at the airport, here's what you should know passengers...Read more...

  • Life hack how to use online travel guides offline

    Friends, surely you often use detailed online guides for the preparation and during the trip. We ourselves are, and therefore make such detailed guides on our website, and we know that sometimes valuable information may be unavailable without a connection to the Internet, it is not always possible to use it abroad. But there is a simple life hack on how to use the online travel guides offline. All just read and memorize...Read more...

  • Life hacks how to buy cheaper tickets from AirAsia

    Who loves independent travel to Southeast Asia, is very familiar with the largest budget airline of Malaysian budget airline AirAsia. There are some very simple ways how not to overpay when buying tickets from this airline...Read more...

  • Another little-known way to buy cheaper tickets

    Еще один малоизвестный способ, как купить авиабилеты дешевле

    There are many well-known ways to save on tickets. But there's a little-known way to buy cheaper tickets, which, oddly enough, is contrary to the standard. We are talking about the purchase of separate tickets for each segment for complex flights with transfers instead of buy the ready set tickets...Read more...

  • Meals in hotels, the legend

    Виды питания в отелях, условные обозначения

    Coding options (reducing) very much, but not all of them are necessary, if you simply pick up a package. To this end, we prepared a simple sample in order as indicated by the types of meals in hotels when looking for tours online in the online shops tours and travel...Read more...

  • How to make a travel in the delivery of housing

    Квартира в аренду для путешественников

    The delivery of housing to rent is one of the easiest ways to get passive income, and the money to travel. Of course, objectively speaking, after the events of 2014, the yield from renting apartments has fallen sharply, and in some cities it was less than the income from deposits in banks. But if the questions come from rational calculation, the yield can be improved. Analyze in detail and compare different versions...Read more...

  • Consider the weight of purchases of duty-free shops in the baggage

    Магазин дюти--фри в аэропорту

    Today, airlines increasingly tightening baggage rules and carry-on baggage, and doing this does not improve security, and increase profits. Now the question is, whether you be allowed to Board with items purchased in duty-free stores duty-free, or they also count in the weight of hand Luggage and make you pay extra, or to take the Luggage, became urgent for domestic airlines...Read more...

  • How to avoid overpaying for Luggage and hand Luggage in the plane

    Багаж в аэропорту

    For excess baggage, excess its size, the number of units in excess of permitted limits during the flight often have to pay extra, and sometimes the extra baggage charge might even be above the cost of the ticket. This became especially true after 2017, when the Russian airline received the right to sell tickets without Luggage. From that moment there was an opportunity to purchase tickets at very low prices during promotions and sales, but without Luggage...Read more...

  • "Secret segment" or how to buy tickets for incorrect rates

    «Секретный сегмент» или как купить билеты по ошибочным тарифам

    Can you believe that if your travel to add another ticket, your journey will be cheaper? Sounds fantastic, but actually experienced travelers have long known about the existence of such secrets, in order to reduce the cost of flights. Do what is described below – error in fares of the airlines, we don't know. Maybe it's a cunning marketing ploy. To answer that, only marketers of the carrier, and under terrible torture. Us is still happy to use this "loophole", could explain it to you...Read more...

  • How and where to quickly buy a ticket

    Today, tourists and travellers are offered a huge number of various search engines and booking tickets. Virtually all of them produce the same prices because their suppliers are the same sellers (directly to the airline and a special international system sales). The difference occurs only at the convenience of the search, because of complex and confusing interface, and cluttered with lots of buttons, switches, and forms, each of which have to be filled in every time you buy another ticket, very easy to miss really great rates and convenient flights...read more...

  • What is hostel: instructions for use

    Почти капсульный хостел

    Hostels are the most economical type of tourist accommodation. Among Russian-speaking tourists and travelers accommodation in hostels is not very popular due to concerns in security, inconvenient, unsanitary. But in fact, all these fears were groundless and baseless. Just the opposite, besides this type of accommodation has some advantages. Further, all questions of stay in hostels read more...Read more...

  • What is cheaper, a package tour or independent trip

    Сравнение, что дешевле: тур или самостоятельно

    These battles sometimes erupted on the forums in the Internet between independent travelers and those who rest solely on the vouchers, the question is: what is cheaper, to relax yourself, or to go on the tour. We decided to deal with this issue as objectively as possible, with a simple mathematics...Read more...

  • New baggage rules and carry-on baggage in the aircraft in 2017

    Салон самолета

    From November 5, 2017 in Russia came into force new rules of baggage allowance and hand Luggage, which will slightly complicate the life of those who prefer to save money while traveling and travel, although as stated by the authors, it is aimed at the lower prices. First of all, decreased the rate of weight hand Luggage, ie, things you can take into the cabin in addition to checked Luggage. Also, the list of items you can put in your hand Luggage over the established norm. But that's just the cheapest non-refundable rate. Allowance for ordinary tariffs not changed. So, what has changed...Read more...

  • When it is cheaper just to buy tickets

    On the Internet there is a perception that it is cheaper to buy tickets on certain days of the week and even specific hours of operation. It is believed that, for example, is a good time for buying tickets is midnight on Wednesday, because that's when most likely to get the most competitive rates and special offers that remain unsold from the weekend. At the same time, yourself weekends are not the best time to buy....read more...

  • How to book a hotel without prepayment

    To book a hotel without advance payment in our days is no problem. More recently, the most popular international search engines and hotels put pretty strict conditions for travelers and tourists, demanding to partially or completely prepay for hotel booking via credit card on the website. But today there are a lot of hotels and apartments available for reservation even without the freezing of funds on the card. Moreover, for such bookings remain flexible cancellation policy with no penalties....read more...

  • The list of visa-free countries for Russians in 2017

    In 2017, the list of visa-free countries available for tourists from Russia, added. Now the Russians without a visa can travel to 74 countries, in addition to the fact that there are still many countries that you can visit without a visa in advance, but simply getting it on arrival. So here's a new list of visa-free countries for Russians in 2017...read more...

  • How to save money when traveling abroad

    Как сэкономить на связи в путешествии

    Stay in touch with family and friends, I want always and everywhere, including in travel. But staying connected is important not only because you will want one day to share with family emotions during the trip, but also for security purposes. After all, to be in an unpleasant situation in a foreign country without a connection akin to disaster. Not to ruin themselves and their families, we have prepared an overview of the most effective ways to save money when traveling abroad...read more...

  • How to make money on travel

    Работа в путешествии

    Many travelers are wondering how to make money on travel. We have long avoided this sensitive topic, but it's time to contribute. Why we consider this topic sensitive? Because it is not so simple, as often seen in loud screaming articles online. Indeed, on the one hand, you can find sites, does offering to reveal the secrets of earning while traveling, you just have to buy the course...read more...

  • How to book a hotel independently

    Search and booking of hotels or housing is one of the most important parts of the preparatory journey. Of course, no prior to do just to arrive at the site, hoping to find lodging right at the resort, but it is not always beneficial, and it is not always possible to do at all. Therefore, booking in advance gives at least some assurance and confidence when traveling, especially if we are talking about popular vacation spots. Read more about all aspects of the search and booking of accommodation read more...read more...

  • How to behave in the hostel: some obvious rules of conduct for joint hostel

    Accommodation in hostels Russian-speaking tourists and travelers unfamiliar. Many of our countrymen don't even know what is a hostel, and if you know what hostels are very squeamish, apparently mindful of the Soviet communal apartments and dormitories. In fact, modern foreign hostels in most cases have few similarities with the Soviet hostels and even modern Russian hotels with a room share. Modern hostels are very closely monitoring the cleanliness, hygiene and order, so they often can even give odds to much more expensive hotels with single occupancy. Besides, this is a great opportunity to make new friends or to chat in a foreign language...read more...

  • It is cheaper to take a trip, credit cards or cash

    We have already examined in detail the question of what is more profitable: cash, credit cards or traveler's checks. But the bridge is already "plenty of water", and traveler's checks out because in Russia the most popular travelers checks of the American Express company are no longer available. We therefore once again in more detail and to qualitatively compare the two remaining the most popular ways to carry money in the journey: cash vs. Plastic card...read more...

  • Travel affiliate program for the sale of tickets

    We are not going to convince you that you can earn on this affiliate system millions, and thus will not work. It's not true. To earn online by affiliate programs, big money, you need to work hard and be a professional in this field. But if you like to travel, actively communicating in social networks, keep a blog, or you just have a lot of friends who also love to travel, then at least some money, for example, you can earn...read more...

  • Where better to buy a tour at a travel Agency or a tour operator

    To purchase turuslug, today a tourist can contact directly to the tour operator and a travel Agency. Moreover, there is no need to live in a big city and go directly to the office of the tour operator. Today to find and buy a tour easy over the Internet, and it is equally easy to do this on websites of tour operators and travel agencies websites. Prices are exactly the same. Agency even more profitable to keep prices at the level of the carrier because the market dictates the conditions. It is better to contact the Agency, because it is a kind of "filter" of tour operators and works reliably and consistently, as it is the seller of a certain tourist product and is liable to the tourist for it's...read more...

  • And is it really worth vacation by yourself?

    Despite the fact that the site is "Our planet" is designed primarily for independent travel, we decided in this article to address the question of whether or not to go on holiday alone. To be clear, just note that it is about short-term tourist trips to resorts, particularly popular for recreation, not long journeys through many places and countries, after which you go home and say, "Well, finally, now I can relax!"...read more...

  • How not to overpay when buying tickets at Aviacenter

    That airlines discounters, they're low, they're budget airlines, you can fly really cheap, we have seen in the article "Airlines discount: myth or reality?". But all is not gold that glitters. Even the discounters airlines need to be able to use it, otherwise, no benefit from the flights you get. How, read on:...read more...

  • Why Charter flights to Russia more regular: the illness industry or the deception of tourists?

    Almost every traveler has long been aware that such a "Charter" or a Charter flight. If you still don't know, here's a sample definition: a Charter flight means a flight performed on a scheduled basis according to a fixed schedule, and one-off flights operated on the basis of orders. The customer may be an individual, group, state. In tourist terms, for this article, we will be interested in Charter flights operated by Russian airlines on popular travel destinations, customers which are travel companies...read more...

  • How to travel independently

    Today, more and more travel companies in Russia goes into the shadow, "throwing" the tourists in a place without hotels, without a return plane ticket, or tourists just learn, upon arriving at the airport in anticipation of the start of the tour, that they are not in the list of passengers due to the fact that travel companies who sold them the tour no longer exists. In such circumstances becomes more urgent the organization of your holiday or travel independently. If you are among those who finally decided to learn to travel independently, we on our website and forum will help you with this...read more...

  • What is more profitable: cash, credit cards or traveler's checks

    Already much broken copies in the tourist spaces of the Internet on the subject of what is better to take with you when you travel abroad: cash, credit cards or traveler's checks. We compare all three options in one country in exchange for one day to find out which of these methods is more profitable, or find that difference in benefit is so small that there is no big difference what to choose. We assume that it is possible to perform all three operations of an exchange in another country simultaneously, without taking into account the fluctuations of the dollar and the national currency by the day...read more...

  • How to exchange currency while traveling: obvious and non-obvious

    The turn has come to share with you information about how it's better to change one of the international currencies in national currency in the country where you are staying. Inexperienced travelers will find in this article some helpful and obvious tips on how to lose less on the difference in exchange rates (after all, you have to first change rubles for dollars or euros, for example, and then later on the vacation spot to change them for the national currency), and with experienced travelers, I will share one of my secret and non-obvious way to determine whether favorable exchange rate offered in the exchange point in front of you, not even departing from him...read more...

  • Couchsurfing - travel for almost nothing

    Couchsurfing or couchsurfing (Couchsurfing) can be translated to English as "journey to the sofas." This is the meaning which was embedded in the term its inventor, Casey Fenton. But we're not here to tell you about the inspirational idea and the history of the emergence of couchsurfing (more about this on the Internet and so plenty of information), and will introduce you to what this is, couchsurfing, and will focus on some practical aspects...read more...

  • Ten steps to buying cheap ticket

    How many have already written-paranapanema about how to buy a cheap tickets. On pages of our site already had an article: "How to buy cheap ticket", in which we reveal in detail the practice of acquiring cheap tickets. Since then it's been almost a year. The Bank of our knowledge and experience of buying cheap tickets filled with new tips that we have obtained using the presented on the website search engine for tickets, and now share with you...read more...

  • Travel tips: it is better to book in advance or look on the place?

    This is a question that sooner or later begins to decide for himself / herself independent traveler or tourist. It is time for us to deal with this and to help those who are still undecided. Everything written below, does not claim to absolute truth, and is an expression of the author's opinions based on their own experience. You will have to take all this into consideration, and decide for yourself...read more...

  • Airline discount: myth or reality?

    Airline discounters, they are also low-cost airlines (Low-cost), they're a budget airline is an airline that transports passengers at very low prices for eliminating most traditional passenger services (such as baggage, meals, insurance, the irrevocability of tickets, etc.) and minimize its own costs...read more...

  • What are you hiding from tourists in Egypt (the secrets of economical vacation)

    Что скрывают от туристов в Египте

    Many of the millions of Russians who every year visit Egypt, think they know absolutely everything about this country. Meanwhile, you know, a lot of important, interesting you kept. Where it is possible to save money, a place to find new and interesting sights, or just a delicious and inexpensive lunch...read more...

  • How to save money on vacation: practical advice, part 2

    Ну, наверное, очень недорогой отель

    To rent a house

    You can rent cheap accommodation in the vacation spot: an apartment, a room. Sometimes you can find a home at Russian resorts, and even abroad, through a friend who was there on vacation, or through travel agencies.

    Cook is likely to have, but it can also save. In addition, you can eat what cooking does not require: vegetables, fruits, etc...read more...

  • How to save money on vacation: practical advice, part 1

    Экономный отдых

    Prior training

    First, decide when and where you want to go, what to see. Read information about the country, attractions, climate, currency and so Appreciate your willingness and abilities. Because carefully planned activities is the key to a successful vacation.

    Now let's move on to the advice...

  • How to save money during your vacation on the tickets?


    One of the most expensive parts to any trip is transport. The most expensive of them is by plane. But there are ways by adopting which you can sometimes save a very large sum and to buy tickets much cheaper than your neighbor sitting next to you in a future flight. On these ways...read more...

Comments / recent posts on the topic on the forum
ElephantSerg 4 July, 2020
15.10.2019. Moving to lake Thun.
The next hotel was Park on lake Thun -, near Interlaken. Interlaken, as the name implies, is located between the lakes (Thun and Brienz). Only one thing remains unclear, why the name English Switzerland English is not the official? Was the name is from Latin.
But our road to the lake Dunscomb passed through two points of interest - Gamersky lift to the lake and Reyhenbahskogo waterfall.
About Gamersky lift I already told and posted a video.
Now Reyhenbahskogo waterfall.
Despite the fact that the name is very difficult to read AI pronunciation Russian man, has long been almost all of our people should be familiar with this waterfall. Few who have not read at the time of Arthur Conan Doyle, the adventures of Sherloka Holmes and Dr. Watson. And it is mortal combat of Holmes and Professor Moriarty have even more to remember. In Soviet film, she shows very well. Although filmed this scene in Abkhazia, Conan Doyle put it to one of the platforms it Reyhenbahskogo waterfall. Conan Doyle loved to travel to Switzerland and the falls made such an impression that the scene "death" of Sherlock Holmes he decided to put here.
Tourism marketing is actively developing in Switzerland, so the fact of the interest of Arthur Conan Doyle to Reyhenbahskogo the waterfall definitely was used. This mark places where there was a fight, and the Sherlock Holmes Museum in Meiringen (near the city), this commemorative plaque.
To the waterfall from Meiringen reap up on a special lift (Reichenbachfallbahn). Two old cabins go up and down on the rails and diverge in the middle of the route. Rise up from the height of 600 met ...
Yarkostudio 5 July, 2020
This is a Short film about the journey to the mountain Belukha.
This is a story about incarnation, a small dream of childhood - to get to the mountains)
A little talk about what it took in the campaign, how to drive and pass their own experience, and of course many shots of the beautiful nature.
The film is divided into 4 parts:
1. The prologue and a sample of the power in Arshan
2. Gather the basic things (9:00)
3. Journey to the Akkem (15:00)
4. Trek to Belukha (29:00)
If you have any questions - write them in the comments)
Now I really want to get into the sea or ocean travel, and if suddenly you get to help with that, I'll be happy and mutually to make a video about it)

The link to the video:
D2PzwnKTUL8 ...
nausla 7 July, 2020

But then there is not very correct for the media, but people also so comfortable, a number of issues:
1. What was the Maritime experience and training and make travel in people who are on these boats made these trips?
2. What was the support group? For example, the well-known singles players Konyukhova, in his travels, accompanied by almost a company with reinforcements.
3.What was the actual budget? After all, you modestly don't mention the points of replenishment and the cost of these activities.
4.How much and to whom, is a very important question because in Dupuy have to climb absolutely not planning this to people, the cost of rescue operations? And for saving such craftsmen often have to pay not only money but also health and life of rescuers. And yet, in modern tolerant society, then to clean up lawsuits, as the carcass is pulled and the property is not! Well compensate me for the loss!(Unfortunately, the situation is quite real) ...
admin July 9, 2020

Here on the map https://yandex.ru/maps/?l=sat%2Cskl&ll=40.183949%2C44.276237&z=19 before the bridge you go. Well or here are the coordinates from Google maps 44.2762987,40.1833539, but don't know how accurate they are, is determined by the map, and with the Navigator. But do not worry on this account, will find, you need only bridge across the river Masako to find. ...
nekryl 9 July, 2020
All tours Sochi, Abkhazia and Adler in one place. Company SOCHI TOUR-the most attractive prices, friendly agents, certified tour guides, comfortable transport.
Our contacts:
+7 938 472-71-44 ...
Bulk 9 July, 2020
Discounts for booking from Airbnb
Airbnb is a great service for booking of apartments/rooms/houses, and other homes around the world, including in Russia.
  • 2100 RUB. discount for the first booking when you register on the website at this link

  • Discount $ 3,750 on your first booking any accommodation when you register on the website at this link

  • 37 euros discount on first booking when you register on the website at this link

  • Discount of $ 41 on first booking when you register on the website at this link

  • The last two references, the registration is in the Ukrainian language. After registration, the language can be changed to Russian. The exact discount exchange links depends on exchange rates and may differ slightly from those stated when you click on the link.
    Book discounted villas, rooms, accommodation
    Let envy the neighbors that they so failed!
    Airbnb is the best way to rent unique accommodation for every budget!
    https://c.radikal.ru/c29/2002/bf/2318c7a2733f.png ...
    Bulk 9 July, 2020
    Discounts on the purchase of tickets bus/train/airplane across the world
    The German company OMIO (former GoEuro service) offers a discount of 10 euros if you buy tickets on the bus/train/flight to Europe cost from 39 euros. Discount applies when purchasing tickets in Russia.
    To receive the discount you must register about promostyle or redeem romanb4n4w3i after registration.
    The cost of your purchase when you use promo code must be greater than 40 euros, not including taxes and fees.
    To receive a bonus of 10 Euro, you must assign the phone number to the account. If for any reason you do not receive SMS with a verification code - write to the support help@omio.com with your email and phone number that you want to bind
    https://c.radikal.ru/c15/2004/ae/343ef5abe20d.jpg ...
    admin July 10, 2020
    Will I be refunded for cancelled airline Charter is also a voucher?
    The answer
    No, the Charter flights this ruling does not apply. This means that for the canceled Charter flight you are obliged to return the money in full to the card or other payment method how you paid for your ticket, and nobody has the right to force VAZ to accept any vouchers. ...
    Cremberry July 11, 2020
    If you need to go in for a few days or a few weeks, and don't have to take your pet, consider leaving it on departure at the hotel "YULNA". Here arrange the transportation of pet zoo hotels will provide full care – walking, feeding and playing. Each animal is kept separately and you will have the option of video surveillance 24/7 for your pet from your smartphone. To book a place for Your pet, please visit the Keeping of dogs in Domodedovo https://yulna.ru/perederzhka-sobak-v-domodedovo/. All owners once faced with the need somewhere to keep the dog. Better your pet to trust the professionals! ...
    admin July 11, 2020
    Another of the group about the Scam:
    The website https://aerowill.pw/. On the website all the signs of a fraudulent site, beware ...