• What tourists should know about Kiwi fruit

    Фрукт Киви

    Fruit Kiwi for residents of Russia and other CIS countries are no longer rare and exotic, and it is widely sold in domestic supermarkets, and at a very reasonable price. That is why Kiwi is usually on vacation, no one pays attention, because why waste time and money when there are so many unfamiliar exotic fruits. But we believe that to ignore such a useful and delicious fruit is a mistake. After all, in his homeland, in exotic countries and even in the South of our country, where it also grows Kiwi is not the same as we have in the stores...Read more...

  • Edible insects are and what you need to know about them

    Употребление насекомых в пищу

    The use of insects as food is exotic and at the same time, a real "nightmare" for tourists from European countries who have decided to visit some exotic countries of Asia, Africa, and South America. Tourists with laughter, surprise and sometimes disgust see how the locals eat the various "snakes", and rarely decide to try them. Meanwhile, for some cultures, insects are part of the daily diet and even delicacy...Read more...

  • Fruit durian: stinky yet whether he actually


    Surely everyone has heard about the amazing and terrible fruit called durian. About it already a lot said on television and video, talk about the suffocating smells that it emits. But was he really that disgusting smell, what did it actually taste like?...Read more...

  • All about the sticky rice and how to cook it

    Блюдо из клейкого риса

    Glutinous rice (also gluttony, sticky, sticky, sticky, glutinous) is a type of rice native to Asia, with special from the usual rice properties. First of all, it's a little sweet and firmer in texture, has the effect of bonding between grains, that's why it got such a name. It's not just a specific rice variety, namely the kind that can be of different varieties...Read more...

  • The recipe of Tom Yam paste

    Tom yum paste is a spicy paste based on chilli, which is widely used in Thai cuisine. Most of all, she is known as the basis for the preparation of the most famous and popular Thai dishes – Tom Yam soup, although it can be used for cooking and other dishes. Tom yum paste is sold in every supermarket in Thailand, while in Russian stores it can be seen everywhere. Mostly it is found in large chain supermarkets in the departments of exotic cuisine, but the prices "bite". However, it does not matter, and you can cook it yourself, and no exotic foods this is not required and the manufacturing process is not complicated...read more...

  • How to make a fruit shake in Thai

    Surely anyone who has visited Thailand and other tropical countries of Southeast Asia I tried a local specialty drink like a fruit shake. If you have forgotten, let me remind you that these are the cold soft drinks, which make around you fresh, exotic fruits and ice and served in a big Cup with a straw. Also fruit shakes are made familiar to us fruit, e.g. Apple, and even vegetables, carrots or papaya...read more...

  • Recipe Cambodian (Khmer) food is fish Amok

    The recipe is very simple but first of all you need to cook spicy pasta curry for which you need some specific ingredients. For cooking pasta curry you will need:
    1-2 chili pepper
    3 Kaffir leaf (you can substitute leaves of the tree of lemon, lime peel)
    4 garlic cloves
    2 small onions...

  • Thailand: a Tour of 7/11

    Wow, more than a month we went to the supermarket and buying only familiar foods. To strangers, we just didn't dare. The fact that Thai manufacturers not all products write the names and composition of English. Well, Thai we do not know...read more...

  • Drinks Of Thailand

    Напитки Таиланда

    Have long wanted to try all soft drinks that are sold in the shops of Thailand. The first time he saw in Bangkok a range of "seven-Eleven", I was amazed at the diversity and variety of all kinds of bottles. A week ago, spent myself to the experiment by testing on your stomach 10 very different and unusual for Russian tourists drinks...read more...

  • Recipe Cambodian dish Lok Lak

    Секс-туризм в Таиланде

    Lok Lac (Loc Lac) is a marinated beef, pork, chicken or seafood. The dish is served with a sauce of famous Khmer spicy green pepper from Khmer Kampot province. Served with rice and (or) salad.

    The recipe is very simple, and its preparation for Russian cuisine you will find almost all the ingredients (and if not there, then there will be in the nearest supermarket)...read more...

  • Recipe eggs Thai

    Яичница по-тайски

    A very simple and popular dish in many Thai street dining to local – fried in Thai or Thai omelet. Thais often drink it for Breakfast, and one serving is 10-15 baht, which is equal to 10-15 rubles. Preparing scrambled eggs is very simple and quick and easy to repeat in Russian cuisine.

    To prepare one serving you will need:...

  • How to cook Thai Tom Yam soup in the Russian cuisine

    Том Ям

    Who was in Thailand, he must have tried the famous Thai soup Tom Yam. If you've been to Thailand and have not tried Tom Yam – it means you were not in Thailand and you will have to go there again. This is the most spicy soup in the world and it's the most delicious soup in the world. Long-term scientific studies have shown that the Tom Yam soup is an excellent prevention of cancer, and it is because of him Thais so rarely suffer from this disease...read more...

  • Exotic fruits


    First came in a distant warm country, many tourists and travelers are faced with an abundance of exotic fruits, even the names they've never heard of. To help you understand what kind of "fruit" such, we have prepared a brief overview of the most common exotic fruits, so you can decide what to buy and try, and what to do with them, if you have already bought.

    If you've tried these fruits, you can vote for your favorite...read more...

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Cool view from the window , wondering what was on the "island" there's a pool ? ...
Vladislav Ka 24th September, 2019
Yes Moscow is great! I spent there my youth ,when I was in Moscow :D :SUPER ...
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Yes now would be pancakes! With caviar,jam, "shoshinkai" , meat . And all this on one plate. ...
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How so ? No condensed milk? Condensed milk should be in each country ha ha ...
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I once had a flat tire that I drove into the pit, when he went to St. Petersburg. Lost control,pulled over ,turned on the hazard lights. Took out the spare tire. Before the road it checked and pumped. Changed the wheel. But then most "interesting".The car then went but began to rise the temperature of the Engine is almost boiling... had to call his father, he came and towed me home was Ocharovanie. it turned out ,what do you think? Disintegrated impeller on the pump of water cooling. It was a powerful hydro a shot. So here it is:) ...
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Can't complain about, and really picky and forced to throw. Although not everywhere, some airports are missing, but probably just through inattention. ...
Kairai Sep 25, 2019
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Such sloppiness they all suffer. ...
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And again. On one forum for 2018 I read that we should not bother to book tickets in advance,they are there in the agencies "like dirt". Maybe old info? ...
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