• Is it possible to go to Abkhazia with debt

    Можно ли выехать в Абхазию с долгами

    Control of travel outside of the Russian Federation is carried out at all border posts (CPT) regardless of the country of departure. No matter you're traveling by plane or traveling by car, the availability of debt (or rather the restriction, established by the bailiffs) is checked at the border as at airports and land crossings. No exception and the border with Abkhazia...read more...

  • Insurance when entering Abkhazia

    Many tourists are interested in the question, do I need insurance to enter Abkhazia. In fact, it is necessary to issue the insurance policy is not necessary. There had been a law that all tourists when entering the country is required to insure local insurance company, but now (in 2017) this rule is not necessarily for hikers, and for those who stay in Abkhazia in his car. Accordingly, travelers had a choice: not to be insured at all or insured for the period of stay in any insurance company of their choice...read more...

  • How to travel to Abkhazia by car

    Drive the car to Abkhazia is possible only through the checkpoint "Psou", which is on the border with Russia (checkpoint Psou on the map) in the Krasnodar region, Sochi, Adler district, Veseloye. Passing through another checkpoint "Inguri", which is on the border of Georgia and Abkhazia (Enguri checkpoint on the map), for foreigners is closed. Given that the entry on the territory of Abkhazia through the uncontrolled by the Georgian authorities checkpoint the Georgian law considers a violation of boundaries, vehicle access, through the "Psou" without further consequences from the authorities of Georgia is possible only for Russian citizens, who can travel with internal Russian passports. Entry of citizens of other countries through the crossing on foreign passports can lead to the further prohibition of subsequent entry into Georgia...read more...

  • Visa to Abkhazia in questions and answers, FAQ

    Could Russians visit Abkhazia without a visa? Yes, citizens of Russia can visit Abkhazia without a visa for up to 90 days, not only for foreign but also for Russian domestic passport. However, from the point of view of Georgia, such a visit is a violation of the law.

    Can citizens of other countries can visit Abkhazia without a visa? From 01 April 2016, all tourists should visit the country's strict visa, except for citizens...read more...

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