Attractions of Sousse (Tunisia), what to see

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Almost all historical and cultural attractions of Sousse are located in the city center within or near the Medina. All of them to explore without transport, the time that'll take no more than 1 day. However, in the Medina itself, you will to return more than once to just walk through its narrow winding streets.

Also from Sousse, you can explore more remote from city attractions, but it is better to do this, take advantage of organized excursions.

Tours offered in Sousse:

  • Zoo Friguia
  • Examination of the ruins of Carthage, a visit to the city of Sidi Bou said and the capital city of Tunisia
  • Sea voyage on a pirate ship
  • The journey to the Sahara
  • Safari

Medina Of Sousse (Medina)

The historic centre of Sousse – Medina (Old town), a feature of which are the narrow, winding streets with old houses made in blue and white palette, and unique Arabic atmosphere. Medina of Sousse is a unique and beautiful place, worth the visit. It was built in the IX century and is among the historical monuments protected by UNESCO since 1988 along the perimeter of the Medina is surrounded by walls of stone blocks with a length of 2.2 km and a height of 8 m, which served as protection from attacks. Herself a fortress wall built in 859 and is quite well preserved, only some parts had been restored in the XIII century In numerous trade shops to buy various kinds of Souvenirs, jewelry, clothes, shoes and other local crafts products. In the Medina and its surroundings are concentrated the main attractions: Ribat, Great mosque, Kasbah, mosque, reservoir, archaeological Museum, the Museum "Dar ESID". Somewhere in the North-Western corner of the Medina there are even the so-called "red light district".

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free

🕐 Work time: daily

🚶 How to get there: the centre of Sousse and close to the coast (Medina of Sousse on the map)

The fortified monastery of Ribat (Ribat)

Built during the reign Agapitov (Arab dynasty) in 859 the monastery fortress Ribat with a 35-metre tower oversight - Nador (South-East) is located in the Medina. The fortress has a square shape 38*38 m. the thickness of the fortification walls is about 4 m, height – 12 m. the Appointment of Ribat was in repelling attacks from the sea, and free from military action, the time-served soldiers here prayed and studied Islam to further his propaganda among the local population. Behind the walls of Ribat is a large courtyard from which you can get into one of several areas of cells on the ground floor, located on the perimeter, and from the entrance – prayer room on the second floor are also located the room. Interesting point: on the second floor, between the columns visible footprint in the stone plate, according to the legend: if you make a wish, stepping on the imprint – it will surely come. With walls and towers offers a panoramic view of the Medina and the surrounding area.

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: adult 5 dinars, children free, photos 1 Dinar (currency of Tunisia)

🕐 Working time: from April to September 8.00-19.00, Oct – Mar: 8.30-17.30, day off-Monday

🚶 How to get: North-East of Medina, the entrance from the street Mohamed Ali (the fortress on the map of Sousse)

The great Mosque (Great mosque)

Near the fortress of Ribat is a Large mosque (850-851.), built by the dynasty Agapitov, with two domed towers, minarets. One of the features of the Mosque is that it does not have a high minaret. During its long existence it was rebuilt several times and rebuilt, the last restoration works were in the 60-70-ies of the However, the exterior of the Mosque looks very modestly, without any architectural "bells and whistles", perhaps it served as an additional protective structure, along with Sibatom. Inside the rather large courtyard with several galleries and a room for prayers with arched walkways and columns. Entrance to non-Muslims inside to pray is prohibited.

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: 5 dinars

🕐 Working time: 8.00-14.00, closed on Monday (according to other data – Friday).

🚶 How to get: North-East of Medina, the entrance to the Mohamed Ali street or internal street Almounawara Al Madina located in Medina (Mosque of Sousse on the map)

House-Museum "Dar ESSID" (Museum Dar Essid)

This traditional Tunisian family house built in 928 the city is one of the most interesting attractions of Sousse. In the house lived a noble family, and today they own their descendants are in the walls of the house was organized by the Museum to acquaint visitors with the life and structure of the Tunisian family for many generations. The building has 11 rooms including: bedroom two wives and master, children's room, living room, bathroom, two kitchens etc. of the room. Colorful and very colorful decoration of the house is recreated to the smallest detail. The house is literally imbued with the spirit of antiquity and luxury - old paintings, chandeliers, clocks, furniture, curtains and beds have canopies, clothes, kitchen utensils and even a marriage contract of the owner with his wives, which is 700 years old. Especially recommended to pay attention to the lamp, which depicts the drawings of erotic orientation, according to legend, while the lamp is lit, the owner wants to get sexual with one of his wives, at a time when the light of the lamp dies, the wife must forsake her and leave. On the walls and ceiling, a plurality of ancient mirrors. If you take a picture next to the mirror, in the pictures you can see one or more grayish spots - the plasmoids (maybe it's the ghosts of former inhabitants?....). The house has a high tower, formerly used as a place where watching the stars, and now offers a panoramic view of the city and the coast, located a small cafe where you can drink coffee and other beverages.

The hosts are very welcoming and present to the visitors a detailed description of the homes and traditions of the people, including in Russian.

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: 4 Dinara, photos 1 Dinar

🕐 Working time: APR – Sep: 10.00-18.00, Oct – Mar: 10.00-19.00 (lunch break from 13.00 to 15.00)

🚶 How to get: North of the Medina, the entrance to the Medina through the Northern gate "Bab el Jable", then right along the wall of a little (House-Museum of Sousse on the map)

The Minaret Zawya Zaccak (Zaouia Zakkak)

The minaret was built during the Ottoman rule around the XVII century, It is a high octagonal tower, consisting of four floors with Windows on each side. Outside the tower is decorated with blue-green tiles. Next to the minaret is an active mosque, and nearby schools and madrasah. If you happen to be near, to see it, otherwise, the attraction from the category – nothing special. The entrance to the tower non-Muslims is prohibited.

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: for Muslims – free, no Muslims allowed

🕐 Work time: during prayers

🚶 How to get: North of the Medina, the entrance from the street Boulevard Yahia ibn Omar through the Parking lot a little bit deeper into the Medina (or about 150 m West of Rebate) (Minaret Zawya Zaccak on the map of Sousse)

Traditional Museum Kalaat El koubba (Kalaout el-Koubba)

Museum Kalaat El koubba is interesting not only for the exhibits, but the architecture of the building, which was built approximately in X-XI centuries. the First thing that attracts attention – an unusual corrugated dome – a distinctive feature of the Arabic style of the Fatimid dynasty.

In the expositions of the Museum you can see the theme of the exhibition-scenes from the everyday life of Tunisians, various vintage household items, musical instruments, utensils, etc. To recreate the scenes dressed in traditional clothes mannequins are presented for some things, for example: in the kitchen cooking, vacationing men and women separately vacationers, making cloth etc.

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: 2 Dinara, photos 1 Dinar

🕐 Work time: Monday to Thursday 10.00-18.00, break 13.00-15.00, Sunday 10.00-14.00, Tuesday – closed

🚶 How to get: center of the Medina, from the Western gate "Bab el Chardi" right down the road inland approximately 300 m. (Museum of Sousse on the map)

Reservoir Sofra (Sofra Cistern)

The tank having a length of about 30 m, goes far deeper into the earth, and therefore find it very difficult. This place is surrounded by a low whitewashed wall, before Cora even more low stone fence. It is unknown who originally built the tank, or earlier Romans, or in the IX century by the Arabs, but it was built on the site of the Byzantine Church. Tank provided drinking water to the entire city.

The water supplied by the tank connected to the pipe. Pillars with arched beams supporting the roof of the tank. Inside Sorry no artificial lighting, the light comes only through small holes under the roof. The place is not popular among the tourists and here you can get not always, very often, the door is closed. From the viewpoint of entertainment the place is absolutely uninteresting, interesting only his story.

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: free

🕐 Working time: irregular

🚶 How to get: in the heart of the Medina (70 m South of the Museum Kalaat El koubba), the entrance to the Cistern from the North-East (Reservoir Sofra on the map of Sousse)

Fortress of the Kasbah (Kasbah)

The fortress is one of the oldest in North Africa, was built in 859 on the ruins of a Byzantine fortress. High 30-meter tower Kalaf al Fata previously served as a lighthouse. The fortress has a rectangular shape with two sides of 200 m, the other two at 140 m. the stairs you can climb to the second floor, and the top to explore the surrounding panorama. Today, part of the fortress is the Archaeological Museum.

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: 5 Dinar, photos 1 Dinar

🕐 Working time: may – September 9.00-19.00, October – April 9.00-18.00, closed on Monday

🚶 How to get: in the South-West of the Medina, entrance from Ave du Marechal Tito, from the Medina entrance no (Fortress Kasbah of Sousse on the map)

Archaeological Museum (Archaeological Museum)

In the southern part of the Kasbah in the South-West is the archaeological Museum of Sousse. The Museum is the second number and value of exposed mosaics after the Bardo Museum (Tunis). The artifacts collected from the entire territory of Tunisia, in particular from the catacombs of Sousse. Visitors to the Museum will see a large number of mosaics and relics of the Roman period in the II-IV centuries: masks, vases, embossed images, murals, mosaics depicting people and animals, and scenes involving mythical characters (Achilles, Bacchus, Apollo, Zeus, and Medusa, centaurs, satyrs, etc.), boxes of funerary mosaics. In the yard under the open sky exposed tombstones and sculptures. From the height of the fortress wall you can see the Medina and the city.

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: 5 Dinar, photos 1 Dinar

🕐 Working time: from may to September 8.00-19.00 break from 12.00 to 15.00 from October to April – 9.00-18.00, lunch break from 12.00-14.00, closed on Monday

🚶 How to get: in the South-Western part of the Medina, the Kasbah, entrance Rue Abou Kacem Echabi (Archaeological Museum of Sousse on the map)

Catacombs (Catacombs)

One of the breathtaking attractions are found in the 1885 V. catacombs, in which are found the old Christian graves from the II-IV century This cemetery was formed in place of the quarry. The length of the catacombs is a few kilometers, is divided into galleries, they begin in the center of Sousse and lie far beyond its territory. However, it is possible to wander only on a small area – the gallery "the Good Shepherd" (Du Bon Pasteur), the rest are closed to the public because of their insecurity. In niches made in the rock, you can see open and closed burial, according to some here buried more than 15,000 people. Also in this place were found many of the findings presented in the local Museum.

The atmosphere in the catacombs is quite heavy and depressing, so this place is not very visited by tourists, and is not recommended very impressionable nature.

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: 4 pence, children free

🕐 Working time: from may to September 8.00-19.00, from October to April – 9.00-18.00, lunch break 12.00-14.00, Monday – closed

🚶 How to get: in the South-West of Medina, Ave Des Catacombes (the Catacombs of Sousse on the map)

The amphitheatre (Colosseum) in El-Dzhem

Колизей Туниса

This grandiose building of the reign of the Roman Empire in Tunisia every year attracts hundreds of tourists, both independently and in organized groups. In 1979 the Amphitheatre of El Jam was rightly included in the world heritage list of UNESCO.

It is often compared with the Colosseum in Rome, probably, hence its second name – the Colosseum, but this is not quite true, since the true Colosseum belongs only to Rome.

The amphitheatre Tunisia is located in the heart of the city of El JEM (El Jem). Due to the proximity of some resorts (Sousse, Monastir, Mahdia, Sfax), getting here will not be difficult. And it is a must do.

The amphitheatre consists of three floors (according to some sources there were four of them), with many arches. The height of the walls exceeds 30 meters, and the length of the oval scene has a size of 60 to 37 meters. Under the arena of the Amphitheater was designed with multiple rooms for the gladiators and slaves, cages for wild animals, etc.

Near the Amphitheatre is the Archaeological Museum, where also are the collection of Roman mosaics.

Read more about the Colosseum of Tunisia at El JEM...

🚶 How to get there: the town of El JEM (El Jem) is situated about 80 kilometers from Monastir and from Sousse a little closer (the Colosseum on the map of Tunisia) . You can get here by taxi (the luazh) from the corresponding station in every town (Mahdia, Sousse, Monastir, Hammamet), or taxi. From Sousse you can get on the budget train.

🕐 Working time: daily from October to April, 8.30-17.00, from may to September 8.00-19.00

💵 Entrance fee / ticket price: 8 dinars (refer to the currency of Tunisia), photo – 1 Dinar (including a visit to the archaeological Museum).

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Was there five years ago, and this year, not impressed at all. Became much worse. The service is very spoiled. In dirty hotels, and beaches. Staff treated with contempt. It would be better to fly to Spain. ...
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And I went to Tunisia this year for the second time. Last year was on the island of Djerba, this year in Hammamet. Both times very much! If last year enjoyed the beauty of the island, the service and hospitality of the hotel, this time came to Hammamet, budget three. Yes, the hotel is different from the 4 and 5 key but we deliberately chose this hotel. What a wonderful tour, beautiful sea, clean beach. The attitude towards us, Russian is very friendly. All the Tunisians we smile and say how like Russian. I'm surprised reading previous reviews. Do not know can be due to the fact that we were friendly disposed, and therefore to us as the same...the Animators of the hotel was very upset when we left, helped us with our Luggage, took photos for memory, some left their contacts. No one touched, not abused, was not theft. The guests loved it!!! ...
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As for the local population. So blame yourself. How You feel about them, and they to You. The backlash has not been canceled. So want to have You warmly and friendly greeted, be nice to them. Tunisians are hospitable, welcoming and friendly. There was not a single case of even evil and look in our direction. So, as the saying goes: "If face is crooked...." Read Krylov. Moreover, quite interesting to talk to. I will say a few greetings in their language, and they simply melt away, ready to help You with everything.
Everywhere you can meet the police, so security don't worry.
What to see in the country? There are a couple of good excursions:
1. Day trips to Carthage, Sidi Bou said, Tunis (the capital);
2. Two days into the Sahara, the Colosseum, Kairouan, an oasis of Chebika, salt marshes.
I recommend very beautiful pictures are obtained, and the information informative.
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Hi all! Vacationing in Tunisia in Hammamet in September this year,the 4 star hotel Mirage.Think the rest will get what he wants.Settled immediately upon arrival without regard to the country,the staff is very friendly,all smiles,tried to talk,I ask how are you,like here or not.Was on 2 day trips in the Sahara.That's impressive.Drove almost throughout Tunisia,was a great guide,learned a lot.About the dirt guide also made explanations-the country is beginning to live again.By the way,yesterday went on the train to Paveletsky station.So on the way we saw so many abandoned debris that Tunisia never dreamed of.Take a look around,we, too, not all smooth and clean.And Tunisia the beautiful sea,the Sahara,with clean hotels and ordinary people,who also earn money in any way they can:sell,clean ,cook in hotels.By the way,the food was tasty and varied.A lot of fruit. ...
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Dear fellow citizens, always you will be treated the way you deserve))) Arrived in Tunisia alone, I went to the Gare de Tunis (railway station), and when I realized that at 8 PM in Sousse I can't go back (though I do not understand why), went on Stasen de luazh (on the bus) where just over 10 dinars very quickly left, got in 2 hours)) Roam on any streets, at any time and many people come to chat, say like Russia, constantly shouting "Russia" "Moscow" Saint-Petersburg" and the like))) Local cops in the amount of 4pcs, standing near his car in the square at night when nobody is around and there is no longer, waving, beckoning, well-chatted with them, laughed and I went to sleep with the road) And when you ambition and eternally disgruntled face something to ask or even appear anywhere and behave with people prinebrezhitelno and like a servant, it certainly would be awful for you, and everywhere))) And I want to say - sit at home or out in the countryside drove on vacation)) ...
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