The Island Of Djerba (Tunisia)

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General information about o. dzherba

Пляж на острове Джерба

The island of Djerba (Djerba, Jerba, also Meninx) is located off the coast of Tunisia in the East and is located in the southern part of the Gulf of Gabes (island on the map of Tunisia). Its area is 514 sq. km (which is roughly half less than the area of Moscow before its consolidation), and he is considered one of the largest Islands in the Mediterranean. The size of the island in maximum diameter of 30 kilometers. The island's capital – the city of Houmt Souk Souk (Houmt-Souk), is the main and only city in the full sense of the word, the second is considered the city of Midoun (Midoun), the remaining settlements are small villages.

It has a population of about 90 thousand people, 60 thousand of them live in the capital of the island. Mainly the population consists of Arabs and Berbers. On the island many centuries had a large Jewish community. But in the twentieth century, it almost entirely went to France and Israel.

Djerba is a popular Tunisian beach resort. Here you will find white beaches, crystal clear sea everywhere meet date palms, olive trees and fruit groves. The island's infrastructure is well developed, there are numerous hotels and entertainment for tourists.

According to legend, first discovered the island of Odysseus, who called it the island of the Lotus-eaters or the "island of the Lotus eaters", because of the huge number of Lotus growing here. Later, around the 8th century BC, got here the Phoenicians began to colonize the island, due to its advantageous location.

Djerba is a nice place for a relaxing and peaceful retreat, this is a great option for families with children. You will be able to enjoy the stunning view of Lotus flowers that is the hallmark of the island. There are several historical and cultural attractions, among which are considered the main defensive fortress of Borj El-Kebir and the ancient synagogue of El-Fungus, which is a place of worship for Jews from all over the world. In addition, ethnographic and local history museums you can learn about the traditions, rituals Tunisians, culture and historical stages of state formation. There are also nature reserves, the largest in the Mediterranean crocodile farm. Of course, to say that the island is filled with interesting sites to be exaggerated, but if you get tired of felting on the beach and you want to go on a tour, there will be something to see.

The island is also sufficient. Everyone will have the opportunity to enjoy various water sports that are organized on all popular beaches. Lovers of Golf should visit the Golf club "Djerba Golf Club", located in the North-East coast. In the North of the island also has a casino, considered the largest in North Africa. In famous fishing sponges, the village Ajim preserved scenery for the filming of the first "Star wars". From the island are tourist programs on the mainland, including to the Sahara, as well as trips to nearby Islands.

One of the most popular pastimes on the island is thalassotherapy. Djerba is one of the resorts, where the centers of thalassotherapy, providing services at a high enough level. These procedures are very popular among tourists, it is no secret that the use of thermal springs to relieve stress, lose weight and improve overall health.

Weather in o. dzherba, seasons

The island is advantageous from the point of view of climatic conditions, is located in the Gulf of gabès and is quite close to the Sahara desert, where here bring extra warmth to the hot desert wind. Because of this, the climate of the island is very soft and warm, and the bathing season lasts all year long. The air temperature warms up stronger, although only slightly, than the rest of mainland Tunisia.

High season starts in April (22C) and ends in late November (21C). In the low season (December-March) the temperature drops to 15C-17C. In the evening and at night it could get cold in 3-5 seconds, so if you are going to rest in winter (December-March) bring warm clothes. The water in the low season (December-March) up to about 17-20C, also in the same period of possible precipitation in the form of rain.

Current weather in o. dzherba and forecast

Time on the island of Djerba

The time in Tunisia and on the island behind Moscow for 2 hours in summer and winter. Daylight saving time in Tunisia is not possible.

The current time in island of Djerba:

Hotels in o. dzherba, where to stay

The vast majority of hotels are located in the North-East coast, where tourist infrastructure is well developed. With rare exception, all hotels are concentrated near the coast, on the first line from the sea.

Hotels are presented with different levels of service, they have to "own" a territory with the beach, pools, restaurants, discos and other entertainment, and because exit from the territory of the hotel is not necessarily all there is. The food in the hotels are mainly all-inclusive. Of entertainment you will be offered: Windsurfing, surfing, diving, boat trips, etc.

Find and book a hotel on the island, you can through the search form below. The search is performed in popular South East Asia search engine, Russian language and Russian-speaking support is present:

How to get in o. dzherba

You can get here three ways:

  • On the plane. On the island is the international airport of Djerba Zarzis (Djerba Zarzis International Airport). At the airport it is possible to obtain a visa to Tunisia, on arrival. There are flights from some European cities, as well as of Tunisian cities: Tunis, Monastir, Hammamet. Zarzis airport is located in the North-West of the island and is the second Charter airport in Tunisia.
  • On the ferry. From the village Gorf (El Jorf) the island can be reached by ferry in about 10-15 minutes.
  • On the bus. There is a direct bus (direct) from the towns of Tunisia to the island . On the island buses come by ferry, which is included in the bus ticket. For example, a bus from Tunis is 8 hours and 26 is the Dinar (currency of Tunisia, the exchange rate).

The island is also connected to the mainland embankment dam. On it you can drive from the mainland from the town of El Kantara Conti on the island in the village of Alcantara Il (El Kantara Ile).

How to travel around the island?

Public transport on the island is almost there, and that is, in places not serviced. Have to navigate either by taxi or rented transport.

The roads are good, there are signs everywhere. You can rent a car (in the capital Houmt Souk), motorbike or Bicycle (can be rented at the hotels). To control the car or motorcycle in Tunisia, you need an international driving permit in the form of books.

Helpful information

Festival In early August in the village of Guellala (Guellala), a yearly festival of ceramics, which includes pottery of different varieties and forms. Local artisans demonstrated the process of making pots and other items made of clay and offer to buy them. This is a very interesting action, and if the opportunity arises, to visit the island at this time

Comments / recent posts on the topic on the forum
Natalia D. 26 August, 2018
And I went to Tunisia this year for the second time. Last year was on the island of Djerba, this year in Hammamet. Both times very much! If last year enjoyed the beauty of the island, the service and hospitality of the hotel, this time came to Hammamet, budget three. Yes, the hotel is different from the 4 and 5 key but we deliberately chose this hotel. What a wonderful tour, beautiful sea, clean beach. The attitude towards us, Russian is very friendly. All the Tunisians we smile and say how like Russian. I'm surprised reading previous reviews. Do not know can be due to the fact that we were friendly disposed, and therefore to us as the same...the Animators of the hotel was very upset when we left, helped us with our Luggage, took photos for memory, some left their contacts. No one touched, not abused, was not theft. The guests loved it!!! ...
Zlata August 30, 2018
All kind time of day!
Went this year in August.
Liked it very much. Yes, there are disadvantages. But tell me, where doesn't?! If you look for only the negatives, they can gather a whole bunch in any country.
What of the downsides? Garbage. Yes, he's everywhere. But it doesn't smell bad, as some write, it is scattered with plastic bottles, bags, paper. Here, however, and all the disadvantages.
As for the local population. So blame yourself. How You feel about them, and they to You. The backlash has not been canceled. So want to have You warmly and friendly greeted, be nice to them. Tunisians are hospitable, welcoming and friendly. There was not a single case of even evil and look in our direction. So, as the saying goes: "If face is crooked...." Read Krylov. Moreover, quite interesting to talk to. I will say a few greetings in their language, and they simply melt away, ready to help You with everything.
Everywhere you can meet the police, so security don't worry.
What to see in the country? There are a couple of good excursions:
1. Day trips to Carthage, Sidi Bou said, Tunis (the capital);
2. Two days into the Sahara, the Colosseum, Kairouan, an oasis of Chebika, salt marshes.
I recommend very beautiful pictures are obtained, and the information informative.
So, friends, do not look for the negative, that is enough in our hard life in Russia. Rest with pleasure and bring only positive emotions.
Good luck! ...
EdDDgAR August 30, 2018
Stay in principle bad can not be, and to learn something new is also very круто0 ...
Александр20082018 16 September, 2018
Vacationing in Tunisia in August, cockroaches in the room caught 2 times and 2 times on on the doors in the room about ants and aseret I vopsche silent. Lived in a Bungalow Aqua Park Spa 4ka . The Russians really don't like pesnite yourself that you are second grade. Will suit the Germans, the Europeans and automatically you are already standing behind them, and they serve out of turn. Went to Monastir and really quite messy, no wonder so many flies, who eat together from the same plate. In monastire us ran tunisis learn that we are Russian began to tell me how and where to go and where prices are cheaper, adding that Russian tourists 60% and if not they Tunisia would come kirdyk. This is the only Tunisian who was interested in Russian) . Yes, the tour is divided into foreigners and Russians together with the Baltic States. Impressions of the country are not unambiguous. But there is more than just not going. In Russian they understand when you want to. ...
Nadezhda Nikolaevna Sep 18, 2018
Hi all! Vacationing in Tunisia in Hammamet in September this year,the 4 star hotel Mirage.Think the rest will get what he wants.Settled immediately upon arrival without regard to the country,the staff is very friendly,all smiles,tried to talk,I ask how are you,like here or not.Was on 2 day trips in the Sahara.That's impressive.Drove almost throughout Tunisia,was a great guide,learned a lot.About the dirt guide also made explanations-the country is beginning to live again.By the way,yesterday went on the train to Paveletsky station.So on the way we saw so many abandoned debris that Tunisia never dreamed of.Take a look around,we, too, not all smooth and clean.And Tunisia the beautiful sea,the Sahara,with clean hotels and ordinary people,who also earn money in any way they can:sell,clean ,cook in hotels.By the way,the food was tasty and varied.A lot of fruit. ...
greekorn 19 September, 2018
Dear fellow citizens, always you will be treated the way you deserve))) Arrived in Tunisia alone, I went to the Gare de Tunis (railway station), and when I realized that at 8 PM in Sousse I can't go back (though I do not understand why), went on Stasen de luazh (on the bus) where just over 10 dinars very quickly left, got in 2 hours)) Roam on any streets, at any time and many people come to chat, say like Russia, constantly shouting "Russia" "Moscow" Saint-Petersburg" and the like))) Local cops in the amount of 4pcs, standing near his car in the square at night when nobody is around and there is no longer, waving, beckoning, well-chatted with them, laughed and I went to sleep with the road) And when you ambition and eternally disgruntled face something to ask or even appear anywhere and behave with people prinebrezhitelno and like a servant, it certainly would be awful for you, and everywhere))) And I want to say - sit at home or out in the countryside drove on vacation)) ...
Valena 17 October, 2018

Here I agree completely! Golden words! ...
Annarelli 8 August, 2019
Good afternoon.
Tunisia is an interesting country, and strange for our culture. As always there is a lot of positive , there are negative. But for the rest it is not mikroshemka of mold in the room to do, and try to relax, someone like seal on the beach, someone backpack behind and places of interest. There were kids last year in hotel Thapsus mahdija of the hotel is stated as a 3*, I liked everything and the sea and the hotel and catering and excursions planned, I do not like organized tours. This year we're going to the Sahara beach and I hope too it will be perfect. Did not notice the neglect of Russian, if you behave properly, then you will have the same attitude. ...
Swallow 7 December, 2019

There is something in Tunisia children to watch? Type zoos, aquariums, and other prikolyuh? Or purely cultural heritage are for adults? Children are small and tours are obviously not for them. ...
admin 7 December, 2019

Basically as far as I know such entertainment is only within individual complexes, and so separately, do not recall. Of course to take advantage of the on-site hotels, you need to live there, not allowed. ...