National cuisine of Tunisia, alcohol, where and what to eat

National cuisine of Tunisia is very diverse and multifaceted. She absorbed the culinary "preferences" of the Romans, Arabs, Turks, and French during their rule over the country. And therefore, the European cuisine here is excellent fits well with Eastern traditional, characterized by acute and spice dishes.

With the development of certain branches of agriculture Tunisia meets the needs of population in food products has, however, not in full. It is mostly grown wheat, olives, fruits, vegetables. Among the products of animal husbandry are beef and lamb, is fish and seafood. Thanks to this food using local, although not ruled out the import.

What to eat in Tunisia?

Кухня Туниса

As in all Muslim countries, eating pork is strictly prohibited. Among the meat variety is used mainly lamb and beef and goat meat, camel meat (like delicious), and poultry meat. Meat can only be purchased in doubles (no freezing!!!). To prepare various meat dishes the meat is cooked, usually over high heat in a frying pan without adding oil, and either finely chopped (kebab), or cut into pieces a La carte (barbeque) or served whole (no meat). Traditional dishes: lamb in a pot, shorba (sorba) – spicy soup with vegetables and beef, brick – pasties made of unleavened dough stuffed with eggs, chopped meat or fish; fingers of Fatima – pancakes stuffed with minced meat and eggs.

Due to the location of Tunisia along the Mediterranean coast, it is actively being fish and seafood. Because of the wide range of meals from different varieties of fish and seafood. True, they cost a little more meat (for example: a kilogram of fresh beef is 8-10 dinars, a kilo of fish – 10-14 Dinar), but are used in the diet of Tunisians quite often. There are such kinds of fish like tuna, mackerel, sardines, conger eel, redfin, bream, mullet and other Seafood is represented by shrimp, crabs, octopus, squid. Among the delicacies include octopus and cuttlefish. Cost seafood is much more expensive than fish. Especially popular among Tunisians is considered to be tuna, as it is inexpensive and delicious, but because it is often used in various dishes. This fish couscous, salads and even cakes. Be sure to try the tuna salad and fresh vegetables, as well as with tuna and roasted vegetables - "masuya".

Also on the menu are always present egg dishes with various ingredients: fish, vegetables, sausages, meat. For example, scrambled eggs with chicken, egg with different toppings - oja.

The undoubted favorite of any table is the favorite food of Tunisians – "couscous" - a dish of semolina, processed in a special way, and steamed with steamed vegetables and meat or fish. This traditional Arabic dish is both everyday and is served on big holidays, their difference in quantity and variety of ingredients included in the dish. The more important the occasion, the more and more products that are included in the couscous. Must try!!!

As side dishes to meat and fish dishes using beans, rice, noodles and vegetables. Vegetables served as fresh (salads), and stewed with various ingredients (meat, fish, spices, hot pepper). Try mesue – stewed peppers, eggplant and carrots with garlic, shakshouka – fried egg with sweet peppers, tomatoes, onions, peppers, herbs and spices, lettuce, sweet potatoes - spicy hot potato salad with cumin.

From dairy products can meet the cheese, but many different varieties. Milk and cheese do not enjoy special esteem among the local population.

And what middle-Eastern food without various spices and seasonings: onion, garlic, chilli, ginger, herbs, coriander, anise, saffron and other. No main dish is complete without the harissa (harissa) is a condiment made from hot peppers with garlic and olive oil. It is served in a separate bowl, and eat together with the bread, dipped it in the seasoning. By the way, in Tunisia, like us, have taken the bread. It is presented in two forms: a long French loaf and pita bread, which in the course of meal crack exclusively by hand.

To summarize, let us note a popular Tunisian dishes:

  • Couscous (Couscous) is a dish of semolina steamed with vegetables and meat (fish)
  • The tagine (Tagine) – roast lamb, vegetables and egg
  • Merguez (Merguez) is a spicy sausage
  • Fingers of Fatima (Mausam) – pancakes stuffed with minced meat and eggs
  • Brick (Brik) – cheburek from unleavened dough stuffed with eggs, chopped meat or fish
  • Shorba or chorba (Chorba) – spicy soup with vegetables and beef
  • Have lalabel (Lalabli) - a thick soup made of garlic and peas
  • Sweet potato salad (Salata batata) - spicy hot potato salad with cumin
  • Mechouia (Mechouia) – salad with tuna and roasted vegetables
  • Tunisian salad (Tunisian Tuna Salad) – salad with tuna and fresh vegetables
  • Felfel mahshi (Felfel mahchi) - sweet peppers stuffed with lamb
  • Shakshouka (Chakchouka) – egg with sweet peppers, tomatoes, onions, garlic and hot pepper

But that's not all. Try and enjoy!

Sweets in Tunisia

Sweet lovers in Tunisia expanse. Here you will find all sorts of Goodies, prepared on the basis of the date molasses with the addition of nuts. All the sweets are very delicate and amazingly delicious.

For dessert you will be offered different types of baklava - cake diamond shape from several layers of dough with walnuts and honey. Be sure to sample mahroug (makroud) – semolina cake with walnuts, cinnamon and candied fruit; samsa (samsa) – rolls of dough with chopped roasted almonds and sesame seeds; cake made of rice and nuts called "malbe" (mhalbya). Delicious deep-fried donuts in orange juice and glazed with honey syrup – yo-yo. And that there are a variety of flavored cakes, fragrant flowers of orange, almonds, pistachios, dates or honey... yum! Try delicate custard with nuts – "aside". Delicious Oriental sweets - Turkish delight and halva. And don't forget about these Tunisian dates, which will be a great gift to your loved ones.

Fruit in Tunisia

A variety of fruits in Tunisia will not meet. However, all that is, grows in the country. Apples, oranges, tangerines, melons, watermelons, peaches, apricots, grapes, lemons, figs. Olives – business card Tunisia, harvested in October-November. Better to eat them pickled. As exotic food should try the cactus fruit, which will meet only in the summer. Due to tiny spines, which easily break off and dig into the skin, to collect them yourself is not worth it. In the food consumed only the juicy pulp. And cactus fruit bake and even cook the jam.

Drinks in Tunisia

Non-alcoholic beverages Tunisia

Traditional Tunisian drink is green tea with mint, drink, usually hot and sweet. In tea can add pine nuts, due to which it becomes even more rich and delicious. Along with the tea, very popular here, and coffee with cardamom.

Thanks to the growth of different fruits (oranges, peaches, lemons, grapes, etc) always in stock offers freshly squeezed juices from them. You can even try palm milk.

Although tap water in the country and meet the health standards, however, to use it we didn't. It is better to buy bottled water (bottle 1.5 l is about 0.5 Dinar).

Alcohol in Tunisia

Тунисское пиво Стелла

The consumption of alcohol in Tunisia, according to religious canons is forbidden. However, to drink Tunisians calmly and sometimes even themselves violate the prohibitions. To buy spirits in Tunisia are not on every step, but still possible. Most of them sell in the state supermarkets "Generale" (General) and "Monoprix" (Monoprix), as well as in bars, restaurants and hotels.

Of course no problem to buy alcohol in hotels. And if you live on the system "all inclusive", with alcohol generally will be no problems.

Manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages and beer is under the control of the state. Alcohol is the cheapest in the state supermarkets "General".

In Tunisia produce different types of canteens and dry wines:

Among national of Tunisian wines is the first wine red "magon" (Magon), "Mornag château" or "Chateau of mornas" (Chateau Mornag), "Vieux magon" (Viex Magon), "Carthage" (Carthage). White wine "Muscat de Kelibia" (Muscat de Kelibia), "Blanc de Blanc" (Blanc de Blanc), "Sidi Saad" (Sidi Saad), "Set of rays" (Sidi Rais) and pink "Gris de Tunisie", "Vue de tibar on" and "Chateau Rossi."

Local beer only one grade called "Celtia" (Celtia).

Tunisians especially recommend to try a strong (40% al.) local palm liquor "Tabarin" (Tibarin), vodka from figs "Buch" (Boukha).

Where to eat in Tunisia?

Eat in Tunisia in tourist areas at almost every turn, whether diner, cafe or restaurant. In an average lunch in a cafe (meat with side dish + drink) will have to pay around 15 dinars (currency of Tunisia) for one. Dinner in the restaurant will cost more expensive – about 20-25 dinars for one.

Most of the hotels in Tunisia works on system all inclusive. Here is where carousing spoiled Turkey and Egypt the Russian tourists. The specialties offered in hotels, designed primarily for tourists, and therefore the kitchen, mostly European. But in the menu of restaurants you can find dishes of different world cuisines.

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Maria Karpova 01 Oct 2017, 20:27
Thought to go there, but changed their minds. ...
04 Oct 2017, 17:03
Read the reviews and had a desire to write about Tunisia.I was there twice. First time in Hammamet. years 9-10. ago.EO was before the "Jasmine revolution" in Tunisia and then made a strong impression.The capital was similar to the European city. bordering on the East. Underwhelming food and the ability to design and food and restaurant.Every year I choose a new country and compare with the service of Tunisia. in 2016. in October. flew with friends to Djerba and again wonderful memories.Of course was horrified.what did the revolution with this beautiful country.Although. revolution in any country for good has not resulted.In Djerba there are no such attractions. as in Hammamet and Ministere. but the fond memories remain.Sun suggest to visit the country. and I think. that fly is now in Minister.This country is worth it. a fascinating place to visit for a third time. ...
admin 04 Oct 2017, 17:55
With the rest I can agree, but not with this. Nothing European in the capital, neither in architecture, nor the atmosphere nor the service. ...
yulkashpulka 25 may 2017, 21:16
You can relax anywhere and any time. It's clear that no time will change my opinion about a country you want to visit. But while prices are reasonable in most cases, where you can fly, you can book tickets. This is now not a problem . The Internet and places, and the number of people and where for how long and in what numbers to book, so you can reserve, and then already to think, and even if you change your mind in a certain place, you can always cancel my reservation and change to a different place flight. ...
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And most importantly to make a hyperactive facilitator turnover of the travel Agency. ...
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I agree with you! ...
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As they say, if you ask for, then you can always choose the place where you want to go and will always find an opportunity there to fly. The goal is what matters! ...
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In Hiking and mountaineering there is a notion of "fanatical goal achievement".
And the main is not a goal, it's a sign opposite to common sense, and the ability to understand in time the need to return.
But to come and die it is for infantile Amateurs.
So the goal is important but not important. ...
elena77pol 15 Nov 2017, 02:43
I agree completely. Don't know how then, but I was in Tunisia just two months ago. Dirt and devastation. Although the overall holiday was very pleased. The sea is fantastic. El JEM shook and subdued. Carthage saw a little, but it was enough to feel the spirit of history ...
18 Dec 2017, 16:03
in Tunisia there are every year in August
lovely stay
and look at what is
the first thing to recommend
this is the mosaic Museum,the world's second largest ,after the Roman
then the Coliseum
Opera house in the capital
a bit further the Opera house, on the main Avenue of Tunis ,on the right is the Church with magnificent stained glass Windows
and much more
be sure to visit this country ...